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12:30 AM
@GnomeSlice womp womp
I'm doing that now
Just got to the part in the pit, with the bomb guys. Stopping for the night.
idk why everyone is having so much trouble with that
my buddy from work said he got hung up there a lot too
I don't think I've ever died in that pit even on nightmare
you get 2 new cueballs every wave of heavies
You just gotta use those bomb guys
just shoot them at the heavies and they die
I want to play but my room is fucking full of sewer water and most of the carpet under my pc desk is flooded with it so I'm playing a tower def i can play with one hand while sitting back a bit
12:49 AM
Q: How do I get a item that can break specific minecraft blocks?

SapphireLocxI tried doing a command I found online, but it only worked with one block and I want to make an item that can break some specific blocks but it won't work. I'm playing in windows 10/bedrock edition and my version is 1.14.30

1:42 AM
@Elise knowing not to be fooled by this given what day it is for half the world i am wondering, given that it was posted on the bridge, if this actually going to be a Bridge Style Rick Roll
@Memor-X it's posted by Valve tho
@Elise i see, probably no Bridge Style Rick Roll then
2:26 AM
Q: what is a quick way to make 2 million starting out in elite dangerous

AddyI am just starting out in elite dangerous and need to make 2 million for my first mining ship but I don't know he to go about doing it. what would be a good way to make money on the default sidewinder?

2:47 AM
@GnomeSlice How the fuck did you not die in this pit on nightmasre @GnomeSlice lol jfc
and done.
That was rougher than UV
3:12 AM
Q: how can i find out what email is linked to my steam account

Owen McNelisthe steam guard email isn't going to any of the emails that I have and I don't know what email address it is going to

1 hour later…
4:25 AM
> Minion: *To Riddly* uhhhh, i don't know about this Boss
naaa, it's fine, you just fighting a Bounty Hunter who's wearing a Modular Power Suit that's compatible with every artifact on the planet, kicked your butts once before and killed off an entire spices
@SaintWacko I play it
4:58 AM
Q: What are the April Fool's Day changes to GTA Online?

galacticninjaBesides are there any other changes to the game for April Fool's Day 2020?

5:11 AM
reminds me of this song (Content Warning: has just as much swearing, also on Chrone the link downloads the .mp4, not sure about other browsers)
5:36 AM
Q: My hud has disappeared on Minecraft Bedrock Xbox One

Ben HammersleyI was playing minecraft bedrock on xbox one, on a server and my hud disappeared: my hotbar, my hunger, my health and my crosshair. I saved and quit and re-logged back in, but it was still different. I also had my hide hud turned off and i could still se my hand, and i could access my inventory, m...

2 hours later…
8:08 AM
Q: My PS3 controller won't sync after resetting

MichaelNuggsBackstory. I was in the middle of playing a game when the PS3 no longer responded to my controller. The lights on my controller were still on. I've seen this happen before, so I reset the controller to resync it. When I reset it, however, the lights went off and the controller wouldn't resync to ...

@Nzall I figured it'd be more like tappin a magnet to the sensor
Also morning
8:27 AM
Q: Can I build all ideology wonders in my original capital in Civilization 5

cyberixaeCan I somehow build all ideology wonders ( Statue of Liberty, Prora and Kremlin ) into my original capital in Civilization 5? I understand that I need two revolutions to change the ideology twice but I am wondering whether or not that would work in practice.

Q: Why is butter considered a "military" good, and what effect does this have?

LandricIf you switch to your "civilian" outfit while in a store, it will highlight all non-civilian equipment (such as (most) armour and weapons) in purple. Grain, meat, grapes etc. count as civilian items, but not butter. Why is this, and does it have any effect on gameplay?

3 hours later…
11:39 AM
@Elise beautiful
it's turkish too, which just adds to it
it's so sad that samanyolu tv was shut down
it was the WORST thing ever
> 2003-
oh no don't tell me that it's ongoing
1 hour later…
12:52 PM
Friends! It's April! So time for my yearly reminder that Autism Speaks is a terrible organization and will try to get you to support them and act like they're the authority on autism and autistic people. They are not. I can, as always, explain further, but they are awful and anything that asks you to Light it Up Blue is no bueno.
1:15 PM
just saw an email saying that the European Pre-orders for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV "go live at noon!" whatever timezone NISA Europe is basing it from
going to grab this for the PS4 since that's where i got the other 3, maybe at a later time i'll get them on PC (though its unlikely that all 4 will ever be in a bundle or package for an extra discount)
1:50 PM
Q: Controller does not charge, connect, reset, ps button plus share does not work... help

OverSeerblinks orange three times then turns off when pressing ps button,ps button with share, same thing happens. when pressing reset button, same thing also happens. dosent charge does not connect my controller wont charge, connect, wont reset... everytime i press the ps button with share or ps bu...

