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12:15 AM
12:33 AM
giggles OMG yes that is so true
the real question is - how do I get my cat to give me space
he's too needy
even most dogs aren't this needy
Oh yeah, Apollo can be really annoying at times. Like, I love you cat, but can you please just like, let me use my hands for something other than petting you.
And I don't even mean "oh, bryan, pet him with one hand and hosue with the other"
no no I mean
Oh he's a goof, and I love him, but also yes
Okay, time for a bike ride. A virtual bike ride.
I meant to dot his an hour ago, but here we are.
@Wipqozn i prefer fat little munchkins who actually appreciate me (aka Pugs)
2 hours later…
@Memor-X is it insensitive that I expected to see Firewatch on that bundle? :x
@Elise personally i don't think so
2:55 AM
so, I bought my first bras today 🤗 and I used a women's washroom (because there were no family washrooms at the mall where I was)
today was a milestone day, I guess
cc: @Ash @Elva
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4:11 AM
Q: Can you transfer data from a downloadable version of acnl to another downloadable version?

Michael ArchI wasnt able to preform a system transfer when i bought a replacement for my broken system because i lost the broken system. After a long time i eventually found it again, with all my previous data still intact. Is there a way to transfer the data of the downloaded acnl in the damaged system to t...

@Elise very much so!
using the women's washroom was so sketchy though, another lady went in just before me
and I'm pee shy...
I don't understand why all places don't have a family washroom
2 hours later…
6:13 AM
Q: Why is the clash of clans builder base matchmaking so bad?

guptaIm only around 1500 trophies and 90% of the time im going against a higher level base 3000 - 4000 trophies. Ive been working on that base for a couple months now and I have never played against a lower base. Even when I go against a rushed higher level builder base its still pretty hard to beat t...

6:54 AM
Q: How do I extend a pulsed signal in Rec Room circuits?

EcholetaI'm looking to take a signal and extend it a short amount of time. For instance, say I have an object inside a triggerzone and I'm monitoring the output of the green pin on that triggerzone. When the object is removed, I want the signal from the green pin to persist for at least a second longer.

7:15 AM
Q: How do I host offline LAN mode Danger Zone or at least use DZ maps in DM mode?

Rusted_SilverI tried to use game_type 6; game_mode 0; map dz_blacksite; or game_type 6; game_mode 0; changelevel dz_blacksite and game_type 6; game_mode 0; changelevel dz_blacksite; sv_dz_team_count 2; sv_dz_jointeam_allowed 1; sv_dz_autojointeam 0; sv_dz_player_spawn_armor 1 but the game ended rig...

7:35 AM
Q: Skyworth gamepad won't switch on skygp-03

MasterLEGO BuilderGot a new skygp-03 skyworth gamepad. Problem is it keeps flashing when you charge it and does not switch on when I press the home button. What could be the issue. I am suspecting the battery. Thanx

7:55 AM
Q: Old first person shooter where you can be in a mecha or outside of it

Reimus KlinsmanI remember playing this demo of a game back in the late 90s or early 2000s that I can't remember the name to. I think it was Japanese-like and probably had a Japanese name I could have sworn it was named daikatana, but that isn't the game. In the game there were parts where you would be piloting ...

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9:22 AM
Morning chat
I would like to buy one (1) more sleep please
9:42 AM
today is cancelled
everyone go back to sleep
Yay! walks towards bed and falls asleep midway
throws blanket on
curls up
turns light off
cartoon sleepy sounds
10:38 AM
@badp I think I figured out why the first 2 episodes of Witcher 3 didn't have their desynced timelines work properly, and it's not exactly because the relative position of timelines is unclear. Rather, I think it's because the relation of each plot to the overarching story is unclear. It seems like the central narrative is Ciri trying to find Geralt, but then the prequel timeline relating Geralt feels like it's at the same time, and the Yennefer timeline overall isn't even related
so the central story is that Ciri tries to find Geralt, and this happens in a couple days or maybe weeks, but then the Geralt timeline jumps years at a time while you think it's parrallel, and then when the Yennefer timeline jumps in, that one also jumps around, but on top of that it doesn't really have any relation to the Ciri story. you could literally toss out the entire Yennefer storyline and you could still understand the Ciri storyline, but you can't do that with Geralt's
it's like
if your story needs these backflips to be told properly
maybe keep it for a season 2?
tell a simpler story in season 1 so people can get acquainted with the universe?
surely this is not the only story worth telling in that universe
11:01 AM
Q: GTA V online stolen vehicles

KerkIm curious about cars that you can stole and sell for the most money in GTA V online. I know there's a chance that modded sentinel xs can spawn after midngiht till morning near tequila la which can be sold around 14k-18k and modded sandkings spawns near the LS Customs in sandy shores, sell price...

