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Oh, an addendum to the stuff about streetcars - the J is also the shortest path from Market to the historic streetcar depot, which means very occasionally I'll catch one on the morning. It's kind of nice to go to work on one of these en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F_Market_%26_Wharves#/media/…
Q: Locations of energy ball infinite ammo crates in Half-Life 2 (or EP1)

TTThttps://half-life.fandom.com/wiki/Supply_Crate cites the AR2 alt-fire crate being available as soon as HL2, but I've yet to see one in the game. Do they exist at all? If yes, where they could be found?

Q: Trying to remove vanilla recipes with a data pack

MilkmanIm making a datapack for my friends and i to use and i need to remove the vanilla recipe for slime blocks to add a custom one. What do i do to remove a recipe from being able to be crafted

1:02 AM
@PrivatePansy okay that would be pretty cool
1:20 AM
oh yeh it doesn't onebox anymore
Super Neptunia RPG Preorders start 28th of may
would recommend the Switch version if your going to get the Limited Edition because the PS4 has some CG Removed because of Sony Censoring apparently
i think that's a Dogoo Pudding which i expect to be a endangered species because of Neptune's love for Pudding
1:54 AM
I want the pudding, it's cute
@Ash i know. only wish i could by it separate so i can get a few more
All the pudding!
Q: How do I turn off my nintendo switch controller, without turning off my console itself?

nolanpestanoI'm using a pro controller and I enjoy watching youtube to fall asleep to. However, I always wake up to dead batteries due to the controller staying active all night. Is there anyway I can keep my switch on but without having my controller powered on?

2:41 AM
Q: If I have Minecraft on Windows 10, can i get it for free on Mobile (Android)

Johan KimSo i had got minecraft on the Windows 10 version, so i was just wondering, is it free to get it on mobile since i had bought it on the pc

3:00 AM
Q: How are PHP codes supposed to be run in CSGO console?

MitjacksonContext: I want to run a certain set of commands every round without binding them to a key and then pressing the key every round so that they would apply to the next round, e.g. I'll do bind "p" "[command 1]; [command 2]; [exec [file containing more commands].cfg]" and the press p every round. ...

3:40 AM
Q: Skyrim follower/ spouse help

Ashley RobinsonSo I married vilkas and at our lakeshore manor I asked him to follow me while inside the house, I then left the house and he was not following me, I fast traveled to Riften and still not following me I did some quests and returned to my house thinking he was there as Aela had glitched on my previ...

4:05 AM
Ah, fresh mountain air— never mind, people started smoking.
4:18 AM
mmmm, the smell of cancer
Q: What is the infection counter in Dead Cells?

user62350The description for the Dead Inside mutation per the Dead Cells wiki is +50% HP. Food no longer heals you. Your infection counter is increased by +6. This seems to have been changed since last time I played as I do not recognize the part saying "Your infection counter is increased by +6." W...

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6:38 AM
According to Fitbit, I've climbed 50 floors so far.
Insurance Company: hmmm, @Yuuki climbs alot of stairs so there's a greater proability that there will be an accident there. lets make sure there's no cover for accidents in falling down the stairs
Today, that is.
@Yuuki and if you do the same amount daily the Insurance Companies who totally weren't sold your fitness data will see that
7:21 AM
@Memor-X jokes on you
when we were being taught about big data at msft that was an example usecase
collect data from cars by obd2 and gps, send to servers, analyze with ML, then adjust insurance premiums based on that
we were told that this is good as it would drive insurance premiums down for good drivers, but I guess someone missed the memo about capitalidm
7:37 AM
Wonder what brought that on
Also, morning chat!
Morning @Kevin
7:50 AM
@Memor-X Does this also release on the PC?
> delay non-SO questions by some significant period of time
> non-SO
@Yuuki Hmm? That's just the proposed solution, from what I can tell, not what was actually implemented. Unless you're saying that SO questions shouldn't be subject to that restriction
8:33 AM
I had a 4 day long Duolingo streak going, but didn't check the app yesterday
Duolingo pro repaired it for me, and
8:54 AM
Q: What happens if two wolf kills are targeted to a huntsman's target?

