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12:04 AM
Q: What was the chronological order of the fnaf series (for real this time)?

Kasey HirtWe knew about this messed up timeline, but, if we reboot it, maybe it will be perfect as it is.

12:19 AM
@SepiaLazers i did a thing :)
@Dragonrage your first action now that you're Blue?
@Memor-X my first visible one. ive already handled a few mod flags already
Q: Were the mentions of Nazis censored on the German versions of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune?

LemonOn Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, there are a lot of mentions of the Nazis. Were those mentions censored on German releases?

though, since i use dark mode, im actually orange not blue
@Dragonrage maybe the chats should show the Diamonds as opposed to the text color then
12:29 AM
I think dark mode is a pork chat thing
@murgatroid99 i use dark reader. it works on most every site
Or that
1:05 AM
Q: What is a good team for competitive triples in Pokemon X and Y?

Rockpikmin75I am done with the Elite four and have spent some time battling in the Battle Maison. Now I would like to start battling online competitively. I'd like to build a team around the triples battle format. What is a good triples team with Pokemon from X And Y, including Megas?

1:49 AM
so i got No Man's Sky dirty cheap from GOG and have been playing it. fairly decent but really makes me think how empty the game was originally if this is after multiple post launch content updates.

i got myself a fairly decent ship from a distress beacon that was across a the ocean from my base that so far as not been beaten in terms of storage space by any trade deal and got a Fleet for free after saving it from Pirates (1 Freighter and 1 Frigate), keep finding better Freighter but don't have enough to upgrade yet and it meets my fantasy of docking with the capital ship and travailing in
2:47 AM
Q: Where is galladite

user243053I know that in pokemon x you can get mega stones after beating the game and some through the main story and dianthus gives you a tali’s with gardevo

3:07 AM
Q: How to breed a starter in Pokemon x that is a female?

Rockpikmin75I started with a female frokie in Pokemon x but I did not know you had to have a male to breed and I finished the game but I want to breed a my grininja now what?

I can't believe I won this run. My cat was all over the computer, and resulted in my accidentally trading my starting relic for a coffee dripper (1 energy, can't rest at bonfires).
Thank you Kitty. You had more faith in me than I had myself.
cc @Ronan @Yuuki @badp (I think)
What a scamp
3:22 AM
@Wipqozn <3
3:37 AM
Okay, now I need to go to bed.
okm that explains why i've not seen a Limited Edition pop up yet for pre-order. they probably aren't going to bother for just the EU
will probably get this on the Switch
3:54 AM
i'm immediately interested in anything with "alchemist"
4:22 AM
@Memor-X is this an IDEA Factory game?
@Ash Idea Factory, Compile Heart. the official site has this Japanese RPG Logo which links to Artisan Game Studios which the landing page has Super Neptunia RPG so i say they had a hand in it too
not 100% of IF's role in it. i've always assumed the International branch just handles localization while the Japanese branch does actual development/publishing with Compile Heart
Hm, I like the look of it but I find IFs games really tricky.
5:29 AM
imgur.com/NYniwMp | Content Warning - Tiny Kitty
Q: Does downloading minecraft PC on Android and then transfering the .exe file to the PC does it install the full version of minecraft

Axes Axes Does downloading minecraft PC on Android and then transfering the .exe file to the PC does it install the full version of minecraft

4 hours later…
9:15 AM
Q: Where can I find my completion percentage?

David YellMy work colleagues and I were discussing this game, and I was asked how far I had got with the game. As my game currently has three odysseys listed in my Quest sidebar, I wasn't sure how to respond to this. It made me wonder how to find out how much of the game content I've completed. However I...

9:37 AM
Morning chat
@Elva Morning!
9:56 AM
New diamonds! Exciting :o
@Wipqozn you didn't even collect the runes!
or go to the Epilogue
this is the worst victory?
also yes trading your starting relic is typically a pretty good trade
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we're all just confused. Especially Dragonrage. [+♦♦] [+confusion] [+worstqozn] [--gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [-politics]
trading a one-time 1 energy boost for 1 energy all the time is a pretty good deal even if it means you need to build a tank deck somehow because the watcher just takes so much damage
10:16 AM
Q: D.I.C.E. Summit 2020 [Main Thread]

GlossythLet's gather all the interesting keynotes, meetings, workshops, and roundtables at the D.I.C.E. Summit in this thread. Although there are already many events on their official website, there are still some hidden gems that we need to book ourselves. For example, a private meeting with DMarket o...

