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2:06 AM
Q: How to upload world file from Xbox One

Joshua SmithWhat I want: Recently I have become interested in viewing the save file for my Minecraft realm. I need to get the file off of my Xbox onto an external PC. What I know: I understand that I can download a realm save file onto my Xbox. The problem is uploading the file to an external system. I se...

Sort of late, but the Warframe room is open for discussion.
2:46 AM
Q: GTA 5 Scrapyard.pay bug

bobby_10I own the Scrapyard in GTA 5 with Franklin. For the past 5 weeks i have gotten $0. I'v gone near their but no bikers are attacking. Is it a bug or what

1 hour later…
3:46 AM
Q: How does the player setting affect the elemental damage of mobs?

Paul ErlenmeyerIf you change the player setting in Diablo II, monsters get more HP more damage and give more xp. The same happens when players join in online games. How does that affect elemental damage? Do monsters like burning souls make more damage when the players are raised? One special case are dolls. I'...

4:29 AM
Q: Can I remove one enchantment but not the others

GirodeliI just enchanted a diamond sword and it gave me sharpness 3 and fire aspect 2. I dont want fire aspect 2 so is there any way for me to only remove fire aspect. Thanks

5:29 AM
Q: Resuming Minecraft Server Console

Rvby1I'm running a Paper 1.14.3 server on a VPS running Ubuntu 18.04. When I run restart on the Paper server or lose connection, I no longer see Paper's console, so I'm unable to interact with the server anymore. Is there any way to "resume" the console process on Linux? In other words, is there any...

5:49 AM
Q: How long does it take for super strong monsters to respawn?

CyberSkullHow long does it take for super strong monsters to respawn in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

6:29 AM
Q: (Java Minecraft) What are the basics of commands?

Nik3141What are the basics of Minecraft commands? If I were to start from scratch, with no knowledge on the topic, what are some things that I need to know?

7:06 AM
Morning chat
evening @Kevin
7:24 AM
Morning @Kevin
2 hours later…
9:14 AM
I feel like I’m not drunk or high enough for the last six episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion
9:48 AM
Q: I built a NPC complex out of demonite ore!

user234687None of the NPCs will move in, is it because of the ore? The building I have right next to it had a NPC in it already and now it is vacant. Is this also because of the ore?

bridge I'm working with the hackiest setup ever
I forgot my laptop charger at home
so I plugged in a random usb c cable with a random brick
(my laptop doesn't officially support usb c charging, but it does "work" in practice to make it last longer)
and disabled screen and am working on an external screen rn
and 8% lasted me an hour and I still have 4%
10:18 AM
I’m annoyed the last episode doesn’t answer the biggest question of them all - what is with that fucking penguin?
Q: Why are Jewelled Foils much more preferable to Harpy Rapiers for modding?

senpaiAccording to the wiki, the Jewelled Foil only beats the Harpy Rapier with a slightly higher base attack speed, at 1.6 vs 1.4. Otherwise, the Harpy Rapier surpasses the foil in every other way -- higher base damage and higher critical multiplier implicit. Is the attack speed really what's settin...

10:46 AM
The meeting with the doctors is today. I don't think we will be getting good news. Today will probably be the worst day of my life, again
11:27 AM
Q: Racing games for ps4

LasseAre there any racing games out there for ps 4, where if you crash hard the car is not driveable any more or just slow and realistic pitstop so you can get the car fixed.

12:04 PM
@PrivatePansy Same energy?
Also, I miss @FAE.
12:26 PM
oh shit I need to pick my final fest team today
Q: play multiplayer on modded(cracked) minecraft pe edition

Sidhant Soodme my friends have minecraft pe edition on our androids the app is cracked(we have not purchased it from playstore) so it doesnt let us login to our xbox account. and we cant play through the servers/cracked servers because on clicking join it says to first login in xbox and then it crashes. howe...