11:39 AM
@badp No, but I just googled it, and the books started as a collection of short stories with that didn't get a tighter central narrative until he started making full length novels. The series is based on those short stories and AFAIK follows them quite faithfully
And then the games are actually sort of an non-canon epilogue to the books that make a number of significant changes to people, events, interpersonal relationships etc
12:13 PM
@badp oh I wish
@Elise I wish they did, it would be easier.
1 hour later…
1:23 PM
Q: How to prevent Pokemon GO from keeping my screen on?

8BitMissingno.I am having an issue with Pokemon go where I will set my phone down with the app open accidentally and it will drain my battery to 0 because it keeps the screen from timing out. I have searched high and low on google to try and find this setting but to my dismay it always interprets my question a...

1:38 PM
2:04 PM
Q: Does bouncing a stolen card return it back to the original owner?

nalkaWhat happens if my opponent stole one of my minions (using traitorious murmur for example) and I bounce it (using deported for example)?

@Ronan @Yuuki My cats and I beat Ascenion 4 last night with Watcher.
IT's possible I just wanted to post a picture of my cats.
Watcher is a lot of fun, but she can also be frustrating. There's so much you need to pay attention to, so it's really easy to overlook something and go "well, fuck."
I really need to shave
Oh hey I have that same mousemat
@Elva IT's a good mat
And I have smallworld and dominion
Oh and eldritch horror! I have no cats though
I've started playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker a couple days ago, but got interrupted by the new WoW patch
2:10 PM
@Elva I'm not a fan of small world. I looooooove Dominion though. I have, uh 10 expansions lol
I've got the starter thing but only ever played with the starter set of cards so no need for more expansions
Thaaaaat is
A lot of cards
@Elva That's what one of my dominion boxes looks like. I needed a storage solution aside fromt he default "carry around 11 boxes".
@Elva Yes, yes it is.
ponders A nice aluminium flight case? :p
2:15 PM
@Elva Dominion is one of those games that better and better with each expansion you buy
and your wallet gets smaller and smaller...
Yeah, but I'd first need to not play with new people each time :p
And I have too many board games >.>
@Elva Yeah, as you can tell from my shelf, I also have quite a few.
That's like one of my three shelves :p
I have a few more that aren't pictured here, but that's most of them.
I wanna be home so I can make pictures
They're kinda spread out over multiple places
2:22 PM
@Elva I never want to go beyond one shelf. I'd start selling some at that point.
I mean I say that now, anyways.
Q: I need help with candy box 2!

BenI cant figure out how to get the next unlock, what do i do? I have just started After candy box 1, and I don’t know how to unlock quests or the shop, help!

3:01 PM
That new DLC...
Fire Emblem: Three Houses (and a Basement)
3:15 PM
@Wipqozn Caaaats!
I wish my cat would lie off the the side like that
Instead she just sits right in front of the monitor
And depending on what I'm doing and how much danger I'm in I either pick her up and set her on my lap or pick her up and throw her off to the side
@SaintWacko Oh my cats do that too. That's what the younger one normally does lol
Q: Is there a way to know how much damage minions deal

WillUnlike other active skills if I hover my mouse over the skill a tooltip appears with detailed information including damage, summoning skills do not show damage in the tooltip. Is there a way to know in the game? Or is there a tool/website that can calculate it?

3:30 PM
... This library apparently tries to import 2 packages with the same API from different JVMs
@Ash I've just had 3 consecutive hours of meetings
super done with today
just not super done for today :(
hug That's no fun!
I mean
I could totally go home
no one would mind
and I don't know what I'm doing right now tbh
@badp That sounds terrible
I even inflicted hour 3 on myself
3:37 PM
@badp What a masochist
I'd have safeworded out :o
Q: Japanese Mythology in Sekiro

Viktor BeExperiencing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice I was wondering which elements of the lore are references to the Japanese Mythology. Are there any myths about: Serpent God Divine Heir Divine Children of Rejuvenation Treasure Carp Monkeys ...

