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12:19 AM
@Maximillian awww thanks, friend!
@PrivatePansy I am all for this
@badp you would then have to find something else to complain about
@Ash thanks, I'm just glad that's one thing less to worry about :) I have an appointment for my HRT tomorrow, but don't have the insurance info yet, wonder how to go about that
I mean, the appointment is free, but the E won't be and while I was completely fine with paying for it, I'd like to get it with insurance if I can
Is it lie a prescription? Can you wait to fill it til the insurance drops?
12:43 AM
Q: Animal crossing friends

Victoria BucklandDoes anyone want to be my friend on animal crossing new leaf DS. I want to go to visit other towns but I can’t without friends ?

Q: Terraria Hero's Mod: How to Disable Logging In?

MEEESTER SoupCanWhenever I load a world with the Hero's Mod enabled, It forces you to 'log in'. How can I disable this?

1:03 AM
Q: What does this Snatcher coin do?

Steven M. VascellaroWhile exploring the Subcon Forest, I found a transparent coin with Snatcher's face on top of Queen Vanessa's house. I'm not able to pick it up or interact with it. What does this Snatcher coin do? Why can't I collect it?

1:28 AM
@Ash yeah, a prescription. I technically could wait, but I really don't want to...
I've been already waiting the longest 5 weeks of my life, or so it seems :/
That's fair!
Idk, I'll have to figure this out tomorrow, I guess
I believe the prescription is going to be for 3 months, maybe I can split it and do a month now and then get the other 2 when I got insurance info
I hope you can get something figured out
I'm just glad the insurance is being sorted out and also excited about the appointment in the morning :)
For sure, that's some awesome stuff
1:36 AM
either they got the year wrong or Jessie is using financial year (for which we are still in 2018)
now in a lighter note
> this is the sonorous war cry of a very angry frog
2:10 AM
@Memor-X I cracked up at that, and the dry "ferocious" that followed
@Chippies aaaa good luck, hope it goes well
Re insurance, if you have the money to pay for it and you are meant to be covered by insurance already and just don't have the info, you may be able to pay for it out of pocket and then request reimbursement after the fact
@ToxicFrog yeah, I have heard of that, but I have no idea how to go about that and that would probably require phone calls and possibly mailing stuff? that's... not worth the anxiety for the amount I'd get back if I only pay for a months worth
@ToxicFrog thanks, shouldn't need luck, I think, since the important appointments are already behind, this one is basically just an appointment where we go over my blood test results to see how Spiro affects my kidneys and if it's not killing me (I feel fine), then I'm getting E prescription
Aah they're doing the spiro-first-then-E thing :/
yeah :x
And yeah, that's fair. Paperwork :(
2:18 AM
@Chippies depending on the provider you might be able to make an online claim, I know I can do that for some drug stuff
@Ash hm, I'll have to look into that. Thanks
No problem :)
2 hours later…
4:04 AM
Q: Which website can I purchase up to 9% off runescape gold in May for its pre-summer promotion?

rs3gold5Welcome to join RS3gold Pre-Summer Great Promo:up to 9% off discount codes for rs players buying rs 3 gold , RS 2007 gold or other products on RS3gold.com. It runs from May 23 to May 30, 2019. During the time, there will be three valid discount codes available for all user to apply before making ...

4:48 AM
alternate version of the angry squeaking frog now dubbed with Neptune's voice
that final "pudding" does it for me
5:22 AM
Q: Camera unresponsive in Witcher 2; how can I get it unstuck?

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5:42 AM
Q: Can you miss the chance to achieve 100%?

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6:01 AM
Q: Is there a way to speed up the blue questionmark encounters?

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6:41 AM
Q: What happens when a volcano is flooded?

XenoxIn my current game there's a volcano that will be flooded if the sea levels raise a third time. What happens when a volcano is flooded? Can it still erupt and damage surrounding tiles?

@Lazers2.0 Lava Piranha gets super pissed off.
7:33 AM
Morning bridge
Morning @Ave
8:20 AM
Yay, I'm leaving hell mountain.
8:51 AM
@PrivatePansy my wounds
@Yuuki you just described every single mountain
@PrivatePansy that sounds actually nice
Q: How do you obtain Glaceon and Leafeon in Pokemon Go?

MBorgGlaceon and Leafeon got recently released in Pokemon Go, but I can't find them in the wild or evolve Eevee into them. It doesn't change based on the weather e.g. hail. How is it possible to obtain them without trading?

