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12:27 AM
@AaronHall - thanks for your thoughtful answer. I would like to take you up on your offer to meet face-to-face at our NYC office. My team will reach out to you by email to arrange a meeting. I look forward to engaging in a deeper discussion with you. — Pchandrasekar ♦ yesterday
Q: How to get a block with NBT on xbox?

Braden WilcoxonI have tried to use pick block on xbox but it will not get the data saved for what I pick even with other buttons.

@Unionhawk are those Arwings?
@Memor-X Yes
This is Total Control Arbitrary Code Execution
Do ACE a few times to get rid of the file name limit and type in any payload you want
@Unionhawk so they just programmed Arwing models into Ocarina of Time on top of how they attack and move? because i wouldn't think there would be Arwing Models hidden in Ocarina of Time's resources
Idk what the payload is exactly
Actually, apparently arwing is an unused enemy in oot
So I guess the payload was just "spawn 10 of them when I enter a loading zone" or something
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4:17 AM
Q: How to replace crossbow with loaded crossbow, but with tipped arrows?

Trevan CooleyIm trying to make an automatic crossbow that shoots slowness arrows, but i cant figure out how to make the arrows tipped. any help?

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7:41 AM
Q: What are the role of prestige points in Sky Force Reloaded?

gyuriscI started playing Sky Force Reloaded and I noticed that there are prestige points that can be collected but I do not know how and what is the role in the game. What is the role of the prestige points in the game (what they are good for) and how can I collect them?

8:01 AM
Q: How can I spawn a group of mobs within a certain radius?

avuI want to spawn multiple mobs within say, a 20x20 radius or so. The coords are: -277, 94, -37 (the center) All I have right now is: summon area_effect_cloud ~ ~-9 ~ {Passengers:[{id:zombie},{id:zombie}]} Thank you.

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10:03 AM
apparently some of my coworkers still support conversion therapy
10:33 AM
@Unionhawk @Memor-X Arwings were ported into OoT to test out the flying mechanics so they could make Volvagia's flying phase
@Ave that's disappointing. hopefully you're not too affected by them
Do you guys think I'm a negative person
Q: Anyone know the name of this game?

KerkI first played this game on MS-DOS sadly i don't have any picture of it. But the game was a 2D game about an orange Pac-man figure fighting inside computer motherboards, avoiding viruses(scissors), various flopy disks that explode, and "food" you have to eat enough before you can finish the map b...

Q: Nioh keyboard and mouse annoying auto target switch

pouya HosseinyCan i change mouse auto target switch it s really annoying when fight with more than one enemy?

@Ronan huh, that's pretty interesting. didn't think anything special went into that
@Memor-X I think it was more a case of reusing the animations from the arena sections of star fox
10:48 AM
@GnomeSlice the other day it did seem like you was a bit negative but i just figured you might have been having an off day.
Somebody told me I'm really negative all the time
@GnomeSlice well personally i don't think so. like if i've read something you'veposted that was real negative in the past it's not been "all the time" enough for me think think that your just negative
11:22 AM
Happy late birthday @Elise
@Memor-X I'm rather... I doon't like the implications on safety
11:59 AM
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1:18 PM
@Ave thank you! ❤️
@Ave imagine if we had conversion therapies to turn straight people gay, wonder how they would feel then 🤦🏼‍♀️
Imagine if we had conversion therapies to turn people that think straight conversion therapies are good into people that could be compassionate and reasoning people! :o
1:33 PM
@Elva yeah, but we all know those have about as much chance of working as the other kinds of conversion therapy 🤷🏼‍♀️
Only forms of conversion therapy I somewhat condone are those where you try to convert your friends to whatever game you're interested in playing with friends
1:46 PM
(this is why 11 exit bans arbitrary code execution)
Q: I am looking for players that plays clicker heroes

WILLIAM MALOUF IVI'm the GOD at clicker heroes but you can call me monster slayer, also feel free to ask me an answer or question.

