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12:23 AM
Q: Which planets have Paraffinium deposits to extract?

LCarvalhoWhich planets have Paraffinium deposits to extract? I sold some ores and I don't remember which planet I managed to extract that element from.

12:44 AM
cc @InvaderSkoodge
@Niro Nice! Have not played any of them
1:39 AM
Woo I kind of redeemed myself today
Successful landing and pass of a pilot rating test
("kind of" though also as in "I got kicked off the network by my laptop, and stalled the hell out while I was working that situation out, but I did recover the stall so it's fine")
Meteor shower tonight! Let me know if you want to visit
1:57 AM
@Unionhawk Not interested in flying to the states right now, but thanks for the offer!
@Unionhawk RL pilot or video game pilot?
Or well simulation test for RL pilot
Video game pilot lol
I don't have "buy a Cessna" money
This is for an imaginary internet points test
@Wipqozn I've never played a video game in my life
@Unionhawk I didn't think so, but who knows how much money you've managed to embezzle as the king of antifa
@Sterno Called it. Also, play more Hades you coward. Or wait for full release.
I thought full release was out?
@Wipqozn I'll let you in on a secret socialists are all poor lol
2:06 AM
But yeah I stopped until full release
@Sterno Next update
Whenever that is
I'm lame and have it on the Epic Game Store
So when they release leaderboards (maybe they already did?) you won't be able to see how much better I am than you
But don't worry. In your gut, you'll still know it
2:29 AM
@Sterno Don't think they have.
Also not sure if they ever plan to.
So I'll just need to listen to my gut.
It knows
3:05 AM
Holy crap. Way of king fancy printing edition Kickstarter has over $6 million CAD raised so far
Cc @murgatroid99 @Stormblessed
Well mobile so that's not being one boxed
Also cc @InvaderSkoodge
$200 to get the book lol
Yeah but $6 million CAD is like 9 freedom bucks
@Sterno True
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4:53 AM
Q: How to set a new baseline heart rate?

Weckar E.When first starting the adventure mode, it takes several base readings of your body. One of which, it seems, is the heart rate that it later bases calorie calculations and post-course heartrate measurements on. However, I've been using this software for three months now and see no way to update t...

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6:06 AM
Q: Transferring saved game data to a new gen console and different account

SimeonI share a ps4 with my step father and we use the same account. And I'll be getting thr ps5 for myself in my room. I grind Grand Theft Auto 5 online a lot and made a lot of progress in that game. What I wanna know is can I somehow save that data, and transfer it to the new gen console and to my ne...

6:30 AM
Q: I need help to make a Hunter vs Hunted Minigame

TristloxThe main idea is there is a hunter in an enclosed place trying to kill all of the hunted, all hunted have speed and blindness and hunters can shift to become invisible. I already have it so when a hunted dies, they go into the spectator team and go into /gamemode spectator. But I need to figure o...

6:54 AM
Q: 1.16.1 Item Teleporting but how tho?

LeviIm asking if its possible to teleport items to a certain location because ive seen it in Bedrock Edition and MCPE but how do you do it in Java edition? I have tried /tp @e[name=coal] -120 67 890. And is it possible to do it in a command block?

7:19 AM
Q: How do I spawn Oshabi?

senpaiIt's not exactly clear what I have to do to spawn Oshabi for the Harvest league challenge. Especially considering I've completed all of the quests and there is nothing else indicating what I need to do to Harvest the Heart of the Grove.

8:07 AM
Q: Why is my minecraft game so glitchy?

Raihan Ur RashidMy minecraft screen flashes and glitches weirdly everytime i move. The inventory flashed like crazy and items in my inventory, hotbar and hand flash continuously, sometimes turning into other items for a moment. If you want to see how it glitches click here. I've tried reinstalling the game and e...

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10:14 AM
TFW you put a whole day into researching an artifact and it's useless
10:57 AM
Q: Empire earth - window problem

Lajdák MarekI have Empire earth 1 from gog. If i playing game sometimes (often) game window disappear i can see desktop and in 1-2 seconds is game 'back'. But UI parts are blinking. I need open for. example tech tree, close it and game is ok. It is frustrating. Can anybody help with this? I am running on win...

11:26 AM
Shield of Gold -> Enchantment is free?
12:06 PM
@fredley Yes
Use that on one of your sliders when doing a lower level map.
@fredley Archaeologist problems, am I right?
It's called "ceremonial purposes"
12:35 PM
Q: Skyrim bug 4 -25% enchants but in active effect only 2 are showed

Gobiii wanted to cast free destruction spells, so i enchanted 4 items with -27% destruction spell cost but it seems it shows only 2 of the 4 enchants in the active effects. Is it a bug or am i doing something wrong ? Images here : https://imgur.com/a/zWGY5SX

@Frank Yeah, that's the plan
37% through level 28 so progress is ok so far
1:15 PM
I found a copy of Ring Fit Adventure that was only $40 more than the MSRP (they had been going for 4x to 6x MSRP) so that's my early birthday gift to myself. Working from home means soooo much less walking.
@Ash I solved this with running, until I sprained my foot. Lack of any significant movement for a few weeks is getting to me.
@fredley yeah I can see how that might be a problem.
There's an open-water swimming place near me I'm keen to go to but it seems pretty intense, e.g. you have to wear a wetsuit or have a bouy tied to you
@Ash I need to get in the habit again of going out for a 30 minute walk every day once I'm done working
@fredley oh wow that's yeah intense is a good word
@Nzall that's a really good habit! I have a few things that limit my desire to be outside for much right now but I like the idea
@Ash I have the advantage that I have a park near me with a route that takes roughly 30 minutes if I walk slightly slower.
Oh that's definitely helpful!
though i do mean like REALLY slowly. like, half speed. According to Google maps, I have a different route which would take me exactly 30 minutes to walk at a normal walking pace.
I'm obviously not going to share it because it's a really dumb idea to show where you live on a public forum
That makes sense yes but I applaud your trying to find a good solution for yourself!
1:40 PM
The problem is that I stopped walking those routes after I got frustrated by all those joggers ignoring social distancing rules when overtaking
even though there's very little chance of actually getting infected with COVID from someone who's only near you for 2 seconds or so in the open air
Oh yes I can see how that would be an issue
Help I can't stop playing mahjong on switch lol
Q: When does the Team GO Rocket hot air balloon appear, and what grunts can I encounter?

