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12:11 AM
So, no offense to Canadians, but Air Canada sucks.
@Yuuki Yes it does
They literally broke one of our luggage cases on the way to China, and now we have to wait in this connection transfer limbo until everyone's baggage is checked, we can't even go to the gate and wait.
My next flight starts boarding in 8 minutes.
I'll post a picture when I get home but I'm pretty sure they literally took a hammer to it.
@Yuuki Mhm no arguments
12:29 AM
> Discover a truly unique top-down Co-op, Rogue-like Hack'n'Slash, where all bosses are created by players - like YOU!
Spent more than an hour in transfer procedures.
Pretty sure they scanned my passport four or five times.
This on the Canadian side?
Somehow, Canadian airport security has gotten more insane than US.
It didn't think it was possible.
Don't say that until you're through CBP on the US side lol
Q: how do i summon an armour stand with an item on its head that has nbt data?

IndiepixelI'm trying to create a data pack for minecraft 1.14, that uses a resource pack that has a few items with CustomModelData and i need to have an Armour stand be summond with an apple with there specifications, but the command I've tried doesn't work. is there anything i can do to get this to work? ...

12:49 AM
I dunno, not being able to go through customs until my luggage is on the connecting flight is pretty insane.
@Wipqozn they came to Ontario a few months ago
Pretty good, better than Popeyes
Less greasy, great taters
@Unionhawk If the earth was flat cats would have knocked everything off by now
@HalfEmpty they came to Ontario years ago, there's been a Mary Brown's here in Guelph at least since I moved to the Willow West area.
1:39 AM
Q: Texturing minecraft items with damage values (1.14.1)

DatOneDoodSo I'm aware that you are able to texture items with damage values now, but it might have changed ever since the new 1.14 update. This is what I have in the .json files right now { "parent": "item/handheld", "textures": { "layer0": "item/wooden_sword" } }, "overrides"...

2:17 AM
@ToxicFrog yeah there was a Mary Brown's when I was still living on Lincoln Road which was at least 9 years ago
@PrivatePansy for some odd reason i always thought Troy Baker would be his voice. or maybe i'm just expecting him because that white dog in Nichijou reminds me of Excalibur
3:15 AM
Q: Candy box 2 hacking items

IdkFor some reason, I don’t have the lightweight body armour, but it’s not in the shop. Is there a reason why? Or how to hack it in?

Q: How do I fix a PS4 / DualShock 4 Controller that flashes white and charges but not turn on?

AnonymousMy new PS4 controller synced wirelessly to my PlayStation will flash white when I try to connect it to my PlayStation and charged when plugged as to be expected but it doesn’t turn blue/red/green/pink after flashing white but just goes dark again or orange if I have it plugged in and I can’t do a...

1 hour later…
4:28 AM
wew back in houston
now to get my baggage and drive home
Welcome back
4:45 AM
@PrivatePansy The recommendation for security questions from experts in the field is that users should treat them as passwords, i.e. random strings
5:03 AM
@Nzall Doesn't work either. In this case it's for phone verification, and an attacker who knows you're going to do that is just going to tell the CS that I've mashed my keyboard and entered random junk
This is my health insurance, sigh
has anyone played Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth with the Japanese Dub and able to confirm if Compa still calls Neptune Nep Nep? i like it when Compa calls Neptune Nep Nep but i get the feeling japanese wise it'll have a -chan or -chi prefix
5:28 AM
argh i'm home, everything sucks, i wanna go to sleep
why did man invent planes, transportation is the worst thing ever invented
Q: On the Overwatch Network Graph, what does each value means?

LemonOn the PC version of Overwatch, if you press CTRL + SHIFT + N you will open the Network Graph. In there, you will see some obvious values like the server that you are playing in (in this case, sae1 is Brazil), the IP of it and other information. What does each value on the Network Graph means?

