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12:34 AM
@Wipqozn can join soonish if y'all are still playing
@Dragonrage we're just about to finish a hunt
ok let me boot up. i can start with the next one and be slightly afkish while i wrap up work
Right now we're sacraficing @Unionhawk to the ghost for a photo and crucifix objetive
@Wipqozn dont the ghosts like yuuki more though?
@Dragonrage yeah, @Unionhawk sucked as ghost bait
haha I disconnected
fun times
12:45 AM
I got client timeout.
So now I don't even know if we were right.
We were
I watched the objective clear
Well, I was gonna call it there anyways, so I suppose that's a sign.
lolol amazing
I've got one more in me
@Dragonrage @Unionhawk 742291
12:58 AM
Q: Best way to use wishes?

CoqPwnerSo I've assumed it was better to spend your wishes in batches of 10, but I've seen people online claiming it's either better or doesn't make a difference to use them one at a time. Apparently the pity 4* after 10 wishes is guaranteed whether you use a batch of 10 or one at a time. Is this true? I...

@PrivatePansy another instance of bots and scalpers?
Q: How do I get Iron golem spawner on 1.15

user260555I need a iron golem spawner for my iron farm. Is there a command(setblock or give) to give me a mob spawner that spawns iron golems?

It could be the demand was just that high
since very few people are going to stores now
1:30 AM
Yeah I was very lucky to have happened to show up at a retail store with cards available
@Dragonrage @Unionhawk lol disconnected again
but that's it for me! 10:30 here. Gotta hop into bed.
Ah no worries. Thanks for the games
yeah it was fun
Damn is this an early access game
Very much so
1:31 AM
Darn, we didn’t get money from the hunt
Like a month of early access haha
@Dragonrage Laaaame
@Unionhawk want to do some duos?
1:47 AM
Q: Health core drain rate -900%

Amir-MousaviIn RDR2 I am at chapter 3 (not diagnosed with TB). At health progression level 8, weight average, and temperature fair, I have the core drain rate of - 900%. By negative percentage I mean it is red and has down arrow. Why is it so? Is it a bug? As shown in image the core and ring/bar are both ful...

3:00 AM
Q: Where is the best place to test sunhallowed arrow?

user4951I am thinking a place with tons of enemies on the surface. I just shoot the sun and watch them die. So basically a surface only dungeons with TONS of enemies. Also want to test ohldaving and duveneer

5 hours later…
7:52 AM
Q: Does doing contracts helps you level up your weapons faster than killing enemies in Warzone?

HelozShould I keep killing enemies in Plunder ( Warzone) or do contracts? But my average kills per game are around 3-4, sometimes if I’m lucky, I will get around 6 kills. Which method are more effective? I need to level up my weapons quickly.

8:29 AM
Morning chat
flops, snoozes
9:10 AM
today is cancelled
everyone back to bed
@badp what happened?
today happened
that was a mistake
we regret this
@badp What's wrong with today?
@Nzall yes
@badp We might be able to help if you say what's wrong, or at least offer a compassionate ear
9:15 AM
@badp I haven't actually slept yet (it's 5:15 am) so I will happily follow orders
Everyone back to bed with your coziest blankie
@Ash It's 10:16 here and I'm working (from home), I'm not going into bed now
nothing has actually happened
it's just a joke
but yes you heard your... (what's the they/them of uncle/aunt?) parent-in-law Ash, everyone back to bed
@Nzall I will snuggle under my blankie extra long then
@badp yes good to bed with y'all
(I will be cuddled under my weighted blanket with its fuzzy soft winter cover if anyone needs me)
10:11 AM
1 hour later…
11:32 AM
Q: Are you supposed to hate being a Dark Brotherhood member? If so, why?

C26The Dark Brotherhood is the questline I have put off the most in my Skyrim tenure. My character has had amazing adventures, she is currently level 67 and would most likely fall under the lawful/neutral evil character alignment. In spite of that, I cannot still bring myself to get far into the DB ...

12:15 PM
@Dragonrage Did @Unionhawk work better as ghost bait this time?
1:09 PM
Q: Is herobrine real? Like does he exist? Or something?

CerisI am wondering if you can spawn Herobrine without mods or something. Is he real? Because I’ve saw lots of spawners on YouTube but None of Them work in my world.is my world glitched? Or something?

