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12:37 AM
Q: Is smoking battleships worthless?

Explorer As a DD player, other DDs and CAs ask me to smoke-screen them, but never BBs. Whenever I proffer smoke to BBs player, they always decline and say that smoke for them is useless. But why? Is it worthless to smoke BBs? If not, when ought BBs be smoked? On Smoke Screens - Global wiki. Wargaming....

1:08 AM
@GnomeSlice man, can only imagine how pissed he would be from this
:thinking: *gets out a PS1 to Transmute with PS2s ready for the PS5*
1:52 AM
@Memor-X ah that's great
Hopefully it blows inward and not outward
2:16 AM
Q: How do you change villager profession? Bedrock edition Xbox One 1.14

Dan GoodwinI have recently cured two zombie villagers but both have turned into tool smiths. But I want a villager as a librarian. To try and change the profession, I got each villager in their own space and in one of their spaces, I placed a lectern a block away from the villager (in a 2x1 area) - as I h...

So .. first day back at work in a week. Not great success
I'm feeling very temperamental and irritable
2:55 AM
Q: How do I diagnose as a Doctor?

Michael CampbellI've recently started a Sim who is going down the doctor career track, and things were going well until I started having to Diagnose patients myself. If you perform all the possible examinations, sometimes there is more than one possible diagnosis to choose from, and I couldn't figure out how I ...

3:09 AM
Am feeling better now. Brought a treat for after work
3:26 AM
Glad you're feeling better <3
4:00 AM
1st story - holy fuck, youtube better fix shit
tldr; someone (Brady) has been using the DMCA system to extort users with false claims, youtube is suing them but what makes worse is that thanks to yourubes own DMCA system, Brady got the home address of one of the users he targeted and when they field the counter notice, he then SWATed them
though that sick burn from youtube
> Brady's extortionate and harassing activities described here may, at least in part, be motivated by his failings in his Minecraft interactions
4:36 AM
Q: Minecraft kill all players except a certain player

iDoProgrammingI'm making a house, with a security system, where only I am allowed. My command block is supposed to kill all players except me, but I can't find what command to use. I've tried /kill @a[name=!<My username], but it doesn't work. What is the actual command

5:16 AM
Q: Where do I post technical questions about modded minecraft?

existing personOk, so I'm pretty sure it's my computer itself that has the problem. I tried to download and play skyfactory, and it always gave me an error on startup. Any other modpack also doesn't work and gives the same error. I posted here before, but people told me that Arqade isn't the place to ask the qu...

5:38 AM
@Memor-X I wonder what the Laws of Equivalent Exchange has to say about this
6:00 AM
Damnit, missed my train by seconds. Bus and train arrived at roughly the same moment. But by the time I got to the train, the conductor already turned his key and I was no longer allowed on....
How long till the next one?
6:15 AM
KSP 2 is going to have multiplayer!
@PrivatePansy should be fine. if it's not enough then maybe we could get some games to add to the mix to appease Truth
6:31 AM
*starts to hyperventilate* @Ash @GnomeSlice @everyone. i found Kirby
or at the very least a proper name to try and look up
7:07 AM
@Memor-X Tssk. I'm going with 4 PS4s to get the PS16
7:28 AM
Ooh, Cartoon Network released Infinity Train a couple weeks ago. Only 10 episodes, but so good!
7:54 AM
Q: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri crahing late game (resources(?))

MawgI have been playing SMAC since it came out, 20 years. I finally got round to playing on the hardest level and, late game (just about GravShip), it looks like I have a chance to win. However, the game is now crashing, and I would suspect a resource problem. Except, I have been playing exclusivel...

