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4:10 AM
Q: Can player on different platforms play Bloons TD 6 in a co-op?

avernetSay, can a user who purchased Bloons TD 6 on Steam for macOS play in a co-op with another user who purchased Bloons TD 6 on iOS? Or do all users need to be on the same platform (say all on Steam, or all on iOS), to be able to play in a co-op, which in my case would mean that one of the 2 would ne...

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7:27 AM
Q: The Undeniable Truth About Ffxiv Gil

soghachThe majority of people entice from the astounding features of the game play for instance daring tasks, character customization, forces,amazing weaponry and even many more. There are various people who are a new comer to online game and cannot achieve its ffxiv gil allow them to take help by order...

@Lazers2.0 You can't V2C for spam anymore?
oh right, spam is a flag, not V2C
8:14 AM
8:45 AM
@Elva morning
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9:53 AM
Q: How to get many xp on Minecraft?

NOAH EARL ABASTILLAS GAMINGits hard to just kill zombies and risking to die, is there an easier way. I hava so many deaths just trying to enchant, sharpnes 3, and it is 29 levels

10:32 AM
It seems if I wanted to purchase my new computer today, I should have been prepared to do it at 1AM. Now I'm considering waiting for the AMD 6000 series cards.
@MBraedley the new Ryzens also look very interesting, especially for Gaming
Yeah, that might be a factor too.
The DMA-like feature will help with load times at the very least.
The significantly higher single-core performance also
the price is a bit higher, so a cheaper current gen Ryzen could also be interesting depending on the price and whether you really want the highest possible performance
So yeah, looks like I'm waiting until the 18th before making a purchase
10:59 AM
I've been playing for 15 minutes and I haven't found it yet
Q: How do I give an item to multiple blocks?

Mek101I premise that I'm quite new to minecraft commands and this is the first time I post here, so I apologize if I missed something. I'm currently experimenting with building a TNT cannon in minecraft 1.16.3. The idea is that a command block fills the dispensers just before shooting with 1 TNT. So fa...

11:28 AM
@fredley Why is there a room with two toilets side by side?
@Elva Is one of many questions why
Turns out they removed the bathtub area because it's full of Girls Gone Wild DVDs
11:55 AM
@fredley But they left in the box with the "Nature DVDs" label?
@Elva The carpeted urinals are one of my least favourite things
There are a lot of least favourite things in that place
12:20 PM
Q: need severs for xbox one

Callum DelveI would like to find out how to get servers on Xbox that aren't part of the 'featured servers'. I haven't tried any methods yet, I am just trying to find out how I should do it. I am only 10 so please explain in a way I would understand (my mum helped me write this post) Thanks Master D

12:41 PM
THis is going to be really bad, but so was the original Saved by the Bell, so that makes sense.
1:03 PM
New Path of Exile League Launch Delayed until January due to Cyberpunk delay reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/jjwgjr/…
1:58 PM
Q: Why does the text say "protected by Mist" after using a guard spec? Is it a bug?

Revetahw says Reinstate MonicaIn Pokémon Gold, when you use a guard spec and the opponent tries to lower your stats, the text is just like if you had used the move mist. Is that intentional?

2:22 PM
Q: How to get rid of the Province Decisions notification?

Weckar E.I am playing Europa Universalis 3. At the top of my screen there is a tag asking me to make a decision for a province: To expand the bureaucracy. I do not seem able to decline these decisions, so the tag just stays sitting there, failing to notify me when actually new decisions are available. Is ...

2:47 PM
Q: can you lock a map in minecraft 1.12.2

anomanousim trying to get a map from a singleplayer world into a multiplayer server, is it possible to lock a map in minecraft 1.12.2 and bring it to a server using saved toolbars?

Q: What is the fasest speed ever obtained in a video game?

user260527 For example, this guy went faster than speed of light in ace combat 5. I think some games you teleport galaxies in seconds so that's like... 1 billion light years per second?

Ugh, fuck
I didn't see the email last night about the 3070 release time
Wasn't up this morning til they were already sold out
> "So, Breath of the Wild takes place far enough in the future that all of this branching timeline nonsense shouldn't matter."
> Age of Calamity: "Allow me to introduce myself."
3:29 PM
Oh shit apparently micro center isn't completely sold out?
That's not even what I actively came to micro center looking for lol
3:46 PM
But you're taking it with immediately anyway?
I mean my plan was originally buy a 16xx and wait for my evga queue email for a 3080
But I'm not not going to buy an in stock retail 3070
Get fucked shoe buying scripts I'd like to see you walk into micro center Cincinnati
Well they have bought enough shoes to do so
Q: Wireless xbox 360 controller for PC never shuts off if disconnected

soySo I'm done playing and I shut off my pc, the controller starts blinking and never stops. Ever. I have to remove the battery pack if I want it to stop. Is there another way? Any way to get it to stop trying to connect to something after a given time?

