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2:23 AM
Q: What are MInecraft snapshots named after

user random numbersFor example, 18w15a is when dolphins and conduits were added. Based on observations, the 18 is the year, because the snapshot was released in 2018. The current snapshots are going to be 20wXXa or so on. But what does the 'w' and the other 2 digit number and 'a' represent?

Q: I can't download Minecraft (Mac)

KopeteI tried to download Minecraft on my mac. But, for some reason I drag it to applications, And it says I need to drag it to applications, Can anyone help?

2:54 AM
New computer get!
Took me a while to get everything running, I should have RTFM'd for the BIOS update instructions.
But now Overwatch runs smooth as silk at 200FPS (limited)
Also, thanks @Unionhawk (I think?) for reminding me that I have a bunch of Windows 10 license keys through my work Visual Studio subscription.
I did just use one of my approximately 3 million free keys recently
3:28 AM
@Unionhawk Now I get to run Win10 Pro at home. Haven't run Pro at home since the XP days.
I used a home key idk
I doubt I'll ever actually use RDP for my home machine, but it's nice to have again.
The "fun" thing for next week is getting everything off the old computer.
@Wipqozn :D
I could always upgrade to pro if I felt like it
I do have more keys than I could ever use
I should double check how many I have actually because I might just have 9 total home keys now
Ah yeah
All the duplicate entries for past versions don't actually constitute a different set of keys
@Unionhawk Shucks.
3:43 AM
It is still like, $2,000 in free windows keys
just not a lifetime supply of windows 10
it's probably a lifetime supply
4:03 AM
Q: Minecraft: If you only want mobs to spawn from y = 63 and above, what is the optimal y level in the sky to AFK at?

AlmostObsoleteIf you are building a mob grinder (not powered by a spawner but by natural mob spawning) right above the ocean, and the very bottom of the grinder is at y = 63 (the top of the water), what is the best y level to afk at? I remember reading somewhere that mobs will only spawn with a certain range o...

Q: Does Anyone Know Of A GOOD Hunting Game Where You Can Turn Off Blood?

RBlong2usI want a good hunting game with decently realistic graphics. However, I also want it to give me the ability to turn off blood/gore. Does anybody know of a hunting game that gives me that feature? I'd love to get be able to find one! Thanks

In case anyone was wondering, I still hate DisplayPort.
@murgatroid99 Book complete. Really enjoyed it.
@Wipqozn I'm not done yet. I think I'm up to part 4
@MBraedley I will have to contend with it soon since 3070 only has 1 HDMI lol
also this monitor lacks displayport to begin with
@MBraedley It is the worst
How did they design it to be so unreliable? No one knows!
My current setup has had a lot less problems, thankfully, but still urgh
I only have a single daisy-chained monitor now which I guess helps? And also maybe the Dell firmware for these monitors is less bad? Who knows
4:19 AM
@Unionhawk Asus cards have two. Was a deciding factor for me.
@TimStone I think it's just as much to do with the video card. I don't get a reconnect anymore when Overwatch loses focus like I did with the 970, but Windows will still reorganize my desktop when the display connects.
My second monitor doesn't have DP, so it needs HDMI (which I'm converting to DVI for my KVM), so I could use HDMI for my primary as well, and make my work laptop use DP, but I want the second HDMI output for VR.
4:53 AM
Q: How to give tags based on offhand items? Minecraft Java

WeraI want to make it so if you are holding a book if your offhand, you will receive a tag, but if the book is not in your offhand, you dont have the tag anymore, how do I do this with command blocks?

Q: How can I block people getting onto the roof of the Nether in Minecraft?

kanoseregI'm building a Minecraft "War" server where there are 2 teams. Each has a 750x750 area of the Nether to gain resources from. However, I don't want them getting onto the Nether roof and then breaking bedrock to gain access into the other team's side. I can use command blocks and commands.