Q: Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge strongest unit

KerkWhat do you guys think which is the best unit by overall stats, the price and the ability to kill other units and destroy buildings. In my opinion its the apocalypse tank since it has heavy armor, good against ground and air, destroyes buildings fast too and can heal by time, some cons maybe its ...

4:25 PM
> Your pre-order release date has been changed. The new release date is April 15, 2020. Your order details are shown below for your reference.
This is for a physical (smart home electrical) device, so manufacturing delays are to be expected.
5:01 PM
Q: Change in roles for Jon Ericson

Jon EricsonIt’s a bit surreal to be writing this post—not many people can say they left their dream job twice. Today is my last day as an employee of Stack Overflow. I’ll be joining College Confidential as their Community Product and Operations Manager doing many of the same things I’ve been doing here but ...

Q: Can I use the attached weapons on the Dewbauchee JB 700 on GTAV online (Xbox)

AlexI purchased the Dewbauchee Jb 700 for $305,000 but the guns don’t work. However, it’s also on Warstock cache and carry website for $1,470,000. What’s the difference? If I purchase the million dollar Dewbauchee JB 700 will the guns work? Also, can I use the guns outside of online missions?

Horizon Zero Dawn possibly coming to Steam in 2020: pcgamesn.com/horizon-zero-dawn/steam
Big if true
> It looks like Sony’s days of publishing games exclusively for PlayStation hardware may be numbered.
bit of a bold statement to make for a pc port of a 3 year old game
Seems more like a bone to toss out to people who don't have a Playstation to entice them to get a PS5 because a new Horizon is coming out.
I don't own a PS (never have, probably never will since there's just not as many games I'm interested in on the platform), but HZD has always interested me. If this leak is true, that would be great for me!
@MageXy Ooh
That would be cool
5:15 PM
user image
Cc @Ash @GodEmperorDune @AnyoneElseWithAHeart
Cute overload
@Wipqozn I love this. I love all of this.
(although my first thought is "how do you get doggo in costume" because in my head it's akin to trying to dress a toddler, which is...tricky)
@Ash its possible albeit difficult
@Wipqozn Is that a pug in a squirtle costume?
@MBraedley yes
5:37 PM
@MBraedley no, its @GodEmperorDune. Those are his PJ's.
@Wipqozn tomato tomahto
Q: Why cant my friend and i join eachothers minecraft worlds?

RoscoFloppyEarsWhy can’t my friend and I join eachothers worlds or realms?She has a tablet and I have an iPhone 7. We can join eachother when i am at my nans but when i’m at my own house it doesn’t work. It says Unable to connect to world and if it does work she can’t see me. She cant join me either. ITS GETTI...

Q: How to kill all Items except for ones that players drop

ColdTyrannSo to give you some background on what I'm trying to do, I've set up a safe-zone around world spawn where command blocks are used to kill entities that come within range. However, this generates a lot of mob drops which causes a lot of lag. So basically I would like to kill off all mob drops but ...

6:10 PM
Q: Xbox Live using Xbox 360 to get leader board results after a halo round?

StealthRTHey all I have been wondering this for years (Since the original Halo came out) and since I am a programmer I've always wanted to be able to hook into the halo leader board screen - the one that comes up after the end of each round. I want to create a C# program that takes that data per each rou...

