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12:10 AM
bought a domain for a year for $3.06
not bad
Q: Is there a way to change what occurs when a specific block is broken?

UnderratedGooseI am essentially looking for a way to do three things related to when a block is broken: a) Change a block's "loot table" (what the block drops), either single or multiple item/block drops b) (if possible) create multiple separate loot tables for a block (essentially meaning one of these loot tab...

12:25 AM
Some of you should play The Crew on tabletop simulator with us. I think a number of people in here would really like the game
very thinky co-op card game
one of my group is a professional poker player, pretty good at this stuff
1:00 AM
Q: NPC Happiness - complex crowding

ReinderienThe Terraria wiki says that: [If there is] no more than one other NPC within 25 tiles and no more than three other NPCs (not counting the NPCs within 25 tiles) within 120 tiles, [prices are reduced to] 90%. If true, this leads to some strange effects: it would be worse for an NPC to be within 1...

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2:13 AM
Q: How "enter" in "Kenner" district or get "The Devil's Shillelagh" weapon?

Guilherme NascimentoI can't open the Kenner district's missions on iOS: To obtain these missions, I need to complete the "Slow Build Times" mission in the Gretna district, a level 4 shotgun is required: The only shotgun at this level is "The Devil's Shillelagh": I have been playing for over 2 years and spec...

2:37 AM
Q: Can Zangetsu get through small gaps?

Jeff MercadoDoing my Zangetsu playthrough and I found that he can reach most places right from the start... except small gaps like this. Can Zangetsu get through gaps like this? I want to get that HP upgrade.

@GnomeSlice My dining room table. lol I bought the first two sets for the season, so I only have Gunslinger, Samurai, Tactician, and Huntress.
@GnomeSlice I've heard of it. I'd certainly try it.
TIL NASA has a tool you can use to determine sighting opportunities for the ISS
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4:15 AM
Q: Can you install and play minecraft on an offline PC?

nobodyhomeI see some information that says your PC must be online the first time you install/register your mojang account. Is there a way to do this, and then move files / installer to a completely offline (airgapped) PC? Conversely, if I do get my first install done online - can I save specific files, and...

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10:20 AM
Q: Is there a way to detect rain in datapacks? [Minecraft 1.16]

EarthToAccessThe answer here technically works when utilizing command blocks, but isn't possible when working with datapacks. I do have the same limitations as the linked question, in that I can't use cauldrons, soil, and so on to detect it. What I'm attempting to do is make it rain infinitely, but I don't wa...

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1:28 PM
It's not oneboxing
But @Ash should still look at it
Oh gosh what a lovely basket of freshly laundered kittens :}
So much cute fluff thank you
(at least that looks like a laundry basket to me)
@Elva awwwww. i want to keep watching it
1:45 PM
I think it's a laundry basket yeah
@fredley And not enough there to logic it out.
@Frank I know
The number of brute force possibilities is still too high.
Stupid thing is I've had that many greens since 9am
(now ~3pm)
@fredley What game is this?
I usually stopped researching when there was one left to find.
1:50 PM
@Nzall Structure, the same game we've been playing for weeks
I can logic one, at least.
ah, I see
@Frank Oh it's possible to stop pretty much when you know all the letters
But I'm still missing one
@fredley When the symbol length gets to 20+, I stopped trying.
At least I am beyond the tutorial phase of the game now, which it told me after almost 2 weeks or so
1:51 PM
@Frank Haha ok, I haven't had longer than 13 yet
@MadScientist Troll game
And sometimes, it'll give you a double, just to make it a little harder.
Like if you got an LL in there.
Also cc @Ash
2:10 PM
hmm my work laptop appears to have died over the weekend
RIP work
GOt it
@Elva that's me so often
Q: How Can I Summon lightning and get rid of and item at the exact time

Edwin RobloxI’m trying to make it that once I drop a blaze rod a lightning bolt will strike down with commands blocks, can anyone help

2:30 PM
@Frank Not sure what to do with this crown now I've got it...
Wear it! It's a crown
@fredley The Leader's crown?
It's good for a team build; I assume you have the Orb of Growth already?
How much should one focus on virtual maps once they're available?
@Frank Yeah
OIh wait, no, maybe that's next
@MadScientist My rule of thumb was that you should usually have a full set of current level virtual maps before you ascend to the next.
@fredley Clear blueish?
It's supposed to be found before the Leader's crown.
2:42 PM
Yeah, leaders crown had a lower research time for me (but found deeper...)
17h to research, dunno if I should get wishmaster first tho
3:05 PM
@fredley You want that orb.
Wishmaster will speed up enchanting, though.
3:36 PM
Q: Xbox-360 service center

AnonymousMy xbox-360 is damaged and i need a reoair center. Is there one in Delhi? Please help. The display won't appear on the screen. I've tried switching to hdmi and the A/V cable.

If anyone wants to do a bit of research for some bounty rep I need an answer on this question and the only current answer is wrong and doesn't deserve the bounty
4:00 PM
Q: Where can I find a New Super Mario Bros. Wii patch template?

munching bananaI'm working on some New Super Mario Bros. Wii romhacks and I'm trying to test them through riivolution. I've got everything I need except for the patch template that's required to run it through riivolution. I've done a lot of digging and can't seem to find one. There's a common link to a downloa...

