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12:04 AM
Q: How to not allow people to take items out of chest

darthvader1925I want to have a chest where other players are able to look at the contents of a chest but I don't want them to be able to take the items out. Is this possible to do with command blocks? I am playing the newest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition on xbox.

Why hasn't Frank stepped down as moderator?
Didn't he say he was stepping down or something a month ago
He hasn't been on for at least a month and a half on the main site, much less the meta site
12:22 AM
@yuritsuki He has stepped down, his diamond just hasn't been removed yet
I still wonder why he left
12:45 AM
i thought he was just leaving Chat
He left everything
with no explanation. Pretty curious about it he's been here for a long time
maybe his wife made him, lol
1:07 AM
shrugs I mean...his reasons are his, supposing about the hows and whys isn't gonna help anything
1:19 AM
@GnomeSlice Jaws of the Lion has a damn instruction manual for how to organize everything in the box. lol
1:35 AM
Reasons. Life, the universe, and everything. I hang out with @Frank on a weekly basis. Haven't asked, no reason to.
1:49 AM
@TrentHawkins I wasn't really around for him leaving, but please tell him I said hello, and I will miss our good spirited debates on what we should and shouldn't allow on the site! (I'm Fluttershy in case he doesn't remember my new name. lol)
@Niro yeah I mean no thanks
@Ash Not a crime to wonder
it's not like he robbed a bank. somebody who's been here for many years left. we're all people
@GnomeSlice It all fits well enough. And the instruction manual walks you through the first 5 campaign scenarios to teach you how to play.
I don't know if I could handle all the paperwork of that game in person
There's way less paperwork for JotL. It's all played on the actual book. Each page is a different map, and you unlock new scenarios as you go
It's meant to be a portable alternative to the full game.
Huh. I've seen people talking about that one as a good gateway to gloomhaven but I didn't read up on it much
2:01 AM
I didn't know there was a shade fan
Me neither
Apparently it was a glitch in early access but people liked it so they added dialog
Oh apparently they only show up after at least a win so I guess that's why I didn't know
I still didnt know
Oh it sounds like they're in the theseus audience?
Yeah that's what I'd assume
that's theseus taking the photo
Half the group scheduled to play in our tabletop thing tonight didn't show
Game wasn't great with only 4 players
My discords dying I guess
2:10 AM
Q: How can I build a diamond shaped minecart track?

BlackVegetableTerraria's wiki suggests preparing for a battle against the Torch God via building a "diamond"-shaped minecart track. At the time of this posting, it reads: Making a diamond shape out of minecart rails around a 10x10 of torches allows for a cheap, effortless, and 0 damage victory. Just make sure...

@GnomeSlice What game?
2:29 AM
It's pretty cool but it's best with as near the full group size as you can get
Huh. Looks interesting.
@GnomeSlice I don't get a lot of time off, but if I'm ever free for a digital board game night, count me in.
2:45 AM
Sure, sounds good
3:00 AM
Q: Steam Death Stranding Saves Converter

sazukieI was playing on one account and want to translate my saves and progress to another, but game says, that saves is corrupted. Is there any possibility to convert saves from one acc to another - so they will work. thanks in advance!

3:25 AM
Q: Prismatic Afterglow Xbox Controller Calibration Failure

x6c4576gvyugasdhjftguaidiugyI have run into an issue I cannot find an answer to on Google. I purchased a PDP 048-121-NA Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox One on Amazon about three months ago, and about two weeks ago was when I realized there was controller drift. In attempt to solve this problem, I simply googled what I'd...

4:23 AM
@Unionhawk Yeah! I always go thank my fan after I win!
4:33 AM
@Unionhawk They're up sort of to the top left. Their robe(?) is a different color
Q: How do you make a platform that needs all players to tp to a sub room?

SafteywagonI'm trying to make a quest and need to makes something that's like in golden trophy where all players have to stand on a platform to move on. If anyone knows hot to do this please let me know because I'm dire to need this! :)

Whew, that was a close one. Heat 1 Aspect of Hestia crit build
4:54 AM
Oh wow
Any of you unlocked the stuff at the bottom of the keepsakes page?
5:25 AM
Q: What does exactly depend on the character rarity?

klm123Is there any difference between 4-star and 5-star characters? I mean, the drop rate is different, sure and I see the difference in a quality of animations (or that's my imagination?), but is there a practical difference like damage and stuff like that?

5:56 AM
@SaintWacko yes, some of them
6:20 AM
Q: Starcraft II LAN only?

SpongeB0BDoes someone know if SCII allow finally play trough LAN only ? (without internet) I know in the past (10 years ago : Is LAN with StarCraft 2 definitely not possible?) it's was not possible. is this has finally changed ?

@SaintWacko Yes, you get them via leveling relations with certain characters. The wiki has a list if you want spoilers (it's not much spoilers IMO and you'll waste a lot of necter if you don't)
@PrivatePansy Nectar was never a bottleneck for me
ahm, wrong. Ambrosia wasn't a bottleneck, Nectar is one now
@MadScientist I've never had surplus nectar... maybe I shouldn't have fed it all to the dog
7:15 AM
Morning chat
7:30 AM
@Elva morning
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10:56 AM
Q: My Minecraft 1.16.3 keeps crashing from boot-up. As soon as the red background, white bar and white "Mojang" symbol appears, it crashes. Any Fixes?

FARISJust as title says, minecraft keeps breaking. I even tried deleting minecraft and re-installing it, but again to no avail. CRASH REPORT: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Who set us up the TNT? Time: 14/10/20 9:24 PM Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.StackOverflowError: Ex...