1 hour later…
11:34 AM
@badp It's a huge gamble, but it's gotten better with the new patch, since the boss relic pool is a lot stronger.
11:47 AM
@Wipqozn So you couldn't rest or use potions, did you just not heal at all?
I always trade the silent's starting relic, I don't think the 2 extra cards in the opening hand are worth much
12:04 PM
@Wipqozn I think the Watcher's is the one I'd be the most hesitant to trade
but at the same time other characters don't start with Miracles and do fine
I did get to the epilogue once with three Like Water power cards relatively easily
just get 15 block per turn for free
but somehow block is a super scarce resource on her
12:22 PM
@badp I think it would be the one I'd most likely trade, provided I can get an energy relic off of it.
@Ronan sozu was the act 2 boss reward, so I could still obtain potions until then. But yes, the only healing I got throughout the run was regen potion in the boss heals (which isn't a full heal in Ascenion 9), a regen potion, and the moai head event I hit in act 3 (full heal, but lose max HP).
Linus is retiring it seems
@Ronan Silents starting relic is amazing. It might actually be the best starting relic. Having a really good opening hand is really important in Slay the Spire, and her relic helps you do that. It's why Bag of Preparation is such a fantastic relic. Speaking of which, pair her relic with Bag of Preparation and your starting hand is always 9 cards.
12:59 PM
oh wait, he's NOT retiring
He just uploaded a 30 minute video talking about a GPU driver review that went wrong and bragging about how if he wants to retire he can comfortably doing so, but in the end he's not actually retiring, just talking about how he can
That's... uuh not really what I'd consider an accurate description of the video
Actually I'd consider that a pretty dishonest description of the first 22 minutes at least
Yeah, it was a bit hard for me to follow because it was quite rambling etc
@Wipqozn not really tbh, very little compares to 1 extra energy
Like, I have no idea what the point of the video is beyond what I mentioned
Because in the last 3 or 4 minutes he does actually say he's not retiring
Raaaaambliiiiiing, yes. Try emotional?
1:06 PM
Okay, then what would be an accurate description? Because he did mention the GPU driver review that he made a mistake on, and he did talk about how if he retires his wife doesn't have work a day in her life and his kids can go to any college. I don't really understand what's going on in this video
I mean
part of the point is
- it's a lot
- he hasn't fully processed it yet either
Emotions are hard?
emotions are the worst
you feel them and there's no off button
So essentially, he is emotional about reaching 10M subs?
he's emotional about all the things he rambled about
the 10M subs is just an excuse for talking about it
1:09 PM
@badp Or like in my case, you have trouble feeling them and you don't really know how to handle them or interpret them in others
I don't know that it's super easier for your average people either
That's probably why the video doesn't really register with me. All I'm pretty much seeing is a guy with 10 million subs posting a video that has as the topic "I'm thinking of retiring" and then is 30 minutes of emotional rambling about topics ranging from GPU reviews to retiring
stuff like jealousy, possessiveness, envy, etc. is pretty universal and often completely irrational and counterproductive
I can't follow what he says in this video, what essentially his point is. Is he retiring? Is he thinking about it because of recent events? Is he not retiring?
they're making you moody and snappy and angry no matter how you argue with yourself that it's petty and stupid and wrong and that you feeling about things that ways makes you kind of an asshole and not a person you'd be proud of being
and yet
you feel
your brain is just stuck in this gear
like a car with a somewhat dysfunctional shift
sometimes it just doesn't want to gear up or down
and it's taking you passenger.
IDK if you can relate at all with this state of being
1:14 PM
here's my problem: I have trouble feeling any emotions other than anger whenever there's something going on I don't like, disappointment when something goes wrong and euphoria to the point of teary eyes whenever I'm reading or hearing about humans being bros
