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12:57 AM
I should really consider Risk of rain 2 cc @GnomeSlice
1:35 AM
@GnomeSlice I bought it
1:48 AM
Q: Steam:// protocol missing?

RyanOut of nowhere, all my start menu shortcuts for my Steam games stopped working and come up with a "Unable to open this Internet Shortcut. The protocol "steam" does not have a registered program." I've tried going to settings and finding the steam protocol, it doesn't exist there. I've also tried ...

2:12 AM
Q: Pokemon White - AR code to force save

jlaine3333So I recently started a new file on Pokemon White (emulated, so I can apply cheats while it's still running) and realized it won't let me save if I already have a save file, which I do. I could hypothetically just use save states to save, but I prefer to have an actual file which can save. Is the...

2:54 AM
Airbnb Renting Out the Last Blockbuster for Overnight Stays ign.com/articles/…
3:07 AM
so when the issues with the landline finally affected my mum personally she finally got someone from Telstra to come and check it out. but also she went and hid that she has a second phone setup, the technician believes there was a second line piggybacking off the main one which was interfering and cut it. so now rather than having the 3 phone connections we have just the two and don't know what the now cut off line was doing to cause the issues we was having
and this cut off line wasn't some hacky diy job we did, this was something built with the house
2 hours later…
5:28 AM
Q: Does my drunk strength do more damage against the enderdragon?

Antonio FelicianoI an wondering if I drink a strength potion it will help me kill the dragon.

2 hours later…
7:55 AM
Q: How do I turn the controller timeout to "never". I cannot find that option (i am using generic controller)

vipinHow do I turn the controller timeout to "never". I cannot find that option (i am using generic controller)

8:44 AM
Q: Why is this map freezing when I update it to 1.16.2?

kyle wonghttps://www.planetminecraft.com/project/undertale-complete-recreation I want to try to update all of the commands and try out the map in 1.16.2, but whenever I go to Onionsan's room, approx. 843 57 -5025, my game's ticks freeze and I can't send in commands anymore. Is this some sort of bug when u...

Q: How do I defeat Mithrix?

senpaiThe latest boss with the out of Early Access release has me really scratching my head. Where I find the most trouble is his phase where he sucks all your items away from you and you basically go into a 1v1 with him except you're not juiced. This is the part I'm failing constantly and I'm strugg...

Q: Can I stop mobs from walking into my house?

AJPerezI'm building a castle in Minecraft survival mode. It's a big structure and a tiny door would look ridiculous, so instead I have a 5x7 hole in the wall. The castle is mob proof but the outside isn't - I don't mind some creepers spawning outside, but I definitely don't want them walking inside! Is ...

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10:46 AM
Q: Why does my xbox 360 keep disconnecting from Xbox Live?

The Russian Dog TVMy Xbox 360 keeps disconnecting from Xbox Live at random times for seemingly no reason. No updates happen and I can't earn achievements. When I try to connect back it just keeps telling me that my console cant connect to the internet. I have an Xbox 360 Slim from 2009. If anyone can help me out I...

1 hour later…
12:00 PM
Q: Is it possible to make spinning blades in minecraft java?

Anonymous UserI've seen this made in bedrock edition, but never saw it happen in java. Is it possible to make it ONLY using commands?

12:25 PM
Q: How to Get the h Block on Level 8 in Vim Adventure?

emptyfullstackI have been stuck at the following stage on level 8. Could anyone tell me how to get to the g block? I know I could get to the rest of blocks by the * key after it.

2 hours later…
2:10 PM
Oh hey Control has a Steam release date
August 27
3:01 PM
also you should play control I'm towards the end and man
3:46 PM
Q: [Minecraft Bedrock]I'm looking for the respawn animation for animation_controllers player.json

Lann4dazei know this makes me sound like a 7 year old, but i'm making Dream's speedrunner vs hunter. I have an armorstand with the tag spawnanchor and i would like to be able to execute a function that gives them a compass and tp's them to spawnanchor. Does anyone know the name of the respawning animation...

4:36 PM
Q: Can’t find a way to break the fourth pillar in the links awakening remake

BraydemI’m in eagle’s tower and Im trying to break the last pillar but I can’t! I can’t get the ball to there due to a huge gap the ball cant go over, can someone help me get there with the ball so I can solve the riddle?

5:26 PM
Q: Age of Empires III-Where did the developers procure their sfx from?

MakkabiWhen I was a kid a played hundreds of hours of AoEIII so a lot of the sfx, bird chirps, the sound a mortar shell makes when hitting a building are still in my memory and I sometimes hear them in some movie or other, where certain sounds also appear. So I wondered, where did AoEIII get its sounds ...

5:52 PM
Q: Can I change my edit approval/rejection flag?

PausePauseI was looking at the suggested edits for a post and I did not think that the changes proposed were encompassing enough to warrant a modification to the post, so I rejected it. After rereading the suggested edit, however, I realized that the edit was valid and I wanted to change my flag to "approve"...

6:42 PM
Q: Why Did I get Kicked

Krishna BearI have a Microsoft account that i was working on and then all of a sudden i couldn't sign in. I don't know what to do I have no clue which email it's on i went through every single one of the 5 email account that i have access to and none of them worked. and now all of my work is done it just kic...

7:22 PM
Man, the fragmenting of streaming services is really pissing me off
All the good stuff is disappearing from Netflix
7:35 PM
7:46 PM
dammit compiler optimizer, I put that completely useless return there for a reason!
@SaintWacko Even fucking Flanders is coming out with their own streaming service
Flanders as in the region of Belgium with a population of 6 and a half million
8:06 PM
@Unionhawk I knew someone would bring in The Quiet Wolkelidokeli
2 hours later…
10:03 PM
Q: I need death counter help

Anonymous RequestI want to be able to detect a player that has died 20 times and then teleport that player only to an off-site area. I need to know how to detect that player but leave the others alone.

1 hour later…
11:13 PM
@SaintWacko The trick is to just not care about TV shows
Kinda agreed tbh, stuff leaving netflix mostly bothers me because my monthly fee ends up being worth less, but it's not like I watch anything but star trek on netflix anyways.
11:43 PM
Q: How can I summon custom mobs at players through (the console ONLY) on 1.16?

JimHow can I summon custom mobs at players through (the console ONLY) on 1.16 ? I've tried using custom generator but they don't work without a command block.

Q: Is it Possible to view my steam data for any particular date in history?

Lorcan Owen-Gibbonsi was recently talking to a friend, and i mentioned a few games i spent a large amount of time playing over a short time. is it possible to view data like the playtime in the last two weeks for a date in the past, or is this data removed after the two weeks have passed?

Q: Why can’t I play java anymore

LukeI can’t play java anymore when I log in it says that I have to buy minecraft again what do I do???? I use the debian Linux I don’t know what to do please help me.


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