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12:32 AM
> The last remnants of humanity are fighting for survival, terrorised by the carnivorous plants and the grotesque insect life.
Earth is tidally locked to the sun
so one side always faces and one side is always night
It's way too 2020 for something like this
the light side is one massive jungle
he has a really good one about a generation ship too that has more normal writing in it - 'Non Stop'
there's a lot of made up words in hothouse
We got killer hornets and shit
It's too relevant
The 'insects' are all just plants
There's no animals left afaik except what humanity has become, these like little pygmy things
12:55 AM
.Ninefox Gambit it is!
THis might be a heavier read than I want, BUT OH WELL
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2:57 AM
@murgatroid99 Pop me aping once you're finished. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. I might even bring the Fantasy (Spoilers) room back to life, since I know there's a few users in here trying to avoid spoilers.
@Yuuki I'll likely pick it up sometime this week, once I'm done playing Fire Emblem 7.
Q: I cant get a mc mod pack to work with all the mods that a YouTuber is already using!

IcedShottsI am trying to play a modded mc server with my friends with a mod pack that a youtuber is currently playing and I cant get all the mods to work together This is the pack https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/best-friends-club

3:55 AM
Q: Maximum USB Controllers? 16?

BenjaI've been building the ultimate retro gaming PC and storage cabinet that emulates all popular vintage consoles, and their controllers to match. Emulating Atari 2600 through Dreamcast - half of the nostalgia-party experience is holding the authentic controller, converted to USB through the PC. I ...

4:21 AM
Q: How to give an entity a tag, and take it away after a given time period?

WeraHow do I use command blocks to make it so after an entity has had a tag for 1 minute/any given time, it will be taken away?

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7:35 AM
Q: MAINTENANCE WARNING: Possible downtime early morning Dec 2/4/9 UTC (8:30PM NYC-time on Dec 1/3/8, 2020)

Tom LimoncelliTL;DR: The SRE Team at Stack Overflow is announcing 3 maintenance windows. No downtime is planned but the work is classified as “risky” therefore this announcement. The maintenance is expected to take 10-20 minutes and will happen sometime during the 2-hour window beginning at 8:30PM ET (01:30 U...

Find the problem with these 2 images:
second image:
The first image was made 4 days ago. The second image was made today
@Nzall The azerty keyboard layout? ;-)
@MadScientist no, that's the point
that layout is a nightmare
The problem is that the 10% discount you get today is based on the price of 1499 EUR, while the laptop was priced at 1439 EUR a couple days ago
@MadScientist I live in Flanders, I'm used to AZERTY
Been using it my entire life
8:21 AM
Okay, my father helped me buy the laptop (I wasn't able to). It'll arrive tomorrow
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10:15 AM
Q: Bike/Motorcycle driving simulator game

VikasI just can't find a motorcyle/bike simulator. Basically I need a simulator which contains bikes and scooters like these: In simple words, 2 wheelers. When I searched on Internet, I found many but most of them were sports bike and were more of a racing game than simulators. What I need is somet...

10:40 AM
Q: Can Spiritomb be encountered without a Nintendo Online account?

MBorgSpiritomb can be caught in the Crown Tundra DLC. It requires you to speak to 32 trainers online. However, I don't have a Nintendo Online account. Given this, is it possible to encounter Spiritomb by speaking to trainers online or by another method (without trading or transferring from Pokemon Hom...

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1:19 PM
@MadScientist Give me Dvorak or give me death
Although I haven't used that in 5 years now, so I guess give me death.
This is 2020, so that could probably be arranged
1:34 PM
@MadScientist I better not see this on /r/agedlikewine in 3 weeks
2:09 PM
@Wipqozn I'm so sorry puts down @Wipqozn
@fredley this didn't ping me but yeah prisencolinensinanciusol is a thing
2:53 PM
Q: Sharing one PS4 subscription account linked to my gmail account for both sons

LaraI've a PS4 membership account linked to my email address. My two sons tell me this means they have to share the account and all their Fifa games are linked to each others; this is causing endless strife in the house! Is there any way I can separate 'the account' so that they can each have theie...