ToKeIf two wolves try to attack a target guarded by the Huntsman (e.g. the wolves have a Bloodthirster), what happens to the wolves killing? Would both wolves die or is it random as to who dies?

9:04 AM
Fitbit: 87 floors. Ow, my quads.
Maybe you should stop walking stairs then
I am unfortunately on a mountain right now and that's the only way to get around.
Basejumping time?
Hah, I wouldn't trust basejumping in China.
Heh, probably best not to
But it'd help you to stop climbing stairs!
9:19 AM
@Ash Chinese language tidbit that I think you'd find amusing: the term for "potato" can be literally translated as "dirt bean".
"dirt apple" is still best term
10:16 AM
Finally at the hotel, 120 floors later.
ooooooooowww my quads
11:08 AM
Time to flop on the bed?
@Nzall yes it's on Steam and it shouldn't have altered/missing CG
Idea Factory has ported most of the games they have sold internationally themselves on Steam. i think the only one is Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection which is a Raising Sim/Rhythm game where the characters are Idols
@Kevin 2 sites where is on-topic (literature might allow them if they allowed the tv series question on because it being a book too) and some users not giving a shit about spoilers when asking
@Kevin i'm just guessing from what i have seen on Movies and TV
@Memor-X I think you are a Neptunia Series fan?
Now, being biased and everything, is it good?
@Ave i generally do. i don't have to must trust with insurance companies when they tried to weasel out paying for flood damages and bushfire damages here in Victoria
11:20 AM
@Yuuki I like that very much
@Moacir i have all of them including the original versions of the Re;Birth games so i know that despite being mostly the same, Re;Birth 2 is missing the customisation feature of being able to give NepGear's HDD Core a new texture
@Moacir which one, Super Neptunia RPG?
@Memor-X The entire series
Is it a good game to like, get all of them and play them back to back
@Moacir well some of them uses different mechanics in them like Hyperdevotion Noire is Turn Based Strategy, Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed is hack and slash with Senren Kagura kind of damage (characters clothes get torn) and Super Neptunia RPG looks similar to Child of Light and plot lines don't exactly follow one after another (ie. Re;Birth, Re;Birth 2 and Tagmension are totally different worlds) but i have enjoyed the ones i have played
@Memor-X I never knew that there was a name for that mechanic. It is a lewd focused game or the game itself is good without the lewd part?
11:38 AM
@Ave Yeah, I mean, that was to be expected. companies don't really like it when they make less money, so generally speaking, anything that would serve to drive prices down in a sliding price range instead just slides the scale towards the upper end
@Nzall correct
@Moacir I'm confused about this too. The games on Steam apparently usually have the sexual content and/or nudity tag, but then they don't explain it further. Like, Witcher 3 also could have those tags, but it tends to be optional content
@Moacir the series itself there is are some fan servicey/lewd moments but it isn't like all the time. though some characters like Iris Heart plays on that (she's effectively a dominatrix) and a good amount of yuri moments with a mix of both canon (Vert and IF in Re;Birth) and subtext (Uni and Noire being all tsundere when it comes to Nepgear and Neptune).
nudity wise it's your normal "they obviously look naked but you don't see privates" and there is the on occasion pantry shot plus swimsuits but i would say the nudity in the first Witcher game with those cards you get with your "encounters" is more explicit that what i have seen with Neptunia
@Nzall I thought witcher 3 had the sexual content and nudity tags?
@Moacir yeah, I wasn't sure and I don't really want to check at work
11:45 AM
@Memor-X Regular ecchi anime content then? Not a bad thing I think
@Moacir yeh
@Memor-X Pantry?
I assume you mean panty
@Nzall yes. not sure why i put an r there. wasn't using spellchecker with that
@Moacir "I never knew that there was a name for that mechanic" if your referring to Action Unleashed i don's think there is a name for it, just that Senren Kagura i know has games in the series which is this
SK is really fucking weird
Q: On San Andreas Speedruns, why do players blow up the Picador in the mission Ryder?

