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12:55 AM
Q: Shrink massive areas of terrain down to for nether hub

Legit_LemonsSo for my SMP server we are going to do a scale down version of the overworld in 3D for our nether hub. Its going to be a replica of our world but 1/8 the scale of it. I don't need any trees or structures but just the basic terrain. I've tried build //scale in builders utility but its to much of ...

1:36 AM
2:07 AM
Q: Re buying minecraft PE on different device

JamesI bought minecraft a few months ago on my phone (andriod) i just got a new phone (iOS) will i need to buy minecraft again or can i log into my play store and just re download without paying?

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3:20 AM
Q: Where's Lydia at?

some boiI can't find Lydia. I've tried looking in Breezehome and Dragonsreach, I don't own any other homes, I haven't done the civil war quest, but I have done the main questline, the Companions, the College of Winterhold, and I've started the Thieve's Guild. I didn't tell her to wait anywhere. Where cou...

Q: How can I make an item display fake CanPlaceOn data?

ExpertCoder14In Minecraft Java Edition, I am experimenting with using CanPlaceOn and CanDestroy NBT tags in items to control which blocks that the player can place their items on. Now I am making a troll map, where nothing is what it seems, and everything is tricking you into going off-track from the right an...

3:44 AM
Q: How many ships to I need hunting pirates to stop raids?

Yannick MGHow can I calculate or approximate the amount of many ships I should have with the "Hunt Pirates" mission in order to stop coastal raids?

Q: How many ships to I need hunting pirates to stop raids?

Yannick MGHow can I calculate or approximate the amount of many ships I should have with the "Hunt Pirates" mission in order to stop coastal raids?

4:30 AM
oh god apparently there is a tf2 classic server setting to allow people to play as civilian in gamemodes other than vip
Q: How to get to a private server with easy and care-free access to WSG?

bbarkerThe expectation on learning jumps in Warsong Gulch seems quite high these days. What's the easiest way to just get into (or run) a private Warsong Gulch with the same map and physics as classic/vanilla and play around without angering fellow players? Cause that is easy enough already.

4:58 AM
Q: Why can’t I summon invisible item frames is minecraft PE

RandomEvery time I use the new command to give myself an invisible item frame it doesn’t work. This is the commands I used: /give @p frame{EntityTag:{invisible:1b}} /give @p item_frame{EntityTag;{invisible:1b}}

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6:49 AM

Proposed Q&A site for people who love Nintendo, is a Nintendo Fan, or anyone intrested about anything about Nintendo. Games, characters, consoles, CEO, anything about it.

Currently in definition.

7:36 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment oh man, another creator who somehow thinks we need a separate site for a small section of gaming
8:35 AM
Q: How to generate a completely void nether/end?

Arvid RehnbergI'm working on a skyblock world, and I am wondering how to generate the nether as a complete void with no blocks, I still want to keep the biomes and structures, just remove all blocks, I also want to do this with the end. For the overworld it's easy to do this, you just generate a super flat wor...

Morning chat
9:24 AM
Q: Is it possible to get the email of a minecraft player with the username?

mauritsfI'd like to get a new IGN, but the IGN I want is occupied. Is there any way to contact the player, or is this impossible? I've searched the mojang API, and on the internet, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance for your answers!

10:21 AM
@Unionhawk also a randomizer server playing arena
10:33 AM
@Frank Currently spinning up loads of lvl24s, which complete in less than a minute, to boost Thunderstone and Science
11:24 AM
@Elva morning
Is this about the phantom cancelled train and phantom book series?
12:08 PM
I really wish I was still in bed. I blame @Elva.
Seems fair
I wish construction wouldn't start outside my bedroom at 7
@Wrigglenite yeah, it is
At this point I'm not sure if it's real, but people have confirmed that things like the train do actually check out
The train that would have brought the son to France in the midday was indeed canceled
12:25 PM
@fredley Any reason #1 doesn't have power zeroed out?
@Frank Don't need to
@fredley Moar XP is good.
I don't think the crown fits anywhere at the moment
@Frank Meh
You're soon gonna get another mechanic that spends that XP.
12:30 PM
That slider is going to be the primary source for it.
@Frank By soon I assume you mean another week or so at 31?
@fredley I...believe it's at 28 or 29?
I could be wrong.
Magical shield seems to amplify thunderstone damage
12:49 PM
It does. Triple damage, I think.
Yeah there were cases where I was dispelling and ETA went up and wut
1:07 PM
Once you get a couple more artifacts, it's a good idea to farm maps with a single slider that has the shield of mana/gold and shield of fears/clouds.
@Wipqozn lol
2:15 PM
Q: How do commands work in Bedrock edition?

Joshua LarsonI have done a lot of research on a command to summon a horse with specific attributes (increased health, etc.) but it all is in java. To me, the Java commands make a lot of sense but the bedrock commands don't. This is the command I'm trying to execute (it's in Java): "/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {...

2:39 PM
Q: PS4 Minecraft cannot connect to my server on local network

Maciek RekI have a Minecraft Bedrock server up and running on my LAN (local network). I play on my server using my phone (Mincraft for iOS). Recently I bought Mincraft for PS4, just to enjoy the game on a larger screen and with real controller ;-). I was able to connect to my server and played for few hour...