3:12 PM
@MBraedley Back when I worked for HP, each employee had an MSDN subscription. When they laid me off I went in and claimed all of my Windows 10 and Office keys and wrote them down in a spreadsheet. None of my family have had to pay for Microsoft software in a while lol
3:37 PM
@badp I probably deserved this. In fact I literally asked for it. Although tbh when I saw the notification I assumed it was in response to me preparing pasta wrong or something. Like cutting spaghett in half! (Note: I've never actually done this, but my parents have).
Speaking of meatballs I prepared over the weekend, I really don't like coriander. At least the non-ground kind.
At first I thoguht it was the pork (since I normally prepare turkey meatballs), but then I realized "no wait! It's those coriander balls!"
3:53 PM
cc @Unionhawk probably
Because this is hilarious
Some low% nonsense I assume
4:08 PM
@Unionhawk Yeah. The tl;dw is that links "I GOT AN ITEM!" idle animation isn't actually idle lol. It actually moves him in a direction very, very, very slowly.
And during this the game doesn't check for wall collisions
and in twilight, getting certain rupees activates this animation soooooooooooooooooooo. Yeah. Shannigans.
Is 17 hours better or worse than the looping platform in mario 64 that doesn't loop properly so slowly drifts upwards?
I should play Twilight one of these days.
Not the one I was thinking of, but it looks peaceful and relaxing
I believe it's related to the famous books
although I don't know if it's still available, as I found out about it on giantbomb
@Ronan I don't know, but funnily enough, I just finished watching a 0 A-Presses video with that in it.
Speaking of which I still need to play ghost game with @RedRiderX lolol
He bought it, and then our schedules never lined up
5:00 PM
Q: Is there any way to check if a player drank a specific potion?

James ReadI tried something like this: scoreboard objectives add potion minecraft.used:minecraft.potion 0 But that went up every time I drank any type of potion. And this isn't a command: scoreboard objectives add potion potion{CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:1b,Amplifier:0b,Duration:2400}]} 0 So I would like som...

5:25 PM
Q: How do I get the 7th grandma in cookie clicker

IHateSimulatorzI have over 100 grandmas and have shipments, but IDK what the 7th grandma is in cookie clicker and IDK what it is, can someone please tell me?

6:03 PM
NOW PS5 SCALPER GROUP CLAIMS IT’S OBTAINED 1,000 XBOX SERIES X Consoles videogameschronicle.com/news/…
I gotta say, scalpers are always problem, but this generation definitely seems to be the worst for it.
I'm sure it's due to a combination of online only, stock shortages, and shitty government
I'm sure it's due to a combination of online only, stock shortages, and shitty government not providing proper assistance to those that need it (and people need some way to put food on the table).
Although I'm not really sure how much stock I put into the "I need the money claims", because buying up multiple Consoles requires a lot of cash. Credit works, but some of these scalpers would need some fairly high credit limits.
Scalper groups certainly seems new. I feel like in the past it was mostly solo efforts.
Either way, fuck retailers for even allowing this to happen.
6:41 PM
Q: Survival mode not appearing?

Melon PultI have completed adventure but I don't have the survival mode yet. Is this an glitch? Do I have to complete adventure 2? Or does the version not have survival? I am playing the Ipad version.

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7:57 PM
Q: If I broke the ribbon cable on the inside of the front panel of my Xbox One, will it still turn on?

DJGI smashed my Xbox on the ground. Then I wanted to play it again so I opened it up but the ribbon cable on the front panel is severed. Is there any clear reason I wouldn't still be able to get it to turn on and stay on if I put the outer casing back on? As of now (it is taken apart a little) it wi...

I just my "you're past due for your dental checkup" message. I considered making an appointment when I was actually going into the office 1-2 days a week, but those days are past us for the time being. (My dentist is on the pedway level of same building as my office.)
8:23 PM
Q: How to get Candy XL

Mathias711With the recent release of level 40+, you'll need Candy XL to level Pokémon over level 40. How do I obtain (more) Candy XL?

Screenshot of the Week Contest #27 voting open until 2020-12-14 19:00 UTC
@Unionhawk We need a moderator edit here
I'm awake
Starting new job on wednesday
8:38 PM
Absolutely no typos were involved in the making of that edit
Definitely not more than one
@GnomeSlice Nice, congrats! Still bullshit that things went the way they did with your old job, but hopefully this one will turn out alright
Thanks, means a lot
not where I thought I'd be a month ago but... getting back on track
jumping into management on a team and business i don't know will be interesting
9:01 PM
@GnomeSlice A word of advice: listen to your subordinates. Hear where their problems are and find ways to fix them
I have management experience it will just be a completely new operation for me
But I appreciate it
yeah, that's why it's especially important to listen to your new team. Their problems probably won't be the same as the old team
9:18 PM
@Unionhawk That's debatable
9:53 PM
@Wipqozn There is no evidence visible to anyone in here to the contrary
2 hours later…
11:45 PM
@Unionhawk Ah, we all know your history with sleep-bridging
Oh also, my father-in-law gave me something really cool the other day

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