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12:11 PM
Q: Identify Space fighter game 90'

JManI used to play a space fighter game on win98 in the 90' but i am unable to recall what it was named. I do remember a few missions mechanics of the game -One of the starting 'training' mission was navigating through loops in a certain time -Missions were made up of protecting trade ships and hunti...

12:36 PM
Q: When in 2021 will minecraft 1.17 come out? this is a question for all that play minecraft

Bronson HunterI have searched searched and searched and found the year but never found the month of the minecraft 1.17 Release date. I have been so exited for a month but never found the confirmed Release date. do any of you guys know what month the 1.17 update comes out in?

@fredley Bulder's Gate 3?
12:50 PM
Looks it, and would make sense with the reference
@Memor-X yep
Q: Disable a button on an Xbox controller on Windows?

NekkoruSo, here's my use case - I own a Band Hero drumkit for the Xbox 360. It gets picked up by my Xbox 360 wireless receiver on Windows without any issues, and it's even recognised as a drum kit. So far, so good. However, the moment I strike any of the drum heads, the controller registers a button 9 p...

Any one here play Project Warlock?
@Wipqozn if that's that 2.5D FPS i got it but haven't gotten around to playing it
Q: Exceeding 999999 points in SMB1

SunnyMoonI am implementing a replica of the classic Super Mario Bros. in the Unity game engine. The problem is, I do not have a Nintendo Entertainment System. I somehow found out that getting 100 coins will get you an extra 1UP (life) in SMB1, but what about the score? There are 6 available decimal spots ...

Q: Is it possible to change part of the NBT of a held item?

Wicked GrinnAs the title says, I'm wondering about whether it is possible to change part of an NBT or add NBT to an item that a player is holding. My goal is to make custom enchants. For example when a player uses an item to enchant a sword they get the score "EnchantMight" 5, which would cause the next weap...

@Memor-X Yes that's the one.
I've had my eye on it
1:43 PM
@fredley Glory is forever!
@Nzall Is that the name the community has given itself?
@MBraedley no, I just wanted to make a Papers Please pun
@MBraedley I wish I knew where this guy gets the time and money that he's able to pursue this
@fredley Well, his Patreon and channel memberships for starters
1:47 PM
@fredley Right?
I'm sure he's still getting some royalty money from music already released by the band.
'I've been doing 12 hour build days all week'
It's full time as fuck
Yeah. I kinda get the feeling he started this project comfortable though. I wish I was comfortable enough to start a project like that.
maybe he's a bitcoin kid
This stuff is out of this world though
one of the most impressive people
His band plans to tour with this thing. That seems super dangerous for it
2:09 PM
good news crowdsourced captions are kind of back ish
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3:20 PM
Q: Why do you need to shoot your own sonic tanks?

anatolygIn this Dune 2 speedrun, the player builds sonic tanks and sends them to destroy the enemy base. Before sending each tank, he exposes it to friendly fire until it gets a certain amount of damage. He even has a dedicated regular tank whose sole "mission" is to shoot own sonic tanks before sending ...

3:39 PM
@GnomeSlice Damn, that's really cool
I just wish the wheels were also controlled by the machine
Q: Is it possible to run 2 different minecraft worlds with 1 modpack in each?

IYL4Is it possible to say, I have 1 world with like enigmatica light (the modpack) and say, I want to have another world with X life (the modpack) Is that possible to have both modpacks in my mods folder, if so can someone please tell me.

on their site
That's impressive
4:10 PM
Q: What Defines a Puzzle Chest in Genshin Impact?

RapitorThis is a Continuation question of How often do chests respawn? . Essentially, what determines if a chest is a Puzzle chest? I assume a Steelie chest (the ghosts you guide to a lantern thing) is a puzzle, but what about a chest surrounded by wind that you have to jump over? Is a combat chest cons...

4:54 PM
Just passed that in town and I honestly can't tell if it's pro or anti-Trump
Which makes it kind of genius
@Sterno It's really a lot of work, although it also doubles as Halloween decoration
@Sterno But... Nov. 3rd is election day.
Q: Is There any way to Install Minecraft on a USB stick?

LinuxMachineSo I have a disk quota of around 1.979gb on my Linux installation, and I really want to play Minecraft. Currently, I have it installed and it runs fine, but I have a lot of files for school. I recently found a 32gb USB drive laying around and I wondered if I could transfer the .minecraft and mine...

HA! I guess that answers if it's pro or anti!
5:19 PM
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6:32 PM
@Unionhawk oh apparently the crabs have actually just Ascended, to space
Q: Unable to join some servers without a VPN

ItzdlgI am able to connect to almost every Minecraft server that I have tried, such as Hypixel and some random ones. However, very few have an issue where I get an error on connect. "io.netty.channel.... Connection refused: no further information." When trying a VPN, I am able to connect just fine. How...

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8:42 PM
Have shared before.
Reading brave new world recently
I have this guys book and I'm gonna read it after
8:59 PM
@PrivatePansy Yeah, I just unlocked my first, I was just wondering who else had gotten there lol
9:46 PM
Oh hey, I won the last screenshot contest!
So, there's a Pokemon toilet
10:29 PM
Q: Minecraft: can I get filled in maps using command blocks?

IrdanwenI don't mind cheating in my single player survival world. But I used kill all entities while filling a large chunk with air to get rid of the mobs. But I didn't know item frames are also entities. Why are item frames also entities? Minecraft can be so frustrating at times. You see, I also had a 5...


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