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12:13 AM
That's exactly what I was assuming, guess I'll try the keep-things-in-place trick the ocean world mentions
@murgatroid99 Oh, yeah that
I'm sure the quantum moon is referenced as 'quantum moon' in the game many times
Also worth noting is that if you're in the ship on the surface / in atmosphere of the moon and you switch to landing camera it vanishes
Brief moment of transition
12:44 AM
Q: In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, are the "maze route puzzles" randomly picked each time?

TaylorjamesIn both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, there's one part where you are supposed to follow a ghost or other creature in an underground maze of sorts. It strikes me as a golden opportunity to build in some simple randomness, where the creature you are supposed to follow (timed, and it's easy to ...

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1:57 AM
Q: In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, are the "follow-guy maze puzzle" routes randomly picked each time?

Quinta NoveckIn both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, there's one part where you are supposed to follow a ghost or other creature in an underground maze of sorts. Anyone who has played either game knows what I refer to. It strikes me as a golden opportunity to build in some simple randomness, where the crea...

2:22 AM
Q: Are there weak spots on any Borderlands 3 vehicles that can be attacked without needing to use elemental damage?

ExoMuteObviously different guns deal different amounts of damage and thus some guns are more effective against vehicles than others, but is there one or more weak spots for each of the vehicles, similar to how you can deal critical damage to enemies? The Borderlands wiki states that Corrosion is great a...

3:10 AM
Q: How do I get no console messages when I use the console?

Samuel JosephI noticed on my server that when I type in any command in the server console that it makes a message that all the players can see. Is there a way to make it so that players can't see those messages?

3:33 AM
good deal: on Steam Superhot is on sale for $10, and if you get it before it comes out July 16 the sequel's free
@Wipqozn wow I didn't know so many people read his books that it could raise that much in a day
1 hour later…
5:03 AM
@Stormblessed you know if that's the same on GOG as it's the same discount
oh wait it does
> Important note! If you purchase the original SUPERHOT game on or before 16th July 2020 then MIND CONTROL DELETE will automatically add itself to your library. For more information consult the FAQ for details. Also, until the release of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE on 16th July, the SUPERHOT game is available on GOG.COM with a 60% discount!
payday is a couple of days before that, will probably pick it up then
sorry Hakuno, you're getting more games (and not updates) downloaded onto you. don't feel bad, Trishia's been running every night since Sunday for Steam and Uni's up next once Ryse and .hack have been downloaded
5:59 AM
@Memor-X huh?
@Stormblessed Hakuno is my Portable HDD for non Steam games like GOG, Humble Trove and MangaGamer. she's been getting a rest for the past month because i got all my GOG game installers downloaded but looks like that breaks over
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8:52 AM
Q: Mountain Survival in Civilization 5

cyberixaeDido's troops take 50 damage when they end their movement on a mountain. Is it possible to stack different health bonuses to prevent them from dying while standing on a mountain tile?

9:28 AM
Yesterday 5pm: Here's the spec for the thing I want done on friday
Me, this morning: *spends two hours formulating an email making suggestions about the architectural problems and choices presented by this change so we can discuss it*
9:41 AM
Q: Minecraft hardcore server: can I automatically delete and re-generate the world when any player dies?

Esther O'KeefeI've set up a small hardcore Minecraft server for me and some friends. There aren't many of us, and what we really want out of the hardcore mode is that as soon as anyone dies, the whole world gets deleted and the server restarts from scratch. At the moment, the dead players go into spectator mod...

@Elva :D I know the feeling. last week them: "Please do 2 weeks of work in 3 days" 3 days later "why doesn't this work perfectly?" me: "because you asked for 2 weeks of work in 3 days". It was a learning experience for all parties.
10:00 AM
They already decided on their selves that we need to slow down a bit and they've put the external party that needs the change before they can continue on hold for now
And I sure as F am not worried about getting unreasonable things done in unreasonable time =p
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11:40 AM
@Stormblessed Yeah, it's wild.
And he still hasn't had any movie or TV adaptation yet
though it seems that he has hit the necessary popularity for that
12:07 PM
Q: Commands give problem

BlubbervinkMinecraft: 1.16.1 version. (Java edition) I want to give a player a diamond pickaxe that can only destroy stone blocks. I use command: /give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe{Enchantments:[{CanDestroy:["minecraft:stone"]}]} All looks fine, you get a enchanted diamond pickaxe but you cannot mine stones...

