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3:12 AM
I uh, may or may not have accidentally crashed on the runway on vatsim and instantly disconnected to avoid causing problems lol
3:25 AM
Wait, if you crash in the sim would a simulated fire engine rush over to put out the simulated fire on your simulated plane?
No I'm fairly sure in that case I made the right call
since the in sim options are "respawn" or "sit there and think about what you've done"
and the network options are "disconnect" or "sit on fire on the runway"
No I'm not just practicing approaches offline now why do you ask
Including "how to recover from a bounce" approaches
Yeah, ok, got it down lol
definitely won't mess it up again
Q: Sharing game files between Linux & Windows (Dual boot)

mr_onetwo12I've read the article from itsfoss about how to share a game between Linux & Windows and it got my excited, I've been undecisive about using Linux because I couldn't play video games but now I can! From what I understood, SteamPlay on Linux will -according to what I understood- download the Windo...

yeah here we go, "If the pilot is unable to stop the emergency, the pilot must log off the network."
5 hours later…
8:32 AM
Q: Add custom color glowing effect - Minecraft Java

R0DR1 G0I would like to know how to add custom color glowing effect. I already did: /team modify Owner color dark_red but it still doesn't work, I still get the white color, even if I'm on the team.

4 hours later…
1:14 PM
Wow players: Blizzard is having a Shadowlands Developer livestream in about 2 hours and 45 minutes.
1:31 PM
ugh my joycon drifts very badly now
@Unionhawk There's a joke in there about going around corners sideways, but I'm just not seeing it.
1:46 PM
> "People were just walking into England and buying a house where they liked"

"Like you did in France" I said.

"That was different, we're expats"
Peak Brexit
yes, this is still from the RS Archer thread
Q: Anyone got a Formula for Worldedit for an Ikosaeder?

Jona4PlayI'm searching for a formula for an Ikosaeder to use for WE. I searched a lot but couldn't find an Ikosaeder formula for Minecraft that I could use for building. So my question is if someone of you knows an answer to this and I'm just missing out something or if I'm not alone with this problem. Th...

Q: What is the latest method to reduce latency from WoW due to physical distance to server?

PherdindyI connect to World of Warcraft Classic Oceanic servers, but I am currently residing in the Philippines which makes me get around 400-700ms. The methods shown on other threads show Leatrix and other methods which are already outdated to this day. Some services shown in an Older thread are not even...

@Unionhawk :(
2:05 PM
Q: Minecraft won't run with more than 6gb of ram allocated

KaNiSo long story short, before I had a vanilla Minecraft server with Minecraft running at the same time. I allocated all of my ram (16gb) to Minecraft just so it had enough room to breathe. Of course it doesn't use that much, it uses max 3gb but somehow it actually increased fps even though Minecraf...

2:49 PM
1h to last star in 27
Starting to feel the mana pinch, probably going to go back and enchant a few 24/25s to see if I can boost
23 is dragging quite a bit
magical shields are really annoying
@fredley If you can, try to accumulate science as well.
I remember being way low on it for a skill when I ascended somewhere around there.
@Frank So far all skill unlocks have been waaaaay below the science I have
like 1% or less
You're probably doing better than me then.
Lol, on science anyway
3:03 PM
Someone made a gun mod for Dark Souls 3. It sucks absolute ass. Does very little damage and limits your ability to dodge
3:26 PM
@Nzall something something bringing a gun to a sword fight
4:04 PM
I hit the point where I can passively generate stardust now.
4:16 PM
I'm on level 28, unlocked the stars * stardust perk.
Running through and fully enchanting some level 25s to boost mana
1 hour later…
5:31 PM
@Nzall Otherwise, I imagine guns would be pretty overpowered. Ranged is pretty strong as it is.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, season 2.
Also, unrelated, but I joined a friend's D&D group.
I rolled a percentile die for magical items since we're starting at level 12, and got a Cloak of Arachnida. So now I'm basically Spider-Man.
5:45 PM
Oh man, that Shadowlands livestream ending. Lead developer literally said "Black Lives Matter"
meanwhile, a year ago they suspended a player for saying Hong Kong Matters
6:04 PM
Apparently there's going to be a Ready Player Two.
@Frank Book or movie (or both)?
Book, to my knowledge.
I'm a little ambivalent about it; his last book was kinda meh.
6:22 PM
Like, they actually commited to it
@Frank Wasn't it just The Last Starfighter, but with more 80s nostalgia?
@Niro And a deus ex machina
@Nzall Beaker is the best part of this
6:52 PM
Yeah the Beaker part really caught me
7:24 PM
This is dumb. Filtering your Steam library by "Unplayed" temporarily disables all categories
Q: The mod I downloaded is not getting detected while loading

joker876MC version: 1.8.9 I recently downloaded the code for a minecraft mod from github (repository), packed the downloaded code into a .jar file, and placed it into the mods folder. (the folder is 100% correct one). When I launch minecraft, the mod is not being detected. The log says: [20:53:51] [Clien...

