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1:00 AM
Q: Feature Preview: Table Support

Ham VockeNo waffling, right to the point: What? When? Where? Table support 2020-11-23 Meta Stack Exchange & DBA Meta More table support week of 2020-11-30 DBA Stack Exchange Even more table support week of 2020-12-07 Network-wide launch (if no major issues found) That's right. It's finally...

1:45 AM
Q: Is there a command to detect if tnt explodes?

Redstoner1635I want to make a tnt that create 2 new primed tnt every time one of them explode. Is there a command to do that?

Q: How do I concatenate two strings in NBT?

ExpertCoder14This situation is fictional. Please do not suggest an alternative method as described in the Story, please only provide a solution to the Core Question below. Story I am creating a chatbot using commands in Minecraft. A grid of buttons representing letters and numbers is on a wall. The player can...

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4:52 AM
Why was my flag on this post declined? I flagged it as "not an answer", because it was link-only.
5:27 AM
@ExpertCoder14 because it does attempt to answer the question, just not well
> This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or deleted altogether.
Q: In Diablo 3, what should be the primary focus of a Lvl 675 paragon with 100+ hours played?

PeterTBeen playing D3 since it originally came out, and I'm stuck in a bit of a skill rut. Here's what my typical session looks like on my necro: grind bounties for essences and NR for fragments grind GRs for gems, XP, shards, legendaries Level up legendary gems to eventually 100~150 and enchant set a...

Q: My controller is not working on my ps4

Binkzy13So when I turn my ps4 pro on which is only a few weeks old the light bar on my remote turns on but I can move interact with the screen it’s like my remote isn’t connected but I’ve tried it with 3 different ones and it’s the same thing I’ve tried resetting the remote and ps4 but nothing is working

5:58 AM
@Memor-X So is Arqade splitting from meta on this?
I suppose that's specific to SO, but still likely to cause some confusion
@Batophobia good question. not sure myself. i see a link only answer as an attempt to answer the question if the link is relevant, but it's a very bad attempt to do so
6:14 AM
@Batophobia a link only answer should be flagged as "low quality", not as "not an answer", imho
it is an answer, but it's a terrible one (unless the info in the link doesn't answer the question either)
@Elise well it seems like "this entire site will help you" and it is a site on minecraft commands. i didn't look further than that
@Memor-X tbh I looked at the question and I looked at the link and I think at best it's a low quality answer, at worst it's not an answer
more leaning towards not an answer
it just links you to a command guide and says "here, use this and figure it out"
@Memor-X I’m just following the meta post that was pointed out by Batophobia.
6:53 AM
@Elise I think this is the problem. The link itself is not an answer. I think of it like our game-related test of "if you remove the game does the question still make sense"
Even if the link goes directly to an answer, the target site could stop working and then the link points to nothing, leaving a completely useless answer
3 hours later…
9:38 AM
Q: How do I stop the Minecraft launcher from warning me about using modified Minecraft installs

Evil SquirrelThe Minecraft launcher recently updated to add support for Microsoft accounts, it also changed the background and added a warning when I hover over modified profiles in the selection tab (This installation has been modified and might not support the latest player safety features.). I always use t...

10:17 AM
@ExpertCoder14 Generally I've had my "not an answer" flags on link-only answers declined, and "very low quality" accepted before being elected, so I'm following that
I'm not sure if a very low quality flag there would've pushed the answer back to low quality review
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2:11 PM
Q: Why i hear Noise "Minecart rolls" in minecraft?

RosikI know noise Minecart rolls are when minecart is riding but closest Mineshaft is 1000 blocks away (i used /locate ) and i didn't crafted any (+ later i heard Gear equipped noise but i dont had any armor to wear) Version: 1.12.2 world: Customized (only i customized ores, beeeecause im lazy to seek...

Wow, what an upgrade deal! Only $5 more than buying it from scratch!
@Sterno way to screw over people who brought the game at release
I don't know about "screwing them over", but it definitely seems ass backwards
1 hour later…
3:26 PM
Q: What is the distance scale from real world to game?

Detective ChimpI love playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey but it is ridiculous to think we can, in 10 minutes, jog across islands that housed entire ancient civilizations. So what is the game distance scale to real world?

@Memor-X I mean you'd probably just buy the base game.
Honestly wouldn't surprise me if that was an error, and they were both supposed to be 75% off.
2 hours later…
5:05 PM
Q: In need of Ultra sun friend

Christopher SmithCan I please get help I Want to evolve my haunter . I will help you evolve any in return of course .

Q: What Does RNG Mean In Gaming?

Shehryar JoiyaWhat’s RNG and how can this impact video games? From genres to specialized provisions, there is a whole lot to keep tabs on. As an instance, What's RNG? I think RNG means "Generating Random Numbers" I want to know more about it.