8:04 AM
Morning chat
@Elva morning
I'm so surprised at this lmao
discord is bringing discord store to android
@Elva they won't allow getting android games I believe
just buy games to play on your windows pc
and gift them.
also you'll be able to buy gifts, store them and gift them when you want to apparently
similar to how steam inventory used to be before likes of g2a
there's even code generation!
@Ave (so you can send it over chat and it'll show up like a nitro gift)
I'll admit one thing, this isn't a bad idea. It's just a shame that discord store is executed fairly horribly.
Actually nvm gift inventory is already a thing.
8:16 AM
I've not used it before
The discord store
@Elva it's windows only with drm that doesn't work when you're offline etc
^ my writeup on it
I should check if they released a new update for the drm
2 hours later…
10:42 AM
Is voting on a post disabled if it's locked because of edit wars?
There's only one type of lock, but it can applied for different reasons
oh ok good to know
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.14) Call SelectedItem Damage Tag

LaytonGBI am trying to call the Damage tag of an item in my selected hand, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it! If there needs to be a work around in place for this I would be entirely happy to use it. All help appreciated, thanks.

11:31 AM
@Ave you can still do that. i got The Ship, Don't Starve Together, Metal Gear Solid 5, Frozen Synapse and Lego Batman in my inventory to gift and i don't even know how i got any of them (Don't Starve Together i assume i got when i got Don't Starve) but i know some games come with multiple copies like Terraria. and i assume there has to be some way to bulk buy gift from Steam otherwise how is G2A getting them?
@Nzall not really useful when there are no games. at least the PS5 isn't too far away and will get some games
@Memor-X Who cares about the games? I care about the hardware. A PS16 probably has components that are like 60 years ahead of what we have today, so just throw the right OS in there with proper drivers to talk to that hardware and you got a machine that'll last decades
Assuming it doesn't break down
i think i will still get the PS5 for the original reasons why i got the PS3 and PS4, because i expect Final Fantasy to get on there
yeah, I'm considering getting a PS5 too, depending on the price
added bonus if with Sony getting Insomniac we might also see more Ratchet & Clank or Jak & Daxter (hopefully new titles)
@Nzall been debating about if i will with how Sony has been censoring Japanese games which end up making a huge part of my collection and i hear that in China one game they censored introduced bugs which wouldn't surprise me because i know localization can introduce new bugs (ie. Ar Tonelico 2 in the US and Atelier Iris)
@Nzall could just fail because it uses a new Flux State Bit which is incompatible with Binary
@Wrigglenite Eh. I'll stay away from that bit.
11:40 AM
@Memor-X Yeah, might be that in 60 years, quantum computers are so cheap and ubiquitous that they're found in consumer electronics
Wow the windows terminal is so bad... I can see it printing individual words...
@Elva Yeah, if at all possible, you might want to use powershell, since that's the more modern solution
I'm not using powershell
I'm not using dos
I'm running a console application
12:02 PM
Good day
Can I ask here if a specific question is on-topic or should I go to meta for that?
@MechMK1 Usually here is fine if you can keep it short, but if you need to go into detail, it might be better to go to Meta
also, not everyone in chat is active on Meta and vice versa
I understand, I'll try to keep it brief
basically, I am extremely burnt out by the all-engulfing toxicity in online games, and I would like to know how I can deal with it.
Note: I'm a regular user, not a mod or room owner, so I might not be the best person to declare whether something goes on meta or not
I know, it's only tangentially on-topic, hence why I was not sure
It's just, I work 9 hours every day, come home, do my chores (clean the apartment, take out the trash, cook, do the dishes, etc.) and when I sit down to play any online game, 90% of the time I am met with "omg noob kys" or remarks of similar nature
In the past weeks, this has drained all fun out of online games for me, and I really want to get some information on how to deal with it
ksp2 is windows only :(
12:10 PM
@MechMK1 I know exactly what you mean. I've been looking on meta for precedent for this question:
Q: Are questions about a game's community on topic?

LuckRecently, I have seen two TF2 questions (here and here) asking about trading in-game items with other players, and specifically the value of said items. These questions are not about on the game itself, but about the community and players of the game. Additionally, they sound like shopping advi...

Q: How can I make a "Guess The Build" Mini game in Minecraft? (Java Edition)

Vuyo MiskinI have a server which I am working on in the Java Edition of Minecraft and have recently played Hypixel. I am very new to the server side of the game - I have made a survival server. I am also not very experienced with command blocks and other aspects of a server. Anyways, ever since I played the...

