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12:34 AM
Q: Are pictures of the Elemental arrows (fire, ice) required for the full compendium?

Eris the guestI have been working on completing the Hyrule compendium. However, I am worried about getting a picture of the Elemental arrows, because I cant seem to get one! It would require insane timing to catch a snap of one with the camera! Are the Elemental arrows required for the compendium, or am I just...

12:59 AM
Q: In Minecraft bedrock can I create a function block that only executes another function once?

GeorgeIn minecraft bedrock Im trying to execute a function if it has not yet been executed to initialize a build battle map. There is a command block with a button and the command it executes is "/function buildBattle". When I push the button the first time it should call the initialize function. If I ...

1:14 AM
@Ave I also had the same reaction, which amuses me because I don't think I watch enough youtube to recognize things but I recognize that
1:25 AM
Q: Block is transparent in hand, but white on ground

Lysander MealyI am designing a texture pack for Minecraft. I am experimenting with transparent textures, and so I made stone transparent with black borders. It looks fine in my inventory, and in my hand, but when I place it the transparency turns white and the borders get unevenly thick. Here is an image. As y...

Q: civ 6 a query on increasing science

PHIL Mciv 6 standard rules.. gilgamesh level 2. large world.. 17 cities turn 385 6 opponents trajan, cyrus, Curtin, movamba, Tomyna and gandhi. I have 4 spys stealing science i am now down to 5th place.. the 6 components have between 4-6 cities each. at this point i have just started to build ...

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2:40 AM
Q: Does anybody know where to find/play this game?

lizziei've seen shots of this game going around and i was wondering if anybody knew what this game is called or where to play it? thanks!

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3:56 AM
Q: Whats happening with my settings

LikecmondudeplsawnserI didnt relise this untill now that ive never see capes and it turns out that something in my settings is wrong and i need help i donated to optifine btw and my friends can see it https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/787095319825219618/801657606376652831/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/a...

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5:38 AM
Q: Why are sourcerers imprisoned in Fort Joy?

PraharaWhy are source users incarcerated on the Fort Joy island? I could not find in game answers ( they probably are there, but the game is so huge ). I do not understand why Divine Order put such expenses to transport prisoners and maintain the island instead of simply disposing them after being captu...

6:03 AM
Q: If I kill cheaters on my own team in CS:GO, will the match still count as a loss after they get VAC banned?

MazeOfEncryptionI recently attempted to play a competitive CS:GO match, and I wound up with some blatant cheaters on my team. I, along with my friend who I had queued with, tried to convince them to stop, but our attempts were unsuccessful. We wound up just teamkilling them as many times as we could to try to re...

Q: Firewall unblocking

yeahSo every time I try and play on my friends java server I keep getting this message: "io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:" So after this I went into my firewall allowing list and I scrolled down and I found Java, but it said that ...

6:53 AM
Q: Which is better in ratio comparison?

BenSo this question already covers which gives a larger boost to ancient weapons (Barb set vs Ancient Set with Ancient Weapons), granting the Ancient Set the victor. However, I have started playing a "no pause" playthrough, based on this YouTube Video. Basically the rules of the run mean that the pl...

If you’ve not seen it yet, r/hobbydrama is incredible
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9:00 AM
Q: Can a billboard be placed everywhere?

Mathias711Billboards should distribute jobs to multiple workstation of the same type. I now place all my billboards in the same room as those workstations, but sometimes they take up precious space. Is it possible to place billboards somewhere else (for example, a distant 'billboardroom')? I never caught a...

9:50 AM
Q: How do i execute a command relative to player's torso rotation?

QmegaMaxI know that that exists: /execute at @p rotated as @p run particle minecraft:barrier ^ ^ ^3 but it uses head's rotation

2 hours later…
11:56 AM
Q: How to make hostile mobs hostile to other mobs?

BladereaperOn our minecraft realm I am a necromancer. Using the /team command I control hostile mobs to attack other players. I was hoping to make a way to make my wither skeletons and vex attack other mobs. If anyone has any ideas to make this possible using command blocks please let me know

12:22 PM
Q: What's the most efficient way of combining books and tools to reduce experience cost?

CorsakaIn Java Edition Minecraft, you can use an anvil to combine an enchanted book with a tool, granting it that enchantment. However, if you want to apply a second book, the cost will increase, and so on with more books. To reduce the effect of this cost increase, you can combine books with other book...

12:47 PM
Q: How do you to turn a buton into a off/on switch (lever)?

slimeccrafterI have tried without commands and had to use them to delete and replace two peices or redstone. I have not been able to find a command that will keep the signal on.

1:05 PM
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2:53 PM
Q: i cant see the boost gauge!

user265219I know what it's used for, but I don't have it! I am on mobile, though... does that have anything to do with it? I have a mostly upgraded race car, but the boost can't get me out of it since I don't have it!