8:00 PM
> - It's called math
> _ I'm not sure if I agree but ok
Math is the most basic component of reality. Saying you're not sure if you agree with math is like saying you don't agree with gravity
@Nzall and how do you explain imaginary numbers then?
@MadScientist Imaginary numbers are used to deal with sine waves in math.
@Nzall but they're imaginary, they don't exist. So they can't be a basic component of reality
Q: Why are imaginary numbers called imaginary numbers

Kurtis NusbaumWhy do we call imaginary numbers "imaginary numbers"? As far as I can tell, there's nothing really imaginary about them. They exist. They're used all the time. What makes them so "imaginary"?

you know that I'm not serious, right?
8:07 PM
@MadScientist And I'm treating you as if you were, because it makes for a more interesting discussion
8:19 PM
Q: After upgrading to 1.16 I get a warning about "experimental settings"

o01After I upgraded to 1.16 I suddenly get a warning when I try to start my world: People say this is because I've enabled snapshots, but I done that since forever and never had a warning like this before 1.16. And now I'm getting a little concerned that my world might be corrupted or something. Is...

9:09 PM
Miss the days when I had a clue how to solve shit like this
9:37 PM
Also, I can't decided if I want to bread my haddock or not
On one hand, it's superior. On the other hand, this is the wrong chat.
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@GnomeSlice I think I figured it out. I think the important observation is that when you have 2 circles tangent like that, the radius orthogonal to that tangent point passes through the centers of both circles.
and on the other other hand, breading haddock is more work.
that gives you 2 things: a radius of one of the large circles that passes through the center of the small circle, and a triangle formed by the center of the small circle, the center of the bottom side of the square, and one of the bottom corners.
By using the Pythagorean theorem on that triangle, you get 2 equations with 2 unknowns: the radius of the small circle and the distance from the center of the small circle to one of the bottom corners (or just the part of that line segment that's outside of the inner circle)
10:20 PM
@murgatroid99 I think one of my biggest regrets is I never took any geometry courses in university.
and for my first two years of university I was majoring in mathematics instead of CS
I pretty much only took calculus and discrete math courses in college.
Yeah, that was most of my mathematics courses were too.
I've probably learned more geometry from reading Math.SE HNQ questions than I did in college
Discrete math was my favourite. Proofs are fun.
Also took multiple Linear Algebra courses.
I agree. Even my calculus courses were focused on proofs
10:25 PM
Probably a few other things I can't remember. I was still minoring in CS, which was basically more math.
Especially since at the school I started at, the CS department was one guy who was actually a math professor, so his CS courses were very math heavy. It was great.
Definitely helped ensure I had a very strong foundation as a programmer.
when I decided to major in CS I had to switch to another university.
I still sometimes think back with "WHAT IF" I stayed on the route to Ph.D in math, but then I realize I'd probably just now be finishing up school and go "oh okay".
I majored in CS and minored in either math or discrete math, I don't remember which
@Wipqozn but tasty fiiiish
@murgatroid99 After I transferred my minor ended up being in math just automatically due to all the courses I had when it was my major.
@Frank whyyyyy? It's so unnecessary
@Ash $$$
10:29 PM
@Ash I mean you could probably say the same about the first one
Note: I haven't seen the movie, but always seemed liker pure fanserivce. Book too.
Yolo swag I'm a rebel and what not
Oh, yes, very much so
but there's extra no reason to do more of it :P
I know RPO is dumb but I really enjoyed reading it, and I'll probably enjoy the sequel
Oh, I enjoyed it, too. The book was great, the movie better than expected.
But after reading Armada....meh. That one left me turned off from any future offerings.
Guys, I read romance novels all the time and peopel think that's dumb - it's okay to like dumb stuff :D
But I just can't see like...how a sequel would even make sense
you can't really do what they did for the first one again, really
No it's not. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch Tim & Eric.
10:33 PM
@Ash Then I guess it's okay to tell you I still love Power Rangers? :P
Not actually, but it's the first show I thought of that makes my witty joke work
@Frank heck yes
@Ash It could be a tangentially related story with some of the same building blocks: virtual reality, some kind of mystery or treasure hunt, and the inevitable bizarre fascination with literally every piece of pop culture from the 1980s
@murgatroid99 giggles True, I suppose
Only now it will be about the 90s, I bet.
10:47 PM
Yeah, likely.
11:38 PM
Bridge folks, here's your daily reminder that you're all great.
even wipqozn.
11:59 PM
Q: Uninstalled Skyrim and redownloaded it to find all items in tundra homestead gone

TsumTsum13I was playing Skyrim and uninstalled the game and installed it back - well, everything is working but I went into the Tundra homestead that I owned and had all my items stored in and EVERYTHING is gone. Did I lose everything or is there any hope of getting them back :(


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