@Yuuki well if you stay off twitter you get to enjoy a couple of days without Trump in the country
@Yuuki blame the person who invented movement because then you can blame them for your legs, the most basic for of transportation (legs transport the rest of your body from point A to point B)
@PrivatePansy Then make something up and store THAT in your password manager. As in, choose a fictional character and use whatever they would answer to those secret questions
5:47 AM
lol, that ESA Response
unfortunately yes it's possible that people will loose their jobs but not like AAA companies care since they can cut hundred of jobs when they make lots of money
6:44 AM
Turns out, I slept too much on the plane(s).
1 hour later…
7:49 AM
Morning chat!
All the pins have fallen off and there's an LGBTI+ thing post
@Kevin Morning
8:27 AM
Morning @Kevin
Blargh, still awake.
That's no good
Assuming you're back home at least
8:49 AM
Though to be fair I know people in the pacific timezone that are currently awake
Though they work nights...
I made the rookie mistake of sleeping too much on the plane.
Yeah I've read
I'm a rookie with ~15 hours of flying each way coming up, when should I sleep and when shouldn't I?
It depends on when you're arriving.
If you're going to arrive at night, sleep as little as possible.
That way, you're tired when you land and you sleep in the evening.
In my opinion, it's best to arrive at night because any sleep you get on a plane won't be very good quality and even if you do get a good amount of rest while traveling, you'll still be too out of sorts to spend the day at your destination.
Return trip has me landing at 8pm (also leaving at 8pm the day before)
Trip there has me landing at 4pm
Afternoon landings are always a bit iffy for me. Unless it's a short flight, the timing makes it problematic to figure out how to adjust.
9:12 AM
'short' uuuuuuh
I'll be going to the far side of a different continent?
Q: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus all texts

ilwCan I find the not found texts on the Eva's Hammer later - in the end of the game?

Speaking off! I believe @PrivatePansy is in california, any other bridges in southern california who want to meet?
9:23 AM
@Kevin oh I didn't even notice that it got pinned lol
Happy to help with abuse of starred messages!
1 hour later…
10:46 AM
Q: Starting Arena of Valor, which Heroes to buy?

ZeavoyeenRecently I installed Arena of Valor on my phone, was wondering which heroes are currently strongest and on what to spend my gems?