2:49 PM
> Included Changes (46)
cool I love to have 46 files checked out
@badp Ok randomizer with the number of weapons in that game sounds super boring lol
Unless the randomizer is "everyone is civilian but gets 3 random weapons" then I'm on board
3:04 PM
Q: Is there a way to install different versions of Forge/Fabric with only the default Minecraft launcher?

UnderratedGooseTo elaborate on the title/question as a whole a bit more, I'm basically asking "if there is a way to have two or more different versions of either Forge or Fabric (two different mod loaders) - such as having the capability of having both Forge 1.14 and 1.16 - without the use of installing other l...

3:52 PM
Q: Which Ending of Undertale I got? and What remaining endings I have now?

elpidaguyI have just completed Undertale, but I am not sure which ending I got. As per wiki, I must have gotten The True Pacifist Route Ending. But I did not get any epilogue as shown in The Wiki page. Now I am really confused, Where is the epilogue I am looking for, which ending did I get, as it might a...

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5:01 PM
In unrelated news, I might get Mary Brown's for supper.
It's so good. Fantastic tators too.
That's a silly place to put a pickle
Honestly I thought I hated fried chicken until I discovered mary browns, because KFC is so fucking terrible.
I honestly don't know how anyone eats KFC.
@fredley That's the ULTIMATE big mary. I just get the regular one.
I think the only difference is the pickle
There might also be a tomato.... either way, it's dumb.
@Wipqozn I love KFC!
I wonder how long it'll be until my cat "accidentally" bans someone.
@Frank Well, you're wrong.
To be fair, I don't know of many breaded chicken restaurants around.
5:07 PM
Around here it's KFC or Mary Browns, and Mary Browns has only been here for...well, I don't know, but less than a decade.
They're originally from Newfoundland
We have...Popeye's. Are they any good?
They're reasonably good, yes. I like them better than KFC
No Popeyes around here
I honestly find KFC unediable
I did used to like them, MANY YEARS AGO
but then I ate them after not having them for... uh, y ears, and it was the worst thing I ever ate.
tried a few more times and no difference
There's just no taste aside from grease
@Wipqozn They've been around for a long time in Nova Scotia, although maybe not continuously.
@MBraedley I don't remember seeing them until sometime in the past decade.
But maybe they've just gotten a lot bigger since then.
5:17 PM
There used to be one in Truro back before you were born. I know this because a former coworker worked there in highschool.
The two main locations I'm aware of is on in Upper Tantallion (which replaced a KFC) and then the Fairview one, which is across the road from FKC.
@MBraedley Silly Truro.
Small towns like truro are usually better for these more "locally owned" places... since the bigger chains don't go there
or well, used to. Big chains are showing up in more and more rural locations.
I've never had KFC I don't think
Looks like they do exist in the UK
Yeah there's one at the end of my road
5:37 PM
@fredley is merely too posh
@fredley But you have Nando's
cheeky KFC doesn't really have the same ring to it, that's true
@TimStone This is true
@Frank Also too posh
@TimStone My cheeky bottoms out at Wags
I do enjoy Peri Peri sauce. Makes a good accompaniment to more or less everything.
5:55 PM
Q: How to use predicates to allow killer bunnies to spawn with a chance to replace a normal rabbit (1.16.1 minecraft java)

YoinkTitle basically, Just wanna make a datapack for killer bunnies to spawn naturally with a chance to replace a normal bunny.

@Unionhawk absolutely not
when you're a brave cowboy eating your beans, in soft serve
6:19 PM
Q: Tp help (minecraft 1.13)

ZombiepigmandudeSo, I'm making something where a command block teleports a player a certain amount above the player. If I do /tp @p ~ ~1 ~ it teleports me above the command block. Any help would be appreciated! thanks!

Q: scoreboard execute issue

user254414Having an issue with the following commands: /scoreboard players set @a[nbt={Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:saddle",Slot:-106b,tag:{display:{Name:"Parachute"},Enchantments:[{id:2,lvl:10}]}}]}] ParachuteHeld 1 /scoreboard players set @a[nbt={SelectedItem:[{id:"minecraft:saddle",tag:{display:{Name:"Para...

6:43 PM
Q: Some Minecraft sounds are not playing

fasterthanlightI have been playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition for some time now on my iPad. I have all sounds enabled in the game settings. However, when I insert a music disc into a jukebox, or use the /playsound command to play a valid sound, no sound is elicited from the system. Here is the list of sounds tha...

