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Q: Mac Minecraft Client Timesout connecting to Windows Minecraft Server?

SeaegirI have a Mac Air OS Sierra 10.12.6 and my buddy is running Windows 10. He has set up a Minecraft Server on his computer and we are trying to play like we are on LAN. Minecraft is 1.16.1 We are on different networks, his firewalls are off on the router and host computer. Also port forwarding is co...

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@Memor-X I feel like I am missing something here
i assume the implied update is that Blizcon was cancled because of COVID-19
Yes it was
5:50 AM
Q: How to target the player who kills another player with a custom snowball?

damgitI made a custom snowball that can give instant damage effect when it is thrown near a player which makes it appears to be like the snowball actually deals damage to player. I want to add up the score of the thrower when his custom snowball kills another player. But the thing is that custom snowba...

6:16 AM
twitter.com/archer_rs/status/1277505330885386240 HILARIOUS Brexit Twitter thread about 2 Brexiteers who suddenly realize they might have to sell their French second domicile; And their adult son whose first instinct to solve Brexit is to try and bribe a French mayor
6:32 AM
> I just received a WhatsApp from idiot son's boss asking me to confirm the visit on Thursday and Friday is for "an urgent family matter"
after the son's on his way to "fix things"
@Memor-X Note that this thread is far from over. I actually followed the guy because I want to know how this continues
have to wonder how "urgent" this to be playing hookie from work
@Memor-X Read on
like, it gets better
@Nzall i am
at the end current where the person is explaining why he uses a stock photo
> told him about the bribery conversation. He said,"
"O God not again"
so many questions
@Unionhawk I wonder whether this will kill Face unlock in the long term, or at least force them to always include fingerprint as a second method
7:00 AM
@Memor-X the saga is continuing
> At midnight he sent me a WhatsApp message,

"You and me tomorrow Mark are going to show them, we'll win this. That mayor is going know all about my family, they think they can do us but they can't. He'll take a good drink I know he will, they all do."

My name's not Mark
7:15 AM
@Nzall lol, makes me think of that joke from Airplane!, just replace Mark with Shirley (supposed to be Surely)
7:27 AM
either a slow day or really, really big
@Memor-X dr disrespect was quite big yeah
@Ave i know he was big and had a contract with Twitch, but i don't recall when (if ever) Nine News did a video games related story that wasn't attached to "Screen Time Management"
has to be a hell of a lot bigger than i thought
@Memor-X if you have a Twitter account, you should probably be following that guy, it's getting hilarious
7:43 AM
@Nzall at the moment i just have the thread bookmarked
8:02 AM
> Email from the father,
"I hope you and xxxxx can get this sorted out. It's so unfair the way we are being treated. France should not do this. We have always done things right there like putting our rubbish out etc. My wife is very upset and does not understand it all."
Oh wait, this one UK family always put out their rubbish properly? CANCEL BREXIT
8:18 AM
Q: How do "ride the neon dragon"?

72319As anyone ridden the neon dragon on Hill Climb Racing? If so, how?

Q: Why do my tps drop if a player joins my server?

Jona4PlayEvery time someone joins my Minecraft Server the tps drop to 14-16 tps instead of 20 and I dont know why. Anyone an idea why that is? A plugin? I use paper 1.16.1 v.6 and only have Open Inventory, Armored Elytra and Redye as plugins but i use datapacks I run the server on a raspberrypi 4gb model ...

9:07 AM
Q: Minecraft fill command cobblestone slabs

Simon MahoneyI'm doing a big project and I want to use the fill command to make multiple cobblestone slabs. However when I start typing the command cobblestone slabs is not an option I can choose. I can make it out of all kinds of other slabs but I really want cobblestone slabs.

@Memor-X oh, his train was cancelled (he blames the EU of course)
And he lost his shoes
oh man, this thread keeps on giving
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10:37 AM
@SaintWacko Got myself the Terraprisma
Q: Very confused - can’t get multiplayer to work on Minecraft Java Ed MacOS or PE iOS, please help!

Jessica Innocenti-LampenSorry for the long post, but I’m reaching the end of my tether with this one! Having spent nearly 3hrs with an Xbox live chat agent, trying to sort this out and getting almost nowhere. I’m reaching the end of my tether with this one! Having spent nearly 3hrs with an Xbox live chat agent, trying t...