5:55 PM
Q: Can ONE setblock command set multiple blocks, each in different locations?

aqualeon_/setblock -19 4 11, -19 4 15, -12 4 12 lit_redstone_lamp Like that? I tried, doesnt work.

Q: PokerstarsVR private table

sadakWhen i host a table for blackjack in PokerstarVR none of my friends can join me, neither send or receive invitations. How to invite friends to a private table of blackjack?

Anyone here a fan of tower defense?
Been playing a new one, seems really really good so far store.steampowered.com/app/1291540/Cartridge_Defense
has like a deckbuilding mechanic and there are shitloads of towers and card combos
That looks neat.
6:10 PM
Shit, it looks like I might not be set up for direct deposit for work expenses (pay cheque is, of course). Which means I don't know when I'm getting those expenses filled.
Q: Xbox copy PS5 controller

dashnickDoes anyone know how straightforward it would be for Microsoft to "copy" the PS5 controller? Specifically the haptic controls, etc? Are there parents protecting this?

6:27 PM
oh boy the deck management aspect of this is going to be a problem for me
I am not good at that
6:38 PM
This game is dope
there's like 300 cards wtf
7:01 PM
@GnomeSlice That sounds neat Gnome :o
After every wave you draw a new 'card' (cartridge) and the cartridges have things like 'place 2 level 1 machine gun towers' or 'place a level 2 flame tower and a block' or whatever
tons of combos
Is it a collectible idea? Or is it more a deckbuilder? :o
Deck builder TD sounds cool...
you have to like unlock them but like when you go into a mission you can see how many waves and what enemies and a map of it. and you have to pick like a certain number of cards to bring
you get them in packs like a CCG I guess with the stuff you get from winning missions
Neat neat
there's like a super hard sponsored mode too where you can redo missions for sponsored like corporate cards that seem good
7:04 PM
Damn now I wanna see if I can build a deck builder tower defnese
I haven't been able to beat the starter mission on sponsored yet
seems really good
1 hour later…
8:17 PM
I have now finished Sakuna. I honestly didn't expect this game to consume as much of my time as it has.
I was actually expecting to spend a lot of time on Hyrule Warriors.
But this kinda... took over.
8:29 PM
Just picked up my new 3070 :)
Waiting on the CPU before ordering the rest of the computer.
I should get some upgrades, I'm still using a 1070.
This is replacing a 970
I'm waiting until next year, then getting myself a machine with a 3080
mainly for 2 reasons: 1) I'm concerned the 3070 might have problems long-term holding high enough FPS at 1440p; 2) I may want to upgrade to full 4K in 3 or 4 years
1 hour later…
9:38 PM
Q: Rotation detection anchor not working properly

D3T0NAthis command is made to drag a corpse when the player is holding a specific item, it´s for a prison map. /execute as @a[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:bedrock",tag:{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"drag body\"}"}}}}] at @s anchored feet run execute if entity @e[tag=corpse,distance=..1] run tp @e[tag=...

9:54 PM
Okay, this may be a problem, and I'm glad Steam pointed it out. When I was checking out the Steam Awards, I found I can't nominate games in 6/10 categories, or rather, that the games from 2020 it suggests for me to nominate from are... not exactly family friendly games I'd dare to nominate for a major award, to put it that way.
Glad steam pointed out that I should probably do better with my choice of games I buy next year
I appreciate that I'm allowed to nominate games that I don't own on Steam.
I put in Sakuna for Sit Back and Relax.
@Yuuki yeah, I could do that, but I would feel even dirtier nominating a game I haven't played myself than I'd feel nominating an adult game
I've played very few mainstream games released this year it seems. I think Rachel Foster and Black Mesa are the biggest ones
And I would feel weird as well nominating games from years ago that only recently released on Steam, like Battlefield 4
Damn there is a LOT of stuff in this game
10:28 PM
@Nzall Well, what I meant is that you could nominate a game that you own on another platform.
Q: Begginer Redstone problems (minecraft bedrock)

aqualeon_So, I want a system where if a button is pressed, it produces an output of 1. Press it again, and go up to 2. If it is below 5, I will measure it and light up a lamp that has a sign on it that says "a". Above 5 it will change from the cool lamp and turn on a lamp that has a sign labelling it "b"....

@Yuuki Well, best I can remember, the only major game from another platform I played AND liked this year was Doom Eternal
and even that was AFTER I used cheats to adjust the game more to my liking
oh wait, I played Hades
for like 30 minutes
apart from that I bought like 11 games on other platforms than Steam this year
10:56 PM
Doom or Hades for me
11:18 PM
Q: How to obtain more Crystocrene armour pieces?

David YellI have picked up a number of quests from Variks on Europa and they require me to be wearing four pieces of the Crystocrene armour set. I currently have two pieces, so need to find some more but they seem to just be random world drops. I have already collected all the Variks campaign pieces but di...


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