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12:34 AM
Q: Rocket League offline or single player

MidavaloMy 6yo son wants to play Rocket League, but my 16yo doesn't want him to mess with his online ranking or whatever it's called. It appears the current release of Rocket League doesn't have offline or single-player matches available anymore. Have we missed something somewhere? How can we let the y...

1:11 AM
Canadians of the Bridge: Is poutine still poutine if it strays from the traditional recipe by adding stuff such as, but not limited to: chili, eggs, bacon?
not canadian but I think as long as the key component parts (gravy fries curds) are present it counts
though chili would most likely trend more towards "chili cheese fries"
@Unionhawk correct.
I'd say chili makes it chili cheese fries
Which are still delicious and still a sensible thing for, for instance, a poutine food truck to serve since they already have like 50% of that equation in the truck
1:34 AM
@Niro Oh yeah. Absolutely. Poutine places usually offer a wide selection of poutine choices: cheesecurdsburgers.com/menu (near the bottom)
and also curds are optional. You can use any kind of cheese, although some people will call me a heretic for that.
there's a place locally that does fries curds gumbo and it rocks
now I want poutine and it is canada's fault
2:22 AM
@Batophobia That wasn't nearly as bad as i had feared.
@Unionhawk Excellent.
There's so many restaurants within 5 minutes of me that all make poutine.
IT's so easy to get in Canada. IT's great.
Looks like a fairly standard training potty, my cousin has one that has a generic duck theme, and this one is pokemon/pikachu branded. I was worried it would be something where the kid is going in the open mouth of (insert pokemon here.... probably pikachu).
Literally every pizza place that isn't some big chain (i.e. pizza hut, dominoes) sells poutine.
and there's a whole bunch of those close to me.
2:45 AM
@Wipqozn I only know of like two places kind of nearby
and a food truck
although the food truck is nearby on friday
@Unionhawk I could literally walk across the street and get poutine.
or walk 10 minutes down the road in... three different directions, actually, and come across multiple poutine places. Driving results in even more places all within 5 minutes.
The truck is good because they also do some absolutely wild Cincinnati chili cheese fries
Sounds delicious
Okay I should go to bed before I go buy some midnight poutine.
3:03 AM
> Fresh fries, cheese curds, Cincinnati-style chili, and goetta. Topped with beer cheese and our Grippo’s Aioli [bbq sauce essentially].
I'm like. 80% sure this took 10 years off my maximum lifespan but it rocks
they say, belly fat is the number one killer
I think that's heart disease technically but
technically, yes
LadyWacko and I went to a place the other day that served a brunch poutine
That was amazing
3:18 AM
Waist measurements vs risk
__________Men __________________Women
Low risk 37 inches and below 31.5 inches and below
Intermediate risk 37.1–39.9 inches 31.6–34.9 inches
High risk 40 inches and above
@BobCoolio what is that, circumference?
It seems odd to measure that independent of height
Source @Memor-X
3:22 AM
The chart is at the bottom
They compare it with BMI, which includes height @PrivatePansy
> The BMI is more complex, but waist measurement is more prone to errors than measuring height and weight. So for the time being, you should use both standards. Your BMI will give you the best estimate of your total body fatness, while your waist measurement will give you the best estimate of your visceral fat and risk of obesity-related diseas
Q: How to view the combat knowledge tips for the second time?

klm123Is there a view hints on the world mechanics for the second time? Let's say I've read a hint, but then forget it sometimes and want to remind miself what exactly was written there. How to do it?

2 hours later…
5:02 AM
@BobCoolio BMI means very little
someone obese could have lower BMI than someone ripped with <10% body fat
2 hours later…
6:42 AM
@Elise "Very little" is exaggerating somewhat, but any single measurement to determine obesity is going to be unreliable.
7:21 AM
@GnomeSlice I see. I think I'm gonna buy the eBook version of BNW soon
@TrentHawkins Trust me, there are toilets like that, but they generally are women's mouths, not fantasy creatures
1 hour later…
8:23 AM
Obese people and bodybuilders aren't going to fit on any kind of BMI averaging chart.
10:10 AM
Q: How do you fight against Geovishap Hatchlings?

sayuSince these enemies have spawned in my world, I've had no real idea on how to fight them that would cause them to get into their "stunned" animation, which is them lying on their back for a few seconds while they flail in place. So far my strategy has just been to just plug away at them constantl...

Q: Where is this "Rockery" treasure located?

sayuThere's a model of a rock formation at the top of Wangshu Inn. The flavor text seems to indicate there is some sort of treasure associated with it? That said I've not seen any mountains that look like the model here. Is there any treasure associated with this? And where can I find it?

1 hour later…
11:26 AM
Q: Who watches The Kagrumez Gauntlet from the balcony?

C26Yesterday I was completing The Kagrumez Gauntlet in Solsteim and, at the end, I noticed that there were three chairs on a viewing platform and that I had effectively been in some kind of arena potentially watched by spectators. There was a balcony with one stone chair at the front and two Dwemer ...

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12:41 PM
Q: minecraft- how to stop the voices that sing underwater?