1 hour later…
11:50 AM
@Kevin I had the impression that anyone that comes here would not be called bridges but instead Bridgers or Trolls
I typo-ed
Also I probably shouldn't have asked when those in california should be sleeping huh
12:22 PM
Does anyone know who the girl in the center image is?
It's from this video
CC @Memor-X
@Nzall google says it's a shirt from gen:lock
Which should make her Cameron McCloud
I see
though i found the image on instazu from a google reverse image, saw cammie and roosterteeth in the hash tags and googled that, saw gen:lock on the roosterteeth store and googled it's wikia
Yeah, it might sound a bit weird, but when I saw her I thought she looks kinda hot
at least on that t-shirt
Maisie Williams... Oh right, Ashildr and Arya Stark
Thought that name sounded familiar
Like, it's not that weird to say that you think a fictional character looks hot, right?
oh wait, it probably is if she's 17...
Wait, David Tennant also starred in gen:lock? Now I really want to watch that
12:48 PM
@Nzall I mean, there are lots of forums dedicated to this kind of thing so.. idk
@Nzall that's like 50% of anime fandom
And there has been marriages (which I am pretty sure it is not likely legal) with persons and 2d characters
@Nzall gamers rise up
@Moacir and as i was about to find a japanese article on one i find the guy who married a dakimakura of Fate Testarossa and my blood boils because that's het stealing Nanoha's Wifey
relevant ^
12:53 PM
Ooooh my last Guam package is fiiiiinallly in Canada and I should get it this weeeeeek. excited bouncing
@Nzall i was actually about to watch this before it was time for me to log off at work
@Ash Guam packages, whatcha getting? :o
@Ave wow, they put in all that effort for that extra 3 at the end?
@Memor-X 13 is the "follow reddit rules" rule
funny part is that I didn't violate it: I just ran userleansbot on a user there who was referring to hitler as the "original gamer"
they deleted the output of the userleansbot and banned me
@Ave i tried to google userleansbot and i keep getting "Service Unavailable"
1:03 PM
@Memor-X userleansbot is basically a bot that shows political leanings of the subreddits a user posts on
it's useful to judge if someone is ironic or not, or if they're arguing with bad faith. there's also masstagger.
Obviously it's not a final judgement, you should always make your own judgement etc, which is why I personally tag anyone I see with Hot Takes on reddit
@Kevin friend sent me things! First package was snacks and a prayer book in a new to me language and a CD of Baha'i songs and some other bits (which arrived weeks ago) and then this is a super pretty tapa cloth of calligraphy of the Greatest Name (a Baha'i thing) and it is gonna be so pretty
(and its one of those things where having it in my house doesn't make me a better Baha'i but it's a common thing people have (various forms of this calligraphy thing) so it makes me feel included I guess?)
Ugh, someone reported a bomb in Brussels-North, so if it's another hoax report like so many lately, that's going to be another painful rush hour in 2 hours
Here's hoping everything is okay and it doesn't cause too many issues.
1:20 PM
@Ash It's probably a student who didn't want to do exams so he called in a bomb hoax
For some reason Belgium tends to have those
@Nzall this speaks a lot about the education system
when literally risking prosecution and delaying many people's lives is preferable to entering an exam
@Ave I mean, I doubt Belgium is the only country where students sometimes call in bomb hoaxes in stations, schools, cities etc
@Nzall nah I know that it at least happens in US too
And it could possibly even be a joke report. There have been multiple bomb reports in recent years where the 112 operator clearly heard laughter in the background
I remember reading about some student in MIT making threats through tor, then having it be traced back to him because he was connected to tor through college network
and when they questioned everyone who was on tor at that time he came forward about it and got arrested
1:34 PM
checks Twitter I see, uh, everyone's favourite Gearbox CEO is checks notes tweeting through posting an animal cruelty video featuring a crab and a kitten
As one does
Of course, makes sense
Common tactic
@TimStone people no people why people stopppp
Aaaaaaaa my package is out for delivery! It's gonna be here today and then I can have it on my wall and it will be the best best best
It's definitely the kind of thing that makes people believe you didn't do the assault you're accused of, that's for sure
@TimStone oh yes I am sure it super helps there....
Okay self time to put on pants and clean house and make apple muffins
For today is Monday and not a holiday so it is Ruhi in my house day.
@TimStone excuse me what
1:45 PM
that's the hottest of the takes.
That thing you do when?
I think he confused what Memorial Day was for in Meltdown May
Welp. Beat stage 3. cc @Dragonrage @fredley
@Frank Was it hard?
1:59 PM
@Moacir It's an incremental; it just takes time.
@Kevin I was about 90% sure it was from Rooster Teeth.
@Frank I mean, on stage 2 I have to micromanage where things are going to make it go faster / better
Q: Starcraft II - How to drop MULES most efficiently?

Paul ErlenmeyerI tested out that the MULES of Terran do not "colide" with SCVs. One mineral patch can have 2 SCVs working at the same time. If the distance is long enough the SCVs work perfectly in groups of 3-4 (2 collect and the others travel). With MULES one mineral patch can have 1 MULE and 2 SCVs without i...

@Moacir The hard part is just figuring out how to automate things to sustain themselves.
Took me longer than it should have to to get the space resources independant.
@Frank Oh, ok then. I think this is the hardest part, but I also may be overthinking it
2:03 PM
Still in stage 2?
Yes, but we had an extended holiday here so I was away from my computer most of the time
I have to go back to it
... I had no idea Rooster Teeth made so much stuff. I thought it was just RedVsblue, and I'm a guy that watches everything about Death Battle
Well, apart from the Death Battle Casts since those take too long
2:23 PM
Well, turns out I didn't have to work from home today, because my contractor is delayed another week. sigh
This basement reno is not good for my mental health
Guys , i am pretty new here, I got a little problem knowing why can't I get some good fps in GTA 4 , sometimes it drops too low like 30 fps. Though I got 1060 GTX, I don't know whether it's a cpu or GPU intensive game . Please can anyone help me
Have you tried adjusting the graphics settings? A 1060 should be more than enough, even at high or ultra settings, but it's still worth a shot.
rockstar released a patch around 5 years ago to add Windows 10 support and it kinda borked things
@TimStone maybe me might get a crazy as Notch when he starts taking that Epic Exclusive Money for himself along with the extra profit from the greater share
@MBraedley yup I tried a lot . No matter what I do , I can't get this thing done
2:30 PM
Also, the game is CPU limited and doesn't really do multithreading all that well given the age
Okay guys , is anyone going to E3 this year
Like, CPUs in 2008 and in 2019 are pretty much the same clock speed on a core by core level, most gains right now are from adding extra cores and from shrinking the die to make them more efficient
@Purple If by going you mean watching announcement live streams, then maybe.
@Nzall There's some better pipelining and predictive branching as well.
@MBraedley Yeah, but I'm not sure those make a huge difference for games
Better pipelining improves MIPS, but probably not significantly for games.
2:40 PM
Q: i cant find karliah after hard answers skyrim