@Nzall This is going to be very different than what is being asked.
so I think if you can keep your question focused on "what can I personally do to deal with toxic players?" it would be on-topic AFAIK
Seems like a good course of action
Q: Questions about player behavior in Online Games

JutschgeIn Online games the behavior of other players is a really important thing. Especially when it comes to competitive games or MMOs. Basically every game you aren't just in a small group (Coop zombie modus in COD for example) but where there are a large amount of other players you can play with/comp...

that's another meta topic
12:13 PM
Personally, a general question about online toxicity is going to be rather broad.
@MechMK1 It's definitely going to be controversial. Personally I'd say it's on-topic but again that's just my opinion. Not the community as a whole
And it strays into psychology and opinions as well.
It's quite on the edge, isn't it?
Opinions are fine as long as they're backed up by reasoning. That's the whole "good subjective" thing.
12:14 PM
Hence why I would rather ask for opinions on my opinion-based question
@MechMK1 We have a close reason specifically for primarily opinion-based.
I think it'd be on-topic because everyone who plays online games has to deal with toxic teammembers or players at some point in their gaming carreer
Asking that question is going to run that line, and the community may not see it as acceptable.
@MechMK1 If you want the best solution to toxic teammates: use the mute button!
Trust me I've had more than enough toxic players when playing LoL
Some games let you mute chat as a whole which can be nice.
12:16 PM
@Frank I am aware of that. But I would say a primarily opinion-based question is a question to which every answer can be correct ("What is the best realistic military FPS game?"), where as I believe a good subjective question empathizes reasoning or personal experience
Sadly, not every game supports this. In particular Dead by Daylight doesn't
@InvaderSkoodge /mute all is the strongest spell in League
Honestly, I'd look at it from a different perspective, and try and find games I enjoy that don't have an overly toxic community. I played WoW for a while and boy, did that have some toxicity at times. I recently started playing FFXIV and that game is wholly different
Every game I play, I am put into a post-game lobby, where the other team hurls abuse at me, either for defeating them, or for being defeated
@MechMK1 Good subjective questions still have answers to which they all can be correct, too.
@Frank True. Perhaps my example wasn't that good.
12:18 PM
On a per-game basis, I think there might be something worthwhile, as each game will have their own specific tools.
As a general question? I'm a little more iffy on that one. Seems too vague to me.
So "How can I deal with toxic players in Dead by Daylight?" would be a suitable question?
@Frank Honestly assholes are the same in every game. If someone insults me I don't really care what game I'm currently playing.
I'm going to have to hard disagree with @Frank on this one. This seems solidly in good subjective territory.
Toxic players aren't usually reasonable. There's a difference between "Hey could you try to play better. Maybe try this and that" and "F**k you you piece of trash"
@Jutschge Yes, if some players were that way, I would be fine. But if the overwhelming majority are this way, to the point where I have to assume verbal abuse at the end of every game, then it's a different story
12:20 PM
It's probably not too broad, but I'm also not sure what kind of answers you're looking for
@Jutschge Sure. But generic answers are straying into psychology, and aren't so much about gaming, but dealing with negativity in general.
There's nothing gaming specific there.
@Frank Valid point.
Then again, there are some gaming specific solutions, like "there's a setting that lets you mute all in-game chat"
If the question were specific to one game, yes.
There's a reason why I muted all voice comms in TF2
@Frank It's still a topic a lot of gamers have to deal with. We do allow questions that aren't explicitly about an in-game problem. While yes, it's more about psychology or self-control, there are a lot of people that will know solutions to dealing with the problem
12:24 PM
Asking about a specific game will probably get you the most useful answers
Because frankly I have enough of "[ASMR] 13-year-old kid playing Spy screams at you for killing him as Pyro for the 5th time - Earrape Edit"