12:31 PM
Q: How to prevent a child using an adult account on Ps 4

user254533I recently bought a ps4. I put parental controls on my 9 year old sons account. However he just uses my account instead. It doesn't ask for a password to protect my account. I have locked the wallet. I'd like to stop my son from using my account. Can I get it to ask for a password? Thanks

12:55 PM
Q: Minecraft randomly changing direction

Arthur System: Debian 10 Version of minecraft: 1.15.2 (Optifine_HD_U_G1_pre29) When looking around with my character, at a certain point the game makes me look away to a random position. After pausing the game the point at which this happens changes.

@Wipqozn Woooow... I... kinda want that... But another 108 dollars for shipping toooo =/
1:20 PM
Q: What sword does Lady Hoteshem have in WoW?

bbarkerI don't think I've seen this sword anywhere else. Is there a way to find out what it is, even if it isn't a weapon that is obtainable by players?

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2:24 PM
For anyone interested, Nintendo is having a thing in a couple hours
2:57 PM
Q: Spigot HeroChat plugin not sending "No one Hears you"

FluxedScriptChannel config: name: Local nick: L format: '&9[Local]&f{sender}{suffix}{color}: {msg}' password: '' color: GRAY distance: 20 shortcut: true verbose: false crossworld: false muted: false worlds: [] bans: [] mutes: [] moderators: [] cross-server: false spam: message-limit: 3 message-limit-buil...

With the help of a HLTB regular, I finally managed to transfer my Steam categories to How Long To Beat. If you're interested: howlongtobeat.com/user?n=Nzall&s=games
3:11 PM
I don't know if anyone else here plays Raft, but I just figured out that a catamaran-esque twin-hull design can give me 66 squares of space for only 22 foundations.
Aw, I wanted to ask Dune about Summer In Mara but apparently he hasn't been here in awhile.
3:31 PM
@Batophobia Paper Mario and a new WayForward game.
Clear conclusion:
Must be Paper Shantae.
3:46 PM
Q: Support for occasionally plugged hard drive for steam-like application?

Steve BMy computer has only 512Mb disk space. AAA games are taking more and more disk space (GTA V requires 100gb, SW Fallen Order 70, ...) which can quickly cuse disk space issue. Performant external SDD are in the market, and I seriously think about buying one of them to extend the computer disk space...

@Nzall Funny site, but I don't really agree with some of their statistics. 72h for "completionist" on Dragon's Crown.... and on completions tab you see "Beat on hard as elf, all gallery unlocked". Call me again after you complete INFERNAL (without being carried by someone else, that is), then we can talk.
@Lazers2.0 This probably needs more focus
It's a duplicate for steam, idk about the others
4:18 PM
I have 416 bell turnips if anyone wants that
@Lazers2.0 Also 512 MB seems unlikely, unless this is for Windows 95
They did mention it's a SSD
I imagine they meant Gb instead of Mb
@PrivatePansy it'll be 512GB
4:34 PM
Q: why does the villager not accept the trade commands (minecraft)

wilhelmso i created a villager with custom trades /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {CustomNameVisible:1b,CustomName:'{"text":"Alex"}',VillagerData:{level:99,profession:"minecraft:cartographer",type:"minecraft:plains"},Offers:{Recipes:[{maxUses:99999999,buy:{id:"minecraft:paper",Count:1b,tag:{display:{Name:'{"text":"

4:59 PM
Q: Como eu consigo a badge gym rat no nba2k20

vinicius araujoOla eu tenho um personagem e com ele eu ja ganhei o titulo nba e pensei que fosse assim que pegava a badge gym rat, mas nao apareceu o que eu faço?

5:29 PM
Amulet of endless battles is very neat
5:43 PM
Well, this game was actually surprisingly good
Escape: The Brother's Saloon
It's essentially an escape room game like The Room, but just 1 level
I haven't finished it yet, but it was really cheap, so I'm gonna do some more later on
6:12 PM
Q: Is the accuracy of Whirlwind not affected by moves such as Flash?