shadowi am on Nintendo switch playing skyrim i just finished the thieves guild quest hard answers and i cannot find Karliah anywhere. I've checked all over the Ragged Flagon and all of snow veil like I've seen online, I even tried waiting days and days but no luck. Any idea where she could be or how to...

This time I am kinda expecting something good from CD project . You? . They said they won't let people try the game out there , I think they would show us there new gameplay:/ all I wanna know is there damn releasing data that's it.....
@Purple I'm also hoping for some news on CP2K77
@Nzall do know anything ?
@Purple No, not really, why do you think I'm hoping for it?
I probably know even less than you do
Cus it is expected as a most exciting game of the year
@Nzall okay , thanks for responding , have a nice weekend
2:48 PM
Sometimes my edits get approved by 'Community' instead of other users. Is that just an algorithm that decides my edit is good, or something else?
Q: Why does the Community user approve and reject edits?

AzaWhy does the Community user sometimes approve or reject edits? How does a machine know if my edit is valid? What does it mean if my edit was rejected by Community? See also: Who is the Community user? How do suggested edits work? Return to FAQ Index

@Wrigglenite Thanks, that's very helpful. I think in this case the OP must have pressed 'improve edit.'
Which edit is it?
Yeah, that's definitely what happened
You can see that the timestamp is the same for both edits, if you hover on "x mins ago"
2:59 PM
@Nzall I like the lets plays (They actually got the /Letsplay on youtube)
Ah, yes. That does make sense.
3:22 PM
@Kevin I am! I'm living in San Francisco right now, but since I don't drive it might be a bit hard to meet anywhere other than the Bay Area
I'll be primarily in San Diego
Oh that's super far away
Yeah, I'm in NorCal
San Diego might be fun to visit for a weekend trip though
Oh Google Maps says it's 12 h by Grayhound. Welp.
22/06/2019 to 07/07/2019
California is big
Well, it's tall but not wide
But yes big
3:28 PM
@Kevin where in southern california are we meeting?
@Kevin hmmm, 2 hour drive, how long are you here?
waits for the third ping as GodEmperorDune sees the dates
@Kevin 22 isn't a month
@Kevin lol i just woke up
you're talking about the US now, you have to use US dates
No, I am going to use PROPER. NORMAL. CORRECT ordering of dates
3:31 PM
Acceptable, either ascending or descending
Anyway I don't have much of a plan yet for the time I'll be there. Hanging with my girlfriend and other internet people I know a lot :o
@PrivatePansy amtrak surfliner (train) might be better/more fun than grayhound for getting from SF to San Diego. it's not as good as most countries' trains but its a scenic trip
@GodEmperorDune 9102-50-72?
@Ronan what is that, little endian?
I can't decide which of those two responses is nerdier
3:37 PM
Q: Is a good idea to edit ETS2/ATS questions to make them suitable for both games?

LemonAbout Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator: They are both truck simulators made by SCS Software with the same game engine and set of features with a couple of exceptions. As of 1.34 they are: Maps (ATS is US States, ETS2 is European Countries) Trucks (ATS is Peterbilt and Kenwort...