11:07 AM
oh no, RS Archer got hacked and they deleted his Twitter account (RS Archer is the guy that was doing that Twitter thread about the Brexiteers)
Not because he was called out on the story?
@Wrigglenite I'm not sure. Was he called out on it?
I saw a few people mentioning that no trains from that station were cancelled today
Like, the account got deleted, so I can't check the tweets again, but the last thing he tweeted about was that attackers were attacking his Twitter password and that he was getting a lot of hate from Brexiteers
it might be fake
oh yeah, I just googled it. David Saunders is a pulp fiction historian
11:34 AM
@fredley There is a lot of discussion about this tweet series right now
@Nzall That was an unrelated link
Link emojis do not work well. Welcome to noughties-era chat.
11:50 AM
@fredley oh, I see
Yeah, that appeared like it was a "thinking emoji" reply to my tweets
I am hereby banning link emojis from this chat
@Wrigglenite ban overruled
@Nzall still entertaining to read on twitter
I'll star my emoji so that everyone knows it's a link
inb4 clear stars
12:00 PM
Q: Is it possible to put 25 Hydroponics basin in the area of one sunlight?

ManxA sunlight covers a 100 grids area as following and a Hydroponics basin requires 4 grids It's clear that 100 is divisible by 4... i.e. 100/4=25 However, I tried many ways to put them, it seems the max number is 24 in this case Is it possible to place 25 Hydroponics basins in the area of one s...

@fredley Think again
12:18 PM
Restrictions on gambling are already under review in the UK, so expected to get tougher soon too
@fredley awesome
Just a shame that at this stage most publishers have disavowed themselves from lootboxes in favor of other business practices
@Nzall but it will hurt EA and if the EU follows suit, FIFA will suffer
they might have to start putting in more effort into the yearly releases rather than redressing the slot machine and shutting down the old one
12:34 PM
@Memor-X Nah, they'll probably switch to a battlepass system where you need to play daily to unlock certain players and if you miss a day you are locked out of the strongest players
12:49 PM
Q: Need charger for PS3 controllers without turning on PS3 console

Sai GaneshCan anyone suggest me the PS3 controller charging stations to use without turning on PS3 console? Thank in advance

My brother just let me know that his coworker doesn't have COVID and that my reaction was overblown...
Something something "Just because you got lucky doesn't mean you did the right thing"?
I don't know the context but =p
20 hours ago, by Nzall
oh fucking hell. My brother just visited us, and one of the first things he said was that one of his coworkers came into work with COVID symptoms for a couple days and wasn't told to get tested until today
20 hours ago, by Nzall
@Himitsu_no_Yami Worst part about it was that my brother was dismissive when we asked him why he still came instead of self isolating, then started joking about infecting us
1:05 PM
reads Ah, so the alternate version applies "Just because you got lucky doesn't mean you're not an idiot"
@Nzall Well at least you haven't suffered for this idiocy then
@fredley I wonder how many gaming companies really hate EA now. This all started because they went completely overboard with Battlefront II.
@Wipqozn EA is the worst, and it's not even close
@fredley Yes
@fredley Careful, that's how they get you
1:19 PM
Remember years ago when it came out they weren't paying their employees and the got massively sued? GOOD TIMES
Never forget Activision Blizzard
@Frank My 25 boss nodes had multi-day waits, almost through another lvl25 virt...
@Wipqozn Therefore, @Wipqozn === EA? I'm confused.
@fredley You've got five virtual 25's?
No just one.
@Wrigglenite Nah. EA is worse. ActBlizz just ruins their own properies. EA used to be terrible for just buying up a bunch of shops, then running them into the ground.
1:20 PM
I think that might be the only level where the virtuals are weaker than the boss map.
Never forget Ubisoft, never forget Rockstar...
Oh yeah, most of the big names are traaasash
EA is just the original big trash, all around
I think the problem is people buying the games and allowing them to continue trading. Boycott EA.
And recently Naughty Dog's been trying really hard to become one of the worst
Never forget CD Projekt Red's crunch despite delays
Bad publishers aren't just those who abuse customers
Publishers/developers as the case may be
1:24 PM
Buy/play only indie games
Eh, blanket statements like those are dangerous too
But I'm sure you know that
I do
@Unionhawk you ever get your new chair?
Yeah it's been pretty nice
@Wrigglenite Blanket statements are always dangerous
1:41 PM
@Wrigglenite I'm willing to give CDPR a bit of a pass on the Crunch thing because unlike the other major publishers they're actually working to improve PC gaming as a whole by releasing good games and providing consumer friendly alternatives for purchasing and managing games.
Blanket statements: are they more or less snuggley than regular statements?
Though ideally they should really cut back on the whole crunch thing, especially when it turns out that even with crunching their games still get delayed
@Nzall Yeah because they don't affect you directly
But it's still really important that people working for them don't end up prioritizing a game over their own health
@Wrigglenite oh yeah, that definitely should not happen. Good work/life balance is really important. Employers should never force or coerce their employees into overtime, especially not structural overtime. I'd rather they cut a couple sidequests and do the rest to their usual standards than that they push their developers into a death march
It's somewhat related to the idea that games need to look better and better, and thus be more and more expensive to make as time goes on
And at this point I don't know if that idea comes from the customers or the publishers
2:07 PM
Little bit of column A, little bit of column B.
Because even if low-res games can still sell well, graphics quality is still a common point of discussion among consumers.
It's a bit of a chicken and egg situation, isn't it? If games didn't try to improve graphics, customers wouldn't think they're that important. And if customers don't think graphics are important, publishers will feel less pressured to improve them
Oh, and new consoles
People associate new consoles with better graphics first and foremost
But graphics can't keep improving forever
Especially not without an increased workload
why not?
I, for one, fully expect video games to look more realistic than reality itself.
we're still very far from photo-realistic, even though graphics have improved dramatically over decades
It just gets far more subtle than just increasing texture resolution and triangles
@MadScientist Well, I guess it depends on what kind of graphics improvements we're talking about
2:16 PM
I think most of the improvement will be in animations and interactions with the environment
If we're talking about physics improvements like lighting, particle effects, then that's mostly constrained by the machine that has to run the game
Raw texture quality is already very good in most cases, and more limited by VRAM (which might change with the new consoles and their very fast SSDs)
@Wrigglenite There's a lot of stuff that has been improved even while the consoles stayed the same.
But modelling and texturing become harder and harder to improve and notice those improvements
If you look at The Last of Us 2, this would have been a believable PS5 title if viewed in the earlier PS4 lifetime
The graphical improvements compared to earlier PS4 titles are very impressive
Which brings us back to the workload increase
2:20 PM
I'd suspect that it isn't worse than before, it's just new that this is talked about
But I think we're starting to hit a size limit for games in terms of assets/animations that take manual work. Any improvement there must come from better tools, and not from throwing more bodies at a game
Yeah, raw textures can only be improved so far. Like, there are only so many pixels you can fit on a texture
At some point you hit a limit where additional pixel density doesn't impact the quality of the object
The main textures in AAA games are probably at the limit already, but there's lots of less important textures at lower resolutions still. But that's something that doesn't take more work, but more powerful systems to be able to load textures faster or keep more in memory
Q: Minecraft android addons as zip file