6:49 PM
7:04 PM
Can (s)he actually fly in Three Houses? Or was that just flair for the Smash reveal trailer?
7:21 PM
> You gained a whopping 10 League Points.
(this is on my alt account, I played enough to get a bronze cup and that's it)
7:36 PM
@MageXy Nope, they can't fly.
user image
Get hyyyyyyyyyype
@Yuuki hyyyyyyyype
@SaintWacko "This is my partner Imhotep or 'He Cometh In Peace'. Go ahead, show her your 'cometh in peace' face."
apt get hyyyyyyyyyype
Package 'hyyyyyyyyyype' not found.
I didn't really understand why that was funny until I was a bit older.
7:43 PM
@Yuuki I can see that face in my head
"Gus 'TT' Showbiz" "The extra T is for extra Talent!"
> "And this is my partner Sh'Dynasty. That's 'S-H-comma to the top-DYNASTY'!"
> "... comma to the top?"
> "That's God's comma."
git hyyyyyype
git: 'hyyyyyype' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
Oh dang that's way better than mine
@SaintWacko @MageXy, don't be exactly half of an 11 pound Black Forest ham.
"That's his partner, Methuselah Honeysuckle, which makes me Old Scratch Johnson"
7:48 PM
"This is my underprivileged mentee, Hollabackatcha."
"MC Clap Yo Handz"
"Hummingbird Saltalamacchia"
@Yuuki Yes, I would like to wow the horse
> "And this is my partner, John Jacob Jingly Smith."
> "Are you saying his name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt?"
> "We used to share the name, but I had to change mine on account of all the people. Shouting, when we went out."
"Excuse me? My name is Black. His name is Tan. I can’t believe you just made that assumption. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family."
Man that show is so good
7:52 PM
I could quote Psych all day long.
All 8 seasons (and the musical!) are on Amazon Prime apparently.
Yep, I just rewatched it recently
Although I missed the musical this watchthrough
@SaintWacko Don't be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan.
9:05 PM
What class should I pick? I just got Dark Souls III, and have never played one of these
Good luck
What the options?
I don't know about 3, but class choice doesn't really matter in Souls games.
You'll eventually get the other stuff anyways.
Chose mercenary because it looks cool
9:29 PM
I think I usually just go with a standard warrior guy with a sword and a shield
@Yuuki Yeah that statement is a bit of a stretch.
Though it does seem they're letting more 2nd(?) party titles out into the wild.
The linked article mentions Death Stranding and Detroit I think.
we got L3 VERY angry
@Ash Ave has her own ISP
sorry about that
and apparently people are using that to DDOS
9:44 PM
@Nzall it's not about that
@Nzall nope
@Ash There's a thing called "pixelflut"
ah, okay
Basically, it's this screen where you can change any pixel to any color. With a ping.
mpps in that picture means million packets per second
I was personally doing 2mpps
Anyways, I've had a lot of fun with this over the last few days, and so did others, just drawing stuff, optimizing code to send more packets and finding more servers to run this code on
but we never got too much past 7Gbps.
fwiw, they had a 10Gbps uplink
so they asked people to saturate it. What happened is that it hit 180 Gbps.
@murgatroid99 sword and board ftw
9:48 PM
which not only saturated the pixelflut, but also multiple european countries, which is amusing.
@Stormblessed magic is kinda weak in ds3 iirc
@Ave ooops
Early game anyway
@GnomeSlice Some of these work, some of them are nightmare fuel.
@Ash yeppp
9:51 PM
The Knight is probably the easiest starter. Melee is really strong too but it will force you to get good at fighting. Picking a ranged class will let you inch along taking everything out at a distance but you'll struggle with bosses
It's really, really amusing.
I can only imagine the face on the people running this as they got the call from L3
I like Knight plus crossbow personally
@Ave you DDoSd countries? By accident?
@Stormblessed yeah he's fine
@GnomeSlice not me
but we were doing something similar to DDoS, intentionally.
that's the point of pixelflut.
Pushing as many pixels as you can
fwiw here's how it looked minutes before it died
That seems bad
That's like.. a lot of people affected isn't it
nah I mean
you "DDoS" a given IP block
which is connected to a server owned by someone who's asking for this
But uh, one thing that sometimes gets forgotten is: It's not a direct connection.
This data does flow through upstream ISPs after all (level3 in this case), and they have their own limitations.
180Gbps isn't a lot, fwiw, it shouldn't cause as many issues as it did, not to level of "saturating backbone in 3 european countries".
36c3 had a 500Gbps uplink.
9:59 PM
Did a bunch of people like lose their internet?
What likely happened is that they were slowed down, and were likely routed through somewhere else until all the spam stopped
10:14 PM
@Ave That did surprise me, because for an ISP, that's not huge, or at least it shouldn't be
10:52 PM
@Ash depends on how big the countries are. Anything Western European would be fine, but depending on where the Pixelflut is hosted, 180 Gbps might be enough to saturate smaller European countries like Croatia, Chechiya or Chzech Republic
Well, it doesn't matter how big the countries are, it matters more what their infrastructure looks like, which has no bearing on actual size of the place.
@Ash yeah, i know, but I mean that generally smaller countries have smaller infrastructure. You wouldn't have a terabit backbone for a country like Kosovo, for example
addendum to the above:
You'd be surprised.
Disco Elysium (2019)
11:05 PM
@Ash Georgia, Greece and Armenia, all European countries, have average internet speeds that are roughly comparable to Turkey. However, those speeds are only about a quarter of most of Europe
11:21 PM
@Nzall small countries are more likely to have better infrastructure because it's much cheaper to upgrade a smaller infrastructure
many of the countries with fastest internet in the world are all geographically small countries
@Elise Hmm, might have something to do with density
@PrivatePansy probably, because lower costs to upgrade, higher return due to more potential users per square meter
but upgrading infrastructure in a geographically small country requires a smaller upfront investment
It's one of the things we struggle with here, because outside of cities, people are so spread out that getting good internet to all the places is hard and expensive.
Like...the whole reason companies like the one I work for exist is to cover where conventional DSL/VDSL/cable/fibre internet is prohibitively expensive for anyone to want to put in
we have fiber in our town, but like, my friend lives in this community about 10km from our town and all they can get is LTE internet, because no one is going to run cables to there for a community of like 50 people
although they can get landline, which, correct me if I'm wrong, should allow them to have DSL?
or at least adding DSL to the landline shouldn't be overly expensive, since the cables are already in the ground?
If the DSL lines are there, theoretically
Landline does not automatically mean DSL, though
11:31 PM
I mean, is there a difference between DSL lines and landline phone lines?
@Ash that's what I wasn't sure of
I wasn't sure if you use the same cables for it and just add extra tech on both ends or if it's a different cable
Like there's no difference, in the cable, but you need the rest of the infrastructure
would that infrastructure need to be dug up and added or is it just like, upgrading the modem on both ends, so to speak?
You need DMARCs along the way
because DSL degrades over distance
so you need to be x distance from the service hub bits
(I don't know as much about it as we just resell)
@Ash ah, makes sense
wasn't sure if phones already needed something like that or not
but it makes sense that internet has "higher" requirements :)
nods it does, yes, because of how the information is transmitted and stuff.
11:35 PM
their community is kinda next to the highway though, so I imagine adding the stuff needed for DSL shouldn't be a huge investment
I'm sure they've calculated the potential profits though
Oh yeah, they likely have
Q: Server constantly warning about Can't keep up! How to fix? [minecraft]