12:42 PM
@Lazers2.0 @mods please close
it's closed and has 1 20k vote
That's not even a question worth pinging for mod attention.
The community can handle it just fine.
@mods doesn't ping anyway
but if it does
good I'm glad y'all got 2 pings
It doesn't.
this pings though: @Wipqozn
The only problem is @Wipqozn is so hard to spell. He should just change his name to something easier to ping
12:52 PM
like mods
@PrivatePansy Like @wippy?
I'm curious as to whether I can make my name unpingable if I preface it with something that stops the autocomplete
I think that names are required to start with a typeable character.
no because people with names like that appear with a blank @
Maybe that was on discord, though.
Or maybe I made that up.
so like say there were like a user @u̙̲ṋi̱o͚̹̱͓̼n̥̖͔̖̻͟ͅha͈̹wk̻̬̦͈͜ - that person would appear in the autocomplete first when you just type @
or a user with a name starting with a japanese character or whatever
1:07 PM
Luigi's Mansion 3 release date announced
October 31
(which is picked specifically for that date apparently, nintendo normally releases things on fridays)
@Unionhawk I thought Nintendo normally releases on Thursdays?
No I'm pretty sure they do fridays
a lot of The Industry does thursday
smash friday december 7, mario friday october 27, mario party friday october 5
The Industry does it to get people into retail stores on tuesday or thursday, but 1) that's not really a motivation anymore, and 2) nintendo does what they want
Hmm... I might be thinking about movies.
Lots of movies premiere on Thursdays right before midnight.
@GnomeSlice hugs I will be praying for you and your family.
1:27 PM
Q: Minecraft Execute for y= not Working

MeowlI've been trying to create a command that kills all tnt within a certain distance on a certain y value. The y value, however, seems to specify nothing when I use it. I've looked online and many people have had problems with this, but the solution to these problems was essentially what I've been d...

1:38 PM
... I just got a connection request from someone on LinkedIn whose profile name is "May" but they signed off as "Ann" in the request message.
oh that makes me wonder
did this one person I tried to add to my Professional Network add me
nop, rip
Hey guys
New Switch announced
Q: PS4 controller cant connect to ps4

ServinGuys my one of my ps4 controller couldnt connect to PS4. But it only works when using remote play in laptop via USB. There is no light blue flashing when i press the PS button. When i connect it tPS4 with USB, the orange light blinks once and goes off. Please help me

With increased battery life and... nothing else?
portable only (no detachable joycons, no docking), $100 less
1:47 PM
No, the new new Switch
@Unionhawk no, it's a new Switch Pro
oh what
Not the Lite
huh neat
1:48 PM
The New Nintendo Switch XL & Knuckles. with new Funky Kong mode
So now they can start going down the DS timeline: Switch XL, New Switch, New Switch XL, new Switch Lite, Switch Lite XL, New Switch Lite XL
though i'm not sure if those last 2 even make sense
Nintendo 2witch
So Three Houses releases Friday?
Nope, next week.
2:04 PM
The New Switch, now with the same amount of joycon drift!
Dropped inputs while I'm playing Switch games make me pretty much hate playing games on the Switch.
I guess I could just play it in handheld mode only but it's kind of a pain to get in and out of the dock given the shape of my TV stand.
@Wrigglenite You left out this important change: The new model have a product serial number starting with “XKW” as opposed to “XAW” as listed on the “Compare Switch” page on Nintendo’s website.
@Sterno I bought some electrical contact cleaner to see if that fixes the drift issue.
It arrives on Friday and hopefully fixes the problem.
I wish I had Bloodstained for Switch instead of PC, but I also wish Bloodstained ran well on Switch, which is why I got it for PC instead :(
@Sterno gasp
2:17 PM
@InvaderSkoodge ??
The joycons aren't 100% reliable when not physically connected to the switch.
> Joycons aren't 100% reliable
How bad would you say it is
I've used a switch a few times and never noticed anything
@GnomeSlice I get dropped inputs maybe once every 5-10 minutes of play.
But it'll be like the joycon desyncs for a full second or more.
Mine occasionally start holding up on the stick when I'm not touching it at all and I need to move it to reset it
2:20 PM
I've never had that happen.
So even the way they're broken is inconsistent.
Maybe your switch is bad
I play quite a few games that use the dpad rather than the joystick, so it's probably pretty rare to notice
@InvaderSkoodge that happens on my PC with my controller and monitor whenever my mini fridge starts up
Screen goes off for like 5+ seconds controller usually disconnects too
Gotta get out of my basement
electronics are weird
hot take
This happens when it's connected too
2:21 PM
Hang on, these are Joycons right? Can't you just replace them?
They are expensive.
I could, but it's pretty rare and they're like £60
You can buy individual joycons apparently
That's sort of on hold for now though
My girlfriend and I are doing to get a switch when we move in I think
you can apparently get waluigi joycons soon though
2:25 PM
Wrong order, data bad
@Ronan Yeah, that's the drifting issue I'm having right now.
I'll let you know if I fix it on Friday.
Q: Can I make a house out of demonite?