Honestly I'd say for the two games I've played the most (WoW and LoL) interpersonal skills, communication and staying calm are just as important as knowing how to play a class/champion
I tried the "just stay calm" approach for 600 hours now
But the constant verbal abuse is like sandpaper on my nerves
Is there no way to mute a player?
The game has a post-game chat, that cannot be disabled
12:29 PM
some games have better communities than others
I'm pretty sure you can mute a particular player, but it's not that intuitive
some games lack chat in general looks at almost all nintendo games
@Unionhawk In DBD? Doubt so
So a quick google search says you can minimize/close the chatbox
The second release of that studio, Death Garden, lacks a post-game chat
Yes, you can minimize it
But only after it was loaded
12:29 PM
I haven't played the game though and it's definitely not the optimal solution
If the devs would add an option to disable chat, it would be so much better
I really hate the constant verbal abuse
Can you report players?
Yes, but it was proven that the developers ignore the reports
Often if you report someone there's an auto mute
A guy created a new account, and was the most toxic he could imagine
He griefed every game, insulted everyone, etc.
He said he did that for 100 hours
And was not banned so far
I seriously doubt that the developers care too much about player reports. I believe that the button is just there so players feel better
I'm not trying to dismiss every attempt at answering just outright, just in case it seems that way. But I have done most things that were suggested already
I reported toxic players, I tried to ignore them, etc.
12:34 PM
@MechMK1 I doubt they would manually check every single report. If there's a report system it's probably automated (although it might not be a very good system from the sounds of it)
So from what you're saying: the post-game lobby is the main problem
Is there anything in-game?
No, there is no in-game chat. Thank god
Are there any important statistics in the post-game screen?
It's really post-game only
Yes. Basically, since the game is so asymmetric, it's hard to judge who won. So the developers implemented a really complicated system to determine if you lost or won.
In league I usually either leave directly after a bad game or I switch to the statistcs tab instantly since it has no chat
And you need to examine those statistics post-game to see where you exceeded, and where you lacked
Yes, if I had the possibility to just see my statistics, I would take it
But the system is designed to just put the chat in your face
12:37 PM
The best thing you could do I can think of is creating an automatism to always minimize the chatbox as soon as you enter the lobby
Like two days ago, I got completely demolished, and in the post game chat, I wrote "gg wp"
The response: "mimimi killers always have to complain. git gut fa***t"
right now I automatically type in /mute all in League without even realizing it. Took some time but it works
I'll see if I can conjure something up
The game is not exactly "configurable"
Just go ahead and ask about it
The real solution is to go live in another country for several years until you forget English and then come back and now you can't understand toxic people.
12:40 PM
That works until you learn English just from the insults other players fling in chat
I wish I could, really.
The other thing is just developing a thick skin for online insults but that's 100x easier said then done.
Alternately, play while monstrously stoned/drunk.
Absolutely. Especially if you're not in the best mental health situation to begin with
Yeah If you play in europe you'll learn to insult people in 10 different languages real quick
12:41 PM
@Yuuki I can't, I don't know anyone who sells weed. I'm not in the cool kids club :D
I buy mine from the government
At the end of the day, kids insulting you post game doesn't really do anything but look silly
Brawlhalla is pretty bad for that too. Post game chat you can't disable. Not everyone's a nerd but I just leave and don't engage with people who are
@GnomeSlice I kinda see it the same way but I have 7000 hours of people throwing insults at me in LoL. Then I remember that the first 2000 hours I was struggling with it
Seems like I am still in the first 2000 hours
I know some people can be completely chill with it
And in my time in university, I was chill with it too
I mean I still don't like it but I just don't care anymore
mute, report next game
But that took a lot of time
Idk. If in in a really bad mood and some nerd is BMing and stuff I might get a bit tilted but I get more upset just from losing than from some little kid trying to talk shit lol