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5:13 PM
Q: Explain the best Y level (height) for mining in Minecraft

Keith SteinI favor "strip mining" in Minecraft, but I've never really been sure how deep I should go for the best results. I've seen all kinds of varying answers, but most of them don't come with any real explanation and almost none of them show their work. To make the question more specific, these are the ...

6:26 PM
Q: Finding the criteria for a scoreboard objective

AshleyI'm trying to understand a Minecraft game that someone else has written. They've used the scoreboard feature to implement a few variables. Say the author used /scoreboard objectives add objectiveA xp. When I type /scoreboard objectives list, I get There are 1 objectives: [objectiveA]. But how ca...

6:48 PM
After some discussion on specialized Discords, I've found what laptop I want to buy. It releases next month. The Lenovo Legion 5i with AMD CPU and RTX 2060
7:15 PM
Q: Players lose stuff when reconnecting

DextryerI recently found out how to create a minecraft server with the ip (cmd, with a folder etc.). I created a server for me and my friends to play. However, the problem is when me and my friends reconnect, we lose all our stuff and we spawn at the spawnpoint. I put the game for cracked versions becaus...

Q: Does the game scale on the number of players in the lobby?

Fredy31I play MHW currently solo, because really, I don't want to play with random players. I want to discover the game by myself, on my rythm. Right now the game is feasible, but will I get stuck in later quests because the game expects a party of 4 and I'm attempting it alone, or does the game scale t...

hooray loan monthly payment officially cut in half
now to watch and make sure the old account zeroes out all the way
(it'll probably have $50 or something in it
actually looking at it sofi should owe me money lol
7:39 PM
Q: I bought Minecraft for Windows 10 for my son before buying Minecraft Java. How do I merge?

EricaMy son has built worlds in the Windows 10 edition and has been making mods in IntelliJ IDEA (the ID Tech camp package). He can't open the worlds from Windows 10 Edition in Java Edition and his IntelliJ mods automatically point to the Windows 10 Edition. I would appreciate any help in merging the ...

7:50 PM
hey folks
I have a general question which idk if it's gonna be fit for the main: is Stereo 3D mode from older games supposed to work at all on Windows 10?
from how little I've been able to find, I think anyone who can make it work these days seems to be using Windows 7 and old hardware
I'm kinda on the fence about installing Windows 7 just for this :s
@Hakase If you can, try using a Virtual Machine
That allows you to run a separate computer that you can then only enable when you need it
idk if this functionality is going to work via a VM, but thanks for the idea
@Nzall that is likely to be extremely difficult for stuff like this, as the VM has only the VM drivers. Getting that properly to the host might be impossible
@MadScientist yeah, that's why I said "if you can". That is, unless you can have a completely separate machine that you install Windows 7 on and don't connect to the Internet
while I do still have that old PC semi-alive, I kinda wanted to make use of 2080S and not 9800GT
7:54 PM
Either that, or dual boot
I can't install Win7 on this mobo
Problem is that Windows 7 is no longer supported so it can be a security risk to still use it
Like, if you are going to use Windows 7, try and lock it down as much as possible so you're at lower risk
sure, I've been using it since it first publicly released
even skipped 8 straight to 10
also I don't think steam will run on Windows 7 at this point at all
I think it's still supported, for now. About 6% of Steam users still uses Windows 7, but I'm fairly sure they'll drop support at the end of the year when Chrome does as well
wonder if they'll have some LTS version for old internet cafe machines or something
8:03 PM
Q: Is it possible to play Deus Ex: HR in stereo 3D on Windows 10?

user1306322I'm trying to find a way to make the Steam version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to let me enable Stereo 3D but not having any luck so far. I remember being able to turn it on briefly many years ago on a Windows 7 machine with GeForce 9800GT, it was real slow, but it worked. Now that I have a mode...

man I even remember watching the Crysis in slideshow stereo 3D mode
on a 1280x1024 monitor, side-by-side vertical frames
wasn't playable at all 10 years ago
@Hakase highly unlikely. Steam is based on Chromium, so they pretty much have to move on when they do as well
An LTS version seems unlikely since they didn't do it for XP either
8:28 PM
Q: What does the OptiFine installer actually do

TCoderAs stated by the title, I am not exactly sure what the purpose of the optifine installer is. Looking through the code, the only thing it appears to do is extract the jar file then copy it to the Minecraft directory. This question came from trying to help a friend install Optifine for 1.15.2 on a ...

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9:41 PM
Q: Store an item in storage

BubbleI have figured out how to place a selected item in a chest: /data modify block -255 71 97 Items[{Slot:0b}] set from entity @p SelectedItem How do I place a selected item in a storage using /data modify storage ... ?

Q: Do all Heart of Fenrir's trigger or only one, when wolfpack is gone?

ShabasWhat happens if all of wolfpack is dead and multiple people have a Heart of Fenrir? Do all holders become an Omegawolf, or does only one holder become an Omegawolf? (and are all or only one HoF consumed?) What happens if one person has multiple HoFs when wolfpack has died? Do they lose one or all...

1 hour later…
10:54 PM
Q: How do I change my .minecraft folder location in the old launcher?

HackerI know that there's a way to change the minecraft folder location in the newer launchers, but how do I do it in 1.5.2? I've tried to move the roaming folder and searched online, but none of the methods I tried worked and few were about the older launchers.

1 hour later…
11:59 PM
@Niro The who? Those must be from the new season. You got season 2?
Also from what I've seen the physical components look wonderful

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