GiantFireKrakenI'm trying to use an addon on my android minecraft and I can only download the files as .zip and I dont know how to import them into minecraft

@MadScientist Yeah. There's also the concept of turning some textures into physics-capable objects. Like, imagine being able to render a rockslide with everything being individual rocks instead of using a bunch of bigger rocks and then particle effects
2:31 PM
Deformations or interactions between models is something that isn't done very well or at all right now in most cases. Or only with specific, hardcoded animations at best.
It comes down to two questions
One, how much of an improvement is it for players?
And two, can it be implemented without sacrificing the mental and physical wellbeing of the people in the gaming industry?
Number one is what publishers and players care about
But number two can't be ignored
@Wrigglenite Until actual developer unionization, publishers believe it can be ignored. That's the problem.
I suspect that the size and quality of games don't play that big of a role here, they just modify the size of the team. If you force your employees into crunch mode all the time, I doubt that smaller games would mean the same people would do that less
2:47 PM
ok 5 hours to beat these boss nodes, after some elemental summoning
3:10 PM
@Sterno Not sure about that image tbh. Think this should at least be tagged.
@Sterno left, so I just went ahead and tagged it.
Who's currently at a work where someone else can see your screen?
@Ronan Is anyone in an office?!
Anti-channel nodes suck.
3:26 PM
Having got my mana sorted for now helps a lot. Being able to disposably summon is useful
Any reason not to enchant mana on everything?
@Ronan Some people have kids, I would assume.
@fredley If that's the only enchant you have, no.
You get more later.
You're going to have to talk to your kids about anime sooner or later
@Frank I can do gold, but i have plenty
@fredley Try to keep at least one map fully enchanted with gold.
Those rainbow towers get expensive.
3:27 PM
@Frank I'll cross that line when I need to
@Ronan Reminds me of that coffee addiction bit from Scrubs.
Right now, I'm farming some 36 vmaps and enchanting them with mana.
Depending on how many more waves of boss nodes I could get 25 done today
@Sterno I wonder what anime that is from
3:44 PM
@Frank I really liked 40's design
@Frank Ok yeah I'm on the last nodes
@Wrigglenite i really hope they fix that because from what i understand, that is the only issue they have
4:06 PM
Q: Is there a way to put phrases in a scoreboard in Minecraft?

UnderratedGooseThis was a bit hard to give a name to (since it's just really hard to explain, if there is a better title for this question, then go ahead and change it via an edit). Note that this is only focusing on Minecraft Java Edition, and for versions 1.13+. I am predominantly looking for a solution that ...

4:56 PM
Q: Why cant I break blocks in minecraft? I can place blocks but i cant break them. Im ready to smash my computer!

InvalidKitten84I cant break blocks and im starting to get angry bc i spent $30.00 on this game for my computer!

