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12:06 AM
Like blind boxes and kinder surprise and such
Im guessing.
"your version of Target"
Not sure if I think that to be offensive, hah.
@Memor-X Because everybody loves P2W mechanics in Kinder surprise toys.
Duplicants in Oxygen Not Included are just adorable!
@Ash i dont regularly go to target, but I dont know any near my house that sell surprise toys.
they must be from a different area or something
@Dragonrage I think Kinder surprises are usually a Canadian thing.
12:16 AM
@Frank we have them in Australia, but they aren't in the Toy Section of Target
the only thing i can think of as Surprise toy is a Jack-in-the-box or a lucky dip
@Memor-X isnt a Jack-in-the-box just a toy that preys on a kids lack of object permanence? not really something that you dont know what it is
@Dragonrage yeh but if you didn't know what it is it's a surprise when it pops out
i'm thinking they might be thinking of a lucky dip which a) i never see in Target and b) contains crap no one wants
12:49 AM
lol loomio must have been reading my "maybe we should opavote" chat because they announced $149 per year for member-supported orgs
(free for unfunded orgs, and $149 per month for others with more than 50 members but less than 500)
1:50 AM
@Frank they're available in most of the world, except in the US. It's banned in the US because it has non-edible things inside a food
@Chippies the one european grocery near my house has ones from all sorts of countries, its kinda fun to see what the different toys are
2:18 AM
Q: Candy on let's go pikachu/eevee

Austin DuesingI played through let's go eevee and am now using my friends let's go pikachu in my switch and playing through, but when I catch things they dont give any candy, even at a catch combo of 100, just berries. I've only beat 2 gyms so far so was thinking maybe it starts later in the game and I forgot,...

2:34 AM
my brain is realizing that in a week my husband will be here like for real for keeps and I just
I can't even deal I am so excited now
Q: What to do after drawing spells

BatophobiaAfter drawing a spell during an encounter, there's circle that the spell seems to rotate around. Is there some kind of action expected with this like tapping or holding it?

Q: Cannot be stolen at all by spell steal (Dota 2)

Aprilio SaramThe Rubick's ultimate 'spell steal' is highly remarkable, since it can steal almost all abilities from any hero. But I know that there are some few abilities that cannot be stolen at all by Rubick, such as Alchemist's Aghanim's Scepter synth. The Dota 2 wiki does't give list about abilities that ...

1 hour later…
3:58 AM
Q: How Do i trade Pokemon Between Two Emulated Generation 4 Games

  JafarI want to know how to Trade pokemon between 2 Emulated Generation 4 Games Like Platinum and HeartGold But as far as my research Showed it is only possible through GTS which is shutdown So I can't trade in Emulator In gen-4 Games. Does anyone know a way to make it possible Without Faking it? (Faki...

4:37 AM
Today marks the 25th anniversary of me coming to this planet.
@Ash huzzah. I’d make you some cookies to celebrate, but I don’t think they’d get to you in time or in great shape.
I applaud the wanting to!
@Dragonrage happy quarter century!
Happy bday!
4:56 AM
Q: What determines whether or not you "spin out" when damaged?

Alex MyersI recently finished the story mode of Team Sonic Racing and I am still confused about the spin out mechanic. Sometimes, when you are damaged, you will spin in a circle and lose all of your speed. Other times, you won't spin and you will only lose some of your speed. What exactly determines whe...

2 hours later…
7:10 AM
@Dragonrage so how old are you?
@Kevin Heh
@Dragonrage Happy Quarter Quell. And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Also morning chat
morning @Kevin
Morning @Kevin
7:17 AM
@Kevin morning!
7:28 AM
Flying tomorrow!
7:48 AM
@Dragonrage happy lung anniversary
8:04 AM
smokes coming out from nose emoji
9:00 AM
Q: Why are Drowners and Sirens so easy to kill underwater?