hogu_gtfrI am hosting a server with a website (server.pro) and I have mods installed in it [forge 1.7.10-1448] In the near days it has been starting to warn about Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 18808ms behind, skipping 376 tick(s) I messaged support,...

Q: Based in the US; can I purchase PS Plus for a UK-based player?

Lamprey Says Trans RightsAs the title says: I'm a PlayStation User in the US, and I'd like to purchase PlayStation Plus time for a friend of mine who lives in the UK. The PlayStation Store suggests the correct way to do this is to buy a top-up code or PS Plus gift card from them and give the code to my friend: You ca...

My parents live in a town of about 50-100 people, and when they redid the bridge in town, they redid most of the roads, and the township was like "hey anyone wanna put in cable/DSL stuff while we have everything torn up?" and all teh companies were like "hahahaha nope"
in Warframe Talk, 19 secs ago, by Dragonrage
there is a 1 million credit alert which is affected by credit boosters and first win of the day
@Ash ugh, capitalism >.<
11:38 PM
@Elise Indeed.
on a completely unrelated note - cheap bras kinda suck
I got two and one is a push up, so the cups are a little closer and that one is great, but the other one I got is regular and it digs into my armpits >.<
and I have no idea if this is appropriate for this chat, feel free to delete if it's not, lol
Bras are, unfortunately, often very you get what you pay for :(
so I've heard :x
As the self appointed chairperson of this chat, I'll allow it
@Unionhawk are you made of chairs or just in charge of them?
11:44 PM
Why not both?
Both would make more sense, as chairs would probably be more inclined to listen to and respect someone who's also a chair (or multiple)
and I am basing that on completely zero data
It's a sound theory, I think.
@Elise no, they just like chairs, so they are a chairperson, similar to a cat person
cat person or catperson tho?

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