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12:07 AM
Q: What is Halo 5’s Spartan Slam’s(Ground Pound) speed?

DaosofIn halo 5 you have the ability to slam into the ground and doing so push vehicles, players, and enemies into the air. Is the speed in game equal to the speed that you would need to emit enough force that you would throw up other enemies/players/vehicles?

12:19 AM
@RedRiderX Excellent
I might buy bug Fables
Q: Game Identification

ZachTalonGamesYTSeveral years back (I think in 2016 or 2017), I watched a YouTuber play a game, and I've been trying to remember the title so I can attempt to play it myself. The game is an underwater survival game, and takes place within and around a damaged/destroyed research base. I believe the main focus of ...

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1:45 AM
Greetings, all.
Welcome to The Bridge
Why, thank you.
Are you playing anything at the moment?
Not right at the moment. Just sat down at the computer after cleaning two pumpkins worth of seeds
I always forget mobile chat doesn't show mods with blue names, so for a moment there I was spooked, thinking you stepped down @Cerberus haha.
Gonna see if a buddy of mine is up for some Borderlands 3, otherwise I'll either play Minecraft or Hades
1:47 AM
@SaintWacko Hades is great. I've been waiting to dive into that again until after they add in cross saves.
@Wipqozn Hah! I might...
My new ethernet switch finally arrived, so now at least all of my devices are on the same LAN
@Wipqozn Man, it's so much fun
@SaintWacko Ah, I know all about Hades.
Not the game, though.
Well, I have heard of it.
@Cerberus Ha!
Didn't even make the connection til you said that lol
It looks great.
1:49 AM
It really is an incredible game
Too much action for me, but otherwise nice.
But as for what I've been playing... There's a few of us that have been playing Phasmophobia. It's a spooky ghost game. Co-op. Very, very early access, but fun!
Oh yeah, I was going to look into that
Honestly the early access part of it is charming
There are so many good games these days.
1:50 AM
Bah, I've spent too much money lately, though
We truly live in a golden age.
Is this the voice stuff messing up or does this ghost hate me
What is your favourite tactical RPG for PC?
Bought a mesh network, a video doorbell, a revolver, an inflatable hot tub, a couple games
A revolver, as in a gun?
1:51 AM
@Cerberus Probably XCOM 2 with the War of the Chosen expansion.
@Wipqozn Noted! Those are definitely on my wish lists.
I have so many games in my libraries, but I never play.
@Cerberus Yeah
Currently I'm thinking of: Shadowrun, Banner Saga, Ash of Gods, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity.
And yeah, I guess the XCOM games are really the only TRPGs I play
1:53 AM
@Cerberus Into the Breach is also a lot of fun. I was playing a lot of that lately. Made by the same developers as FTL.
@SaintWacko Ah, right.
I've heard good things about into the- yeah that
@Wipqozn I have that one too! Was free on Epic.
1:53 AM
Slower than a turtle
Although I think I'm looking for something a little bit less strategic, more roleplaying-like at the moment.
Oh, that looks pretty cool
I tend to play TRPGs more like puzzle games lol
But it's definitely high on my list as well.
@Cerberus It's great. A must play of you like turned based tactics IMO.
I'm sure I'll like it.
1:54 AM
"What moves do I need to make to efficiently complete the mission?"
@SaintWacko I know the feeling.
I also tend to fall into the trap of min-maxing characters.
And save-scumming.
I don't have the Divinity games yet, also high on my list.
@Cerberus Check out fell seal. It's supposed to be really good, and is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics
@Cerberus I play the XCOM games on ironman mode, because otherwise I will super save scum
@Wipqozn Also high on my list!
As is Darkest Dungeons.
@Cerberus That's another one I need to get
1:57 AM
@SaintWacko Ah, what does that mode do?
@SaintWacko It's cheap now...
@SaintWacko Ironman is the only way I play those games. It's just not as fun without the threat of everything going horribly wrong.
@Cerberus Mostly just prevents loading saves in game
So you can't save scum
@Cerberus I always get so far into that one and then just stop playing. It is a lot of fun, but the grind is bad.
@SaintWacko I would not recommend that given how buggy XCOM has been for me
@PrivatePansy Bah! Cowardice.
@SaintWacko Hmm that may be a good idea, might make the game more interesting. On the other hand, I really, really hate bad luck.
@Cerberus Yeah, part of the fun is setting things up so bad luck doesn't matter
In the old Pirates! Gold, you could only save when safe in port. That worked really well.
@SaintWacko Right, but that isn't always possible, is it? Especially in the beginning?
1:59 AM
Having multiple overlapping fields of fire so if one guy misses, someone else can take their target