V HejeebuI've been playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Death March, and with my humble stats it takes me considerable effort to kill a monster on land. A Level 10 Drowner would take at least 7 slashes of my sword on land, but while in water, one crossbow bolt of 50 damage usually kills it. Is there any...

1 hour later…
10:20 AM
Q: How can I deal the most damage with the Wyrmstake Blast?

WriggleniteIn the Iceborne expansion to Monster Hunter World, many weapons have received new moves or improved the old moves in some ways. In particular, the Gunlance has gained the ability to load slinger ammo into the weapon itself, turning the Wyrmstake attack into a Wyrmstake Blast: a charge of explosiv...

Q: Unable to Connect Externally to Minecraft Server

Aditya ArcotI recently set up a Minecraft server on my Windows 10 desktop. However, neither me nor my friends are able to connect by inputting my external ip address into the address bar in Minecraft. I am able to connect from my own desktop and another computer in the same network by using my local ip addre...

10:46 AM
Well the follow up to pokemon go is out today in the US and UK
Any bridge people playing Harry Potter wizard's unite?
11:01 AM
Q: Does "Full metal jacket" synergize with "Elder Blank"?

ZaibisI just played a few games so I am quite new to the game and am not sure how much I can rely on the Item texts doing exactly what their text says. So I found in the first level an "Full metal jacket" what is quite an asset for me, as it uses a blank, when ever I would take damage and hence preven...

11:26 AM
My dad got a hot cup of coffee in his lap this morning during breakfast
the TV table tray was unstable and when he tried to move it, it collapsed
11:39 AM
@RedRiderX is it anything like the last mobile harry potter game? cause i wonder how they do the "strange your avatar until you pay up" thing with AR
Q: My Terraria NPC will not settle down in a house

Slav KingI have made an arena for the moon lord boss battle and made a small house for the nurse to move into. It says the message that the NPC moved in and the nurse banner is there, but no matter what I do, she won't move into the house and will just walk around outside.

