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2:11 AM
Q: Can someone with AoE II: HD edition play multiplayer with someone who has AoE II: definitive edition?

Gaminglime123My Friend on steam has the HD edition of AoE II but I have the definitive edition, is the multiplayer too different or is there a way we can play against each other?

2:31 AM
Q: How to make snowballs invisible?

MDT JackSo I'm trying to implement, mostly for entertainment sake, but also for a potential "magic" system later on in the game, a way to make snowballs invisible while in the air. I'm on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, using /execute @e[type=snowball] ~ ~ ~ summon skeleton ~ ~-4~ to spawn, well, skeletons i...

3:13 AM
I am 29 today
confetti cannon
looks for the cake plates
3:41 AM
wait, what?
@SaintWacko I thought you were older than me! D:
I am 29 today as well. But I was also 29 yesterday, the day before and also the day before that
Happy Birthday tho! 戊
I am 3 days older than you >.<
I always thought everyone was older than I am when I first joined Bridge and somehow over the 6-7 years it has changed
4:15 AM
Q: My steam account email is incorrect

AdamMy steam account is very weird. I entered the right password, and it said I was wrong. So then I went to "I cant sign in" when i entered my name, it's email is not even mine, its some other email i dont know about.

4:56 AM
Q: I can't set Minecraft's file storage location to "external"

Michael KrebsI'm running Minecraft on a Dragon Touch K10 tablet (Android 8.1.0). If I go into Settings > Profile, there's a File Storage Location that defaults to "Application". When I select "External", it immediately falls back to "Application". Any ideas why? I thought maybe it was due to a lack of an ...

It's always fun to consider that like
I've been on this website for 10 years lol
5:33 AM
So I've been getting clips of this Harley Quinn animated series and it's actually pretty good.
I never thought I'd support a Poison Ivy/Kite Man pairing.
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9:00 AM
Q: What controls are used instead of the DS4 Touchpad in the PC version?

LemonOn the PS4 version of Detroit: Become Human, you use the Touchpad of the DualShock 4 for certain actions like painting and drawing holograms. On the PC version, you don't have the touchpad when you use a Mouse + Keyboard or an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller. What controls are used instead of the T...

2 hours later…
10:42 AM
Q: I need help with my steam account recovery

AdamI forgot my password, and when I clicked I can't sign in. And when I entered my name, and everything, it says that it is going to send the verification code to this email that I is not mine, I even checked if I entered the correct user name, and it was correct. Is there anything I can do? Am I ha...

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12:06 PM
@Yuuki yeah it seems like there is some really interesting character development
I've been trying to figure out if there's an easy way for me to watch it legally and I just don't think there is.
12:30 PM
My new controller is paid off!
I'm getting better at money
Well... idk
I still don't have much
12:52 PM
user image
@Yuuki personally i'm not real into it because of the yuri ship teasing between Harley and Ivy which some people were expecting it given, i think it's Heroes in Crisis, they made Harley and Ivy canon and that from what i've heard from DC fans the Ivy x Kite Man seems real forced.
still, my delusional biased hope is that the Legion will want Harley dead, Kite Man will be on their side and Ivy, unable to convince Kite Man to leave her friend alone. will break up with him and side with Harley, and then Season 2 will be Harley and Ivy trying to get into the Justice League since last i heard the follow up comic from Heroes in Crisis has Harley really think about being a hero which is sorta what i've been expecting out of the cartoon
1:25 PM
Q: Is the demise from legend of Zelda skyward sword related to the dark Hyrule universe in twilight princess?

venkatCan I know the link between the demon in the sealed grounds in skyward sword and the dark Hyrule universe in twilight princess?

Q: Custom tellraw url

MinecraftWebI need to have a commandblock output a clickable url to the chat with the playername inside of it and some scoreboard variables. Example: http://example.com/?player="INSERT PLAYERNAME HERE"&variable1="INSERT SCOREBOARD VARIABLE NO 1 HERE" is there any way to do this?

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2:26 PM
Q: Looking for NFS 15 tuning help

FNaF_Master109I'm looking for help to tune a car's stance and handling so it feels like a street car. This is because I sort of like just driving around in an open world, rather than racing and being reckless. Also if anyone can suggest a simple and explainable livery for the Subaru BRZ starter car to to make...

2:46 PM
Q: Dualshock 4 doesn't work quite ok (Wireless connection)

Yaroslav FoxWhen I use wire connection Firewatch, Assasin's Creed Origins and The Wither 3 work ok. But when trying to play with wireless connection no one of them works (Firewatch The keys are confused(O=X, Thumbstick down=dpud down), AC(freezing), The Wither( doesn't work)) How I can fix it? I use window...

3:27 PM
Happy birthday, @SaintWacko
3:47 PM
Q: Forza Horizon 4 Keeps on Crashing

BuildHolderEliteI have recently downloaded Forza Horizon 4, but there is a problem, after I set up my name and click on play Forza Horizon the game gets a grey screen and closes to the Desktop even before it finished loading the map, no error were displayed and I couldn't even see a glimpse of gameplay, please m...