those are the only emotions I know how to recognize and regularly feel
have you ever been angry at something that you know you shouldn't be angry at
All the damn time
well that's what I'm talking about
@Nzall I think there's medication for that
he's clearly got a complex mixture of those emotions and he's struggling to make sense of them
1:16 PM
@GnomeSlice I'll have to discuss that with my psychiatrist
talking out loud is often one of the few ways to try and understand how you feel about things and why
but it's been like 2 years since I last went there
Nzall has autism to my knowledge? Not any bonus things like depression?
but as he said in the video he doesn't have many people who he feels like he can talk about these things with
@Elva I don't think I have depression, but it wouldn't exactly surprise me all that much to learn I have a mild form of it. I can't remember the last time I felt real happiness, I think
1:18 PM
so he vlogged about it instead
that's the video
@Nzall You'll have to discuss that with your psychiatrist cause no one here is an expert with the relevant information. Though I believe the medication Gnome was talking about is more for depression
@badp You're not guaranteed to get 1 energy, though. You could get a Tiny House or Pandoras Box. Even if you do get 1 energy, it could be a Runic Dome or Ectoplasm, neither of which is an energy relic I'd want to start the game with (or ever have at all, in the case of Ectoplasm).
@Wipqozn it's a bit of a gamble
the worst outcome is 1 energy but no enemy intents
@badp It is, which is why I'd much rather take one of the other bonuses. I definitely think you're underestimating the value of the starting relics. Ironclad relic can let you be really aggressive in taking on Elite fights. Same with silents, really. A good first turn is just so important.
@Nzall feeling down/sad/unhappy is pretty far from clinical depression though. I guess you still enjoy things, right? Playing games or other stuff you usually enjoy (hanging out in this chatroom for example).
1:30 PM
idk having 4 energy in act 1 is just so good
you take less damage
you can do more elites
you can upgrade more cards
you can get more relics
you can improve your deck faster
those things are much more important than having good turn 1s by drawing two extra cards
just the 3 thorns relic is a HUGE difference, especially in the corrupted heart fight
@Jutschge Hanging in this chatroom is... I guess you could call it fun. Though it's usually more procrastination from my job and engaging in discussions my parents don't want to have. As for games, I have to say the past years, I've had more moments of "I don't know what game I want to play right now because none of the games I own really interest me" than I had moments of "I really want to play a game right now".
Though that last part is more because the general quality of games has dropped considerably with more developers going the route of "release it now, we'll finish it in 2 years" or "we'll fix it with microtransactions" or "we put so much stuff in our game that you are forced to only play this game for the next 3 months or you'll fall behind"
Yeah games recently have suuuuuckeeeeeed
AAA games have
Yeah what I'm saying is: Being sad/down/not feeling "true" happiness sucks but is a part of life (and those episodes are shitty but rather harmless). Constantly feeling worthless and thinking about killing yourself 24/7 shouldn't be a part of life and is harmful for the person affected and everyone around them.
Eeeh fallen order was pretty great IMO
Felt more like a star wars movie than any of the last 3 star wars movies lol
1:39 PM
and on top of that, a number of games that are really being praised as "this is how it should be" actually have really fallen wrong with me because I have problems with core aspects of the gameplay and certain decisions the developers made. For example, I had trouble enjoying Witcher 3 because of the talent system's limitations regarding the interactions with mutagens and talent slots
2:00 PM
Q: What gem and mana are sacrificed when I play seal of exile?