AtomI built a complex for NPC's out of demonite ore. None of the NPCs will move in, is it because of the ore? The building I have right next to it had a NPC in it already and now it is vacant. Is this also because of the ore?

Q: How to increase the render distance in command & conquer generals

botenvouwerWhen you use a large resolution you will get the effect that not all visible ground textures will be rendered. Is there a way to increase this render distance?

I've not heard of this but apparently it's been big recently so
It makes placing blocks in Dragon Quest Builders 2 annoying.
@GnomeSlice kotaku.com/…
My Switch is like 8 months old, I rarely play it, and one of the joycons drifts
It's not uncommon
And I get the same issues @InvaderSkoodge does, though mine is more like every 30 minutes as opposed to 10
2:35 PM
I haven't had any issues with my Switch, but I also don't use it all that often
We need to use it more...
@Wrigglenite For shame!
Abusing your diamond authority like that :D
Who could have guessed a topic about Hitler would generate a ton of flags?
@SaintWacko The first of many mod abuses
@Wrigglenite We expect nothing less
Q: How to specifically send either a chat message to all players or only allies?

MrFoxWith the definitive edition I want to play more of this old game. One problem I've always had is how to chat only to allies or everyone. It's unclear to me where the default Enter chat goes to, it seems everyone. How can this be specified?