@Cerberus The beginning is always rough
Three guys will miss in a row eventually...
@Wipqozn I guess if the game saves after every battle instead of after every turn that'd be fine. I've had... interesting bugs where the game just softlocked itself
@Cerberus Yeah, it's next to impossible for everything to go perfectly lol
That's when the medic gets to do their job
But, eventually, one of your preciously guys will get killed owing to bad luck, won't he?
@Cerberus At least in XCOM 2, the medic can revive downed soldiers
2:02 AM
I know Advanced Wars lies to the player about probabilities because people don't have good intuition about them. I find that quite amusing
But yeah, sometimes you'll lose a soldier
@PrivatePansy Man, that was such a fun series
@SaintWacko Oh, that does help.
@PrivatePansy Amusing and understandable.
@PrivatePansy except when it's a Neo Tank with over 100%
you can guarantee it's going to kill everything
But I'd prefer for games not to have misses. Glancing blows would be better: still some luck, but not the awful feeling that misses give you. Or at least me.
Come on my wifi this is xp waste
I want to get as much done this league as I can
2:03 AM
I can't come on your wifi.
It would be improper.
@Unionhawk PoE?
@Cerberus You can fit a stock onto your weapons, which will make misses into exactly that
@SaintWacko Nice!
@SaintWacko osrs
How far into the game do you need to be?
@Unionhawk Oh lol
2:05 AM
And won't this stock get into the way of other upgrades?
@Cerberus I think attachments are one of the first things you research
@Cerberus Yeah, you can only fit two attachments
Do you use this particular attachment a lot?
Not terribly often. I prefer free reloads, increased accuracy, and increased crit
Right, so it isn't the best upgrade, so you would use something else for optimal play.
I think I had one member of my main squad using it
It's situationally useful
2:08 AM
Then I'd probably not use it much either.
I had a character that got free overwatch, so it was nice on her, because she'd take those longer ranged shots, and usually miss, but still did some damage
Though it's nice that it exists.
How much damage?
I think 3 damage is the highest level stock you can get?
And what would be a normal amount of damage, when you don't miss?
Oh, shit, I'm thinking of XCOM: Chimera Squad when I'm talking about all of this
I think most of it still applies to XCOM 2?
2:11 AM
How about XCOM 1?
That's what I would play first.
8 or 9, I think by the end of the game. Without a crit
It's been a while lol
Then 3 is nice enough.
Man, it's been even longer since I played XCOM 1
I don't remember which mechanics existed back then
Replay it!
If I were going to replay an xcom game, I'd probably play that knockoff one
Can't remember what it's called...
2:13 AM
Not Xenonauts?
Is it good?
I think I own it.
I thought it was fantastic
It's much closer to the original XCOM
I love collecting games at rock-bottom prices, but I never ever play.
Ah, I see.
I've tried to break myself of that habit
2:14 AM
Why? It feels so good.
Because money lol
I spend about €5–10 monthly on games, a few euros apiece.
And I can feel great about my library.
All those precious unplayed games.
My latest purchases.
I just love those prices.
2:34 AM
@SaintWacko Xenonauts is fantastic.
Hmm doesn't look super attractive, but gameplay is what matters, of course.
@Cerberus Yeah, the graphics are closer to original xcom too lol
Haha right.
I think I have supported X2 on Kickstarter.
Will be interesting.
all right come on rune axe drop
1/32 from tree spirits
2:51 AM
shakes tree spirits
god dangerous random events were so fun
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I won't ever do it again.
Tree spirits were a random event back in the day and have been relegated to this valley
back in the day when woodcutting you could get a tree spirit spawn, yell at you to leave, and attack
What game?
If you're not paying attention you'll get killed by a tree spirit
2:57 AM
Wouldn't want that to happen.
Now they're just in a set spot and have some decent drops
They were all designed to stop bots
But now the bots are good enough to evade random events so
not really a useful bot busting mechanic anymore
I doubt whether multiplayer can ever be saved from bots...
There are ways to detect but it's getting harder now that mobile is a thing
How so?
you can't exactly check for natural looking mouse movement on mobile
3:02 AM
Besides, natural-looking mouse movement can be spoofed...
It'll always be kinda difficult
Multiplayer with strangers...
There are some fun bits
One of the league tasks is to kill this lesser demon
There is literally a line
4:04 AM
Must be nice. I remember when the very first dragon came to Runescape. There was no line. It was "spam the door and hope you get in"
Same with the vendor who sold the black armor, iirc
Haha still funny.
4:30 AM
Q: How can I find my Xbox XUID?