LemonI have checked some Any% and 100% speedruns of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and it appears that everyone blows up the Picador on the mission Ryder. Take for example faulux's 2nd place for Any%: Why this is done? Does this reduces the time of any part of the game?

11:49 AM
@Ave i hear it was good at first but they keep pushing the line
i hear that the Beach one might have been too much with the fan service which wouldn't be hard to imagine as it is a game about ninja girls in bikinis shooting one another with waterguns
that alone is lot of fan service
I played the switch one once and it was, well
it was 100% fan service
nothing else.
@Ave i think the switch one is the dating sim one where you have a mode where you can touch the girl's body
@Memor-X that's the entire game
12:09 PM
Wait is that the game where they were like
In a lab trying to figure out how to make the switch's HD rumble simulate breasts?
@Unionhawk yes
and IMHO they failed
Well at least there isn't more than one of those
I guess
Also I managed to write my first webextension
Turkey blocks a bunch of useful sites like imgur and wikipedia
and even more annoying is i.stack.imgur.com
so I wrote an extension to rewrite all imgur requests to a privately hosted proxy and wikipedia ones to wikipedi0.org
Now web looks good once more!
@Ave while Australia doesn't do that, our Government Desktops do block i.stack.imgur.com which makes using SO hard at times when you're looking up Visual Studio stuff where people generally post screenshots of the UI
@Ave might be useful in China
@Unionhawk What does that even mean?
I don't actually want to know
@Unionhawk Well that was bound to happen
@Memor-X are you able to install extensions?
Next the just need to combine it with labo vr!
Memor-X is australian =p
@Memor-X I already have a service so that people in china can watch youtube
12:21 PM
I think...
Might lump that into this :p
(it's called nabby and it's the worst code I ever wrote in my entire life)
(but I blame the horrible youtube-dl api)
@Ave on the government machines, no
@Kevin i am but i work on a government contract so we have our company laptops and desktops that connect to a separate network that connects to the government network so that means all data is scanned as it though through for security reasons
like this is more tougher scanning that your normal workplace surveillance
So maybe you shouldn't try working around it
@Memor-X ¿ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ɯoɹɟ ǝɹɐ noʎ ǝzᴉlɐǝɹ ǝldoǝd uǝɥʍ sǝƃɐssǝɯ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝʌᴉǝɔǝɹ noʎ op uǝʇɟo ʍoH
@Moacir your assuming that this was upside down and the other posts aren't lol
but anyway not often, i think because they can't do it manually or find a side to do it for them
12:37 PM
@Memor-X It is one of those thing people always think they are being original, but they never are
In my case, my last name, Sêga, but people always write/type as Sega, and they always do some Sonic related joke
@Moacir probably but i still get a laugh when they actually do it because then i imagine they did it all manually and just how much effort they put in it to make that joke
I can't wait for the movie
@Memor-X After all, it is a way to try to bond, right?
Good news everyone! My coffee mug is not yet empty!
12:39 PM
@MBraedley why not!?
@MBraedley Man, I really want to play some total war warhammer. I'm not sure why your message made me think of that, but here we are.
1:06 PM
@Memor-X Well, I did finish it shortly after posting that. Then refilled it after standup. So my mug is currently not empty.
gitlab.com/ao/n0block here's the aforementioned hellproject
Are all the domains being redirected yours?
Maybe you want plausible deniability so dont answer that
1:33 PM
@Moacir no, they're not
Got it
2:06 PM
Q: JSON Text to normal text

KaspianRFor some time now I've been trying to make it so that I can have a slab kind of like an altar. And any player/mob head that gets thrown onto that slab will have the SkullOwner be the custom name of the head in question. I imagine you being able to name your player/mob head anything, then throw it...