@uni mod abuse
deleting questions outright
@InvaderSkoodge I mean, if the question blatantly doesn't belong here, I don't mind Moderators doing this
Like, I actually feel like this is what you have moderators for, rather than offloading this on high rep users
Not really.
Moderators are meant to handle things that need it quickly, or exceptional cases that high rep users can't handle.
Then again, I disagree with the concept of giving non-mod users any control over any aspect of the moderation timeline to begin with, apart from reporting
1:53 PM
@Nzall mods should take action if it's spam/offensive stuff maybe. But not off topic. (or at least that's how I feel it's been handled here forever)
Just let users report the out of line posts, and let the moderators deal with it
The thing with this one is how is this user going to learn what they did wrong?
Leaving a question around in a closed state can help people learn.
It's also put "on-hold" not "closed" first
I'm not actually upset about @uni's mod-deletion; I was just memeing.
But that is a real thing to consider too.
but don't force, encourage or even suggest that users should actively take action in the decision making process around moderation actions
1:54 PM
although yeah this question has no value whatsoerver
@InvaderSkoodge You are right about this though, and I'm working on it (this is the second time they've posted this exact thing)
(also lazers can tell you that that's not secret)
(or just being online 24 hours a day can tell you that)
@Unionhawk I'll let you go do your mod thing then. You have more context than me :)
It's probably good to prevent this happening a third time though :)
nods sagely
Isn't that always the answer?
2:07 PM
The only way to learn how to press buttons effectively is to press them at all
it's true
@Unionhawk pls never sit in front of nuke launch buttons :o
2:19 PM
@Jutschge "All of the nukes were just launched" ... "Where are they headed?" ... "Up, straight up into space"
2:32 PM
@Elva Can ICBMs even achieve escape velocity?
ponders Hmm probably not
Also they wouldn't go straight up if you want to go into space
So they're coming down somewhere
Yes I see the problem
Oh well let's just send them all to the white house instead
Earth escape velocity is a little over 11 km/s
2:34 PM
What's this chatroom for?
The fastest current ICBM has a top speed of about 7 km/s
@NovaliumCompany Uuuh randomness
And occasionally games
2:35 PM
Exactly what I'm looking for.
I come from the hbar chatroom
@Nzall which is barely orbital velocity.
I've been active there since 2017
We're all avid gamers and users of the Arqade platform
I've been active here since 2014
at the very least, probably even longer
Yeah, and I've been active since 1778
Actually, I'm active since 2018 but I wanted to appear cooler
Soo this is a gaming chatroom?
I like your username. Where's it from? I tried googling it but nothing comes up
yeah, sort of
We all like to game, but we often use this room for discussions that have nothing to do with gaming
but generally things are related to gaming, technology and science
2:37 PM
Long story short, I tried to start a games company and I called Novalium or something but it doesn't exist now so...
@Nzall cool
No general news or politics though, we keep that in a different chatroom attached to this site
oh, btw, @Elise I missed this, but happy birthday
But yeah, we talk about a diverse range of gaming and tech related topics. Like, we got a couple of League players who occasionally have in-depth discussions about builds and share clips of their best (or worst) ganks
@Ave crap, i was hoping that they were just ignorant ass holes who just talk with no standing in the company. you just keep yourself safe
then other times we're talking about the latest crazy speed run, or about the AAA market screwing with our games again, or about memes
2:42 PM
is sad no one tried to say games are banned yet so she can point out that no, banning games is banned, games are fine
That's an old meme elv
Still in the room tag list!
@Elva but that's gaming
the action, not the objects
Clooooseeee enooouuugh?
3:08 PM
Q: Follower Won't pick up items Nintendo Switch edition of skyrim

Pro-noobMy Follower won't pick up Items. Nintendo switch edition Of skyrim.

3:22 PM
@Elva We don't even have to detonate them, just have them rain down on it
@SaintWacko indeed! :o
@Elise I mean, that's what the government is doing with their chemtrails and their chemicals in the water, right?
So 0/3 seems like a pretty horrible way to start off ranked this season.
@fredley Also, the hopeful feeling of that Bojack trailer has me thinking it's going to be SUPER MISERY HORSE TIME.
3:55 PM
@SaintWacko ah, don't even get me started on the government spreading the gay! adjusts the tinfoil hat I drink water and it has turned me gay, so it's true!
@Elva I ordered Tria 4x laser device last night from a US site, it was on sale (unlike anything ever on Canadian sites) and it ended up being almost $200 cheaper 😲
I'm always a bit sketched out over ordering anything on US sites, so here's hoping I get the thing with no issues 😖
Oooh very nice!
I shall keep in mind to look at discounts
4:22 PM
Vaping MTL

Proposed Q&A site for the site is dedicated to those who vape and who are passionate about vaping Mouth to Lung, you can compare on the various pv (personal vaporizers) regenerable or non-regenerable (plug and play systems, which work with pre-made coils) and much more.

Currently in definition.

Q: Explosive Lightning?

ChrisI want it so that when lightning strikes the ground, it explodes the ground, how can I do this with just command blocks without using behavior packs or mods? Even if the command is long, I would really like it to be short as possible though.