3:28 PM
@InvaderSkoodge I get that every time someone walks in front of TV (between joycons and switch)
@Chippies Oh interesting, I'll keep an eye on whether that could be the cause for me.
if I put my knees up and the path between joycons and switch is blocked, I get constant input issues, sometimes even disconnecting completely
we're also getting the stick drift on the right joycon too
I've been told that "newer" revisions of joycons don't have the connectivity issues, but I know multiple people who have bought their switches recently and still have those issues
Not selling me on this
supposedly the blue/orange joycons had the issue fixed, but my brother-in-law has blue/orange joycons and they still get connectivity issues
3:47 PM
Ooh, apparently there are a couple new Joycon colorways coming out
It would now be possible to get eight joycons with no color duplication
too bad joycons are garbage :(
almost everyone I know that owns a Switch, has had some issues with the joycons
I don't think I'm going to attend the meeting with the doctors. My mother's right, I don't know if I can handle that
Wallpaper for my tablet
4:03 PM
@GnomeSlice Oh, this is great :)
4:17 PM
Pixelwave is a cool app
Is that where the jellyfish came from?
4:30 PM
For the first time in over 15 years I am not Chippies. For now at least. Trying something new...
@Elise waves hello
@Ash 🙋‍♀️
@Elise But you're forever kirby
@Ronan that is very possible indeed
Kirby can be whatever Kirby wants to be. Kirby is my idol :P
4:41 PM
@Elise This is one of the reasons I like Kirby so much. Kirby is full of infinite possibility.
@Ash consuming people irl is frowned upon tho... 🤔
Kirby represents something great, but the methods of achieving it are... odd :P
This is true, people do get kinda weird about that
Is there a way to tell reddit to stop giving me notifications about popular posts in reddits I don't follow? Like I followed the one for Pat Rothfuss's books for a while but now I don't and it's like "OH BUT HERE IS A HOT POST FROM IT" and that's annoying
@Ash yep. Lets you save them as gifs too
@GnomeSlice Oh, that's neat
Some really good ones
Submitted by artists
5:32 PM
@Ash I just don't use the Reddit app.
Use a different app; I use "reddit is fun" which doesn't notify me of anything at all, the way it should be.
Actually it will notify me of direct messages but only when I open the app myself.
I use Apollo on my tablet. Don't have a Reddit app on my phone.
My demo failed today... because I changed a config file... and didn't update the checksum.
Well at least now you know the checksum logic works!
@Yuuki I don't mind the notifications when it's for stuff I actually care about. Like telling me there's a post in r/bahai I should look at, cool, okay. But for some reason it really wants me to care about the Kingkiller Chronicles reddit and I don't.
5:46 PM
@Ash You can turn them off in the Android settings.
I don't want to turn off all the notifications.
@Ash you don't have to. Let me take a screenshot
I just literally want to say "stop telling me about Kingkiller posts because I don't even follow that reddit anymore"
If the app supports the newer API then you can choose the speciific type of notifications to turn off
I found a spot for notifications BUT it's only for communities I follow
5:49 PM
I still want trending post alerts, though, just from stuff I follow
Oh, in that case I don't know how to help you.
It's all good, I just find it weird it's telling me about something I don't follow anymore, it doesn't do that for anything EXCEPT the Kingkiller reddit.
I don't know if it's weird caching somewhere or what.
Although it's neat I can change so many notification options, that's helpful to know, so thanks for that at least :)
@Ash Well I got a trending post based on (presumably) my Amazon ad profile.
(Reddit is owned by Amazon, right?)
@Ash Could try re-installing the app?
5:53 PM
@MBraedley I Think Amazon owns everyone, including you!
@MBraedley no, advance publications is majority owner who appear to not be related to amazon
it's hosted on aws though
@Unionhawk So some kind of ad profile sharing then.
Also didn't Conde Nest wash their hands of reddit for the most part?
@Yuuki I haven't tried that yet, good idea
Okay, what the hell
I keep deleting all my passwords from Chrome and they keep coming back
6:04 PM
@SaintWacko X-Files Theme
Thank you for coming to my TED talk?
6:23 PM
@Ash I use RedReader and it doesn't do that
Oh, Iron Sky is still a thing?
Probably not as feature complete as some others though
@Yuuki apparently sequel coming to theatres July 19
I figured it would've gone the way of "okay, real life is parody enough".
Q: Are levels 2 and 3 of the Sludgenest on the same spawn counter?

the dark wandererAre levels 2 and 3 of Sludgenest on the same timer related to enemy spawns? If I stick around on level three for a while and farm artifacts will level 2 increase in difficulty as well?

6:27 PM
This is so fucked. Whenever my dad makes a face of pain or like he's thinking, or yawns, or picks at the tube in his nose he looks just like himself again for a few seconds
6:46 PM
Q: Trying to create a back up system if someone accidentally drops an item

CautiousNinja 199So I am making a kit based map, and I want to allow people to get items back if they accidentally drop them. I have set up scores which activate when someone drops an item. I am able to give them the item with no hitch. The problem comes when I want to reset the score. I tried just setting the sc...

7:40 PM
@Elise Awesome possum. I'll need to make you a new character in XCOM 2 the next time I play.
@GnomeSlice hug
Q: how to detect if a person score hits 0

VlI Shadow IlVok so I'm making a PVP server on Xbox 1, and I need a way for a command block to detect if that person hits the score of 0 because 0 means that they left the game, and I need a way to delete that user, "Offline Player" from the scoreboard

8:05 PM
Q: Effects of Shaders on Mob Spawning

Daniel CannIn minecraft, (most) mobs spawn based off of light levels. Shaders alter the lighting of the game. Some shaders will make dark corners appear even darker than in the ordinary game. Some shaders might make the game brighter or darker on average. Does the presence of a shader mean it might be mor...