BlackCrystalI am playing minecraft java edition 1.16.3. I know there are some "ambient noises" which you can disable but it seems it doesn't affect on these voices that sing underwater. I am not playing on a server. i have no data packs. it is me, my pc and my world. it really become scary when I'm working u...

@Lazers2.0 I didn't know Minecraft added sirens. Is there a potion effect that causes you to be lured to your doom? </s>
1:06 PM
Q: Is a gaming computer important for playing games?

AbhimanyuIf one wished to play video games on PC, would they require a gaming PC or a typical PC will do?

1:31 PM
Q: Is there a way to know/control the seed?

Fredy31On speedruns.com, https://www.speedrun.com/hades#Any_Heat There's a seeded tab, and to post in the unseeded category, you have to show the last death, before the start of your run. So is there a way to know/control the seed?

Q: In minecraft, how do I construct a 4-bit comparator?

aphid4-bit comparators are a basic building block in electronics, and useful in many redstone devices, in particular computers. I'm interested in a good overview of the construction this type of device. It takes eight signals as input: a0, a1, a2, a3, b0, b1, b2, b3; and outputs 2 signals: a<b, a=b wi...

1:45 PM
@Lazers2.0 It's a spammy day
1:56 PM
Q: Are there mods that mark unique items in skyrim?

user4951For example, I spend a lot of time trying to find ruby paragon, etc. Surely I do not want to sell that. Now, I may accidentally sell unique items not knowing it's unique. Is there a mod that can mark those unique items. I will store unique items in my chest and that's it.

1 hour later…
3:11 PM
Q: What happens when you dont need black essence anymore?

Fredy31I really wonder... I only need a few more 1000 black essence upgrades, and then, well, I don't think I'll have anything to spend essence on. Most ressources you can trade, but essence is rarely tradable. So I'm curious and want to get spoiled. Whats gonna happen when I will have bought all upgrad...

3:53 PM
2 messages moved to ­Trash
Wow, what a fucking waste of time for me and the QC guy. One simple setting, and everything works.
Q: /playsound volume (bedrock edition)

Captain Narwha1I'm making a map, and there is a command called /playsound. But when people get out of the range they can't hear it. And the Volume isn't working it seems. Is there a way on Bedrock Edition to make it so no matter how far you are, you can still hear the sound? Thanks.

Q: Minecraft 1.12.2 How to /clear item that have a specific enchant and name

AceshunI've seen examples of how to clear items with specific name or enchants but not both. This is what I have so far: /clear @p minecraft:paper 0 1 tag:{ench:[{id:16s,lvl:1s}]}}]},{display:{name:"custom name"}}

4:36 PM
Europa Universalis II is free on GOG
I need a drink
5:17 PM
Q: If a crewmate disconnects/quits, are you then automatically screwed on tasks?

Fredy31If a crewmate leaves the server before ending his tasks, are you then completely screwed and can't win via tasks? Or is there a system in place that would make that if a crewmate leaves, his tasks are not counted in the 'win via tasks' bar? If so: Could it be a strategy that if you know you are ...

Q: Is there any use for skill points once you complete the board?

JCalcinesI have just completed the skill board (by acquiring all the skill) and I noticed that I can keep earning Skill Points (In fact, I even have a skill smoothy). Is there any use for the skill points from this point on?

3 hours later…
7:52 PM
Q: What do unstable potions do?

Ryan_LAdded in version 1.0, there are unstable versions of potions. I have found unstable teleportatium and unstable polymorphine. This is not just a rename either, I have found normal teleportatium, normal polymorphine, and normal chaotic polymorphine. I haven't been able to notice a difference, but...

8:11 PM
oooooooo I'm on some C# 7 pattern matching nonsense right now and everything is fine
I suppose a bunch of case SpecialObject1 variable: return variable.getThing is better than doing the real cast inside the case but
otoh ideally I'd want some base object that has this common variable lol
Q: What are Fallout terminals based on?

Marshall WhittingtonWhat is the Fallout desktop Terminal based on? I see a lot of people say its the Apple II but there has to be something closer in resemblance.

Our furnace has to be replaced
8:28 PM
Sounds expensive
But maybe the new one will have a lower running cost...?
1 hour later…
9:35 PM
I mean, it will
Probably 25% lower
1 hour later…
10:41 PM
wait I just realized
In hades I got a scene with meg and hypnos where meg said something like "you know what hypnos told me? he said I should try dodging your attacks"
do you think hypnos was trying to get meg to beat him up
@Unionhawk Hypnos always gives hilariously useless advice every time you die. It's great
I kinda miss that now that I can consistently make it out
I can't consistently make it out in part due to lag (I'll go stick neutral and zag will just continue walking into lava for a couple seconds, sometimes dash doesn't work, etc) and I'm not sure if that's bluetooth or my computer
I can get through the bone hydra decently consistently
Europa Universalis II is free from GOG. button is on the top of the home page
11:13 PM
Q: Custom Minecraft 1.8 spawners

A userI am working on a minecraft 1.8 server and am trying to make a mob spawner that spawns items. This example:How can I make a spawner that summons Items? works on new versions of minecraft but not on 1.8. It seems that any mob spawners placed down by command blocks don't work. The following comm...

Anyone try out Rogue Company yet?

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