7:23 PM
I think it's crazy that I own games I bought in 2011 that I still have barely played
Like, Just Cause 2 was the very first game I ever bought on Steam alongside Witcher 2 and I think I still haven't finished it. I own Jedi Academy since 2013 and also have barely played it. Deus Ex, Bastion, Syberia, Dully, Antichamber, STALKER, LA Noire, Two Worlds 2, Fallout New Vegas, Remember Me,... All games I bought in 2013 and often have barely played yet
7:51 PM
@Nzall Oh you sweet summer child
I've definitely got games older than that which were never played
@Wipqozn Okay, then, wiseass. Go check out your steam purchase history. When did you buy the oldest game you haven't yet finished?
I'm not even sure if @Sterno has ever played a game.
@Nzall It wouldn't be on steam. Would've been something for Gamecube or ps3.
Maybe wii
Other m was 2010
@Wipqozn I was specifically referring to Steam games. If we're going the console route, I never finished the Star Wars movie tie in game for Game Boy
@Nzall Just an FYI that I wasn't trying to raze you. Just not playing games you buy is Classic Bridge Memes.
One of us one of us one of us
Err wasn't lol
Fuck I shouldn't be allowed to chat on mobile
@Wipqozn It's the McDonald's of fast food fried chicken.
Not the best but the most consistent.
I like Popeye's more for spicy chicken and Church's more for plain fried chicken.
8:02 PM
I think the biggest affront is that I keep buying steam games even though I got plenty of games to play already. Wait, no, the biggest affront is that I still keep buying adult games on Steam even though I quickly learned that having to do gameplay stuff in them when you're worked up from what they show is a mood killer
sorry if that's a bit TMI
@Nzall Yes lol But I can certainly relate to the buying games when you backlog is already too large
@Nzall 2010, FFXI, 3rd game I got on Steam, never played it
Like, I even told myself I'd cut back on buying games this year so I could work on my massive backlog. Spent like 5 of the past 6 months playing World of Warcraft
instead of playing one of the 130 games I definitely want to paly, or 1 of the 140 I probably will play, or the 170 that are on the "interesting, maybe" category
You should play Antichamber
Like, I wish there was an easy way to show my Steam collection including categories
Used to play a bunch of games offline and finish them
8:15 PM
It doesn't help that some games show up as unplayed because they have a different version
Q: Does Heart of Fenrir trigger when carrier is revived?

ShabasHolder of Heart of Fenrir is in the GY, gets revived. Meanwhile, wolfpack has died (there were still wolves when holder of HoF died). Does the HoF trigger after revive? When does it trigger? (Underlying question is whether HoF can trigger every night or only after a member of wolfpack dies)

Q: Damned Seer status: exceptions?

ShabasIs a Damned role always seen as Damned by a Seer? Are there exceptions? (what are they?) Can the check be influenced by items like a Wolf Pelt or Sceptre of Darkness or Veil of Shadows? Does the Damned status overrule the usual Seer result for a Maple Wolf or Lycan?

@Batophobia my solution to those is that I take the old version and toss them into the "not really" category
and then the new version gets categorized according to what I see in the game
8:45 PM
Q: How much background do I need for Kingdom Hearts 3?

Mason WheelerI've played Kingdom Hearts, and the numbered sequel Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm aware that other games in the series exist, but I haven't played them. Now I'm trying to start Kingdom Hearts 3 and having a bit of trouble getting into it, because there seems to be a bunch of story I'm missing somewhere...

Q: Bloodhound(-type) result on Damned

ShabasWhat does the Bloodhound get as report when checking a Damned player? Is the full role and also Damned status disclosed? (question holds for other BH-type intel as well, like Ghoul's role check and Potion of Clarity)

8:58 PM
@Nzall doesn't help when you get the new version after completing the old one
9:34 PM
Q: Is result of items depending on Seer/Adj/WH check always dependant on role info?

ShabasDo items rely on status given in role text or on status changed by certain items? 2 examples: Warg's Bracer is dependant on wolfpack kill. Does the role have to be actual member of wolfpack or can it be any player that appears as wolfpack, such as a militia with a Wolf Pelt or altered by Sanguine...

Q: 'affected by Lycanthrophy' (BMC) is functionally the same as 'appear as wolfpack to Seer'?

ShabasCult Leader and Blood Priest have abilities that only work on people affected by Lycanthrophy. Is Lycanthrophy only tied to certain roles (Lycans, MWs, Wolfpack) and the Sanguine Horn, or does carrying a Wolf Pelt also confer 'Lycanthrophy' status?

Damn it Newegg
@PrivatePansy What's the problem?
To send a tiny cable splitter they put it in a box with a ridiculous amount of padding. They basically shipped a box that's 99% air
@PrivatePansy selecting the proper packing container size for companies that ship thousands of products per day actually has surprisingly little to do with the size of the product you're shipping. Companies financially have more to gain from choosing boxes in such a way that they optimally fill the delivery vehicles that transport these boxes
Which means that yes, sometimes they choose a box that's ridiculously oversized, because it'll allow them to more tightly pack that shipment that goes to your town, saving on damaged goods
Like, if they picked a smaller box, that box might start moving around in transit and potentially damaging other goods
9:51 PM
Interesting, although I thought they should've just used a padded envelope
@PrivatePansy The problem is that padded envelopes aren't as easy to fill mechanically, especially with something as floppy as this
Q: How can I create a void world in Survivalcraft?

Placeholder UsernameI want to build a spacebase in Survivalcraft. In Minecraft, there's a The Void preset. How do I make void worlds in Survivalcraft, though?

Recommended audio
11:08 PM
How rude of @LAzers to break up your messages like that

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