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12:09 AM
Q: (Minecraft) How can I disguise my own name (for my screen) in chat on a recording?

Jack BashfordI'm starting a channel for gaming, and I like my current Minecraft username, however if I change it to match my new one bad things will occur (and I don't want to buy a new username because then I have no stats). Is there either: A setting I can change that will modify how I see my own name in c...

@GnomeSlice That looks really cool.
12:22 AM
@PrivatePansy Only 760? Not the entire box?
12:33 AM
@GnomeSlice Dang, that does look neat
@PrivatePansy But if you read the nutritional information first you wouldn't have eaten as many cookies. So I think you made the right choice.
Also, if anyone here has been considering buying Sea of Thieves, do it
@SaintWacko I've heard it's improved a lot since launch
@Wipqozn I just bought it about a week ago
I've averaged 10 hours a day since >.>
And I bought a copy for my son so we could play together
The gameplay is engaging and realistic, the world is just absolutely gorgeous, and it runs great
I led a brig on an adventure all the way from ancient spires outpost to the western edge of the map in my sloop
for context: 1) a brig is the fastest ship in the game B) ancient spires outpost is on the far eastern side of the map
and also 3) I found them again and one of their crew was aboard bailing water while there was still a hole
12:44 AM
@GnomeSlice been seeing a bunch of games with "prologues" lately
@Lazers2.0 Generalizing and focusing are actually the opposite thing...
i wonder when we'll see the emergence of "Prologue Collections" like PrologueOne that gets bundled with tech demos for Unreal and Unity
Their previous game, X Morph Defense is pretty good as well although it's just a tower defense
I completed the demo in like 20 mins for that but it was very good
@GnomeSlice yeh i got that one. i do like how the idea isn't just putting towers down to cover the lanes but to shape the lanes yourself. reminds me of some TD Maps in Warcraft 3
also funny to think that you're really just playing out Transformers: Age of Extinction as a Decepticon
Honestly all of their games look pretty fun lol
I blame @Wipqozn @GnomeSlice
Damnit, how do I do a strikethrough
12:55 AM
Zombie driver is okay if I remember correctly
It's getting old and they've improved a lot since then
They're good guys though. They develop their own engine as well for their games
Is it worth $3 to get that as opposed to just all the X Morph Defense stuff?
Dunno I don't think I played much of it.
Helps to support them
4 hours later…
4:46 AM
@GnomeSlice Playing that demo but I'm having trouble finding Ironium.
Guess they want you to explore the map some more.
3 hours later…
7:49 AM
Q: Handling (an answer to) "minecraft client running on port 2411"?

aphidI got this in my review queue for late answers, and am a bit unsure about it: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/a/374484/148546 It doesn't appear to answer the question when you just read it at face value. Yet it does contain a pretty important thing: a common secondary cause of the same error the...

1 hour later…
8:53 AM
Holy fuck
I closed one of the credit cards I wasn't using and my credit score went up by 100 points
@Ave why would that increase your credit score?
@Memor-X I'm not sure, but it was common advice here to close cards you don't use to increase your credit score.
If I had to guess, couple reasons: Unused credit lines (or limit) might mean more liability (of me maxing them out and disappearing) and can indicate that the person gets credit lines not to use, but to have lying around (which wouldn't be as profitable for banks I assume). All of these are guesswork tho.
Q: When should consume(+) not be played?

aphidAssume you are playing the defect, and have some defined amount of 'focus' currently. There are also some number of frost orbs and powers active. One of the defect's cards is Consume, which does this: Gain 3 focus, lose one orb slot Sometimes, playing consume will actually lower the amount of b...

@Ave that's how it is said to work here in Germany as well. I think the US credit score works in a fundamentally different way, which is why these discussions can be confusing.
It's all a bs black box tbh
9:06 AM
you can get some information here for free, which does tell you a bit. But it's certainly more black box than it should be
not sure how much 100 points are though, our System gives out a percentage in the end, not points
at least it's not as stupid as the US system where you are supposed to take up debt to show that you pay it back
2 hours later…
11:28 AM
Q: Minecraft keep inventory not working in 1.16.1

WilfsadudeIm not retarded i did /gamerule keepInventory true and when i do /gamerule keepinventory it returns true. However sometimes when me or my friends die we lose our stuff and sometimes we dont. No one else is op appart from me. Its lead to us losing our stuff a ton.

11:59 AM
@SaintWacko tbh I'm not even sure what game you're talking about, but I'm okay with taking the blame.
12:23 PM
@Wipqozn i assume one of the games from this - store.steampowered.com/bundle/4454/EXOR_Studios_Complete_Pack
12:39 PM
@MadScientist ours is like that afaik, you're recommended to use up 50% of your limit constantly
then pay on time in full
I find that really, really stupid
I would have a terrible credit rating under that system (though of course I would have behaved differently in that case)
@MadScientist ...what
I mean the US is peak debt culture
I have an excellent credit rating since I always pay my card off on time
I only got above the Turkish average today. I pay my cards in full on time all the time.
I've actually never taken on any debt, my credit card is the kind that is directly connected to my bank account, so it doesn't generate any debt
@MadScientist I took on debt when I bought acar, but I paid that off a few years ago
12:44 PM
I live in the city, never owned a car. I'm probably close to forgetting how to drive one by now ;-)
@MadScientist I could never live without a car in Halifax. our public transport really sucks lol
@MadScientist I haven't had a car in almost a decade at this point so I am right there with you I think
Although they've been actively improving it. IT's all just bus centric though, and buses kind of suck. They're cheap and and flexible.. but are slow. compared to other methods.
I didn't have a credit rating when I first bought my house. Everything was properly bought.
Made it hard to actually get one.
1:04 PM
Public transport here is decent, though a bit slow as the city is quite large (and is well connected via roads) and as they have lots of stops. I've been surviving with that plus taxis fine though.
I don't even have a driver's license. Considering getting a motorcycle one.
1:24 PM
@Yuuki it marks it for you at some point, I think it's only in the top right area
There's a specific spot you're supposed to make a base. Also if you ignore the quests you can start researching a bunch of new buildings that aren't included in the mission and try everything out
Which is neat
1 hour later…
2:44 PM
Q: Is it possible to beat Brutal or Mega-Brutal with a Bacteria starting from China, on a fresh game?