Q: Will my data transfer from offline user to online?

gedaisunicornI got a used ps3 and never connected it to the internet because it doesn’t find any SSIDs where I live atm (the issue is probably due to the fact that I’m living in uni accommodation and the internet requires a username and a password and I already given up solving this issue). I have created a n...

Yum, more meta rep from the Twitter onebox bug
Let's just hope that all these meta upvotes will push the issue higher on their agenda
I need to camp arqade to push my rep to 1k
Edit Minecraft questions to use proper grammar and you'll get there in no time
cpy crack is piracy, right?
2:32 PM
Sounds like it
@Moacir Yup
Like, one of the reasons we do not provide support for pirated games is because apart from GOG games, playing a pirated copy tends to involve altering the game files or otherwise changing the way the game code executes, which means that the issue might be caused by the crack itself, or that people who legitimately own the game migth not be able to help because they can't verify the problem.
I mean, it is a reason to not support them. But the reason we don't support them is because helping people with accessing copyrighted contents without a license is a Bad Idea (TM). Any other reasons not to help aren't really needed
Q: Linux Mint - How to access fifaconfig.exe in Lutris

10ZKhaledI have installed FIFA-19 manually via Lutris in Linux mint 19.1. It is the cpy crack which runs smoothly in windows. When I placed the files manually in Lutris it can run the game in windowed mode. But I cannot access the fifaconfig.exe file which controls the frame rates, game quality, etc. So, ...