3:18 PM
Q: How to spawn villagers in an nearly empty village?

Coder2195I have this village that WAS empty but recently spawned only ONE villager. Is there a way I could repopulate the village? Like a villager mob spawner?

3:33 PM
Skul looks like a lot of fun.
Yet another indie roguelike. Sounds like a Switch port is in the works, so I'm going to wait for that.
I mean plus I've got hordes of other games to paly too.
I should revisit Dead Cells, for example.
Also one step from eden.
Q: What would be the hardest boss in terraria

JackCan you share you opinion please

4:09 PM
Q: What is best vehicle for boot camp stage?

WOLFFI've unlocked it and my record is 2654 with race car. But which is best?

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5:11 PM
Oh wow there's a pretty severe proposed nerf for the toxic blowpipe in osrs
-30 ranged accuracy, -15 ranged strength. Darts also have lower accuracy and strength
blowpipe is overpowered but idk if it's cut accuracy in half overpowered lol
@Unionhawk Whoa
They sent out a survey to some players asking about some balance stuff and even specified "some T75 weapons"
which like, we all know which T75 weapon is overpowered you can just say blowpipe lol
6:04 PM
@GnomeSlice To be clear he retired
Not sure why eurogamer is so slow on the uptake
1 hour later…
7:34 PM
@Wipqozn clicks
Q: What blocks make note blocks sound different?

LeBiscuitIf you can, please label what type of sound each block makes.

Q: Minecraft Server seems as if it is limiting the amount of RAM it uses

TriggeredSquidwardWhen I go to run /tps in the console, or in game, I get this: [19:20:44] [Server thread/INFO]: TPS from last 1m, 5m, 15m: 19.12, 19.82, 19.94 [19:20:44] [Server thread/INFO]: Current Memory Usage: 485/592 mb (Max: 2048 mb) Looked all fine at first until I noticed that my server is limiting the a...

For those still trying to get the 3080: here you go
7:59 PM
Q: Can I get custom Minecraft skins using a hard drive?

LeBiscuitSo, I want my own Minecraft custom skin. I am on Minecraft Bedrock Edition btw. If I download a skin from a website such as, https://www.planetminecraft.com/ and add it to my hard drive, will I be able to add it to add it to my Xbox and add it to Minecraft? Im not sure if there is a specific fold...

8:15 PM
@Batophobia Amazing
Live in 98 minutes
Looking forward to it.
I'm hoping we'll get official details on the RE4 remake leak.
Q: Scoreboard In Minecraft

user15024446I wanted to know how to make a scoreboard That Knows What Cordinates You are at, and one that I can actually make text in, because I can put text, but only numbers for the answer. Is is something like... '' /scoreboard players add {text} {name} {score} ''? P.S., I tried /scoreboard players add {t...

9:16 PM
Q: What do the checks mean?

user265241 Blockquote What do the check marks mean?

Q: Noch Apple eat cooldown minecraft bedrock?

RandomPI there away to make a cooldown for the enchant ed Apple or noch Apple? I need it for my pvp server pls on minecraft bedrock with command blocks

10:02 PM
Ah, score. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag is on sale on the Humble Store
New graphics card day is tomorrow
Also I turn 30 in four days o.0
10:30 PM
@SaintWacko You're so old
Yeah, who does he think he is, us?
I know, right!?
ugh we're getting close too, March is right around the corner
should be illegal
10:59 PM
Q: Can GeforceNOW founders change server locations?

Raymond ChenonIf I buy the premium membership of GeforceNOW called "Founding members" in the US , can I access the servers in EU? Simply a matter of costs. Reason is the founder members plan costs 24.95 USD / 6 months in the US. While the European version costs 27,45 € / 6 months. 1€ > 1USD

11:24 PM
Q: 2000' era game I can't remember the name

ashay M.I used to play a game on pc(in 2007 or maybe '06 or '08) it had option to ride horse, a dice rolled I can't remember... There were mountain terrain too..(very faintly)!! Just hit my mind today , please give in all the options I am feeling so nostalgic!

Q: Can I transfer games bought on ps3 to my ps4?

MarkI recently got a new ps4 and when I logged into my account, the games I bought on my ps3 did not show up. Is there any way I can transfer them?

11:37 PM
Heads up
I created a
So far there's one question, and I'm not 100% on if it's OT or not- been too long since I wrote an answer but uhm yeah.
My reasoning is that there's already a
Makes sense
11:50 PM
Q: The next mission is not opening

Akshit AhujaI don’t know how to start me next mission as I completed 50% of the game and now i am finishing all strangers and freaks mission There is one mission as T but can’t be accessed. Can anyone tell me how to start the mission of all characters?


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