12:30 PM
@Memor-X oh gods that abomination (she typoed 'strangled' btw... for those unaware)
@Kevin that's the second time i missed one letter
Only the second time? That's pretty impressive
@Kevin well, second time very recently
12:54 PM
@Memor-X And it was another l. I think you should check your keyboard for dust
@Nzall no, first time was a w because i was meant to say vine swinging, not vine slinging
ah, I see
@Nzall I mean... what kind of idiot would design keyboards that break with a bit of dust? looks directly at apple
@Dragonrage I thought I was younger than you
Question: is there a site rep requirement to vote in mod elections
Yeah, 150
1:02 PM
I forget if that number includes association bonus
That's surprising
Association is flat 101
So that still should have been a barrier to a lot of network voters
Well right, but for example, posting on protected questions is 10 excluding association
I think the association bonus counts for everything except for answering protected questions
That's probably right
Either way, 50 rep is a lot for someone who wants to get there last minute with like, edits
or anything except an answer really
1:05 PM
Yeah. I'm surprised
We had a lot of votes and I think a lot came from outside the local circle of site regulars
Is that surprising?
Yeah if there's a rep barrier
The "local circle of site regulars" is a tiny, tiny fraction of everyone who visits and posts
I'm not just talking about chat but yeah fair
I don't think there would be such a meta stink from site users if most of the votes were local
The most-upvoted negative comment on the election results meta has 34 votes, plus one from the poster that's 35
For comparison, 110 users picked Frank as their first choice
1:10 PM
I mean we can also literally check who voted generally speaking, but it's 10 pages of votes
And 123 as their second
9 and a half I guess
So in this case we're very much talking about a vocal minority
Summing up everyone who voted for Frank in some measure - first, second, or third choice - you end up with more than half of the total voters
Hm true. A lot of site users who are not chiming in could still support the results
Probably explains it
I am cautiously optimistic
Well done both of you
1:13 PM
@Ave must be nice to be able to just buy one of those to ruin
@GnomeSlice they did not do that
Oh he built it
That's pretty neat
Yeah, CC-ed out of aluminum stock =p
Hmm... I wanna have a CNC machiiiineee
grabby hands
but ofcause there is someone who gets stuff, some of it not cheap, and blends it in a very powerful blender
I mean, that doesn't bother me that much
What bothers me is that enough people watch it for it to be profitable to do...
1:23 PM
If you're talking about Will It Blend, those were all ads for their blender
People like destruction!
And that
It's a very satisfying act, because it feels transgressive and stuff.
These look kind of cool
Smart glasses
Oh it's pre Kickstarter...
Wonder if they can actually make those yet
.... How would that work for people who already wear glasses?
1:30 PM
@Ash It wouldn't, actually
They say they support prescription lenses but I have a strong suspicion that it would only work for certain ones and probably not the kind I need.
Google Glass back in the day had the same issue, and they just flat out said "we're not doing prescription lenses at this day"
It feels very "we are promising you the world but don't have anything to back it up"
And then the Glassholes started being assholish and caused google to stop working on them
(I tend not to trust pages like this, half the time the product never gets anywhere and when it does it isn't anything like the pictures and the promises)
@Ash says they will support any kind of lense but who knows
Also, it's only sunglasses apparently
I didn't realize it was pre Kickstarter. I saw an ad that said they were launching soon so I assumed for sale
Also prescripton
@GnomeSlice god last thing i want to do is have to charge my glasses
1:39 PM
@Ave but if you're taking them off each night anyway...
also seems like it's voice based
@MBraedley good point
here's another point: I shower with my glasses
(And if they wirelessly charge)
@Ave last thing I want to do is saying what I want to do to my glasses
touch on side was a nice idea on google glass
@Ave also sometimes it rains
And I would like to be able to still see
Tomorrow around this time ish I'll be touching down in america! For the second time that day!
But that time it'll be in california so it's better cause that's where my girlfriend is
uni you've gone too far with this code this time
GetListOfThings().Any(thing => new[] {typeof(Thing1), etc}.Contains(thing.GetType()))
actually wait I could probably do this with a slightly smarter linq function
intersect or something
wait no
1:49 PM
@Yuuki Oh wow, an Idle game that requires balance
I dont remember playing a game that was idle AND required to be careful
It was also pretty quick.
It was a nice game to play
If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to do dumb things, I could've finished in an afternoon rather than a week.
@Unionhawk GetListOfThings().OfType<Thing1>().Any()?
@Ash If they go with the osha specifications they could technically do one that goes over the glasses
2:00 PM
What you wrote is... pretty hard to parse
Oooh, I missed the etc
What's wrong with thing is Thing1 || thing is Thing2 || thing is Thing3
Q: Can you still get minecraft story mode disks

SnivellingTen76I found a few Minecraft Story Mode disks in Amazon and eBay, I was wondering if I could still get minecraft story mode after it's gone on a disk. Will that work mcsm was one of my favorite games and it's being discontinued. :(