9:52 AM
Being in China, I hate that the US doesn't have high speed rail.
Honestly, 4 hours to get to OKC by rail is preferable to 2 hours by plane.
So much more leg room.
1 hour later…
11:20 AM
12:09 PM
I closed Bridge tab 3 times today by accident
12:28 PM
I have it pinned
prevents me from closing it accidentally
I never done that
@Ave That doesn't work for me in Chrome. I have gmail pinned, and I've closed it more than a few times this past week.
i just use bookmarks
all my chat tabs i have in a folder and i just right click and go to open in new window
@Memor-X Work pc. I even use private tabs to help not keep history (I know that they monitor the network use tho. It is just to keep the pc clean)
Also, since I have no history, I have lots of google searchs for "Bridge Chat Stack" which, surprisingly, sometimes does not show the chat room
12:44 PM
@Memor-X doesn't the title refer to the interviews taking place at last year's coxcon?
@RedRiderX that could be a possibility now that you mention it. i can't remember if coxcon took place before or after TB's passing that year
It's Wednesday my dudes.
@ErrorTheWolf only for another 1 hour and 1 minute for me
1:02 PM
only an hour until I get home
I got paid big time today
company paid back all the money they owe me
it's not a huge amount, "just" a grand, but considering how broke I am rn, it's going to be super helpful
@Ave still nice, though you probably wouldn't be broke now if you was paid it properly before right?
@Memor-X correct
again, I only got the money that was owed to me: money I spent for company, or for my own survival during company time, or for my ability to work
so commute and food, mostly.
and some coffee.
(*coffee beans) Not for myself, but for consumption by anyone who feels like it.
that's how you create communism y'know
1:20 PM
So, today is holiday here (in my town only), and my boardgames would get delivered today if it wasnt a holiday
I was kinda bummed because I would have to wait another day to get my package
Who here is accessing from China?
There is a HNQ that will probably remove the access
Is it a story incremental?
Start with stage 1
@fredley I always get confused. Incremental =\= idle
The first is not idle, less than an hour to completion.
Incremental just means the numbers go up
1:58 PM
@fredley It... seems very incomplete?
@SaintWacko It gets more fleshed out as you go through the stages, but you definitely want to go through them in order
@fredley Right, I'm on stage one and pretty much every tab is blank and says "imagine such and such is here"
Also I'm not sure how to work the liquifier
@SaintWacko Yeah you don't really need anything in those tabs anyway
Press the red bar at the top of the liquefier to open the valve
This is not obvious
Ah, I'm sure I tried that
@Wrigglenite I like how they mention they will help each other
2:11 PM
I'm surprised to see them working on something new so soon after the Artifact flop
Then again, this is hardly a large-scale project
@Yuuki Also, it's 4 hours + 30 minutes checking in, versus 2 hours + 2 hours checking in.
whoa, @Wrigglenite changed their avatar back
listen you may as well be linking that to gaming.se/election
inb4 election
@Wipqozn I figured this worked better as an avatar, with a variety of colours instead of being just blue
2:17 PM
gaming dot sweden
Just got my prescription! But got to pick them up tomorrow, because there's none at the pharmacy :/
@Chippies At least everything is going to a desirable direction even with minor setbacks :D
@Moacir yes! :D
would've been really convenient to start today though, since I'm off tonight, but that's just a minor inconvenience
waiting sucks though
@Chippies Nice!
Spiro and E?
@Ave I've been on spiro 100mg since april 30th, getting E 1mg tomorrow
2:24 PM
When mod elections happen, the current mods have to apply to keep active or is it just for new people?
1mg is not a lot, from what I know, but it's better than nothing. I'm sure I can ask to increase it at next appointment, in 3 months
My phone is preoccupied but pretend I found and posted a trans flag colors spyro the dragon
Do poke your endo about higher E and cypro instead of spiro
That is a beautiful spyro. Love the colours.
2:24 PM
or bical if they're cool enough
@Ave I was thinking about that, but right now I don't have insurance (I do, but I don't? it's complicated) and I've been told cypro is a lot more expensive
be warned that bical preserves your sexual abilities
may be good or bad depending on amount of genital dysphoria you have (or not)
@fredley What I don't understand is how to get more earth. Like, I have loads of fire, but no earth
@OKAY,PANIC. god dammit
2:26 PM
@Ave that is not a worry of mine, in fact it's preferred, due to my wife having needs :P as long as the random bs is gone, I'm good
I built the volcano and have some upgrades, but Earth stays empty
@Nzall Use a volcano
@Ave less so dysphoria, more so euphoria for the other kind
@Chippies ah, I'm not sure about canada, but it's not too much expensive in comparison over here
@Ave afaik, it's not even available in the US and Canada gets most of everything from the US
2:27 PM
@fredley I'm not entirely sure how all the systems interact though
@Chippies it preserves random stuff too iirc. Not super sure.
@Nzall It's a positive feedback loop
@Chippies correct, it's FDA banned
pretty sure you can get it in Canada, but I imagine it's imported from Europe, which makes it more expensive
spiro is dirt cheap
Protip: shut off your liquefier, charge up earth with your volcano, then enable liquefier again
2:28 PM
@fredley ah, like that
so you shut off the consumer of the resource you need and wait for it to build
@Nzall Yeah
spiro causes liver issues, cypro causes brain tumors, bical is relatively new, and the best option is still monotherapy
(in case of both cypro and spiro: said effects are rare fwiw)
@Ave hold on, liver issues don't sound as bad as brain tumors, lol
(I think the cypro one is like 17 minor cases in millions of people using it)
I have heard rare stories of spiro affecting short term memory, in some cases permanently
