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12:20 AM
Q: How can I use [Motion] to make an entity follow a path based on the player?

ExecuteAndStoreI get the way the question is formatted, it may sound as if this question has been asked before, and if it has, I'd love to see where I can find it. What I'm struggling with is being able to summon an armor stand that travels a particular path relative to where the player is facing, with the catc...

Q: Is there a way to /tellraw the output of a command?

just_a_quick_questionsay I wanted to /tellraw everyone the result of "/team list teamA", which by itself would list the team members on teamA. is there a way I can broadcast that to all players with a command block? execute as @a at @s run team list blue doesn't work, it only says the result in the command block's pr...

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2:00 AM
Q: How can I remove arrows stuck in a player?

ExpertCoder14When I am shot by an arrow in Minecraft, my avatar now has an arrow sticking out of me which hangs around for a while before disappearing. This is fine right now, but when I am trialing one of my redstone arrow traps, my MC avatar can look a little like this: Now I don't care about this when in ...

2:50 AM
Q: I Need Help Setting Up A Minecraft Server On Linux Mint

TheMasterBlocksmanI have done some researching around to try and host a Minecraft server for free via an old Dell PC that's running Linux Mint 19.3. So far I've gotten to the point of setting it up to where those that are on my local network should be able to join... but when I type in 'localhost' or my Linux PC's...

Q: When should I split questions asking for both editions of Minecraft in two?

ExpertCoder14I would like to present a pa ir of questions, and another pa ir, and another question. Each pair has a question about Minecraft JE and the same question for Minecraft BE. One of the questions has a comment discussion on it asking for me to split the questions into one for JE and one for BE. It wa...

3:15 AM
Q: Why t the purpose of R. P

RodgilAll i wanted to do was give a useful tidbit of info for anyone else worrying about their GTA V bounty, but guess what? I can't do that because i had to sign up then earn stupid points insider to do so, BTW if you go to the loop near the Saab chianski mountain there's a submarine to the right of i...

3:27 AM
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4:41 AM
is the new Kingdoms of Alamur Re-Reconning being done by EA like the original one?
because i got an email from GOG indicating they were getting it......which is weird for a newly released EA game
says the companies are
> KAIKO, Big Huge Games / THQ Nordic GmbH
but i thought the IP was still with EA
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7:26 AM
Q: How to use a structure block & structure void?

Darth OverlordI searched the wiki for info, but I can’t understand about it. When placed, use the structure block to open the structure block GUI. The GUI opens only if the player is in Creative mode, and has the proper permissions. Once a structure is named, its name appears above the structure block when hi...

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8:41 AM
Q: Fallout Shelter Birthing problem [SOLVED] (undiscussed solution)

sweetums3Perhaps someone with enough 'reputation' can add this to the appropriate discussion thread. I had the same problem multiple people have been describing, but I've never seen this solution posted yet. Birthing requires clicking the over-the-head baby icon. Leveling up requires clicking the over-...

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11:37 AM
Q: Xbox One controller shutting down problem

Arnoldo Lopez95My Xbox one controller is shutting down randomly. Sometimes it shuts after couple minutes and sometimes after half hour of playing. After shut down i can't turn it on for a while. Sometimes when I try to turn it home button (X) flashes with a weak, chaotic light (foro me this looks like a low bat...

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12:52 PM
Q: How can I make members of a Team in Minecraft Invulnerable?

ColinSharkI have a small Java Server on 1.16.1 and use a Vanilla Tweaks datapack ("AFK Display")to have people that stand still for 5+ minutes be considered AFK. This datapack puts them in a team to tell them apart on the Tab list. I have so far set their nametagVisibility and collisionRule to never, so th...

Q: How to make a player specific back to hub item

FixbI'm making a server-like world with mimigames that currently relies on "back to hub" pressure plates, but i would like to have a system like they have on most servers were you can drop a item and it will send you back to hub but i cant figure out a way to do it.

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2:22 PM
@Memor-X Ooh what? That was a really cool game
2:46 PM
@SaintWacko yeh i enjoyed the original game so i am curious what this new version will be like. ideally it'll be an improvement
@Memor-X It sounds like just a remastering?
@SaintWacko I read that it's going to be more than that.
Including a continuation of the story.
3:02 PM
yeh that was my impression as well. the original game improved upon in it's systems and the plot fleshed out more
There was a point in time where I was interested in that game but I just never picked it up.
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4:13 PM
Q: What is the maximum jump distance in Hill Climb Arena?

fasterthanlightI am using a maxed Racecar on the Arena level. I have achieved 204 meters on the jump part of the level with downforce 1. Is it possible to exceed this distance, and if so, what is the limit? Boosters are fine, but discouraged.

5:03 PM
Q: How do I execute a slash command in an event located in a entity file in a Minecraft bedrock addon?

random user 922So I was trying to make an addon where when a player holds a specific item it would execute a slash command (like the /tp command) or a function. I know how to detect when a player is holding an item, but not how to execute a slash command. I looked at the Minecraft addons documentation about e...

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6:18 PM
Q: 1.8.8 Minecraft server won't run in Debian Linux

Ale LavI'll make this simple. I run small Minecraft servers on my Raspberry Pi 3B+, and it suffices for very small stuff, but I wanted more power. I grabbed an old Windows laptop that was picking up dust, wiped it, and installed Debian Linux. I copied over the Spigot server folder from my RPi into my la...

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7:34 PM
Q: Merchants are missing the Resource tab

David YellI am playing on PC Steam. I have been saving up resources in order to buy the Golden Fast Travel pack so I can fast travel for free. A quick search shows I need to be beyond the Sacred Lands; I've already reached Meridian. Then I should be able to find the pack in the Resources tab of any 'Huntin...

7:59 PM
Q: Stuff that I don’t understand

user257066Hi I am adrian and I like world edit and my problem is, is there any other way to disable break/build not using /region?

8:49 PM
Q: Are Minecraft commands copyrighted

dogking57I want to start a YouTube channel where I use Minecraft commands. I've modified a command I got from a command generator. Is it legal to use the command if I tweak it a bit or is the command owned by the person who made it?

I love how this one YouTuber has a YMCA remix with 800k views and every other video on their channel is siren tests.
To the point where they have a disclaimer on the YMCA video that reads "I don't recommend subscribing to my channel because of this video. Most of my content isn't similar to it at all."
9:05 PM
@fredley I wonder if all modern music is written by Korn?
2 hours later…
10:55 PM
Q: Is it possible to hear music discs on MCPE

Krishna BearI have music discs and every time i put it in a jukebox it says it's playing and my friend on ps4 says he hears it but i don't all other audio is fine i can hear the game audio fine and even if i have a world that's only me and it still doesn't sound it says playing and the notes come out of the ...


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