4:08 PM
@Unionhawk Ughhhh I hate you
4:31 PM
I have an empty ass apartment but at least it has a 3070 in it now
They were asking me like "hey what model were you looking for" and I was just like "I'm going to be honest, I expected to just get whatever I end up getting I didn't expect to have options"
@Unionhawk at least you won't freeze to death in any case then ;-)
Grumble grumble grumble
Stupid lack of nearby Micro Centers
4:57 PM
Watch Dogs Legion launch on EGS is a shitshow. If you download it from the Epic Games Store, it doesn't come with the HD textures apparently, and then if you launch it, the Uplay client asks you for a CD key, even though that key is already linked to your account
So the solution is to either download it again from Uplay or to manually muck around with install directories
Also, I hate so much that Chrome handles zoom on a per-site basis rather than a per-tab basis
How on earth does that make sense?
Well, okay, I guess it kinda makes sense
But it's annoying me right now
I at least wish it wouldn't adjust the zoom in other currently-open tabs when I change the zoom in another tab
5:12 PM
@SaintWacko I'd say switch to Edge, but it also does that
@Nzall i'm hearing reports that performance on pc is also terrible
that reminds me, did they ever fix horizon zero dawn on PC?
6:06 PM
@GodEmperorDune I think they did for the most part
@Yuuki That's likely to get fixed or at least mitigated
@Nzall cool, good to wishlist it then. thanks
6:31 PM
Alright I think I'm almost good to acquire the rest of the list pcpartpicker.com/list/TKKskX
May wait for like a 5600X though that's next week
And that should still be easy given how hard people slept on 3070 for me to get one at 11:30
6:54 PM
It's Halloween Sale time folks
Yeah but now you maybe should have waited for an AMD card if you're going Ryzen for their proprietary memory management
They seem to be at the top tier of multithread these days
While nvidia has the rtx
Do you think se will pay for my memory upgrade on account of I use it for chrome tabs
No? Yeah fair enough
7:55 PM
Also apparently the 3070 put my card at limits because I haven't been paying close attention lol
I should really upgrade this card to a higher limit
Q: What should I press on the Double Slides?

LemonThis is the first time that I have played on Extreme, so I just learned about the the Double Slides that point either to the Left or Right. Here is an example on Tell Your World, where there is a set of Double Slides pointing to the right. What should I press when the Double Slides appear? I hav...

8:24 PM
Ok this osrs league is fun but there's so much stuff
My tier 2 relic lets me teleport back to the last location I teleported from
So consider for example: at runecrafting altar far out of the way, teleport to the bank, restock rune essence, recall, repeat
Idk why anyone picked the others though infinity jewelry teleports seems ok too
But infinite "to the bank and back" seems just kinda busted
I love it
And I'm getting 8x xp
Ironman but fast is a fun gamemode on its own
This league is everywhere but zeah, and you unlock regions as well as relics
You start in misthalin and unlock karamja in the tutorial
Up to 3 additional regions
Up next is combat relics I think
Probably going for the melee one
2 tick abyssal whip is probably great
9:15 PM
@Unionhawk @Dragonrage @Yuuki let me know if you want to go spooky ghost hunting
work's over in about an hour-ish
then i gots to make food
Q: Old 2ds Soft-brick

NobodyusingNullMy 2ds is soft-bricked. It happened after i tried to download a rom for ocarina of time 3d. My screen went black and it didn't change at all. I can shut it off by holding the power button but when I turn it back on, it still has a black screen. I tried the R+L+A+Up method. The update screen came ...

9:34 PM
@Wipqozn I'd be down in a bit
Driving home from various errands and my computer and chair are currently in the same place
@Wipqozn do you have any non spooky ghosts to hunt?
@Unionhawk I'm currently eating frozen strawberries, so a bit works for me.
@GodEmperorDune No
@Wipqozn how unfortunate
I suppose we could hunt Casper
"Casper the friendly ghost are you with us" lights start flickering
10:02 PM
Oh the steam sale must've starter
24 items on my wish list on sale
10:14 PM
@Wipqozn Gonna do a hunt or two with some other friends first and then I'll be up for some.
10:35 PM
This Lucifer moment came out of left field
(Chloe's act at the end of S2E11)
@Unionhawk I just need to feed the kitties, and then I'll be ready for some ghosts. cc @Yuuki for whenever you're ready.
10:54 PM
@Wipqozn probably still 20 mins tbh eating dinner now
So I'm ready.
@Yuuki @Unionhawk 732558
@Unionhawk we waiting on you kind sir?
or should we star tand you catch the next one?
11:11 PM
1 minute to start
or 2 steam is apparently not running even
llolol k
ok it has said 58.5 MB/58.5 MB on this update for 3 minutes now
IT's the ghosts. Them damn, spooky ghosts.
Q: Partition vs High Partition

WjoustsIs there a clear example of the difference between these two succession laws? I understand that the major difference between confederate partition and regular partition is that with confederate partition it will automatically create new titles. This can split you realm if, for example, your ruler...

11:21 PM
@Unionhawk I noticed Steam update download speed dropping near the end of the download (they might be using multiple streams), and sometimes it gets stuck on the final few bytes so the time remaining blows up because it thinks your bandwidth is now measured in bauds
it just started another game on my queue
I think you've got a ghost
@Unionhawk we're just going to paly, and then you can ping us when you're done ghost busting your computer
Ok, yeah I guess it's still installing the 50 MB update
dunno how
I'll just level up fishing or something in the mean time
Finally up lol
11:37 PM
@Unionhawk we're finishing now
@Unionhawk 732558

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