PenguinThe title pretty much says it. How can I find my own Xbox XUID? I need it to setup my bedrock minecraft server permissions thing, and I can't find any info of it online. Any ideas on how I can find my own Xbox XUID? I've looked through the Xbox companion app on my PC and the Xbox site and cannot ...

4:54 AM
Q: Why are some menu options italicized?

RapidaSometimes menu options are italicized and I'm not sure why. I've seen this happen when you have chance to arrest people as well. What's the meaning of the fancy font decoration?

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5:57 AM
Best stuff on sale for the Steam Halloween thing?
6:46 AM
@Stormblessed Darkest Dungeon
Little Nightmares
A Plague Tale: Innocence
7:19 AM
Q: What is the Java Edition seed for Minecraft's cover art?

pilotjoker999If you play Minecraft, there is an excellent chance that you've seen this picture before: This image is Minecraft's cover art. Just recently, I've been starting to wonder: is there a seed for this picture? While some of the structures seen in this picture are hand-built, the rest of the terrain ...

5 hours later…
12:07 PM
Q: Is there a trick to beating Drox?

Pvt. GrichmannI haven't Since Conquerors of the Atlas' release, I've never figured out how to deal with Drox. The first few fights are fairly easy, but by the fourth time around, he becomes too spongy to beat. Essentially, the moment I can take down one or two of his Vexillum Immortalis flags, he's already dro...

12:31 PM
Q: Genshin impact F2P model

Sang SuantakI don't mind spending on games I love to support the devs but not to the point where your progress or how strong you are is hugely influenced by the amount you spend (FIFA FUT). I currently play Destiny 2 and i'm ok with the seasonal model where we pay for seasons (mostly 3 months per season). Bu...

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2 hours later…
4:11 PM
Q: Is there a way to disable the hit marker?

ExoMuteI have Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 and although I have found the option to disable the crosshairs entirely, I have not been able to find an option to disable the hit marker effect. Is it possible with or without mods?

4:35 PM
Q: Gta5 story mode hang out

AlexHow do I change a there weapon in hangout story mode because when I take out a weapon they only take out a Thompson?

1 hour later…
5:38 PM
@Niro I think I have this one through Humble Monthly.
Q: If multiple accounts own different DLCs for a game, can every account in the console use them?

LemonLet's say that my friend has DLC A and B for game X on his account, and I want to buy the DLC C with my own account: Would both account be able to use all of the DLCs? (both accounts have the console activated as primary) What about other users in the same console? Does this change between Free ...

Q: Family sharing on limited user account over steam

PxDSo I have a limited user account on steam (spent less than $5 USD, but activated a lot of retail keys.) My brother has a normal account. I have enabled family sharing on our PC, and have given him access to my library. Even then he only sees the "BORROW" option, and still cannot play the games fr...

6:38 PM
Q: Minecraft crashes when joining server

Dango3Whenever most any minecraft server (in 1.12.2)it always crashes the game. This is the erorr code I get when it crashes https://pastebin.com/qHwkhj1N . My system specs are: CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F@ 1.33GHz (64-bit) Ram: 2Gb DDR3 @1333 MHz (I have 1gb dedicated to MC) GPU: Intel Inte...