Mathias711A Team Rocket hot air balloon is sometimes hovering over my, triggering a Team Rocket grunt battle. I also had a Sierra encounter. When do these balloons spawn, and what encounters can I expect?

@Unionhawk the classic games thing?
@Ash Yeah
2:36 PM
Q: How To Run A Redstone Signal If A Scoreboard Is A Certain Ammount

Ge0manHeres what I'm trying to do, I have a scoreboard that's called Deaths, I want to run a command if it gets to 5, how can I do this?

Q: Is it allowed to take textures from texture packs into my own pack?

greenGrassMinecraft: Java Edition Short question: Am I allowed to copy and paste textures and resources from resource packs that other people have made into my own texture pack? Detailed question: I know how to modify resources/textures in Minecraft Java edition, and make resource/texture packs. My questio...

2:49 PM
@Ash actually, my work is done for today, I'm gonna start on that walk now
getting in the habit again, as I said
3:11 PM
Good on you!
Slightly earlier than planned
part of my old route used to take like 20 meters over the grounds of an elementary school adjacent to the park, but apparently they closed the gate because of the summer vacation
COVID might also have something to do with it, because the gate was adorned in signs related to face masks, whereas it didn't have those before
But at least I managed to get hold of an ice cream truck along the way, and since I was planning on getting an ice cream this evening anyway, I thought "hey, why not have one now, especially because this guy's ice cream is better than the other guy's"
@Nzall awesome! Yay for unexpected ice cream!
3:43 PM
@Ash ... kinda glad i got that before this pandemic hit...
3:58 PM
@Yuuki Yeaaaaah
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5:02 PM
Q: How to make CustomName from a "vehicle" visible with an invisible "passenger"?

TheStifflerGuyI'm planing an adventure with an specific texture pack, where e.g. Pigs look like monsters. So I want them to be hostile. That works as fine as I want, but I can not get the CustomName visible, as long as I have the invisible hostile mob on it as passenger. I can not make him visible, that's dest...

5:27 PM
Q: Can Minecraft PS4 edition connect to local LAN servers without PlayStation Network?

Oscar FoleySome context I have a home LAN where I connect Wifi Router Playstation 4 Playstation 3 Desktop with Windows 10 Laptop with Windows 10 Android Tablet Android Phones I have bought Minecraft for my PS4. My son loves it. We play in multiplayer in the same screen. I don't pay playstation network and...

5:51 PM
Q: Mobs Not Spawning In Minecraft Java 1.16.1 Creative Mode

Akif_614I play Minecraft Java 1.16.1 Creative Mode on TLauncher. I recently made a single player offline new world in which I did not change any setting except changing to Large Biomes, cheats on and Creative Mode. I've been looking for some mobs to kill but they're not at all spawning anywhere. I've tri...

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7:14 PM
Anyone newly played Outer Wilds since the steam release?
7:32 PM
Well with my phone freezing up for the second time in as many days and it refusing to properly charge while powered on makes my purchase of a new phone completely justified.
@GnomeSlice I got the rocket and stopped initially. Just stared again a couple days ago
7:46 PM
Very good. Enjoy
One of the greatest games of the decade. Imo
8:37 PM
I played it on Steam. I really enjoyed it, but I thought a couple of things near the end weren't hinted very well, or were just a little obtuse.
10:05 PM
@Batophobia I've watched stranger reality shows, I suppose
1 hour later…
11:08 PM
@murgatroid99 it's true. I didn't figure out the coordinates thing on my own
And getting inside ash twin was difficult to figure out
I still think the quantum moon mechanics are not entirely consistent with the other quantum stuff, and that tripped me up
11:24 PM
@murgatroid99 In what way?
@Unionhawk Thanks, I hate it
@GnomeSlice The fact that looking at the clouds surrounding the moon from the outside count as looking at the moon, but looking at those same clouds from inside the clouds doesn't count as looking at it
I mean... right.
I don't think it vanishes if you just look up does it?
ourgh. I really want the special edition physical copy of Outer Wilds for PS4 but it's working out to like $77 USD with shipping
Oh well. Ordered
Pretty sure I want a tattoo too
2 hours ago, by Unionhawk
@GnomeSlice https://twitter.com/gamemakerstk/status/1281246028117786626?s=19
I hate it
@GnomeSlice What I mean is, if you're looking at the center of the moon from the outside, it stays where it is. And if you're looking at the center of the moon from the surface, it stays where it is. But if you move continuously from the first to the second, without looking away, it disappears when you pass through the clouds. I don't think that makes sense.
11:38 PM
@murgatroid99 Is that the thing I kept flying into and suddenly being in space?
That is super confusing
@Batophobia If it's the gray sphere, then yes
There's a whole mechanic revolving around quantum stuff in the game, and I think that once I understood that mechanic, I would have understood how to interact with the quantum moon if the game had just told me "that is a solid sphere surrounded by clouds, and you are effectively blind when moving through the clouds".
Without that, I was assuming it was just made of gas, and was disappearing when I went all the way through it.

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