I am going to head home, I'll be back in like half an hour
4:11 PM
4:29 PM
Ugh. My primary monitor has seemingly decided to just not display anything anymore
@Frank nice. I’ve been gone all weekend, so I haven’t made any more progress yet
@murgatroid99 try changing the brightness from Windows, if possible. My work laptop screen sometimes won't turn on, and changing the brightness fixes it.
So I had an interesting weekend. My brother and I were traveling to central California to visit family, and 2/3 of the way up his clutch burnt out.
We got it towed the remaining 90 miles to my cousins house and spent most of the weekend up there having fun.
"Having fun" lemme me hear what all things :)
4:40 PM
@MBraedley I can't figure out how to do that
Then for the past 10 hours we alternated using 100 miles tows on our roadside assistance memberships to get his car home
Oh, apparently that's not a thing for desktops with external monitors
Each tow took about 2 hours, and we had to wait about 2 hours every time we called for the next tow truck to come.
@murgatroid99 Since how long you been using it?
@murgatroid99 You need to open the setting side pane... which is on you primary monitor. But also might not be there for desktop computers
4:43 PM
@Purple volleyball, ping pong, frisbee football, etc
@Purple I'm not really sure. Probably at least a couple of years
@Dragonrage cool!!!
@murgatroid99 I know you may have tried all these things but: Have you tried unplugging and replugging the power cable? Have you checked if the cable is bad (By using the one on your other monitor)? Have you checked if the input configuration has changed?
@Moacir ya that will work for sure
@murgatroid99 does the power LED or anything else work?
4:46 PM
@Moacir I did unplug and replug it. Checking the cable is tricky because the other monitor actually doesn't have HDMI input. I don't think I can check the input configuration because there are no external buttons on the monitor other than the power button, and it has literally displayed nothing.
@MadScientist yes, power LED is blinking
what does the OSD say about the connected sources?
@murgatroid99 sounds like it isn't seeing an input signal
@murgatroid99 Which model is the monitor?
@MadScientist There is no OSD
how do you switch display sources then?
4:49 PM
@murgatroid99 then definitely it is no real problem to worry . Try to clean up your cpu ( processor cooler fan) . Or try checking you cpu temperature.
@MadScientist I don't
does the monitor only have a single connector?
I just tried a different HDMI cable and got the same behavior. I don't think that's the culprit
@MadScientist No, but I can't find any buttons or any way to make an OSD appear
@murgatroid99 Could be capacitive buttons
@Purple The computer is running. I'm just only using my secondary monitor
Also, my computer clearly recognizes when I connect the HDMI cable because it reconfigures the displays when I do that
4:53 PM
@murgatroid99 He's dead, Jim
@murgatroid99 last one thing I could help you , Do you have a brother:-)
@MBraedley If somehow the input display got changed that is expected behavior depending how you configure windows
@Purple what?
@Moacir But it should auto-switch to an active input, especially if there aren't buttons to do that.
No just joking
5:01 PM
@MBraedley Mine doesn't
But also is a capacitive button
Well, there are some monitors that will do that.
The same thing did happen to me . I just cleaned up the set up ( sounds bullshit right , well even I thought the same.). This sometimes happens whenever your monitor could not get enough power from psi , so take a good look at your psi. And second thing that is your computer is too old and,you need to replace some of the parts which certainly no good idea you rather buy a new one.
@Dragonrage football would be of much fun
OK, it turns out that there are buttons that I just couldn't see before. But none of them makes anything display on the screen
@Purple If the monitor doesn't show anything it's either the monitor itself, the cable or the GPU (or software). The computer being to old or stuff like that has nothing to do with it
5:16 PM
@MadScientist 216k reputation damn
You man or what
You are really a mad scientist
Q: DDoS and Similar Attacks Buzzwords in Gaming

Sql SurferI am looking for the buzzwords and search terms that describe DDoS and similar attacks that are specific to gaming. This would be where you are in a distinct gaming session and people participating in your game create traffic to the outer public IP of your home connection to the internet. I am...