Revetahw says Reinstate MonicaWas doing a status moves only challenge in Pokémon Blue and trying to catch a wild Pidgey or Pidgeotto. They kept chasing me away with Whirlwind, so I thought I would try to mitigate that by putting them to sleep and using Flash. However, even after hitting them with Flash 6 times, they seem to a...

Q: How do I get Sky Factory for the default launcher

R3KedI am trying to get the mod pack Sky Factory 4 for Minecraft. However, using it requires use of the Twitch launcher. I do not want to use it, and I do not want to use any third-party launchers, due to me not trusting them. Is there any way that I can play this mod pack using the default launcher t...

6:46 PM
@MadScientist Yeah, definitely what meant. The OS takes up more space than 512MB.
@Nzall The Room is fantastic, I love the detailed setting.
The Rusty Lake series has some good puzzles too
7:25 PM
Q: How to reset an NPC's dialogue options to reset a quest in Skyrim?

astridSo I got married a few months back to an inn keeper, Wilhelm, but wanted to re-marry someone different. So, like any adventurer, I killed him. Unfortunately, (a) his body is still in my house, on the floor and won't leave and (b) I can't seem to re-marry. I went back to the temple of Mara in Rift...

8:01 PM
Bridge folks, do you ever just get so burnt out from online things that you just want to take a day off of internet?
8:13 PM
Q: Minecraft world reset after update - recoverable?

LowendWindows 10 (bedrock edition). I have a world that my kids and I have been playing in for quite some time and have done a lot of work to improve. We all updated on various devices to v1.16.1. My previous exit point of the game was IN the nether. So, after the update, I started in the nether, p...

@Ave Absolutely
@Batophobia How do you deal with it?
Just take a day off?
Pretty much. Go take a walk in a park or read a book or relax outside somewhere
COVID-19 concerns me when it comes to that
and the horrible weather
Might just take a day off at home ig
8:41 PM
@Ave Like, once a week
@fredley I'm unironically getting to the level where I might just say "sundays are no internet days"
just enjoying the simpler things in life such as not getting out of bed all day
@Ave Controlling what you do on the internet can help. Identify that which is stressful and reduce or remove it. Unfollow where possible.
But yeah, Sundays off sounds good.
@fredley Maintaining things is stressful.
Can be code stuff, can be people stuff, can be networking stuff
Lately it's a looot of the latter 2
The people stuff tends to be the most exhausting, and that's also a lot of where the rest of it comes from
which is kinda why I want to do a "no internet day" thing, mostly to avoid the person bits. Perhaps only being online with an alt acc etc for absolute emergencies.
Frog Fractions is coming to steam store.steampowered.com/app/1194840/…
@Ave Sometimes I want to take a day off the real world, as I still can't believe how fucked up things are.
Not browsing the internet help to avoid watching the whole disaster in slow motion
9:00 PM
It's surprisingly peaceful outside the realm of the news
Q: Rotating an entity 180 degrees around a specific point in 2D space

Camp bellMy goal is to rotate an entity around a fixed point by 180 degrees. The following is what I have tried so far: Rotating an entity by x degrees around a point a known distance away is easy enough: execute positioned ~ ~ ~10 facing entity @s feet rotated ~x ~ positioned ^ ^ ^10 run teleport @s ~ ~ ...

9:27 PM
Q: How to make it where when a player is killed they are teleported somewhere

Nicholas24453So my goal is when the "killer" kills a player, that player will be teleported to a waiting room and once everyone is killed, they teleport back to the lobby. I've tried using tags, scores, scoreboards and even executes but cant figure it out

10:15 PM
Q: PlayStation Network password reset

BradyI’ve recently forgot my password to PlayStation Network so I went to reset it and I’m not receiving a password reset link email. I’ve looked in all folders including junk/spam. I’ve tried the PSN support bot and no luck, I can’t get a hold of any one on the phone anytime of the day. And I even tr...

10:40 PM
Q: Can't Obtain Panoramas From Newer Minecraft Versions

AndrewExactly as the title says. I've dug into the actual jar files and found that in the gui/title/backgrounds folder, the panoramas for 1.14+ are stuck on the 1.13 Update Aquatic one. It's strange since I can clearly see the new panoramas when loading the game. I tried deleting the new versions to fo...


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