mono sounds like the best option, but it's too early for that, I believe
2:31 PM
I wonder if injections are a thing in canada
I'm not a doctor or a canadian but
some friends in US have legal injections
Yes, they are.
ah cool
How's the price?
I've heard that legal injections aren't the cheapest
@Chippies "too early" what? You can (and I did) start with monotherapy (and introduce an AA later if you're not achieving sufficient T suppression with that)
@Ave no idea; I just know that they're available. (I know someone on T injections but AFAIK the prices aren't really related between T and E2)
2:34 PM
T is worldwide afaik but E2 injections aren't available everywhere
at least not here
anyhow, I'm on ev myself, moving to een soon
monotherapy, ofc
helps a lot with tanner stages due to better conversion rates to estrone
@fredley My bars stopped pumping and the numbers are going up
I think I am close to second part
@Moacir Have you built any golems?
@fredley I am now
Oh boy this looks a fun game
I'm close to building my first golems in 2, which is similar but a bit more involved
It's more idle so far
@ToxicFrog correct me if I'm wrong (and I probably am), but wouldn't it be easier to suppress T after at least some atrophy happens, for which AA would be helpful until then?
@Moacir what game?
oh nvm, star list
2:47 PM
@Chippies easier, but not always necessary; increasing E affects the HBG axis and reduces T production. You can get more/faster suppression using an AA but depending on your personal goals the added side effects may not be worth it.
In my case monotherapy resulted in a ~50% drop in T production after 3 months and it will likely continue to drop.
@ToxicFrog the general consensus I've heard is that it's near impossible to suppress T to female levels without injections
anyways, the way I see it, these first 3 months are a test run, to see how my body is going to react to it
@Chippies there isn't actually consensus; more recent research (and many personal anecdotes) contradicts that, and IIRC the "it's impossible to supress T without injections" findings are mostly based on older protocols (oral, which has a terrible bioavailability and E2 conversion rate, and old treatment protocols that aim for weirdly low E levels)
I suspect that the focus on supressing T as much as possible with AAs and then using as little E as you can get away with are a holdover from the bad old days when bioidentical estradiol was either unavailable or ruinously expensive and thus everyone used premarin instead.
In practice it looks like going for very high (~pregnancy) levels of E2 supresses T very reliably, but even reference-range levels are effective for that more often than not, just more slowly than they would be with AAs.
(it may truly be impossible to supress T reliably with oral administration, but oral is pretty awful; its only virtue is wide availability and low price.)
@fredley You can always reset to refresh: This means im done right?
@Moacir you're done when you've created all four golems
Then on to part 2!
It should have a link to part 2 at the end
3:03 PM
Man, 2 is a lot slower than 1
@Unionhawk No idea what you're talking about
And I don't think it runs when you're tabbed out -.-
@ToxicFrog oh this reminds me
@Chippies don't forget to use your E sublingually instead of orally
that results in better levels
why arqade?
@Ave I guess we'll never know
I got my G1
3:09 PM
@HalfEmpty g1?
Is it a drug?
Level 1 driver's license
I am now licensed to operate a motor vehicle
I hear G1 is more effective if you inject it
I didn't want to hit 30 and still be unable to drive..
I just left the test centre
@HalfEmpty tbh if you live in a city with good public transport you don't really need it.
3:11 PM
istanbul has decent public transport and even I want to get a driver's license
though I'm planning to go for a motorcycle, not a car
I mean it's not about "wanting", it's not that "I can't drive" doesn't reflect poorly on you, like @HalfEmpty seemed to think
@Wipqozn But if you ever want to rent a car when you travel, or want to use a car share service, or need to borrow someone's car...
@MBraedley Now that's a good reason
@HalfEmpty congrats!
@Moacir just for new people
3:13 PM
Basically I just don't think "I need it because I'm almost 30" is a good reason to get a drivers license, because it essentially implies there's something wrong with people who are 30 and don't have one.
if you live in socal, its basically impossible to get around without a license, unless you pay for uber to go everywhere
@Dragonrage Yeah, same with anywhere in Nova Scotia out side of the metro core.
ive had my license for about 6.5 years, and during that time, ive probably driven close to if not more than a million miles
@Ave don't you need different pills for that?
sorry for all the late responses, being a parent and an adult :x
@Wipqozn I dont really need it despite our whack transit but I may want it at some point and then I will have to go through the years of progression when it's too late
3:16 PM
@Dragonrage Yeah, but don't you have some crazy commute?
@HalfEmpty Yes that's a good reason
@Ash thanks 😁
I just didn't like the implication that people without one are somehow, I don't know, shitty or inferior.
Well it is a skill that other have that I don't
That's literally an inferiority
a good reason to get a drivers license early is that after having it for 5 years, your insurance rates go down
3:17 PM
But I am a city dwellers so doesn't affect me a ton atm
even if you've never driven the car after the test
@MBraedley well, yes, but i also have to drive like 30-60 miles any time i want to go visit my friends
and a couple times a year i drive several hundred miles one way to go visit family
My bus just hit a hugebump and now I have adrenaline
but my current commute is 120 miles round trip. my last job had a 12 mile round trip, the one before that 100 miles, and my one before that was about 90 miles
@Chippies nop, same pills
3:21 PM
@Ave interesting. I'll look into that once I get the pills
They tried
@HalfEmpty Razer bought Ouya?
crawls back under the rock
Q: Is there a way to reset or hide mastery score on champions