I don't think your problem would be solved until you meet a machinist.if you are pretty sure it is of two years then it must definitely an small issue
If you will have to get things replaced then it's better to buy a new
@MadScientist I know it's sound off from the topic. But nothing get to worst if he do it
you're not making any sense
@MadScientist sorry
But I tried it once it worked
5:32 PM
@ToxicFrog Just to Ottawa, then
I've bought vegas pro through the humble bundle thing, just got a chance to play with it
and I like it. Much easier to make shitposts.
@Wipqozn You know, I've never actually had Mary Browns
@murgatroid99 Huh, weird. :/ This happens to me all the time with DisplayPort but that's because DisplayPort is terrible, I haven't seen it happen with HDMI before
@TimStone Based on what I've tried and the comments here, I think the monitor has actually just stopped working
That's rough
5:41 PM
@MBraedley It's fantastic
@Wipqozn There used to be one in Truro (I know this because a former coworker had a summer job there at one time), but I think it closed when I was really young or before I was born. There is one in Sackville not too far from me, though. Mind you, there was one not far from my old apartment, and on the way home from work.
And the location in Fredericton was still a Blockbuster when I graduated.
(I may have just dated myself)
god this is such an upgrade from kdenlive
kdenlive is usable for editing daily videos like yt stuff but for making shitposts it's horrible
What makes it so inappropropriate for making shitposts?
@ToxicFrog while video editing on it is nice, I found audio editing to be lacking
and having to make audio in audacity then import it to kdenlive is not super handy or fast
(also I could get vegas and give all the money to charity (the humble bundle choose where to give sliders are nice) so yeah, that's why I bought it)
6:02 PM
I remember blockbuster
@Wipqozn Me too. It is a mock franchise in <spoilerMaybe?>
A bit long, interesting read
Some gaming history for you
6:18 PM
Q: What game's footage is being used in this Jimquisition episode?

ItraodiI'm trying to figure out which game is being shown about at this timestamp, with the stacked people and the treasure stuff: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Lazers2.0 Gottem
Would someone mind rejecting my edit here: gaming.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/270713
Given @Wrigglenite 's comment, it does seem best to assume the asker means the original game.
6:58 PM
Q: Can I change my world to a realm?

The OrangeI have a world that is really good but i'm not on much and my friends enjoy it a lot... Is it possible to change it to a realm?

7:15 PM
Q: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

JNatArqade is scheduled for an election next week, June 3rd. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's ...

7:30 PM
@RoijanEskor For future reference, it's generally better to post a comment asking for more details than to assume you know what they mean, especially when the possibility for confusion is high.
@SepiaLazers Is there any reasoning for having only 2 moderator positions available while 3 moderators stepped down?
@Moacir lowered activity on the site probably
@Moacir My assumption is that it's because traffic has fallen in the past couple of years
@Ave, @MBraedley Thanks!
someone with 25k can check, though idk if they can share
7:37 PM
Since this is a restricted privilege, we'd prefer you not share the raw data.
Q: Toddlers In The Sims 4

RandompersonI have a question about the sims 4. Do you need to have the parenthood expansion pack in order to have toddlers? Thank you!

> However, we do hope you will share your analysis of the data with other users on meta.
or on chat IG
From what I know, it should be alright to share trends and whatnot
I've seen screenshots of those graphs on a couple of metas, but with the values omitted
That said, you're correct
There's this huuuuge spike around Pokémon Go's launch, it's pretty silly
7:58 PM
Q: Is it possible to up a Minecraft server's tickrate from 20?

ApollogeistI'm currently running a Minecraft server and I'm curious if it's possible to configure the tickrate to be higher. Is the client-to-server tickrate locked at 20? Would I need to modify how the client sends information to do this and most importantly would it be practical? Thanks in advance.

8:18 PM
Q: Character lore in terraria (far fetched idea)

CrzyRandomGamerClearly the devs don’t have any lore other than the small fact that the dryad is trying to cleanse the evil biomes (crimson, corruption), but what about the actually player character, how did he/she get there and why. This is why I’ve come up with a theory. THIS IS JUST A THEORY...A GAME THEORY...

8:38 PM
My Guam package arrived! It didn't get lost! I am so pleased.
8:59 PM
@Ash Yay!
9:39 PM
@Lazers2.0 Oh no /cc @Unionhawk
2 hours later…
11:18 PM
Q: Minecraft Won't Let Me Download Latest Release

GabbyI keep getting this error when trying to download the latest release of minecraft. I'm selecting "Download 1.14.2 - Latest Release" but I keep getting an error saying "Unable to save download. realms-1.14.16.jar" can someone please help me figure out how to play the latest release of Minecraft?


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