1:52 PM
@Dragonrage @Unionhawk @Yuuki Provided I'm able to play tonight (I'm heading to my folks, so not sure!) I will be able to play later this time... because weekeeeeeennnnddd.
I didn't realize how much the time difference was between myself and some of y'all.
2:04 PM
@Ash ooo, that reminds me that i should bring mine out now that it's cold (or at least what counts as cold for houston)
2:41 PM
Sooo work is doing a WFH office budget thing, so I might get them to buyme a secret lab chair: secretlabchairs.ca
@Wipqozn Dang, lucky you
@SaintWacko It only covers $400 CAD.... but that's a good chunk of it !
@Yuuki I highly recommend that
3:11 PM
Q: How to change button in mame without causing infinite or

user4951 This is what I tried. I tried to change the button. Simple right. I clicked on button 2 and then I press a button. Voila it works. Now I double clicked P1 Button 3 Cheat. I want that to be a simple "Joy 1 Button 2" Instead, Mame expect the button I press to be an alternative button instead of th...

Q: Is it possible to spawn a random mob using a button?

DcybrozSo I want to spawn in a random mob at x y z but what would be the command? If I push the button it will trigger a command block and spawn a random mob

3:43 PM
@Ash speaking of weighted blankets I am sooooo happy with mine
But it's sadly not practical to roll myself up in it while working
So much of my vacation this week has been me curled up under mine for various reasons, I regret nothing
Vacation isn't vacation if you are busy for the whole thing
Epsie is still completely fascinated by mine
4:00 PM
Q: How to make simple autofire work in Mame 2.2.6

user4951I am using Mame to play Final Fight. I always want simple auto fire for punch button. How to do it? 1st I have to turn on autofire plugin right? Then I open final fight rom and go to plugin I saw this Okay I am very confused here. First I want to get rid the existing autofire buttons and start o...

4:22 PM
@Wipqozn "Alright we're going to try some riskier strats, go in there with a candle and a flashlight and try and pinpoint the sound. You're above 50 they shouldn't hunt" "got it" I am immediately hunted
@Unionhawk Good, goooooood.
> Unlike with most other ghost types, splitting up is the best method of defense when searching for an Oni
Yeah that, that didn't work for me
I have yet to play Phasmaphobia
It looks like Visage is finally fully released though.
It is
@Unionhawk why candle and flashlight?
4:29 PM
@Yuuki @Dragonrage was just trying to kill him
He wants to be the only mod, so he's trying to kill off the rest of us.
@Yuuki candle reduces sanity drop from darkness. Flashlight lets you see
I need to try this game
How big can a ghost hunting party be?
4:56 PM
I don't like how the new Google logos have no clarity other than "it looks vaguely like our previous logo so it's all rote memorization".
If you didn't know that the previous Gmail logos looked like a mail envelope, you could be forgiven for wondering why the new Gmail logo is just a weird M.
Like, what is this?
I'm happy to say the icons on my mobile haven't changed (yet) to the newer ones
Three out of five of these logos are just "weird multi-color box".
confusion is the new UX best practice.
Also, removing the speech bubble from the Hangouts logo is incredibly problematic because now it looks like the logo for either a video player or video editor.
Not that I liked the old Hangouts logo either...
or, if you've no idea what the app is, like a fish
but then the Drive icon has never made any sense to me
5:05 PM
I'm not sure any logo would make sense for Drive considering its sole purpose is "hold all the things".
@Yuuki For reference, Box and Dropbox uses a box metaphor, while OneDrive and iCloud uses a cloud
@Yuuki I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that hates it
@Yuuki They are all so bad
@SaintWacko Yes. Be a cool kid like the rest of us.
@Yuuki Google Drive's logo made sense back when it was where you stored Google Documents documents, because AFAIK back then Google Docs only had word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, and the colors of each of them matched one of the colors on the drive
5:29 PM
woo almost done with new computer component purchases
All I have left is case and cpu and I'll be ready to build
I think
Q: How much days would it take to walk to the last limit in minecraft

sebastianI want to explore minecraft to the fullest! Minecraft is an awesome game, But there are limits that not alot of peopole have gotten to.

6:02 PM
Q: Why do XOF soldiers hold their guns sideways in Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain?