nalkaWhen I play seal of exile in Mythgard, what gem and mana are sacrificed? Do I keep unused mana and gems or are they sacrificed in priority?

As with any mental health thing, if it is causing measurable harm to you or those around you, or if it is preventing you from doing the things necessary for life, whatever you deem that to be, extra make sure you speak to someone about it.
2:49 PM
@Elva I was talking about mood stabilizers actually but they're used mostly for that too yeah
In my ignorance I'm thinking they're kinda the same thing except different in magnitude?
@Jutschge Eh, if it wasn't for the fact that people were off-put by it being pretty much a rote word swap with the first one, you can't get more Star Wars than Episode VII: The Force Awakens.
@Yuuki You mean A new new hope :P? (yeah ok true that one was pretty star wars)
The new one feels more like Harry potter though
So Star Wars is being more true to its fantasy roots?
I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a Harry Potter-esque Star Wars, following Padawans as they learn the ways of the Force.
3:05 PM
I wouldn't be able to watch a show featuring so much bad hair.
@Yuuki The old republic deals with that a lot
definitely more fantasy than in the movies
Also has more sci-fi elements to it
Jedi learning in pretty much every Star Wars has been kinda... missing. Either the Masters don't exist (original and sequel trilogies) or the Padawans are out of focus (prequel trilogy).
The Old Republic is also old. It's waaaaay back in the Star Wars timeline.
yeah but to be fair the timeline is super wonky anyways.
Prequel technology looks more "modern" bc it was made in the 2000's, original trilogy looks retro because it's old and the sequels look somewhere in between in an effort to make it look old
Just beat Blaster Master Zero. Good game. Gonna get the second one I think
Yep sequel purchased
@Jutschge That and it seems like technology has been at a standstill for millennia.
Things are roughly the same before The Old Republic, during The Old Republic, and up to the sequel trilogy.
3:15 PM
@Yuuki maybe they just have the best possible technology already
3:33 PM
@Elva what home laser device do you use? Is it Tria 4X?
Nah it's a cheaper one I'd have to look it up
Everyone I've heard saying that it worked for them uses that one and I'm really considering giving in and ordering one...
My girlfriend uses a similar one
Hmm πŸ€”
I think it's working but am not sure only recently started it
Definitly not going to be as good as a professional of course
And the one I have only works on flat areas which points generally at her face
3:34 PM
The problem with most of the home devices is that they're not laser, they're IPL
That's not suuupeeeer helpful but it's helpful
And that usually burns the hair off, but it's not permanent
Ah huh
googles Yeah mine's IPL it seems
Tria is the only home device that uses actual laser, which is probably why it works for so many people
I think I might go that route...
At least if it doesn't work on my face, I can use it on other body parts πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
Hopefully it at least works somewhat though, it's an expensive risk to take πŸ˜–
It is not a cheap thing huh
3:41 PM
It's 515$ cad and most likely have to pay 15% tax on it as well, so around 600$ 😐
But if it works, it's cheaper than professional laser... πŸ€”
On a completely unrelated note - it's my birthday today πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
gasps Happy birthday! :o
Just put the child for a nap, gonna have to shovel some snow, then nap myself before going to work
Not a very birthday'y day tbh, lol
@Elise Happy birthdaY!
Huh 600 CAD isn't as many euros as I thought
Thanks! 😊
@Elva cad isn't very valuable relative to usd or euros
3:44 PM
I was confused why it'd be 50% more then it was here but it's actually the same price >.>
Still tho, that's like a little less than 2 week paycheck for me
Yeah that's quite a bit
My software development diploma is absolutely useless in this middle of nowhere
4:02 PM
Remote work mebbe? :o Though you probably thought of that already
(It's for exploring)
cc: @Sterno
Well at least it's memoral?
So I'd be open to starting up Movie Nights again.
We could use Discord streaming but unless they've changed things, you can't text chat while streaming.
4:18 PM
Can just open a browser tab for chatting
worth testing, idk how it works exactly
I've done it before
When having multiple conversations going on or something
4:43 PM
It works reasonably well.
I'd be up for a movie night every now and again for sure.
I'd actually be more comfortable with Discord than I was with Rabb.it since I don't have to login on some random virtual PC.
We could watch the 2017 Power Rangers movie.
@Yuuki I actually liked this movie.
It was very good and criminally underrated.
> After purchasing the Power Rangers franchise from Saban Brands, Hasbro announced their intentions of producing a "follow-up" movie on August 8, 2018. After much speculation about whether or not said follow-up would be a sequel, it was confirmed by Hasbro in December 2019 that the next Power Rangers film will be another reboot
I just want the next movie night to be @Yuuki streaming a video of himself telling jokes for 2 hours
4:54 PM
@InvaderSkoodge it was entertaining to watch
Is there no love for the Super Mario Bros. movie?
I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who enjoys the movie unironically
5:11 PM
I finished watching all the Stargate stuff yesterday, and started in on The Expanse
Really enjoying it so far
@Elise Hey, it's my birthday in two days!
@Yuuki They're rebooting it...again?
@Yuuki I just learned this movie existed! I'd be up for watching it.
@Ash And apparently there's time travel and it's going to be set in the '90s.
5:31 PM
@Yuuki no thank you
The tweeeeentyyyyyy nineties?
That'd be sweet
@Ash Now part of me doesn't want to do 2017 Power Rangers for Movie Night because then you'll be all "wait, why are they rebooting this?"
Rebooting will continue until morale improves
5:54 PM
I should probably go to this meeting, but otoh, I don't want to and it's going to be a waste of my time
Oh no I hate this already
@Yuuki entirely possible.
@fredley pretty sure @badp is the result of that
@badp's been RIP for years, but we didn't even notice
Except he built his replacement chatbot entirely out of perl regexes
Man I totally want to take this thing and build a Bridge emulator
then you can be on the Bridge
6:21 PM
@fredley it's porkchops all the way down
@Yuuki It's perl regexes all the way back
Any sufficiently complex perl regex is indistinguishable from insanity
7:06 PM
Q: What is the fastest way to get weapon XP in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)?