Jesus Christ that was the hardest meeting I've ever had
@GnomeSlice Take your time
I will update here if anyone is interested but... Later
Just signed a lease for an apartment a few miles from work :)
cc @Ash
@GnomeSlice hugs take time for yourself, do what you need. We'll be here when/if you are ready to talk
@Dragonrage Oh that's super great! If I recall right, you had a pretty long commute?
8:19 PM
just a measly 60 miles one way :P
So this is a very big improvement, yay!
yeah, it drops my commute from 1.25-3+ hours down to about 10 minutes :)
Q: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Recording In-Game Lag Issues with osu! + Audio Difficulties

NeonKrakenI've recently been experimenting with recording osu! via OBS for the past few weeks as I am hoping to record some "milestone" scores. I've had a lot of issues and tried a lot of solutions so I thought I would make a post here. The first issue is that there is a noticeable decline in performance...

> "Though [Black Mask's] sexuality is never explicitly stated [in the film], multiple sources have told We Got This Covered that the sexual tension between him and fellow villain Victor Zsasz will be palpable and the way he acts in general makes it pretty clear that he’s gay," the entertainment site reports.
8:34 PM
Nope nope nope
Batman villains are all pretty irredeemable but Victor Zsasz is perhaps one of the more irredeemable ones.
@Wipqozn woohoo, I have ascended to new tier of Bridge-ness. I won't let you down as a meat shield sacrifice!
@Elise dont worry. @Wipqozn let's us all down enough as it is
@Dragonrage don't dare speak like that about our great leader! shakes fist angrily
@Dragonrage Confirmed.
8:46 PM
@Elise great terrible
@Yuuki What's wrong with that
@GnomeSlice the part that says "the way he acts in general makes it pretty clear that he’s gay" implies stereotypes and that gay people somehow act different than hetero people
sure, there are some extremely flamboyant gay men and butch lesbians, but that doesn't represent the majority and if that's how they choose to go about it, it's just bad representation
9:09 PM
@Elise well, the Dereks of the world need representation too right
I guess you guys wouldn't know my buddy Derek, but definitely the most flamboyant guy I know personally, lol
@GnomeSlice sure, but the problem is that majority of hollywood representation of gay men already does that
I guess? I don't think it's the job of filmmakers to like, police that
it's just poor writing too
@GnomeSlice it kinda is though
y tho
@Elise lol I'll make sure I tell Derek you think he's poorly written
9:16 PM
if the only gay people you see are flamboyant gay men in movies then when you actually meet a "regular person" and find out they're gay, your mind will be blown and you'll probably say something stupid like "oh? but you don't look gay"
emphatic nod
It's fine that there is that representation, but it is less fine when that is all there is
@Elise Are there still people that stupid?
Plus, that seems like more of a parenting problem and less one that independent filmmakers should have to deal with
you're probably right
sorry if i offended
@GnomeSlice many people aren't exposed to real lgbt people and all their exposure is from movies/tv-shows and when all of it represents a tiny minority, that's what people think all of the lgbt people are like
it's less about being stupid and more about lack of exposure
if you've never seen a cat in person and in all movies they would be shown as murderous creatures, you'd probably be wary if you saw one in person
@GnomeSlice I certainly wasn't offended, I just had to afk for a bit mid-convo
9:47 PM
@GnomeSlice Something else is that hollywood is really bad that whenever there is an LGBT character in media, that's their most defining if not their only trait. They're often not allowed to be fully fleshed out characters, but instead are limited to have a personality trait which is literally just "I'm gay" (if it's an LG characteR).
Basically LGBT (And minorities in general) just want to properly represented as, like, normal people.
IT's gotten a lot better in the past decade mind you, but it's still a thing.
THat's kind of a slight tangent, but I was thinking about that earlier today because reasons, and so I just jumped at the chance to say it
Now I'm going to go roll dice and be angry when they roll bad
10:30 PM
@Wipqozn But your DM will be happy as he will be able to narrate you doing something badly.
10:49 PM
"I'm as certain as pirates hate body parts that come in pairs". That's certainly an interesting turn of phrase.
@Yuuki giggles I like it
11:45 PM
Q: Minecraft Weapon damage effects

D3T0NAI need to know if it´s possible to make a weapon in minecraft that aplies effects when hits an entity , for example some sort of knife that poisons and slows everyone that´s hit by it. And if possible added custom durability for it to be used only once and then break .


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