there are more fundamental issues, e.g. "what crack are you using" "what version of the crack are you using" "did you apply the crack correctly" "what version of the game did you apply the crack to" "was the antivirus running when you applied the crack" "does the crack even work on your version of windows"
2:47 PM
Sooo many variables, true
it's just a shame there is no legit way to bypass intrusive DRM
Don't buy the game until they remove it! :p
(And, in many countries, it is perfectly legit to apply a crack to a game you've bought)
@Kevin might not be enough, one of my subscriptions on youtube has posted a video about how Rage 2 was released without DRM and now apparently has Denuvo
They did the opposite
given it says "Rage 2 Denuvo Bait and Switch" so it could be something else
wont see the video till tomorrow
@Kevin ahhhh
Oh huh
You're right?
Well, I think it's in the steam version, but it wasn't in the betheshda launcher version?
Soooo, we're both wrong!
@Kevin isn't the betheshda launcher DRM itself anyway?
But not denuvo
Steam is DRM too
2:55 PM
Yup, but also not denuvo =p
ALSO! In other news, Epic!
@Wrigglenite Steam can be, there's lots of DRM-free games on it as well
(also the DRM it does have has been cracked six ways with hollandaise sauce at this point)
@Kevin AFAIK Epic also does not have a Cart system?
@Moacir YUP!
@Kevin i still consider Denuvo DRM because (atleast going by the answer we have here on the site) requires you to connect to the net so that it can download and encrypt files based on your hardware. if you swap PCs you can't just play your installed game you got to get it re authenticated
@Kevin yep, because they don't have a cart
and they have a scan detection system
Jim made that point. It's not "too many games at once" after all
2:58 PM
May 18 at 5:54, by Memor-X
Tim: Quick, we need a sale before Steam has their Summer Sale
Dev: but we don't have a cart
Tim: who cares, no one buys more than one game during a sale
Tim: We got a guy buying a lot of the games on our store
Dev: Great! Should we track what kind of games they like?
Tim: Ban them.
@Moacir well to be fair they aren't being banned, just blocked which i assume is undone after some long ass wait timer
if they are being banned boy is that worse. just imagine Fortnight players getting detected and getting their accounts banned
buying a lot of things WILL trigger fraud checks
@badp but what is "a lot of things"?
secret sauce machine learning automagically generated risk-based guesstimations
it's like if you called a pizza place to order 100 chicken pizzas
any proper place will tell you that they won't put chicken on pizza
3:03 PM
quite sure there's data that came from Steam which gives people an idea which they can use for preparing their store front for a big sale
and they will detect that you're pulling one of the oldest pranks in the planet
but ofcause Epic is super smart and wont bother learning from other's work
@badp Pizza Hut does
it's called a Meatlovers
i assume there's also ones which isn't Meatlovers with Chicken as well
I said proper place
Now you've forced me to go to a build your own pizza place for lunch even though it's a solid 20 minutes away
I hope you're happy
by definition
if they put chicken on pizza
they are not a proper pizza place
3:06 PM
@Unionhawk i am yes
I don't make the rules
make your own pizza is the best
except I am Italian so I actually do
@badp why? chicken is a legitimate form of meat
sure, just not on pizza
3:07 PM
meat belongs on pizza
@badp What about ham on pizza?
No gods, no masters, no pizza rules
only meats allowed on pizza:
- pork
- anchovies
- tuna
- salmon _at a stretch_
I had a dill pickle pizza over the weekend and it was delicious
3:07 PM
ham is fine and good and love and life
Oh come on, ground beef on pizza is good and beef sausage on pizza is deific
@badp prawns
ground beef on pizza is the worst
prawns on pizza? heretic
I may make an exception for sausage
@badp I was about to say "what about sausage" but then I realized that I made a grave error
Anchovies on pizza?
3:08 PM
prawns, mussels, and calamari on pizza
I've had it, it's great
@Wrigglenite oh, true! anchovies too
@badp what is your stance on pineapple
anchovies are amazing on pizza.
@ToxicFrog better pineapple than chicken
@ToxicFrog yes, and also with an Egg with swirls of BBQ Sauce
@Memor-X breakfast pizza with eggs and bacon is choice
3:09 PM
Check out italians mad at food (@ItalianComments): twitter.com/ItalianComments?s=09
egg on pizza is sacrilege
you will never join your nonna in heaven if you do that
ah shit now I need to go to a brewery that does: fried egg, goetta, red peppers, potato except THAT'S EVEN FURTHER AWAY
quality drunk food
@badp well at least I DON'T PUT PINEAPPLE ON IT!
and probably extremely my doctor will stab me in the face but
@Unionhawk I will even accept parmigiano on sea food
that's just how open minded I truly am
3:12 PM
My nonna is still alive and I'm pretty sure that when she dies she'll be partying down in hell with me~
so bbq chicken pizza is a no go @badp?
nope, sorry
@badp Truly the food centrist
if italy bans me for eating slightly not traditional variation of pizza then I will face god and walk backwards into hell
Unionhawk has been removed from this room's list of good people
3:13 PM
god how is "face god and walk backwards into hell" dril while "that's how it is on this bitch of an earth" is samuel beckett
@Unionhawk with a pizza skewered on you giving him the bird