5:18 AM
Q: Can Minecraft not open in fullscreen and cover my entire desktop?

kyra mWhen I open up Minecraft, it automatically goes 'full screen' and covers my entire desktop. It can be played as usual, but I prefer having it split screen with YouTube while I am playing, and since Minecraft is fullscreen, I can't do that. I tried to perform the three finger swipe gesture, but Mi...

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6:57 AM
I have a conundrum
@GnomeSlice ?
Oh, okay.
7:24 AM
> if you reassemble every piece of your relationship with Asterius and put it back together, is it still the same relationship? this idea is called the Ship of Theseus twitter.com/HardDriveMag/status/1332179175944429570
I don't get that one
and I played Hades
ship of theseus is both a thought experiment wherein "if you rebuilt a ship by replacing all its parts, is it still the same ship; if you gathered the parts of a ship and reassembled it, is that the original ship now?", and also the other meaning of ship
Naval metaphors, amirite
8:13 AM
Q: can't I found industrial foregoing's manual for Minecraft 1.16.4

LOLLLLThe recipe is supposed to be 1 paper and 1 of any wood. I cannot craft it, and in creative mode I cannot find it anywhere. I even figured out a new way to make it, (1 book and 1 Redstone Dust and 1 dust block) but i cannot craft it also i can't found it in jei. help me

@MBraedley I don't really know what the problem with DisplayPort is. Both my monitors are using it because of Adaptive Sync and I haven't yet had problems with it.
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1:12 PM
Q: Downloading minecraft server data from docker container loads old version of map

BlaineI am using itzg/docker-minecraft-server, with the following docker-compose config version: '3' services: minecraft: ports: - "25565:25565" volumes: - "mcbig:/data" environment: OVERRIDE_SERVER_PROPERTIES: "true" EULA: "TRUE" MAX_MEMORY: 1G MAX_BU...

1:37 PM
Q: Minecraft Username Connection

AvocadoI am in a minecraft server with my friends, and I am on Hypixel. I just changed my username last night. I have logged back in, reloaded the launcher, but I still cant get in any multiplayer servers. It says "failed to authenticate connection" or "Unidentified Username"

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3:17 PM
Q: Can't connect to my Minecraft server

xupaiiRecently, I made a Minecraft server to play with my friends on. I'm hosting it off an old laptop and playing it from my PC. I have port forwarded my router and I'm using NoIP as a hostname for my friends to join through, and I connect through my public IP (which I get through searching "my ip" on...

I love these
also as it turns out that guy now writes The Lower Decks. Good for him
3:39 PM
@Nzall DisplayPort isn't a problem if everything is connected with it and your monitors never turn off or switch inputs.
4:19 PM
@MBraedley My impression is that there's quite some broken Displayport implementations out there. I've seen one case at work, a specific computer and monitor simply did not work at all via Diplayport. Both worked fine in other combinations
4:57 PM
Q: Looking for a developer for a new minecraft server

Lars van der baanHi i am making a new minecraft server and i'm in need of an admin that can create custom features we wont be able to pay unless the server will make money, please put a way to msg u down below Thanks, Lars founder BlizeCraft

5:22 PM
Q: How can I merge my world with my friend's world using seed and play with him in minecraft java edition?

CaptainMy friend is far away from me and I want to join my world with his world using the seed in Minecraft java edition. How can I do it without using any mod, sever, or realms? Plz let me know the easiest way to join the world. Plz answer this question as soon as possible.

@MadScientist Yeah, in my case one or more of my monitors would randomly decide that they weren't receiving signal
Which is really weird when it's like the first monitor in the chain because obviously the subsequent ones were fine, so?
I tried various cables too, but it also seemed to sometime be a cable issue, where the cat would brust against one and it would just cut everything out
@MadScientist the desktops at work are also unreliable with displayport
Both myself and a coworker have random times where one screen just doesn't get video
Windows will think it's there but there's nothing to see
There's even a thing where it goes in a "Oh hey, I had a new monitor" -> "Oh hey, the monitor disconnected" loop
5:39 PM
Yes, it's wild
And there's seemingly nothing to indicate what's wrong
6:05 PM
> There’s so much misinformation these days. To counter this, here’s a data visualization I made on the popularity of fruit in Mario games

Hope this helps! https://t.co/hc6EqobW75
Q: Undertale: Am I able to hack with Frhed (hex editor)?