5:07 PM
@Dragonrage I usually buy stuff if I don't get anything quickly
The filter is huge but you can really find good stuff
5:20 PM
Q: What if there is no ps plus anymore?

RaySo my Question is as follows. If i will ever See the End of the ps plus service and/or it will not support the console I'm using, what will happen to all the games I accumulated during my membership. Will they all vanish? Or does sony provide a server for loyal ps plus members to redownload them ...

So is only the golden animated profile background a limited-duration item from the Steam Points Shop?
Or is anything else also temporary?
6:10 PM
Q: My friend can't join my ARK Survival Evolved Non-dedicated session

FirestrykeMy friend and I are trying to play ARK Survival Evolved together and I have a bunch of progress on my single player world and I don't want to run a dedicated server because my PC can't handle it. But the problem is that he is on steam and Im on epic. I did some research and it said to run the com...

@Yuuki Based on this:
Points Shop items are yours to keep and have unlimited use, with the exception of the special Summer Golden Profile, which is yours to display for up to 30 days from the time of purchase.
But you can only buy cosmetics? Nothing like wallet funds or discount codes?
"You will not receive any points for funding your Steam Wallet or for any Steam Community Market purchases."
@Batophobia no, I mean redeeming your steam points for things that enable you to buy more games
like, redeeming X points for 5 EUR wallet funds, or Y points for an additional 10% discount coupon
6:25 PM
Looks like anything in the Points Shop, or you award them to others similar to SE Bounties
@fredley Yeah, sorry. To be honest I never even looked at the image. I just googled "friday nightcore" and grabbed the first link
okay, looks like I'm saving my points until they decide to add the option
7:05 PM
I spent all mine on emotes and animated profile backgrounds
And like all of the avatar borders
I just noticed a little ways up someone asked if anyone was at work and actually yes, I visit SE chat constantly at work (usually rpg.se but still)
via failedtorender
8:07 PM
Q: Place the Scoreboard in a player's coordinates [1.15.2]

Oyun Mıknatısıexample if my "x" score is 20.013 I use command after my x coordinat is 20.013 mc java 1.15.2 vanilla

8:31 PM
@fredley I'm reasonably sure that can't work ;-)
RIP Reckful, one of the first big WoW content creators and streamers
@MadScientist ? -> Parallel -> Serial -> PS2 -> USB
Pretty sure the first step already dooms this, USB via PS2 won't work
And I would suspect that's more like USB -> PS2 -> 9 pin parallel -> big parallel -> invert pins
@MadScientist does for mice!
8:45 PM
@fredley I think the USB storage protocol is a bit different from the mice protocol
@MadScientist Oh yeah, there's no way this could ever work
You could still get some cases almost as bad as that if you had some dongles for software and adapters on top of that
9:09 PM
Anti channel? Nothing in help
No buildings allowed.
Dick node
Find the attached...brick wall? node. Capture that.
Can't see it yet
It could be a locked node. :P
So that means you're into 26.
9:12 PM
Going reasonably quickly so far
17% complete
I'm excited to see you get the next mechanic.
Can I not get any more virtuals?
It's really in depth.
I unlocked specialised virtuals
Five is max.
9:12 PM
@Frank nice
@Frank Ah ok
Twitter with the spiciest of takes
You do get a skill in a bit where you keep the growth on deleted vmaps.
I always feel way behind, I'm on 18 right now
@MadScientist With the amount of new mechanics, there's always something new to figure out.
Every five levels, at least one new thing is added.
9:26 PM
@fredley I'm still sad that onlyfans locked my gimmick account
No, onlyfans, I won't give my ID to verify myself as "rat fucker".
(context, fwiw)
(sfw, just a bit of meme music)
'meme music' I'm good
@GnomeSlice eh. "Meme music" doesn't really get it across.
It's a 100 gecs song.
That's the best I can sum it up as. They're real artists signed with the atlantic records and all, but their style is hard to describe, and while "meme music" doesn't get it across that well, I don't know how I can really explain it without having to link to a pitchfork article or smth.
God how does one even describe 100 gecs
Musical chaos, cacaphony, pc music... meh. Paper puts it well with "100 gecs is a little bit of everything and the kitchen sink rolled into an auditory meme-coated taquito" ig.
9:44 PM
holy jeez, mistover
one of my character just went from 100-0 and then dead within the span of two turns
just some weird 'avant garde' duo
not my thing
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11:55 PM
Q: Dota 2 can't create a build?

OzoneProgramsI am trying to create a build for Dota 2 where I can put in all the Items, Talent Tree, Ability Upgrades, Description, Item Descriptions, etc. I have seen that if you go to the Dota 2 website you can make a build. This is the link: http://www.dota2.com/workshop/builds. I have seen that you will s...


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