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12:04 AM
Q: "There is no route" to neighboring uninhabited planet

WasabiI have a science vessel at the edge of my territory, and I wish for it to explore a neighboring system which is seemingly uninhabited. However, when I try to move the ship I get a "There is no route for the selected fleet to reach this system." I've googled around and found many similar cases, bu...

12:29 AM
Q: New update to minecraft realms

Maggie WillisI joined a friend's realm and spent a huge amount of time creating, mining, etc and now he tells me the world will be gone as he is updating to the new realm. I was shocked. I asked how I would keep my stuff and he said there is no way. He says it starts over from scratch and this is how he likes...

1:19 AM
Q: How do you get mods for Breath of the Wild

Rapster ZeberOk, so I beat Breath of the Wild. I've seen epic mods for the game, but I want to know how you can get mods for the game. If it matters, I play on the Nintendo Switch and I have both DLC. I did a google search and I got no answer. I also want to know if there is any way to search for mods to get ...

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2:19 AM
idk what room this belongs in but twitch.tv/aoc
They're just cool pals playing games
And getting half a million views
alexandria playing the long con while ilhan murders everyone
For reference GDQ averages on the order of 100k viewers
and they suspect nothing lol
:55882962 BMI is used to determine whether someone is obese, wdym obese people won't fit on it?
Correction: they suspected everything
Q: What is transferred and/or unlocked when importing saved data from Project Diva F into Project Diva F 2nd?

LemonWhat is transferred and/or unlocked when importing saved data from Project Diva F into Project Diva F 2nd? I saw multiple sites listing different content that is transferred and/or unlocked.

2:35 AM
lol ilhan got it again but is possibly super caught
3:03 AM
Apparently it became the third-most watched broadcast on Twitch
Yes, behind ninja/drake and shroud's return
Ah apparently like, playstation has gotten in the millions but does that really count I think not
3:49 AM
Q: Would it ever be possible to convert Python to Minecraft command blocks?

DylstructorI know this might sound stupid but I'm honestly curious. Would this ever be possible? Or is Minecraft's language too basic. Would I ever be able to write python, then run it in Minecraft?

4:01 AM
Alright, that was fun to watch
They need to fix the audio mixing. The levels are all over the place
Sore arms from getting a flu shot is really annoying. Also the low grade fever.
3 hours later…
7:35 AM
Q: What is the "royal snug?" (with a question mark)?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftIn one of the secret chests in the royal hall, there is an item with the name royal snug? (with a question mark). It's the same as the regular royal snug, but it's gray and has worse stats. What's the point of it?

1 hour later…
8:50 AM
Q: Nvidia Quadro FX 1700 graphics card rejected by latest WoW update - suggestions please?

MMazzonAfter downloading the latest WoW update, we got the unpleasant surprise that our Nvidia Quadro FX 1700 card is apparently no longer supported. (Everything worked fine until the day before) I tried downloading the original driver from the company, still no go. I went to a shop looking to buy a ne...

2 hours later…
10:55 AM
Q: In Rocksmith how do I "Reach master mode on a phase"?

MeanGreenOne of the 3 suggested goals to attempt literally states "Reach master mode on a phase". I'm not sure how to complete this task. I tried playing in song mode and improving myself in sections so they turn pink in the small song section overview, but it didn't register as completed so far. Question...

11:29 AM
Does anyone have some eyebleach? One of my Twitter follows retweeted a disgusting "political cartoon", if you might call it that, and I want something to clean my eyes
I could use some too
I'm about to commit sysadmin crimes
@Ave Crimes as heinous as Trump's head on Putin's shirtless body, sweatpants with visible lineout and various democratic politicians in a state of arousal?
@Nzall Worse.
11:45 AM
Q: Why did these carcasses randomly appear in mope.io?

Z9.(Please note, the tag isn't that relevent, it's just that this is the first question about this question). I was playing mope.io when suddenly these two carcasses popped up in the dessert. The first carcass, a shark/whale/seal carcass suddenly appeared when I was wandering around. This was the ...

2 hours later…
1:50 PM
Q: I'm from Europe and I wanna give someone from the US a PSN gift card. How can I do that?

vintageblossomThis person's birthday is soon, and I'd love to give them a gift card since they love PlayStation so much, and I thought they'd enjoy it. However, we live in different regions, with different currencies (I'm from Europe, they live in the US), and I was wondering... Is there a way I could give the...

2:36 PM
This very start of my chicken stock is the only eye bleach I can provide for you @Nzall and @Ave
@Wipqozn I'll allow it
2:58 PM
PSA: DO NOT BUY ANY PC GAMES IN THE NEXT WEEK! steamdb.info/blog/… Steam Halloween Sales start October 29th, then a month later is the Black Friday Sale, and then a month later is the Christmas sale
so unless you need that game right the hell now, don't buy it
Q: How do I kill a slime instantly with commands?

ExpertCoder14Slimes are notoriously known for being able to split into smaller slime when killed. This happens in both editions of Minecraft, Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. I’m making a map where a slime is present and cannot be killed except for one secret procedure whose instructions are hidden in the ma...

Q: What are Gold Laurels rewards?

Fredy31I don't really get what the boon Dark Foresight does. The description: Each rank gives you +2% greater chance for Gold Laurel rewards (Boons, Hammers, and Poms). But I can't see what is the Gold Laurel rewards they are talking about. So what are they?

3:48 PM
@Nzall IIRC, Steam will give you refunds if anything you buy goes on sale the next week or two.
1 hour later…
5:17 PM
@Nzall But I like to get started not-playing new games as soon as possible.
I prefer to not-play games that I can get for tens of percentages off!
5:36 PM
Q: i play modded minecraft what mods and tools would be able to help me track the location of my friends/enimies?

chrisI have theis mods mekunism build craft thermal expantion ic2 and many more like this my friend always figure out where i live even after moving and idk where he lives he uses some sort of machine to find my coords anyone know of something out of theis mods and others if you have a idea anf its fr...

I'm gonna wait with buying my laptop SSD until Cyber Monday
6:34 PM
@Wipqozn I don't see any chicken :P
6:49 PM
Okay, we're getting our furnace and A/C replaced Saturday morning
7:14 PM
Well, at least you didn't have to wait too overly long
2 hours later…
9:26 PM
oh wow, 20020 is getting really exciting
just had a major cliffhanger
2 hours later…
11:27 PM
Q: Why does the Dawnguard attack me on site?

user4951I joined volhikar and become a vampire. Yes. I am their enemy. But what actually triggers them to hate me? Is this because I am a 4th stage vampire? Does that mean if I drink blood I can come to Dawnguard fort and buy spells? Is this because they know that the dragon born is an evil vampire that ...


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