Q: How do I send a free-to-play game to a friend within Steam

cyberixaeI'm playing a free-to-play game. I want to recommend the game to a friend. I select the game from my game library. I navigate to the store page. I click on Share button. Steam provides me three options: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. However, my friend doesn't use any of these services afaik.Does Ste...

2:28 PM
Q: How to drop an item in Fortnite for Mac?

temirbekIn PC it's X to drop a weapon so that a teammate can pick it up. How to do that in Mac?

2:42 PM
Q: Is there an upper limit of how much money you can throw in a gold hole?

Fredy31Sometimes you can dig up gold, and then put back an amount in that hole. Then, a couple days later, you get back 3 times the amount. I've been putting 99,000 bells in these holes, but my SO is telling me that after an amount, you will not get the full amount you put in times 3. And I'm pretty su...

3:35 PM
@Wipqozn idk that's like the easiest encounter in the mission for me
@fredley That looks very pretty
It does doesn't it
Reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics
The human sprites mostly
They were very expressive in their gestures, and I'm feeling the same here
I am instantly interested
@Ash @Wipqozn I shipped you two some items in ACNH, might ship some more tomorrow (because of potential small spoilers).
3:50 PM
@GnomeSlice It's because of how small the room is, in particular when those last two guys spawn. If you don't kill one super quick, it fucks you up. The bomb guys don't always respawn quick enough.
@Ave You can ship people items? I could've sworn I tried that once, and it wasn't possible.
@Wipqozn yep! two ways actually
If you go to nook shopping you can ship directly to people who are your friends and best friends
and if you go to the postcard stand on airport you can write a letter and attach items and send them to friends and best friends
god, that's a horrible sentence
@Ave That's what I tried to do, but I didn't see an option for it.
Maybe I wasn't best friends with anyone yet.
Also: I don't write the letter, it's the default.
inb4 the letter is like "Fuck you, you stupid turtle"
Ave: "yeah weird how it wrote that! LOL"
"I swear it wasn't me, though."
3:58 PM
Got this game called Pan Pan on switch for under a buck yesterday. Cute little adventure game. Already stuck on a puzzle. Nice
there's a tiny button here to the right of send fwiw
Q: A.I. ships dodging my ships during their retreat after AI loses naval battle

Fork FrogSo I have searched the web for an answer to this thing that I cant quite figure out. When an enemy fleet is beaten, are they supposed to just be unable to be caught, no matter what? I've tried catching up to them, getting to their destination before them, actually having ships stationed all aroun...

got it, ty
4:25 PM
Hmm, I should probably change my cell plan since I'm basically using no data right now because I'm almost permanently on wifi.
4:45 PM
@MBraedley Yeah I ended up tweaking mine last week.
It renewed my frustration with Ting mobile not being available in Canada.
And just Canadian cell providers being terrible in general.
The lack of MVNOs in general
Man, I need to play Animal Crossing with you guys
@SaintWacko hell yeah
Also bridgers: Dm me on discord if you want my switch FC
@Ave Can you add me instead? My code is on the spreadsheet
@PrivatePansy sure
4:55 PM
@SaintWacko All this AC talk has been compelling but my decision has been made for me:
There are no Switches anywhere
or at least none at MSRP
@RedRiderX I've heard you can still get the minis
@PrivatePansy I've been trying to add my info to the spreadsheet, but I can't edit it
@SaintWacko Ah I really want to play it on a big screen.
But who knows in another week I may be swayed.
@PrivatePansy I can't seem to find it
There's only your 3ds fc
@SaintWacko Yeah I noticed that too, idk who owns it
@Wipqozn maybe?
Ah dang
4:58 PM
possible mod task: just redo that sheet because iirc it's got even like, wii friend code that's how long we've had it lol
@Unionhawk I think so yeah, but I think he also forgot which account he set it up with.
@PrivatePansy added
Oh, or because we lost the keys to the original
either way
@Ave \o/
@Unionhawk If own it, then it's tied to ad ifferent email. When I requested access with my primary, some nick fellow gave me access.
@Unionhawk yeah not a bad idea
5:02 PM
does @Ori own it
....holy shit
I bet that's exactly it
I forgot tat his was first name
mystery solved
but yeah, maybe remake it and tie it to a mod email
5:22 PM
RIP @ori
5:43 PM
Someone should clone it and become the new owner
5:58 PM
There's some PVP DLC coming out for Darkest Dungeon and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out who thought that game needed PVP
6:12 PM
@Yuuki do you have any of the masteries in RoR2?
@Ave I did the same. Enjoying it. Really like the environmental design and just everything about it
@Ave Fun!
6:39 PM
I'm a bit surprised it's taken me this long to grab my laptop and just plunk down in front of the TV to do some work. (It's just YouTube music videos that I'm watching.)
6:54 PM
Q: Cannot login to minecraft launcher because I am "Offline" event though my connection is fine