enorl76I main as Kayle often, so my mastery score displays as about 250,000 and rising. All the rest of the people (except for once in a while it seems) have 10k and less. This is giving my lane opposition insight into how much I play as Kayle on top lane, so the more observant ones play safer than mo...

3:42 PM
Google Assistant is dumb as a sack of bricks.
It keeps trying to show me temperature in Fahrenheit, so I asked it to show me in Celsius, and it's only response is to ask for permission to use my web history
@HalfEmpty Not very hard though
@Dragonrage Anything more than 100 miles round trip for a commute is too much. I also refuse to accept a commute of more than about 45 minutes. And that's for the 95th percentile. My time is worth too much to spend it in traffic for so much of my day.
According to a thread I found on reddit, to change its units, I have to change its language from English (US)
Which is just horribly dumb
The weather unit setting somehow does not affect this
@PrivatePansy that should be changeable in settings somewhere
my google assistant is always in C, but I do have English (Canadian) as one of the languages set for it
so maybe that's it
@MBraedley Agreed. One reason I'd never want to work downtown. At least not without the option to work 7-3 or 10-6.
3:49 PM
Okay, just tried to change this by tapping on the weather card > setting, and yes, Google does need to know my entire search and location history just so it can show me temperature in Celsius
What. The. Fuck.
@Wipqozn I think they should have done what gamestick did and pivot to embedded gaming on smart TVs although they appear to be dormant as well
I hate it when girls say they like forearms on a guy
I only have two...
@HalfEmpty slow clap
@HalfEmpty facedesk
I still want to get my left forearm completely tattooed
3:51 PM
@Wipqozn When I drove, depending on when I left, it took me half an hour. Now it takes me about 40 minutes, but only about 10 minutes of that is worthless to me, since I can accomplish something while I'm on the bus.
Ooh golem combinations
@MBraedley My commute is 5 minutes and I love it.
I'll start walking in the summer
I'd bike if Bayers lake and Clayton Park weren't complete hell holes for that
@Wipqozn Yeah, I do miss my 10-15 minute commute.
You still in that apartment on Lacewood?
@MBraedley Yup.
@MBraedley my time is worthless
4:07 PM
@Wipqozn Saaame
It's fantastic
I can go home for lunch and have time to watch a 40 minute TV show before I head back to work
@PrivatePansy It has to know you've never visited any place that uses the imperial system and also that you haven't searched for things such as "imperial better than metric"
my earth production is very minimal, while all my other resources are going up quite quickly
@Dragonrage Are you on 1 or 2?
Check the status of your volcano, if either of the tanks are near empty try turning off some valves until it fills
The fuller those tanks are the faster it'll generate
they arent changing levels at all
4:14 PM
@Dragonrage Try turning off the earth valve on the liquefier
So it fills up the volcano instead
That should increase earth production, then you can open the liquefier valve again
ah, that worked, then i blew up everything or something
Stage 2 complete
Ok Stage 3 is a jump
I posted an answer to an old question on Meta
Q: Recent change to "speedrun" tag