@Unionhawk I was having this conversation irl the other day
> Do you think that God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created?
> ~ Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
how about crab on pizza @badp?
insufficient data
3:15 PM
I mean, it could probably work? But, in very specific configurations, probably
like an olive oil base deal maybe
or something to that effect
next thing you know, @badp is going to be telling me im not supposed to be using pesto for a base
that sounds legal idk
a base for what
@badp A food court case
United States vs A Bottle of Pesto
3:17 PM
@Ronan The Hot Bench, now the Bench is actually hot and the 3 judges are cooking while hearing the case
Food court, geddit?
verdict will be to whoever survives the cooking
that said pesto is usually too savory not to be its own thing
pizza dough + pesto + toppings
i personally enjoy pesto + chicken + mozzarella + roasted tomoatoes
yeah I don't know you might be able to make it work but the thought of it seems a bit overpowering
3:19 PM
you just have to have a thin spread of pesto
I will judge "insufficient data"
it's not something that you'll find in Italy but it doesn't immediately ring any alarm bells
is this the ratio of pesto to mozzarella
@Unionhawk "I will face God and walk backwards into Hell" is a pretty great line, at least
@badp looks pretty decent to mee
I should point out btw that chicken and pesto is not an Italian thing
in general
Pesto is the most overrepresented bit of italian cooking abroad in my experience
@badp how about Alfredo and chicken?
3:31 PM
Alfredo is not an Italian thing
Butter on pasta is occasionally used as a very low effort thing, typically when unwell, and typically with some of the pasta's cooking water
@badp the hell it isn't, it was invented in Rome
You'd never go to a restaurant to ask for pasta and butter
@ToxicFrog I don't know what sort of marketing material you've read
@badp I will do it just to prove you wrong
As an Italian you'd never go to a restaurant to ask for pasta and butter
You literally cook some pasta and put some butter on it and stir a bit to accelerate melting
@badp Hazan attributes the invention of fettucini alfredo (as a distinct and richer variant of fettucini al burro with an element of showmanship) to Alfredo di Lelio, which is backed up by every other source I've read on the subject
The addition of cream seems to be a US-specific variant, though
(although IMO that's far more defensible than what the US has done to carbonara)
3:37 PM
@badp My daughter does that
@ToxicFrog I mean, sure. But this is not part of our general culinary culture
@SaintWacko my sister, an Italian who used to be really difficult about food, would instead ask for pasta and olive oil
case in point
There are tour guides for Italy from the 20s and 30s talking about how when in Rome you have to check out di Lelio's restaurant and this amazing thing he does with fettucini and butter and cheese. To me, invented in Rome by an Italian chef makes it pretty italian even if it's attained greater popularity elsewhere.
Good luck mansplaining italianity to an Italian
I'm really happy that you believe you have a better understanding of what is part of our culture and identity than we do
Italians in particular are renown for not having changed much since the 30s
@badp I think we're talking past each other, since I understood "Alfredo is not an Italian thing" as meaning "Alfredo was invented by non-Italians and uses 'italianness' as a marketing thing", in much the same way that, say, the ubiquitous yellow chicken curry one finds in British pubs is not actually an Indian dish.
And you seem to have meant it as "it's not part of Italian popular culinary culture"
not particularly interested in Who Did It First contests
3:44 PM
I have no idea what you even mean by that.
as in attributing things to their inventors
which when it comes to cooking is usually only a source of endless controversy
is schnitzel a German thing, an Italian thing, or an Austrian thing? Who cares! Germans, Italians and Austrians all enjoy a good schnitzel.
and AFAICT have it as part of the general cooking repertoire
like probably most of Europe really
Fair point.
Let's just bury this with a general agreement that pasta is delicious.
4:04 PM
Now I'm hungry.
@Ash same, and its only 9 am
At least here it is 12:11pm so I will be lunching soon (dear self get out of bed)
Man, I wish I were still in bed
We had some pretty big thunderstorms come through last night
Tornado warnings and all
So of course the sirens were going off all night, and whenever they did it would wake the kids up -.-
facebook, sometimes you really stupid
4:14 PM
And they cancelled school yesterday because they were worried about the storms, which didn't hit until the evening, and then cancelled it again today because of the tail end of the storms
I'm surprised it's not smart enough to figure that one out
@HalfEmpty Huh, yeah, that is surprising
@SaintWacko oh no
my proposal at area51 about smoking got deleted
Guess that's not really surprising, I didn't narrow it down very well anyway
@HalfEmpty did they give a reason?
4:18 PM
I dunno, it's just not there any more
Doesn't really matter I don't think it was going to succeed
I just find it weird you didn't get any sort of explanation
I used my regular account name and avatar
Looks like my discussion question was deleted as well
Q: I'm having problems launching my 1.8.9 Minecraft Client