12:49 PM
But ever since I started working a 9 hour job, together with my chores, I feel like I waste 10-12 hours every day on work, and 8 hours on sleep. That leaves around 4-6 hours of free time, out of which realistically I can spend 2 playing videogames
Smaller games without a lot of community moderation in place are generally much worse
Dead by daylight probably falls in that category
As does brawlhalla lol
And if those 2 hours are just riddled with "kill yourself", "uninstall", "you're trash", etc., I just want to stop playing
Yeah I feel you
At least you have a job unlike those people
@GnomeSlice Particularly smaller games with PvP elements.
If someone tells me to kill myself I just say no. Works every time
@Yuuki yeeeah
12:51 PM
@Yuuki like LoL and CSGO :P?
Almost every solely PvE game I've played (with the exception of MMORPGs) doesn't have nearly as much toxicity as those with PvP elements.
I think DBD has an even bigger problem: It's strongly asymmetric
Yeah coop is usually better
That means people who primarily play killers have no problem insulting people who primarily play survivor, and vice versa
@MechMK1 yeah probably a factor
12:52 PM
Everyone should just play Monster Hunter and be happy (and then rage at AT Xeno).
Where as if you played a more symmetric game like CS:GO, if you think CT's are overpowered on one map, well, you get to play them for half the game
Overwatch has a pretty clean community
In my experience
Usually hassle-free
@GnomeSlice *squints*
Yes, but you can play every character you want in Overwatch
@MechMK1 game balance usually has no influence on toxic people. Assholes will find a reason to insult you
12:53 PM
@GnomeSlice Please tell me this is sarcasm
@GnomeSlice wut
@Yuuki it's really not that bad
If you think that character is OP, nothing stops you from playing that character
In my experience anyway. Even in ranked people are usually pretty nice.
In a 4 vs 1 game, if you want to play with your friends, you need to play survivor
Which is why for my roughly 600 hours, I played like 500 hours survivor
12:54 PM
Sometimes people get annoyed if the team is doing poorly but it doesn't usually devolve to "kys loser"
I can be mad at people if they play bad, but that doesn't mean I have to express that towards them
Or express it in a toxic manner
@GnomeSlice Do you happened to have voice chat turned off?
Or you don't auto-join team voice chat?
The biggest things in brawlhalla are a) being called a spammer or b) being called out for the character you're playing
@Yuuki I usually do
Same in DBD
You play Plague, you're shit
I only play OW with voice chat off and normal chat is still a shitshow
12:55 PM
You play Hillbilly, you're shit
You play Nurse, you're shit
You use NOED, you're shit
IIRC, Blizzard has some basic filtering on text chat but voice chat (as with all games) is the Wild West.
You use BBQ&Chilli, you're shit
@MechMK1 lol it can be anyone in brawl tbh. People just get mad
12:56 PM
I get the idea, but maybe let's not fill our chatroom with swears
I'm sorry
I love it when I beat somebody and they say I'm shit cause.. well that makes them worse than that
Didn't mean to be spammy
And they don't like it when you tell them that lol
@GnomeSlice But don't you get it? You beat them because you used an OP character/skill/etc. and that's the only reason you won
12:57 PM
Who cares what they think
@GnomeSlice yeah but honestly... ignoring is probably the best way of dealing with toxic people
Usually yeah
They usually want to get a reaction out of you
If you use a good build, you are a noob relying on crutches.
If you use a weak build, you are a noob who doesn't even get what a good build is.
12:58 PM
@GnomeSlice When you hear that stuff constantly it still takes a toll on you.
That's fair
@InvaderSkoodge That's the point I am making, and what I really struggle with
My buddy like broke his controller playing brawlhalla once, he threw it after some kid BMd him post game
@MechMK1 It's really a fake it 'till you make it thing. Pretend to not care about what some random dude says and at one point you really won't care
Like, if the game was mostly fine, and just now and then I ran into a toxic person who vents their frustrations at me, I would be okay with it. But if it's every single game...
12:59 PM
Or at least that's what has worked for me. Can't speak for everyone
It's funny. Several days ago I played DBD as Killer and absolutely destroyed a group of survivors. And in the post game chat, they said "wow, well played. gg"

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