MichaelloggAs of a change made yesterday, the speedrun tag's usage guidance states one should "Use this tag for questions about speedrunning in general - if your question is game-specific, please use the game's tag instead." However, of the 17 questions that still have the tag, only 4 actually follow this d...

Stage 2 is fun once you get the stash
@SaintWacko Where are you up to?
4:28 PM
yo gamers
@fredley I'm on stage 2, made 4 merged golems so far
I just answered a question but idk if i should've used breakpoints to separate each section of the answer, it just looks very strange. any suggestions? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/351634/…
@SaintWacko Nice
I've only just worked out how to even start on stage 3
it just seems kinda cluttered
yeah u probobly should.
4:29 PM
Holy shit this is something else
@fredley I'm looking forward to figuring it out :D
@NickS I think how it looks now is nice and tidy, yeah :)
ty !
@fredley Can you combine two of the same type of golem?
@SaintWacko don't think os
4:33 PM
ima chnge my pfp
wait how does one do that?
@fredley Does having all machines always on results in a positive return?
stage one complete
@Dragonrage Stage two is kinda complicated
@fredley Oops. Creating two golems of the same type causes one to destroy the other
Good to know
4:39 PM
@fredley Well that looks incredibly complicated
guys how does 0ne change their pfp?
@SaintWacko Just a bit
@ErrorTheWolf Just click on your pfp and go to user profile
Somewhere around there I think
ok where?
Click your user profile, then under the description part there it should have a blue "edit" link, click that then your picture should have a change picture button underneath
4:48 PM
im a tv now
Q: How do I dismantle a power plant?

XenoxI have several power plants causing pollution. However, the cities they're in have enough clean power sources nearby. Can I dismantle the dirty power plants in the industrial zones?

Not for me, yet, but I know caching makes that change take approximately forever
@Chippies that's the easiest part
5:11 PM
@fredley Thank goodness it has the upgrade pointer
@ErrorTheWolf You have to change which network you are using on chat. Right now you are using the StackOverflow network but changed the pic on the Arqade network
@Moacir oh riiiiight I didn't think to check their chat parent
@Ash Easy to confuse to be honest.
I always forget that SO is a different chat thingie
5:31 PM
Q: What is the Title of One Particular Game?

ChessChamp265There has been this one hidden object game that I haven’t been able to remember the name for. What I remember about it was that it had two different sections, one being a forest-like setting, and the other being a desert-like setting. The levels were represented as map locations and you visited e...

6:11 PM
@fredley Well shit, I think I broke my game
due to some poorly timed upgrades I can't produce any merged elements except for sand, which is useless
i was stuck for a bit, then i clicked something and everything seems to be working now
I can't produce any fire or water golems
@SaintWacko Can you close all the valves?
And I have less than .5 of every merged element, so I can't convert them
@Moacir I'm on part 3
6:16 PM
@SaintWacko what game is this?
Okay, question for the anime fans in here: who the hell are "Weiss Schnee" and "Mitsuru Kirijo"?
@Nzall cc @Memor-X
They are the next enemies on Death Battle and this is literally the first time in like 40 episodes that I haven't heard of either of them
if half the bridge is playing the same game, chances are its an incremental @fredley linked
6:21 PM
Where does Stage 1 go into Stage 2? Is it once you got the golems?
once you get all the golems, stage one ends, then you go to stage 2
Q: Does there exist an RPG that allows one to get by entirely on Luck?

kionayWhile starting Fallout 4 my wife was unhappy when I suggested she change her S.P.E.C.I.A.L. build just before leaving the vault. You see, she likes the idea of having a Luck-based build, that a character in an RPG can get by with sheer luck. As such in Fallout 4 she put almost all points into L...

Aha, found it
And by stage ends it means you have to open the website again because there is no button to "Go to stage two"
6:42 PM
Okay, I got the 4 golems earlier
so that means I can now go to stage 2
Technically news but mostly a horrible, horrible pun
@TimStone aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i hate this
idk what i just did, but not i have a ton of air which is rapidly being drained into other stuff
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