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12:18 AM
Q: What games did NVIDIA come through on regarding RTX and DLSS?

WannabeCoderIn 2018 NVIDIA released its RTX 2000-series cards. A huge part of this release was an emphasis some fundamental new features that games would support in the future. A list can be seen here of these promises; particularly of note would be RTX (ray-tracing) support and DLSS (a new type of anti-alia...

12:38 AM
Q: Why has nobody ever tried to make a slot machine/video poker simulator? Is there such a thing after all?

VincentI grew up looking at, playing with and generally being fascinated by early-to-mid-1990s arcade machines, slot machines, video poker machines and pinball machines. Out of all those different "kinds" of amusement machines, only pinball has seen any kind of proper "simulator"-type software. The arca...

Q: What language is used in This War of Mine?

puzzletThough inspired by Bosnian War, the city of Pogoren in This War of Mine is fictional. But the radio announcements in cutscenes from Last Broadcast DLC sound like some real language to me: Did they use a real language or just made it up?

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1:59 AM
Q: Is there a way to completely disable the narrator in Minecraft 1.12.2?

MegaCrafter10Every time I write a curly bracket (my keyboard has it set up as alt+b) in game, the narrator turns on because its on the same key bind as the curly brackets. This is really anoying and I would like to turn it off somehow. Since 1.12 doesn't offer this feature, I was wondering if anyone knew a wa...

3:21 AM
Q: Ps4 not turning on and shuts down mid game

user242836My ps4 power sensors doesnt work for quite some time now so i just turn it on using my controller ps button but lately my ps4 keeps shutting down mid game and turning it on using my controller doesnt seem to work anymore, the controller just lights up for a few sec then turns off. Whst seems to b...

3:41 AM
Q: Is any content in Stardew Valley permanently locked to a specific time window?

senpaiJust got started with Stardew Valley. One of my biggest questions is whether or not I'm playing optimally, as in, will I be missing specific events that only happen within a specific timeframe? Note that I am not talking about season dependant events, such as the town events, or what crops grow ...

Q: Where does the term "sex kick" come from?

senpaiAccording to the SmashWiki, a sex kick is an aerial attack in which a foot or arm remains extended for a few moments after the initial thrust. The origin is claimed as: The term was coined by smasher Matt Deezie as a sexual innuendo referring to the properties of the attack in the original Su...

a disappointing thing about the remastered Crash Bandicoot is when you beat N'Gin in Crash Bandicoot Warped he doesn't go tumbling off to the side, his Nuke ignited and yelling "Graaa! Not Again!". like that boss battle has always been the most fun out of all them but in the remaster it's not as good as the original for that one tiny thing
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6:26 AM
Q: how do i use commands to fill my floor for a parquor map

user242839I have tried many things as well as looking things up. I even tried some suggestions from this site. I need to know how to use the command "fill" for minecraft education edition 1.12.5.

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8:39 AM
50% off Ys VIII on Steam and I'm tempted, but the game's also on Switch.
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9:53 AM
fun fact: turns out you can GDPR the schengen visa system (VIS) itself
(or well, not GDPR but file a request for a copy of the information they have on you)
Problem: Process isn't documented anywhere
The documents tell you to contact entity you got your visa from, who will then forward you to the right entity which will give you information on how to request this information
so I filed a request for further information on how to request VIS information
10:33 AM
Morning chat
The end of our driveway had snow past my hip
I hate winter so much
Over here it's a clear sunny day and 6c
10:50 AM
Q: so i have windows 10 and im on minecraft 1.14

Woo_22everyone that I watch to get mods on Minecraft go on file explorer and then types in at the top search bar %appdata% then in that file there should be a Minecraft file and on that there should be a mod file (you can make your own mod folder) but the thing is that I don't have the Minecraft folder...

@Elva it's -11c, -22c with wind chill
30cm of snow yesterday
And wind blows all the old snow into the driveway to add to the 30cm
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12:52 PM
Q: My Friends and I use a Minecraft server that I set up and host on my pc. But all of a suden, one friend can't connect

Thrallpt1It works fine, and the port opens when I run it. One of my friends, and Myself, can both connect using my IP address, but the one friend can't. He used to be able to, so we don't know what is happening. He has the correct Minecraft version, and can connect to almost any other server (I.E. Hypixel...

@Yuuki dang, i think the discount was less during the Winter Sale
1:13 PM
Q: Do weapons requiring higher strength also require higher skill?

LudiObservation on bows. Efficacy greatly varies with bow I have three bows. Villager‘s hazel bow, requiring (Strength, Agility) > (4,3) then Villager‘s yew bow, requiring (6,4) and some hunting bow I don’t have on me, with strength requirement 8. My strength and agility both equal 12 my bow skill ...

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2:14 PM
Q: How do emulators emulate lag?

GraydaI'm playing Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on my Nintendo Switch, and the lag present on original hardware is there on the Switch too. I understand why lag occurs and why it needs to be accurately emulated for things like console verification of speed runs, but on a technical level, how is ...

2:25 PM
Jon Ericson is gone too?
2:35 PM
Q: The great Minecraft tag family cleanup!

Fabian RölingCan a moderator please add the featured tag to this? I think this is important enough to be featured rightaway. It was discussed recently that the minecraft tag family is potentially up to 6 years behind the actual reality and a lot of them are used incorrectly all the time, not only because the...

