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1:01 AM
What the hell have you done
LadyWacko is playing Friday on her phone >.<
@SaintWacko its friday
speaking of, I should troll @fredley with a Friday link
And now my kids are running around the house caterwauling it
What the fuck
@SaintWacko this is your life now
My daughter's latest thing is yelling HOW DAAAAAAARE YOU
If you ask "how dare you what?" it confuses her though
@ToxicFrog so you are saying @SaintWacko should start singing Friday to his family even louder than the song is playing to confuse them?
I refuse
1:23 AM
Just, casual front flip, towards the slope, after riding on the front tips for a bit
:shrug: idk. but it would be cool if i could do that
@Unionhawk lol excuse me what
2:08 AM
@Elise oh neat
2:21 AM
Q: I am losing the value of my car each time i put an upgrade on it

HankI bought the Isis classic for 360k and looked at the sell price which was 210k. I put around 200k worth of upgrades on it which means it sell for 300k but it only sells for 100k now. How do I avoid this since I have just lost 500k?

2:35 AM
@Lazers2.0 tbh that sounds pretty realistic
when you rice your civic, it might be faster, but it loses value over a stock car
1 hour later…
4:13 AM
@Dragonrage someone has pointed out that this is actually a bigger thing in snowboarding which now that I think about it is right, I've never seen it on skis though
("butter" in the replies is apparently a technical term, not just a remark on the smoothness of this trick)
4:30 AM
I’ve tried it. Either I don’t have the right skis or I’m just not good enough to do it. I know a few people who can butter a bit on snowboards though
4:56 AM
like just from a leverage standpoint it seems like it'd be way harder
or rather, easier on a board
5:47 AM
Q: Minecraft bees broke the rules.

How do i....So I had a campfire under a bees nest and i just uncovered it so the smoke would go through, and then i waited till i saw the smoke hit the nest, then collected their honey with a glass bottle then they got mad and attacked me, they completely broke the rules, why the heck did this happen? They a...

1 hour later…
6:48 AM
Q: how can i complete that

KevinSomeone explains to me, what should be done in the latter, I crossed the whole map and I don't know what to do in that last section?! (https://i.stack.imgur.com/tBgpm.jpg)

4 hours later…
10:53 AM
Q: What business make profit (with or without upgrades) when I purchase the supplies instead of stealing them?

LemonLet's say that I have all of business that takes supplies purchased: Which ones make profit when I purchase a full bar of supplies? (GTA$75.000) What if I have the Equipment, Staff or both upgrade? Please note that "making profit" means that the total price of the product generated is over th...

11:13 AM
Q: Are there any maps of the locations?

ThomasFor skyrim I'm currently searching for maps for the locations. Thus for the cities, then Helgen, and also the dungeons and outside dungeons (like the fortresses, bandit camps, ...). Are there any published in any form?

12:10 PM
this is great
3 hours later…
3:18 PM
Q: i need a command that when someone dies a titile appears

forever aloneI need a way to make it so that when someone dies on my server a /title command will run. all the other answers are 1.12 and I need 1.15

3:59 PM
Q: App skins not working

Em.pageWhen I go into Minecraft and try to use a skin I downloaded from an app there is no option to use it, how do I use an app downloaded skin?

2 hours later…
6:22 PM
Q: Duplicate minecraft name with (1)

Mari What does it mean when there's a duplicate of a username in a realm and it has (1) at the end? Is this really 2 people? Thanks for any answers

Q: My follower lost his horse

Roxanne FreeBought a horse for my follower ( kaiden 2 ) & after a few minor skirmishes, now he's on foot. Thought his horse would RE-spawn at Whiterun, but nothing. I also have Convenient Horses. I jacked up all stats for the horses, so why would my followers horse DIE so easily ? How can I buy another horse...

2 hours later…
8:24 PM
Q: minecraft command block error

Brandon Diaz Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong I keep getting this error.

9:05 PM
Q: Does the AI "cheat-peek" when selecting which Pokémon to send out?

Revetahw says Reinstate MonicaIn Pokémon Stadium (mostly 1, but also 2) I have played around with save-states a bit. It seems that in the battles where both I and the AI select 3 out of 6 Pokémon for battle, the AI is affected by my choices, both in terms of which 3 Pokémon it chooses, and in which one is sent out first. I...

9:46 PM
Q: Ayleid well shareable with group/allies in Cyrodiil?

Detective ChimpIn ESO, in Cyrodiil, I had thought that the buff gotten from Ayleid wells in Cyrodiil were shared by allies or group members gathered round the well during activation. But it’s been a while since this has happened in game for me. So long that maybe my memory is incorrect. P However today I found...

10:27 PM
Q: Is there a reason to do a second trial if you got 7 wins on your first?

Allball103I just played my first Expeditions run in Legends of Runeterra and was lucky enough to get 7 wins. I still get the option to do my second trial, but since 7 is the most possible, is there any reason to? Will I get more rewards if I get 7 wins again?

10:47 PM
whistles innocently cc @badp
11:48 PM
Q: Minecraft villagers are jumping from a height

AlexI built this building. The idea was that a librarian would live upstairs. But there is a problem: he just jumps off the building. How to fix it?


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