4:40 PM
@fredley Well shucks, I AM home that evening! Guess I'll finish it all before you even start. I GUESS YOU'RE NOT EVEN A REAL BOJACK FAN!
Binging BoJack Horseman sounds miserable.
@InvaderSkoodge Probably
@Elise oh nice, hopefully it makes it to you without a problem
So how does everyone feel about watching Power Rangers (2017) next weekend-ish?
4:49 PM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment What is the alternative to "mouth to lung" that makes that important to explicitly state?
@fredley That isn't new, I think the new bit is that this species does it? ;o
Oh the behaviour you linked goes quite a bit further
The fungal farming ants do similar things though
Just not the other aphid farming ants?
@Elva Building barns is the new thing for me.
@InvaderSkoodge Oh man it's the best/worst.
@Elva Yeah it's not fungus farming, it's animal farming.
That and they move the aphids underground for the winter.
That's also new to me.
Yeah, there's other ants that guard and somewhat farm aphids? But looks like they just more... stay with a wild group of aphids
Aphids are small sap-sucking insects and members of the superfamily Aphidoidea. Common names include greenfly and blackfly, although individuals within a species can vary widely in colour. The group includes the fluffy white woolly aphids. A typical life cycle involves flightless females giving living birth to female nymphs without the involvement of males. Maturing rapidly, females breed profusely so that the number of these insects multiplies quickly. Winged females may develop later in the season, allowing the insects to colonise new plants. In temperate regions, a phase of sexual reproduction...
4:53 PM
Yeah, my previous knowledge about aphid farming ants is that they just find some aphids and start taking care of them mainly by protecting them from predators and not much else.
And the aphids change their behavior depending on whether they're being actively taken care of by ants or not.
There's other ants that store the eggs during winter and such
Aphids are cute
@Wrigglenite As a houseplant owner, aphids can fuck right off.
Depends on whether you have fruit trees and plants or not.
Fun fact about aphids: they're born pregnant. It's literally a recursive pest.
4:57 PM
Thaaaat explains what I read about a queen taking a single egg
Anyway time for home
Q: Mortal Kombat 9 on the PS vita. How does it save?

Jason LathamDoes the game save on the game cartridge or do you have to have a memory card to save the game?

5:49 PM
Marvel comics just destroyed the DC Universe (with obvious references) in a new comic lol
6:06 PM
tfw you say thee nay
6:32 PM
Q: Is there a way to spawn mobs with unique names? [Bedrock Edition]

MDT JackI'm an avid command block user for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and I'm currently diving into a system for a boss spawner for essentially an RPG-style dungeon with a boss-spawner and boss at the end. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to piece together a command that can detect for the "boss" en...

7:13 PM
Q: How does the Ad Hoc mode work on the ps vita?

Jason Lathamcan someone explain this to me step by step? My main question is whether you have to have internet or not.

7:32 PM
@Elise gasp
incredibly minor subreddit drama on Fire Emblem Heroes is amusing
tl;dr IS recently released an extremely fanservice-y character whose voice lines are about calling out how depraved humanity is and now they're climbing the recent popularity poll event
> Visitors to the campaign's site were allowed to vote for their favourite characters, with the two highest-polling characters of each gender being selected to receive special playable versions of themselves wearing unique outfits
Ugh, I kinda regret getting Digimon Cyber Sleuth because I still have story to do while Tokyo Mirage Sessions is out.
8:08 PM
@GnomeSlice If I asked for you some recommendations on audio equipment, would you be giving me sound advice?
@Yuuki ....yes 🙄
rolls eyes
... I have this sudden feeling that I've made this joke before.
Actually it doesn't look like it
8:25 PM
So I just realized that the current Tesla models (including ones in progress) are S, 3, X, and Y.
that's pretty epic
Seems pretty apropos.
@Yuuki yes.
8:53 PM
I think I just made a bit of a dumb mistake on Twitter. I accidentally said Daredevil is a DC superhero...
(He's not. He's marvel, and I was confused because both Marvel and DC have an active cinematic universe with shows on Netflix involved)
@Nzall I mean, he does do detective work on occasion.
> Disco Elysium has been updated with a unique animation for petting the mailbox. t.co/qknNSmUzZb
9:11 PM
@Yuuki Gonna get some audio equipment, huh? Nice! Just don't get into any treble.
@Yuuki Yeah, please take note
5 hours ago, by Yuuki
So how does everyone feel about watching Power Rangers (2017) next weekend-ish?
9:43 PM
@Yuuki I'm in, potentially.
10:17 PM
Q: Modern warfare ps4

Frosty BoiI bought the digital copy of modern warfare and my brother inserted the disc copy recently. Do I have to insert the disc again to play even though I bought it digitally?

Q: Dualshock 4 issues

WeeniemanLittle backstory... My friend recently had their original ps4 controller disconnected from her ps4 and it connects fine with everything else using bluetooth but absolutely refuses to connect to any ps4. I currently have it with me to try and solve the issue (and take it for myself because i no lo...

Q: Is the Watch Dogs Complete Bundle, paying twice for the same DLCs?

MaladyIs the Watch_Dogs Complete Bundle (Base, Season Pass, Bad Blood, Conspiracy & Access Granted), double charging for the same things? The Watch_Dogs Wiki says that the Season Pass, is already Bad Blood, Conspiracy & Access Granted, plus a few additional things. Is that wrong, or am I actually sav...


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