@Ave Yes
Huh, alright.
He left for another company. He gave his notice in December.
3:19 PM
ugh why Byleth?
Waluigi is so much cooler
and actually would be unique
1 hour later…
4:22 PM
My toe is purple... And not from nail polish
>. >
@Elva did you... smack it off of something? 🤔
I have a big bruise on my pinky knuckle, because winter is overwhelming and frustrating... >.<"
4:34 PM
On the way back from Spain, I bumped my toe into a desk leg and had a toenail crack and start bleeding from the sides
Jup big old bruise
(CW: video containing Trump tweets, but most of the tweet content isn't relevant)
Was fishing my phone out from under my mattress, balancing on my toes and slipped our something
Okay, looks like it's a HTML edit, but still well done
@Elva this is why I always wear slippers
and I always tell my wife to wear slippers
she doesn't though, so she's always smacking her toes on stuff
4:45 PM
@Elva this made me curl my toes up.
if only people would listen to me 🤷🏼‍♀️
last night I removed my bra without taking my shirt off... I was quite proud of myself, lol
@Nzall As soon as it started I knew it had to be an edit because the tweets didn't make sense.
@Elise Oooh level up, that
@Ash actually, those are real tweets from Trump's timeline, just with the first couple words edited
@Ash quite a useless skill for 99.9% of the time, but I had to see if I could do it if I'm ever in a situation where I need that kind of skill, haha
Like, most of the tweet is the same, but as an example, on the first tweet, instead of saying Last Night, Trump said Joe Biden
4:47 PM
@Nzall I....realize
I'm not a potato.
@Elise Its surprisingly useful.
Still, it's somewhat funny, I feel
(Mostly for "oh okay I am home this shirt can be pajamas too time to take bra off" moments)
@Ash I kinda feel like it's just easier to remove the shirt and then put it back on though, lol
it's not really a skill I can see myself using at home for anything other than just feeling fancy that I can 😂
@Elise giggles I just hate being cold.
@Ash fair enough :P
4:50 PM
And I mean there's totally room for "I can do this and I feel awesome for beign able to, evne if it isn';t something I will use"
our upstairs is usually not cold, because we're paying an arm and a leg to heat the house, because of the child
but also we just don't like being cold
Ah, yes
our house is always t-shirt warm
In this apartment we have heat control AND it's included in rent so I don't get cold often
but at my old place a lot it was often freeeeeezing
our downstairs is pretty chill though, because it's basement and we have one thermostat for the whole house
and our computers are downstairs
5:37 PM
user image
5:48 PM
Yep, that's my life.
my cat will either sit in the bathroom with me or sit by the door facing the hallway, as if he's protecting me :)
you can't have the door closed if he's not in the bathroom with me though
6:18 PM
Q: Minecraft bees broke the rules

How do i....So I had a campfire under a bees nest and i jus uncovered it so the smoke would go through, and then i waited till i saw the smoke hit the nest, then collected their honey with a glass bottle then they got mad and attacked me, they completely broke the rules, why the heck did this happen? They al...

6:53 PM
@Wipqozn god FUCKING damn it you waste of scales
now I can't unsee this
a moment of silence please for my mindcanon
@badp I'm not even sorry
don't worry I had no such expectations of you
7:19 PM
Q: What vehicle has the highest number of modificable parts?

LemonOn Grand Theft Auto V and Online, the vehicles can have the following parts modified: LSC: Spoiler, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Side Skirt, Exhaust, Frame, Grille, Hood, Left Fender, Right Fender, Roof, Engine, Brakes, Transmission, Horns, Suspension, Armor, Front Wheels, Back Wheels Benny's: Pl...

Q: Spawning Zombies in a specified area

jtrammellI'm trying to figure out how to make only Zombies spawn in a specific area in my Minecraft server's spawn. I have a pit in my spawn that I would like to have spawn Zombies each night time cycle. The idea is to allow new players to kill them for XP and just for fun. I have WorldGuard and SilkSpawn...

Q: What does the Pirate and Nate say when trying to open the gate in Chapter 5?

LemonOn Chapter 5, Drake tries to persuade one of the pirates to open the gate for him. The conversation between the two is on a foreign language and is not on the subtitles. What are they saying? The conversation is the following: Pirate: Ha-low? Nate: Buka pintu. Pirate: Siapa ini? B...

7:49 PM
@Ash yeah that's what I don't wanna do
Q: Are toad's spots red or white?

Gabriel FairI am a bit confused to the proper color of toad's hat? I remember it having white spots but it seems like all the new games have Toad having red spots

8:28 PM
@badp he posted pictures of himself earlier!
And besides, did you think turtles only wore two dirty socks?
9:18 PM
A damnit, Netflix lost the first 4 seasons of Winx Club. They start at season 5 now
and that RIGHT when they fixed that bug that made children's show not adhere to your language settings
Q: I need change scoreboard players score

Oyun MıknatısıI make command: /scoreboard players set @a[nbt={Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:diamond",Count:0b}]}] diamond 0 but not work in 1.14.4 minecraft I need change my scoreboard score. my score is 1 but not change. helppp :(

10:12 PM
oh wait, I don't need Netflix. The entire show is available for free on Youtube on an official channel
10:28 PM
Anyone know what a "power conditioner" is? As opposed to a surge protector
10:44 PM
@GnomeSlice It's a necessary household item for a hair metal band.
Looks like a voltage regulator.
Maybe plus other things.
I have a couple surge protector like, power bars already. Is that better?
From what I'm seeing, it's possibly good for high performance audio stuff, but I'm definitely far from an expert

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