Alextoday I was trying to play Minecraft, but the launcher failed :(. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Ooh. Shiny. Time: 05/21/19 11:18 AM Description: Initializing game org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.nChoosePixelFormat(Native Meth...

@Ash Yeah... They went off again at six this morning, so we were all up watching the news, and first the delayed the start of school til 9, then around 8 they cancelled it completely
4:34 PM
@SaintWacko oh that makes for a tough start to the day
Mmm sushi pizza
I want Pizza Judge @badp to tell te veredict. Heaven or hell?
(There is a sushi-burger here in my town, but I never tried it)
5:02 PM
any pizza with that amount of spread on top is hell
anything with a sushi border is hell
do note that I did not acknoweldge those as pizza
Is that even pizza? I'm not asking in an elitist way
It looks like it's just sushi
Now, is sushi anything that has rice and uncooked fish?
Well, technically, it's not pizza, it's just made to look like pizza.
5:21 PM
@HalfEmpty It could be worse. WaPo had a story about Facebook showing baby product advertisements to women who had miscarriages :(
Q: NFS MW safe files

nooravI used to play NFS Most Wanted back in college and recently downloaded it. It's been atleast 4 years since I last played, and it was on a different computer. But now when I opened the installed game on my laptop, I was surprised to see my saved files still present in the 'alias' section. Is thi...

Q: How to unlock the Waterproof achievement?

npstI'm playing the game Forager (version 1.0.3) on Steam. One of the Steam-achievements of this game is called Waterproof, supposedly earned by covering every water tile. So far, I've covered all(?) water tiles with landfill, buildings or bridges but didn't yet unlock that juicy cheevo. The Intern...

@Moacir Sushi actually refers to the way the rice is prepared
> Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨, pronounced [sɯꜜɕi] or [sɯɕiꜜ]) is a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯 sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients (ネタ neta), such as seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits.
Oh no
Is Wikipedia one box broken too
5:36 PM
Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨, pronounced [sɯꜜɕi] or [sɯɕiꜜ]) is a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯, sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients (ネタ, neta), such as seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. Styles of sushi and its presentation vary widely, but the one key ingredient is "sushi rice", also referred to as shari (しゃり), or sumeshi (酢飯). The term sushi is no longer used in its original context; it literally means "sour-tasting". Sushi is traditionally made with medium-grain white rice, though it can be prepared with brown rice or...
@Wipqozn i blame @Wipqozn
@Unionhawk Oh good, I'm just incompetent
Oh snap 3 days left
@Wipqozn So pineapple sushi is acceptable?
@Moacir Yes
5:47 PM
@Wipqozn until what?
@MBraedley YOU'LL SEE
I am afraid
Also anxious because the board games I ordered are on the way
I want to play them all
@MBraedley im like 85% sure what he is talking about
I got One Night Werewolf Monsters, Dragons and Chickens, Monopoly and Clue
@Dragonrage Yeah, I think I'm in the same spot.
6:29 PM
@Moacir Wait, Monopoly? The board game with the largest popularity times badness area of all time?
@MBraedley Yep. I personally disliked it but I am willing to give it another try
... there is no good reason to do that, even if you play by the original rules.
@MBraedley SO likes it, SO's sister likes it, and I like playing games with them, so..
@Moacir No good reason, I say
@MBraedley The damage has already been done, I just need to wait it to be delivered
6:35 PM
Get them hooked on Catan or something
I was considering Azul
But I am not exactly sure how easy it is to tally the points
Also a good choice, although I haven't played it more than twice (if at all)
I also got Talisman
Which they also like a lot
It just takes foreeeever to finish
Q: PS4 controller not working and or not connecting

Bo_SxyMy ps4 controller stopped working I tried connecting it to my Hp touch screen Laptop I held the share button and held the ps button and used bluetooth to connect it to my laptop and when I wanted to play my game I tried connecting my controller to the ps4 again, it wouldn't work, I have tried t...

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