DenisSIn the opening mission of Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain, you make your way out of your hospital bed to escape from an attack by XOF. At one point, you make your way to the entrance to the hospital, where members of XOF square off against The Man on Fire and get absolutely destroyed. Howev...

6:38 PM
@Yuuki this tweet sums up my thoughts nicely: twitter.com/SamSantala/status/1321016971903860736?s=19
6:55 PM
....your trap comment is completely unneeded and not funny at all.
Like...there was absolutely no need for that.
Do you realize that by flagging the comment you increased the exposure of it a hundred fold?
That's irrelevant; if it shouldn't be here, flagging is the right option
Every 10k+ member on the network just got notified.
We are all aware of how flags work yes
Forgive me for using the tools that we are given.
Fuck this, I'm not in the mood.
I hate it when people use their tools, right?
Ok whoever keeps flagging that stop
7:01 PM
@Mast That's how chat flags are designed. They're a deeply flawed tool, but mostly because inevitably people won't try to handle them silently, but will create a bigger discussion about the flag itself.
Also, @Mast, calling me out? Not cool.
@Mast Yeah now, this is what flags are for. Don't come in and start lecturing folks. In fact, you've been warned before.
@Nzall You've been warned numerous time to be more careful with what you say. I know you don't mean harm by these things, but they still cause harm. Please take some time to reflect upon this.
7:17 PM
@Mast not to pile on, but kindly don’t jump in a room and tell people off for using tools correctly. If something is flagged appropriately, validate the flag and move on. Don’t try and drum up drama about it
If some other action needs to be taken in regards to it, you can contact a mod privately about it.
7:32 PM
So has anyone played Visage? It seems spooky, and when I discovered it a few weeks ago it seemed like no one thought it would release.
btw, @Yuuki @uni @Wipqozn, i will be unavailable this weekend for games. will be out of town
@Dragonrage You crazy kids
That reminds me I have plans Sunday
2 hours later…
9:33 PM
Chair damaged in the move
The lift cylinder got damaged and is now completely empty
Contacted them to see if it's possible to get a replacement
God dammit
Oh no :(
I normally use it at its lowest setting anyway so it's not an immediate problem but it's still frustrating
10:04 PM
Oh hey there's what I'm looking for a replacement would be $50 not too bad
It's also out of stock
Q: Is there any way I can give myself 360 degrees of vision in game

PausePauseA key gameplay mechanic in Project Zomboid is that your character can only see what's in front of them. Anything behind becomes shrouded. That's fine for experienced players, but as a new player I often find myself overwhelmed by three or four zombies that sneak up on me while I face the opponent...

Q: How do I get a random output?

PenguinWhat is the most efficient way to get a random output with my commands? In Java there are tons of ways to do this, but a lot of them don’t seem to work for Bedrock Edition.

10:40 PM
Hoho dang you guys banned that guy for a week?
Some funny shit
I always miss the good stuff now
Just take away his 10k response tools
Since I guess he doesn't know how to use them
@GnomeSlice Oh, that would be an interesting punishment. Rather than a complete ban, just remove privileges for a period
Makes a lot more sense to me
@GnomeSlice That's unfortunately not an option.
Also, I haven't played devil daggers in a while. Did you ever beat my score @GnomeSlice?
10:50 PM
I did not
It's weird. I feel like I should be better at that game
I used to play that kind of shit a lot
It's very difficult
I even watched vids and read guides
I can't even best my own first score
Have you played BPM or Ziggurat?
10:51 PM
Ziggurat yes
BPM no but I know of it
Ziggurat is really good although I installed it again recently and it wasn't quite as polished as I remember
But yeah I beat it a bunch of times
I also recommend Gunfire Reborn and immortal redneck
Gunfire is good. Still in dev
Beat it once but I was carried by a buddy who has hundreds of hours. Haven't even gotten close solo
11:16 PM
@GnomeSlice Jumping into places with flags and getting involved is a big no-no
I got into trouble for it years ago
11:42 PM
@Wipqozn Now I really want to beat your score
Devil Daggers is pretty fun, so that's a good reason too I guess
11:57 PM
@RedRiderX Just do better than @GnomeSlice and you're golden.
I actually was below them in our friends ranking, and just beat them with a 100s run
So I think your motivation helps.

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