6:50 PM
I'm kinda proud of this checkmate, I just started playing again recently, and I was behind most of the game
7:03 PM
Q: Answer deleted without a chance to improve

SF.Just got my anwer to How to get large amounts of xp safely and quickly in Minecraft? deleted, with a comment "This is not an answer, it's a collection of videos. I'm sure you know link-only answers are not allowed. – Wrigglenite♦ 6 hours ago" First off, the question is answered in the first parag...

7:27 PM
Q: What to do about Steam window/taskbar icon not showing up after a reboot?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftWhenever I restart my computer, about 90% of the time, Steam "launches" but doesn't show up. In other words, Steam exists under "Task Manager --> Processes", but the window itself doesn't open, and there's no taskbar icon. Opening Steam by shortcut does nothing. The only workaround I've found i...

7:56 PM
@SepiaLazers @Wrigglenite They've got a good point here. The answer included a lot of links, but it certainly wasn't just a list of links. Was there another reason to delete it?
@MadScientist Man, I haven't played chess in forever. When I was younger I could beat everyone else in the family, so I got bored and stopped playing
@wip I got the silver dagger
8:23 PM
@RedRiderX That what now?
In Devil Daggers you get awarded a bronze dagger at 60s and a silver at 120s.
I should challenge my daughter to chess again soon
@SaintWacko What else is in the answer, other than links and commentary on those links? If all the links were dead, would one know how to build an xp farm?
@Wrigglenite No, but I'd say that answer isn't "How to build an xp farm". It's "The best and safest way to get xp is to build an xp farm, here are some examples of various types"
Even if the links were all dead and removed, it would still be a valid answer
8:39 PM
A valid answer meaning "Build an xp farm"?
@Wrigglenite More or less, yeah. Perhaps he could improve it by adding some instructions for a basic xp farm
Even without that, though, it's an answer and a basic explanation of the answer
@SaintWacko That's probably very common, though today with online chess it's much easier to find opponents. I was never any good, but of course with a bit of knowledge it's easy to beat people that only know the rules.
9:29 PM
Q: How do I make Courier in Skyrim?

DoodlemationsSo, recently, I have had an obsession for making other characters in Skyrim (eg. Farkas, Vilkas). I want to make the courier character (I honestly don’t know why, lmao) but I can’t find any help on Google. If someone would please send me some instructions that would be greatly appreciated.

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10:42 PM
Q: How to make /fill output NOT show up in the chat? also the same for /setblock

user260634so i want a command block to place a redstone block. But it looks very ugly when it shows up in the chat that "succesfully filled 1 blocks". It's the same with /setblock. /GAMERULE COMMANDBLOCKOUTPUT FALSE DOES NOT WORK Is there a fix? If it matters I am playing on a server Thank you in andvance ...

11:31 PM
Q: I think I'm getting clipping on Star Wars Squadron

MillardGot the first cutscene on Star Wars Squadrons and immediately noticed that the characters heads are getting clipped weirdly sometimes. Thought maybe it was nothing, but Then when I played as the rebellion, I noticed that I could hardly see Admiral Ackbar's hologram. Is that normal? I am using b...

Oh woah
PADI sent me a certificate and a pin for being a member for 5 years
Even though I've only been teaching status for a year lol
I wanted to get teaching status and some work as an assistant this year but welp
I didn't realize you were a dive instructor
Im a Divemaster which is a few levels below open water scuba instructior
But yes
I am professionally qualified to supervise dive activities including dive instruction activities
Such as an assistant for an open water diver course, a second dive on a Discover SCUBA, the primary on a SCUBA Review, the primary on a Discover Local Diving, etc
I've got my NAUI AOW, but I'm also years out of practice and really need a refresher
I kinda want to do my IDC and get my OWSI but
You know especially this year I'm glad I'm non-teaching lol
Rather not pay for professional liability insurance I can't use
I really wish that sea base paid student loan levels buuuut they do not
They pay $150 per week plus living expenses when I was there
But that job rocked and I wish I lived in a world where I could just do that and be cool
I tried to get in on a winter season one time but they already had as many Divemasters as they needed
Since winter season can reasonably fit into vacation time at my Real Job
11:56 PM
"wish I lived in a world where I could just do [cool thing]" is a hell of a mood
I have no interest in training to instructor level but I plan to get back into it next summer -- having a kid took both my wife and me out of the dive circuit for...quite a while

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