FistOfFuryWhen they had the Shipment 24/7 level I was able to level up one of my SMG weapons, but that game type doesn't seem to be available any more. Is there another way to level up weapons quickly?

"How did NSR get broken even more? We spin in a circle and get every item. Almost every item. Every item item, but not some things that are technically not items."
this run was like 2:40:00 at AGDQ lol
7:25 PM
@Unionhawk He mentioned during that AGDQ run that ACE was new and was going to break the category but an RTA setup for it was only discovered a few days before so he couldn't possibly practice the new run in time.
Yeah I know (plus the hybrid run was cooler anyway)
Yeah, definitely one of the best runs of the event.
I think when he submitted even SRM wasn't fully understood yet.
So the SRM stuff he did in Deku Tree to get the "boring" items was a change in route from earlier.
@Unionhawk What does No Source Requirement mean for this game?
@Nzall No journeying into the Matrix to become the One.
@Nzall You just need your inventory screen to show that you have the items; it doesn't matter how you get them.
7:32 PM
@Nzall In the standard 100% category, you're required to obtain every item from the regular source, rather than through item manipulation
> You've earned the "Synonymizer" badge (First approved tag synonym) for the "minecraft-xbox-360" tag.
@fredley this is fucked up
> the filename is instructions to give link an item every frame the rock is loaded based on link's angle, so I just make sure the rock is loaded and I just spin around
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8:48 PM
Q: What late 2019 early 2020 game starts out with a wolf or dog?

1.21 gigawattsI saw a trailer on YouTube for a game that IIRC came out in late 2019 or early 2020 that starts out with a wolf or dog in a cave or a field. I can't find the name of it. It might be an indy game and might be on console only.

Q: Controller does not work in game or apps, but works fine on PS4 main screen

Rich RomesburgMy controller works fine on the PS4 main screen. Can access everything displayed and all the buttons work fine. But, when I go into an app or game, I get no response from the controller. Have tried every suggestion I could find concerning the controller not working - reset controller, restarted c...

Q: clicker heroes me join your clan

willclicker heroes I don't have any problems but need clan or you can join mine also my clan name is YTclub.

9:14 PM
@Lazers2.0 As an Asian, I feel like I wouldn't be welcome in "YTclub".
9:43 PM
> remember that i'm the GOD at the game
god can not be smited and quite sure you can by the devs
10:30 PM
Q: Adventure Mode or Survival Mode?

DarthVaderI am making a Star wars PVP Map, featuring The Empire and Rebels and some props. Players would be assigned to one of the teams and the battle would begin. Since I play Minecraft Java 1.12.2 (because all other versions are blocked) at school, there are always griefers in multiplayer. So I set the ...

@Lazers2.0 Close with expediency
11:06 PM
Wish granted
Q: Can't create macro with Deathwish and Blood Fury

xetra11I want to make a macro that casts Deathwish and Blood Furyat the same time or after another. I did the following /castsequence Deathwish, Blood Fury but it only does execute the first in the array. If I switch them then only Blood Fury is executed. However /use Blood Rage /cast Berserker Rage ...

11:51 PM
Q: on the PlayStation 4 what if I don't use the email that is for my PlayStation network account. How would I verify that it's me?

Juleon Diazi got my gmail hacked recently and had to switch my gmail but I forgot to change my PlayStation network gmail account and now it locked me out of my games and won't let me play them unless I verify myself with my previous email how would I fix this?


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