@Kevin my brain not using type based operators that often
and forgetting that "is" exists
is is a bit, less specific though
Yeah but with any luck it's good enough because it looks a little cleaner than new[] nonsense since I expect that list to be fairly short anyway
if it was big I'd probably define it as a named array anyway
Yeah, your original thing was is exactly this, but using is means basically "Can be successfully cast too"
2:08 PM
Anyone else hyped for CTR tonight?
@Kevin that's probably good enough
@AlexMyers dunno what that is so nope! :p
I guess we will find out
Crash Team Racing (remake)
Could be fun
2:27 PM
I love it so damn much that every single gaming journalism platform has pretty much had it with EA in their editorials on the "Surprise Mechanics" thing
What, you don't like surprises?
@AlexMyers My wife is.
Surprise! We took your money again!
Jim Sterling, HeelsvsBabyface, Yong Yeah, Inside Gaming, AngryJoeShow, theNextWeb, PCGamer,...
The first 3 have actually each uploaded a profanity laden video essentially skewering EA so hard EA is trying to figure out how they can make money by selling themselves as deboned pig skewers
@GnomeSlice im pretty sure Im one of the younger members on the bridge
2:39 PM
EA trying to reclaim the "worst company in America" title which they used to have a lock on.
@Dragonrage I think it goes @Ronan -> @Dragonrage -> Me -> @Unionhawk.
You're missing Ave too
I think I'm like three or four months younger than @Uni.
Ave did pretty recently become older then @Ronan
Oh yeah.
2:40 PM
@Kevin That isn't how age works.
Ronan is eternally 16, don't you know?
@InvaderSkoodge But that is how @Ronan works.
Oh right.
But yes, I was hoping to get a response like that
Also, should we unpin Gnome's typo message...?
I feel like I should but
It'll unpin itself eventually.
2:41 PM
It has ended...
@Ronan hm? What ended?
Our collective erection, keep up
I'd rather not
@InvaderSkoodge If it stays pinned for four hours, please contact your doctor.
@InvaderSkoodge I still haven't decided yet on whether I agree with EA being voted worst company in America in 2008, the same year the mortgage market imploded
2:51 PM
@Nzall I definitely do not agree with that.
@Kevin Can confirm, looked pretty young, last time I saw them.
@Frank That was like 4 years ago now
That wasn't a comment that I'm not young, just surprise at the passage of time
@Ronan Yeah, time tends to get away from you.
@Yuuki i thought @Unionhawk was only a month or two older than me
@Dragonrage Then I don't know what's going on.
2:58 PM
Apparently everyone ages at different rates here
@Ronan is like Rip Van Winkle, but instead of falling asleep and waking up 20 years later, he fell asleep and got stuck in the bridge
I remember being surprised when I found out @Uni's age because I thought I was older than him.
i know that @badp is at least 90 days old, because most people think you should change your password every 90 days, otherwise it is vulnerable or something
@Yuuki i may be remembering things incorrectly in my old age
Anyone else notice an uptick in tag wiki edits lately? Can we slap a featured tag on here?
4:04 PM
Q: Skyrim: Aggressive NPCs

SlayerDiAngeloI'm playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as a Khajiit and whenever I enter Fort DawnGuard to start the DawnGuard dlc, the NPCs present there are attacking me; Isran and that other guy. It only happens when I enter inside the Fort, the guard standing at the entrance is not getting aggroed. I've googled...

Q: How can I get more energy without spending coins?

GameLikeBeakerIn the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game, I have a current max energy of 75, but I've used it all up. Is there a way to get more energy other than buying it with gold? Will it regenerate over time?

4:16 PM
@Ave I don't think you have to charge them to see through them lol
@Ave that's easy to stop doing too
Q: Minecraft Forge Crash

CMGIn the beginning, I wanted to download a mod, but then I found out that I have to install forge. I installed forge that matches my Minecraft version (1.14.2). I had to download this Java thing (JDF) to open forge. I did and tried to launch my Minecraft. It works. But then, I had some issues and h...

4:41 PM
Q: If I wear two Plunderer's Ring, does the effect stack?

user233403The Plunderer's Ring descriptions is A ring that increases the rate of item drops / DEF 1, LCK 5. I found a second Plunderer's Ring and I can see that the defense and luck stats go up if I equip both. Is the rate drop effect the same as if I equipped only one, or does it increase for each...

5:25 PM
@GnomeSlice checks out
5:45 PM
Q: minecraft modpack crash when i launch the game

ProshuttoParmai created a modpack with at least 125 mods, when i launch the game with forge it crash. this is the crash report link : https://paste.dimdev.org/qikayikoge.mccrash

lol I guess someone at Frontier accidentally renamed one system: edsm.net/en/system/id/3487033/name/h
there's no way that was procedurally generated
it's not too far away either
1.6kly from Sol
6:37 PM
@Dragonrage this is correct, but also a misconception
if your password is good enough, you don't need to change it often
IOW your password should take significantly longer than 90 days to crack...
Q: We should make a flag reason for closing modded Minecraft tech support questions

Quijibo TL;DR We need a better close reason for questions about tech support for modded Minecraft. Yes, yes, I know, we have discussed this 4 years ago, but so far the only changes in hope of solving this issue is the update of the /help/on-topic page, and lots of meta posts and discussions. Apparen...