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5:09 PM
Q: Windows 10 Minecraft Texture Packs?

KaiHow do I install texture packs onto Windows 10 Minecraft? I followed tutorials but nothing is importing. I've tried putting the Adventure Time Minecraft Pack in the folder, but it's not showing up or it shows up as an error.

Q: PS4 Controller not turning on (not charging port or battery)

Jason BostockSo I have two controllers, I have tested both the battery and charging port on the working one and it all works fine I've tried resting the broken one, but nothing work, i pretty sure its dead but if anyone has any ideas that would be great

Oh right, I forgot there was a Whole Thing about Steep being always online for some inexplicable reason
(you can explore the mountain, but you can't do challenges or gain xp offline for some reason) (also I have no idea why the game decided I was offline)
at least I got it for free lol
5:42 PM
@Memor-X gotta love yuri fans, who cheer for character derailment so they can have their ships
who also don't believe in the possibility of platonic relationships between women
6:52 PM
@Yuuki I mean, if you want to see a relationship between Harley and Ivy, I'm sure you can find some really in-depth fanfics about this. There is no need to have an officially sanctioned story about this outside of the realm of non-canon "What If" storylines.
7:31 PM
Q: How to turn cheats on or off in minecraft

Oyun M覺knat覺s覺I need change cheats on because my tellraw working cheats I always want cheats to be active I want it to be active even when I quit the game and join the game

Q: Does it matter what placement you have when you lost?

noClueIn a competitive game, in game styles and level settings with flagpoles, if you manage to grab the flagpole after it was already grabbed (during the grace period), you lose less points. Does your placement matter in this case? Say if you got in second place, would you lose less points than if you...

7:53 PM
@Nzall I'm fairly certain there are "official" stories with this relationship.
@Yuuki really?
It's DC, they spin off universes left and right.
As far as this animated series goes, Kite Man, for all that he acts like a stereotypical dudebro, seems actually pretty emotionally aware, mentally healthy, and is attentive to Ivy's needs.
8:33 PM
Q: Minecraft replaceitem same amount

Arvid RehnbergI'm wondering if there's a way to /replaceitem the same amount as a previous execute if command, so basically I am trying to make my own blocks in a datapack that is craftable, so I've made crafting recipes that makes spawn eggs, then I want to replace them with a spawn egg that spawns an entity...

9:06 PM
@Yuuki this is one of those things where I get wanting more f/f rep, but also omg yes let's just have women be friends, with no weird backbiting or competing over a man or anything. Friendship is so important
Kobe Bryant just died in a helicopter crash
@Unionhawk it's an MMO I guess idk
I had a lot of fun with steep but staying connected was a hassle
Wow his daughter died too
Q: Can I swap 2 xbox accounts crossed over with epicgames accounts?

NZ DevWhen activating a game on epic games, it is a little unclear what you are doing... Hence as a noob and a Dad, trying to setup my kids looks simple. But what they don't tell you when you link your xbox account is that you need to confirm(twice) who you are playing the game as and who you are sign...

9:21 PM
@GnomeSlice yeah I'm enjoying myself but I'm getting logged in offline more often than I'd like
And there are also some odd control issues, like my RB button just wasn't working for some reason
Hopefully that's the game and not my new controller is broken
10:14 PM
Q: How to unlink epic games to then link to my actual account?

NZ DevOK so my son played fortnite on xbox and did not link his Epic Games account and now he is not connected to a new EG account and his Nintendo switch progress is not coming through, he is effectively back at 0 with no skins. The option to relink does not appear on xboxand we do not know his Epic ...

10:35 PM
@Unionhawk what did the RB button do? I remember moving around on the map was kinda janky
10:50 PM
@GnomeSlice switch sport lol
if I hit it, it opens the menu, sets me to walk, and repeatedly closes the menu
this launch it's opening the pause menu
what the heck
11:39 PM
@Yuuki yep, because ofcause no one else ever does this
@Yuuki i'd be fine with that, though from a girl who got me wanting to see Legend of Tomorrow she thinks that the ship with Kite Man is forced and out of the blue, more so after he infected a bunch of children just to try and seduce her
though she herself might be a bit biased as she like DC more because it's shown to be more progressive than Marvel but her gripes with Marvel have just been from the MCU like that cut scene of Valkyrie or hiding a gay man as a side character who gets only a couple of minutes screen time
11:56 PM
Q: Was there a map in a shopping mall?

VastI remember a hostage rescue map in a shopping mall that had two levels, but I can't find it in game.

Q: Why are de-selected and deleted Mods still appearing?

Dongmei WangSee below. I de-selected the "Active Mods" with a red circle and exclamation mark. Why they still appearing on the right? You can't see, but I deleted some them (as .scs files) from my computer.

Q: How "Show autosaves" never be ticked?

Dongmei WangWhy "Show autosaves" always ticked? I don't want them or see them!


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