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12:52 AM
Q: How can I load an unmodded backup into a modded game?

viperIn Minecraft 1.16.4, I've played on an unmodded world. I want to play with mods, however I also want to keep my vanilla world. I've already created a backup and extracted it however I'm not sure how or even if I'm able to transfer it to my forge version. Thanks, Viper

I beat Half Life 2 E2…that ending…
@Stormblessed ___ years later we're still sitting there silently, with the Gravity Gun, watching Alyx
1:41 AM
Q: 2 New Videogame Systems - One HDMI 2.1 Port

GamersMaI recently was fortunate enough to acquire PS5 & XBox Series for my kids. I don't know too much about gaming but know that my tv has only one HDMI 2.1 port. There are three additional open standard HDMI ports. Here are my options: Use a Switch (I read that these do not support 120GZ refresh ra...

Q: Can flint be obtained from gravel that a player placed when it is mined?

pilotjoker999I wanted to get some flint in a Minecraft server and had some gravel. According to what I read, I could get flint from gravel that I placed myself. I started trying and it was unsuccessful. I then tried for a few more times but all did not work. I'm on Minecraft 1.12.2 Forge client and Waterfall ...

1:51 AM
possible feature request for the screenshot of the week ad: make some part of it clickable to go to the post that's featured
2:31 AM
@Stormblessed Man, that ending probably evoked the strongest emotional response in me of any game I've ever played.
2:48 AM
@Yuuki It should already do that I thought... On mobile so I can't confirm
We may have just messed up a link
The only clickable bit is the "submit photo" link.
3:13 AM
when you click on Hall of Fame it should take you to the Meta question with them all
@Yuuki what browser/device are you using?
Oh as in the post the picture featured is from?
Hall of Fame is clickable now but I feel like there should be a link that goes to the photo that's featured.
I see, we can ask, there's not a field for it on our side
@Wipqozn The system just asks for the image url, the image caption, the submitter profile, and the current submissions link
@Unionhawk oh, I completely misunderstood what @Yuuki meant
3:44 AM
Q: How do I put lore on an item in Minecraft with multiple enchantments?

GGianniI have already tried to put lore on an item with a single enchantment, and it worked out just fine. So I tried to do it with multiple enchants, because I don't want the limitations of for example just Sharpness V or Fire Aspect II. I thought that all i had to do was put },{ at the end of each enc...

4:00 AM
Man, I love getting to dress up
Going to a place where they offer to take my hat and coat
4:26 AM
10 year eh
@SaintWacko oooo, fancy
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7:03 AM
Q: Best way to display old, low resolution PC games on modern monitors?

CSSTUDENTFor clarification, I'm not asking about getting the games to simply work on modern hardware/software. A lot of old DOS games had low max resolutions. Many (like Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games) maxed out at 640x480. Modern monitors have such high PPI (pixels per inch) that playing at the native res...

7:53 AM
Q: CSGO - Discord - Twitch Studio problems: no overlay and impossible to capture only the game

David AlvarezI realized several months ago that my Discord overlay was not displaying when playing at CSGO. I thought the problem was coming from Discord, so I tried a lot of things that I found on internet (https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmanager/discord-overlay-not-working.html) Run Discord as Adm...

8:43 AM
Q: How to tell the number of wins with any given civ?

qfwfqIn Age of Empires II DE there are special icons for when you win 10 and 100 times with any given civilization. Is it possible to see how many wins you have with each civ towards the icons without manually counting the results from saved replays? I can find number of total wins and my "best" civil...

@Batophobia Finally someone found the Portal coordinates!!!!! Leaving this annoying planet soon, fellow interlopers.
-- 16 -- 16 -- 16 -- 16 --
9:33 AM
Q: Purchased PS4 with 170 games and cannot log in....help!

OspreyI purchased a used PS4 for my daughter with 170 downloaded games on the previous account. My daughter eagerly logged in to play before I had a chance to speak with her and switched the main account to hers and lost access to the original owners games. I have all of his account info to log in aga...

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12:52 PM
Q: Can I just use vortex to modify xcom and xcom2?

user4951I am playing x-com enemies within. I want to install some mods Mods like https://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/631 and long war Before, I played skyrim. With skyrim, I just uses vortex Then vortex software from nexus mods will modify the game files. Is the way to mod xcom is the same?

Q: Does this mod works for vanilla enemies within

user4951I wanted to try long war. Before I do that, I want to try this mod first https://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/631 Does this work, for the vanilla, enemy within? if not, is there another mod that works for vanilla? The mod allow me to have all my soldiers to get all perks per rank

1:42 PM
Q: How do people make ROMs for DS games?

user13988674I have always wondered, how can people make ROMs of DS games. Sure, sharing unauthorized copyrighted content is illegal but making your own ROM is not at all. I just want to know how to make it. I am sure its legal.

2:32 PM
Q: Does how the ghost look like can give you the answer as to what it is?

Fredy31When you can see the ghost, is the model used a good way to know what ghost you are dealing with, or are the models unrelated to the current ghost?

2:57 PM
Q: How can I find a specific block (preferably in a large area) in my minecraft world?

trunestorI have lost a very valuable shulker block in an ocean, in my minecraft world. It had 56 diamonds, 64 iron bars, few gold ores, a trident, a nautilus shell, a heart of the sea, and a few stacks of ice. It is very valuable, and I really want it back, but I don't know where I left it. The sea is way...

2 hours later…
Q: Do world events/loot determine the probability of other world events?

KaizerwolfMy friends and I have begun to run Athena Emissary quests, as it's our next guild to level up. We grabbed a Voyage that basically lead us back and forth between 2 islands for all 5 quests. Once we had completed our Athena quest, we had a huge chunk of Athena loot and other items, but we were stil...

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5:51 PM
Q: Something is wrong with my nether portal. My mooshroom island is gone?

James BrennanOk, so I was playing Minecraft in the nether and I made a new portal into the over world and found a MUSHROOM ISLAND. I was very excited because I could make a mushroom cow farm. Then I went back to the nether and took my OTHER portal back to my house, and closed Minecraft. An hour later I went b...

I need a hair cut. Barber shops are still open, but don't really want to go. Might have to give myself a buzz cut even though it's almost winter.
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7:06 PM
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9:03 PM
@Sterno Two discord channels I'm a part of (and barely pay attention to) had drama today. It's great. Just thought I'd rub it in.
Q: Minecraft Version Stated In Questions/Answers

PenguinI know this is my 3rd post here in a few days but I think this could also help things get closer to this agreement. Right now whenever question about Minecraft Java is posted the version is implied if no version is specified. This is good. But, in a few months/years someone searching this up will...

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10:51 PM
Q: What tier of powerful reward does the Wrathborne Hunt Lure provide?

David YellIn the Season of the Hunt, the main gear grind is provided through the Lure you acquire as part of the quest. Completed hunts can reward some powerful rewards. In the image you can see I have 3 of 4 powerful rewards left for this week. What tier of powerful reward are these? How much light level...


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