@GnomeSlice checks out.
And now I know how many nuggets I can safely eat, which is excellent.
6:56 PM
But could you afford 412 Nuggets?
@TheMattbat999 Probably. It's only about 100 CAD
I think
Oh wait, that website was US prices
@Memor-X My guess is it'll be more like Ingress, Niantic's first game.
@Nzall oh, ok.
20 mcnuggets costs 10.29. so 400 mcnuggets costs 205.80. 2X6 mcnuggets costs 11.18. So that's 216.98 CAD for 412 Chicken McNuggets in Canada. Fun fact: that's about the same price as if you were to get caviar, foie gras and duck breast with foie gras at the first restaurant on Google if you look for "fancy dining canada"
@TheMattbat999 Read the update. I messed up the price
7:14 PM
@Nzall that sounds... expensive.
@TheMattbat999 Yeah, and it's also really unhealthy
Probably why that guy was paralysed.
(If that is a real news story)
7:52 PM
@TheMattbat999 Well, it's also 412 chicken McNuggets.
8:17 PM
Are you guys still talking about nuggets
apparently the most amount of nuggets eaten in 3 minutes is 42
Also, apparently there's a limit to how many Chicken McNuggets you can't buy
let me put it differently: there is a maximum number of Chicken McNuggets you can't buy using over-the-counter box sizes, and I think it's 43
@Nzall I'm pretty sure there's no limit to how many Chicken McNuggets you can't buy.
8:29 PM
If I only have $0.01 in my pocket, that's an infinite number of Chicken McNuggets I can't buy.
@Nzall pretty sure they have 10, 20, and 40 packs
Why am I still in the office
@Unionhawk idk, go home
@Dragonrage no, what I'm talking about is that if you had to buy a specific number of Chicken McNuggets using commercially available box sizes (which come in 6, 9 and 20), there are 22 specific integer counts of nuggets you can't buy using these packs, 43 being the biggest of them, but anything beyond that you can
Note that this is before they started to sell boxes of 4
I'm not sure 9 is a thing in the United States either
8:34 PM
I think it's 4 6 10 20
Which makes 2k-1 impossible for all integer values of k
God dammit now I want chicken nuggets
@Yuuki I mean, unless you have an infinite amount of money, it'll always be impossible to buy an infinite number of McNuggets
@PrivatePansy At some point you run out of chickens, so there is an upper limit to how many McNuggets you can buy
I believe in access to affordable chicken
@Unionhawk I could've sworn there was an 8-piece option.
8:38 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, double fourpiece
@Unionhawk I want them but only if they go back to using anything but the horrible canola oil blend they use now
@TimStone you could make some yourself
9:26 PM
In the English language, banq and banc are coined words pronounced identically to the word "bank". Both terms have been adopted by financial services companies and others to satisfy legal restrictions on the usage of the word bank. The compound bancorp (banc/bank + corp[oration]) is often used in the names of bank holding companies. For example, a hypothetical chartered bank named Bank of Manhattan might form a holding company named "Manhattan Bancorp", and a sister insurance business named "Banc of Manhattan Insurance". One well-known past example was Bank of America's investment banking entity...
The Wyngz of Banks
@PrivatePansy ironically there is an actual bank called “Bancorp”
Also lol I worked at one of the examples
(It was bad, would not recommend)
10:23 PM
my dps has improved
10:44 PM
i also like yoga, lifting weights, pole dance and ballet
Q: Minecraft isn’t letting me into my worlds

Tattletale StudiosAt first I thought it was because I was behind on my payments to iTunes but even after I caught up it’s still broken. I can’t even create a new world or enter my old one I have only two worlds and plenty of storage!!! What am I doing wrong?


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