Enderm1teSo one day I open up Minecraft launcher to mess around but then it says "Play Offline," I think something is up so I try to relog. I enter my details (correctly) but I am told that I am offline. I thought the auth servers were down but they are all fine. I try to use Badlion Client's launcher but...

7:31 PM
Q: Function bullets/guns hitting blocks lag

Wicked GrinnSimply put, I am making guns and have run into a serious issue. To start off I will have to explain how I made them. So I made the guns by using a function. When you right click with a carrot on a stick with a specific model data it shoots, depending on the model data. Currently I have 2 working...

7:50 PM
Q: Is there a way to summon a large area of chickens in Minecraft?

cassterBasically is there a way to do this fill 0 4 0 5 4 5 minecraft:chicken but with valid Minecraft syntax? And perhaps if some blocks were occupied by armour stands, prevent the chickens from spawning where the armour stands are.

Q: How can I delete the PS Plus games of the month after my PS Plus subscription ended?

AnonymousI subscribed to PS Plus for two months and decided it was not for me. I downloaded all the games of the month then realized I don't want to actually play them anymore. Whenever I try downloading a new game, I don't have enough storage, and I don't want to spend money on more subscriptions for mor...

8:03 PM
@MBraedley I can't do that
I won't get any work done and I won't remember anything I watched
8:15 PM
ooo, fleet carrier beta starting 4/7
@GnomeSlice This cultist base slayer gate is fucked on nightmare, jesus
You die soooo much quicker
8:34 PM
lol Rogue Legacy 2 announced
Well, now it's the end of the world
github is down
9:01 PM
@SaintWacko Time to go home... oh wait
I'm just watching old Abbott & Costello routines instead
Q: Minecraft not responding

NightTerror04I used to be able to play Minecraft normally with no problems but out of no where it stopped working every time I try to load up the game it says it's not responding and then reports the problem to Mojang I have tried reinstalling minecraft and I have no outdated drivers so I don't know how to f...

9:31 PM
I think this is the filthiest video I've ever seen on the entire internet
9:57 PM
Is it a Friday video?
@fredley only because @wipqozn's socks was a pic and not a video
10:22 PM
Q: Do all players need to buy the DLC or just the host?

WolfWith Overcooked 2 added to the Xbox Game Pass, for online multiplayer/co-op, do all players need to purchase the DLC to play together or just the host?

Always Sometimes Monsters - Hella Yuri Says: "It is possible for the player character to be a lesbian (and be hassled for it)." Informational
Sometimes Always Monsters - Hella Yuri Says: “You can choose to play a female character in a romantic relationship with a female character.” Informational
given the latter also says:
> Import Save Files from Always Sometimes Monsters to continue your story, no matter how tragic or triumphant your ending may have been. Your entire continuity will be carried over.
and Hella Yuri generally always indicated if you can have a relationship, must mean in the second game all that being hassled for being a lesbian pays off
1 hour later…
11:36 PM
@Wipqozn What are you playing on TTS?
Or were, I guess.
11:49 PM
@Niro War Chest
@Elva Excellent tweet
Q: What does Combat Study do?

Memor-Xin Etrian Odyssey 3 there is a common skill called Combat Study which reads Listen to the stories of veteras to gain their valuable experiance EXP Gain ^ Now i took the description as more how it works, that the party is listening to veteran's experiances to gain bonus EXP, sorta like h...


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