Noah-the-SpikeI am currently working on hacking Undertale and thanks to having no admin rights, I cannot use Cheat Engine. I have a hex editor called Frhed in the portable version (thanks PortableApps.com). I loaded up my exe file of Undertale and do not know where to locate my health and gold counter. Just a ...

6:50 PM
Also, DisplayPort can cause some weird things to happen when the monitor is simply turned off. I've got one of my monitors at work in portrait orientation, which puts the power button right next to the top of the cubical wall. A coworker turned it off just to be annoying, but since it was connected with DP, it caused Windows to rearrange all my windows. That doesn't happen with HDMI or DVI (and especially VGA), only with DisplayPort.
7:03 PM
Q: How to clear items of a specific name?

WeraI want to use the /clear command to remove a book with the name “block” from a player’s inventory. I don’t want to take away just a normal book, how do I do this with commands in 1.16.2? I've tried: clear @p minecraft:book 1 {display:{Name:”block”}} Which did not work, any help?

@MBraedley I had that at some point as well, as far as I understand this is a side effect of powersaving modes that can appear to the OS like a turned off display. Not sure which side is to blame here, but it's seriously annoying
7:55 PM
Q: Support syntax highlighting for NBT

ExpertCoder14TL;DR: Minecraft has the ability to syntax highlight NBT, and StackOverflow has the ability to highlight JSON, so why can't we? On StackOverflow, there is the ability to add syntax highlighting to your code blocks like so: ```java void doSomething() { System.out.println("Hello, World!"); } ``...

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8:57 PM
Okay now I need to figure out on my next read.
I'm secretly aiming to hit 35 books this year... so something a taaad shorter that I think I can get through quickly. I was considering Shards of Honor, but it seems those books are impossible to find. Also, more importantly, no kobo?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
right now I'm leaning towards Red rising, which /r/fantasy is obsessed with.
Maybe City of Brass
Q: Is there any way I can join my friends world when they are offline?

James BrennanMe and my friend have a world that we have been playing on for awhile. If I want to play on the world he has to be online because he made the world. Is there any way to allow me into the world when he is offline?

9:36 PM
Q: How big is (Breath of the Wild's iteration of) Hyrule?

JesseTGThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a huge world. I want to impress people by comparing Hyrule's size to that of a real-world location. Has anyone estimated the size of Hyrule?

10:27 PM
Q: Free way to auto-sync Minecraft Bedrock Edition worlds between multiple Android and/or Windows 10 devices?

Alexander MIs there a free (of monetary cost), automatic way to synchronize saved worlds between multiple Android and/or Windows 10 devices? Using Minecraft Realms isn't free, and exporting worlds to cloud storage and importing worlds from said cloud isn't automatic. I know that if you only want to sync bet...

Q: Why is my Villager Breeder not working. Minecraft 1.16.4

FinnfunbotI created my own villager breeder. It runs on 1.16.4, and it ran perfectly. It produced about 9 villagers, then stopped. There are 4 beds that the villagers can see. I feed them tons of bread. I traded with them to raise my reputation. They aren't making any heart particles either. Nothing happen...

11:17 PM
Q: Empty World in Minecraft

EmojiMakerI know that you can create an empty world in Minecraft Java Edition, but is there a way to do it in Minecraft Bedrock? I have looked in many places, and not found the answer.

Q: I beat wall of flesh BEFORE the mechanical bosses, what do i do

ThePaleKingi need to fight plantera, im not sure what to do the world im on has been progressed a LOT, and dont wanna make a new one and lose the progress, WHAT do i do?!


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