MaladyI'm trying to create a disease like the trailer, of a Bacteria coming from China, as my first win... So I have no Genes, no Cheats, nothing but a plain Bacteria, PAX-12, coming out of China. And for super-extra difficulty, I tried for it on Brutal. I keep getting close, trying for Waking Dead and...

@Wipqozn I mean just using a credit card counts as debt, you obviously should still always pay off the statement balance each month. But keeping up with that is hard for a lot of people so it's still just a trap
We exclusively use credit cards except for things that charge fees because we get cash back rewards, but it's not a very safe approach
3:09 PM
Q: Duplicate questions relating to minecraft "KeepInventory"

aphidThe question Keep items in inventory on death in Minecraft currently has three listed duplicates, Preventing item loss after death I keep losing my stuff! Minecraft keepInventory command not working Just searching the arqade for the keyword "keepInventory" I get a large amount of very similar r...

I'm not sure why I feel losing HP in random battles was more acceptable in Paper Mario 1 & 2 then it is Origami King.
Maybe because Origami King has more puzzle aspects in their combat system.
3:54 PM
The combat can be quite punishing if you made a mistake in the puzzle phase
4:07 PM
I'm not even talking about mistakes though. Maybe because it's a puzzle, I feel like I shouldn't be taking damage if I solve it correctly.
Like even when I get it right, I have to use the shiny weapons if I want to actually down my targets on the first go-around or else I'll take damage.
But that's a normal RPG thing. In Paper Mario 1 & 2, you almost definitely still took damage from the regular minions even if you got all the quicktime events perfect.
And yet, it feels more "unacceptable" in Origami King.
Also, it's definitely not the most unlikely, but of the things Nintendo would reference, West Side Story is on the list of "yeah, I never thought they'd do that".
4:49 PM
@TimStone I use my credit card for everything because I get cash back as well, but I personally don't consider it unsafe, so long as you're able to pay it off every month.
And if you can't pay it off every month then well... I mean, if you can't then you probably need to use a credit card so you can actually "afford" to eat every month.
5:16 PM
Oh yeah, you also need to memorize the HP and damage of each enemy and weapon which is quite annoying. I guess since coins are so plentiful just keep using the upgraded weapons once you obtain them
1 hour later…
6:23 PM
Sweet, my work travel has been postponed by 2 weeks, which means I can work from the cottage next week.
1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: can you strafe?

Krisis it possible to 45 strafe in minecraft bedrock edition on console?

Screenshot of the Week #19: Space Exploration Submissions open until 2020-08-17
7:59 PM
@SepiaLazers Oh man
I need to pick a good one
8:19 PM
@SepiaLazers Sounds like fun if I could get to any of my damned images on imgur
I really need to find something other than imgur to use
Feels like half the time it fails when I try to view all my images
8:58 PM
Heya! Could I speak to a moderator please? Not sure how to flag my account so figure I'd ask here.
Q: Timed out on Words With Friends 2

user257017If I don't play Words With Friends 2 for a while so it "times out", does that mean it counts as a loss for me?

@SableDreamer Why do you want to flag your account?
Because this account is a sockpuppet tied to a work email I'm about to lose access to and I want to merge it with my main one. (But, hey! New job!)
@Wipqozn @Frank @TimStone
Ahh, makes sense
That should get someone's attention
I believe there's a way to start that yourself
9:01 PM
Oh fine, the one I don't ping responds :P
I thought so too? But I didn't see anything immediately. So I came to the experts. :D
If you point me at the right link I can make use of it.
This page should help. Let me know if it's not what you're looking for
Wonderful, that's it exactly. Thanks, friends.
Glad we could help :)
Is someone volunteering for ?
9:09 PM
@PrivatePansy this is quite bad yeah
Me and my partner had a bunch of "Hey can I use shinies on [enemy]"s with each other
9:20 PM
Gunfire Reborn is super fun.
9:49 PM
Q: Issues with Eburacum (Bellum Imperii)

Young GuiloIn the Mount and Blade Warband mod (Bellum Imperii) there are a couple of issues with the mod. Most of them are stuff that's easily fixed using cheats or don't affect the game that much. In my work to conquer all of Europe, Eburacum (located in modern day England) doesn't interact like a normal ...

10:39 PM
Q: DualShock 4 won’t connect to ps4 but will connect to my pc

LeoI’ve seen other questions on this topic and then end answer is to use a usb to sync it, but even with a working usb it still isn’t connecting to my ps4 it’s just flashing white

11:30 PM
Q: Scoreboard Objective with fakeplayer scores as percentages for a random generator?

DalavarI would like to use a scoreboard with a dummy object and different fake players to realize a random number generator. The fake players have different scores, which should correspond to the probabilities of the generator. Since scoreboards can only display real numbers, I need a logic that puts th...

11:55 PM
Q: How does the swtor subscription work in steam?

juanI bought a 30 day subscription for star wars the old republic via Steam, after which I received an email from them (not steam) telling me that they'd charge me every month to renew. Is that true? Will I automatically be charged through steam? (BioWare doesn't have my CC info) I thought it was a o...


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