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12:07 AM
Q: How does the Cyclone Lock On ability prioritization work in Starcraft II?

Paul ErlenmeyerHow does the lock on ability work on auto cast? I notice a lot of the times that cyclones don't target buildings, but what about buildings that shoot back like spines or planetary fortresses? How does the lock on work when the cyclones engange in battle? Do they spread out the lock on maximally? ...

12:26 AM
Q: Very personal/specific problem in Skyrim

The Moldy NuggetThis may be a bit confusing, but I joined the Companions and married Farkas, then joined the Dark Brotherhood. I just got done doing majority of the Dark brotherhood missions and decide to go home to my family. Now Farkas keeps approaching me drawing out a weapon, then puts it up acting normal ag...

12:44 AM
wow, is it just me or was there alot of questions
don't think i've seen Lazers so active coming in here
Q: How to rotate an item frame with a command?

HTMHellI want to reset the rotation of an item inside an item frame (in an exact position/coordinates) using a command. I was thinking about using replaceitem, but it says in that page: The inventory of an item frame can only be changed with /data. So how can I do that with data, or any other alte...

1:20 AM
*skips to end to see consoles* probably wont be expecting this till 2021 or later because the PS5 comes out 2020 last i checked and i can't see Final Fantasy being a Console Launch Title
*watches in earnest* ok it looks like Square is moving more and more away from the medieval fantasy aspect they used to be on which i don't mind so long as the locations are exploreable and populated
the girl reminds me alot of Mitsuru from Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 so i'll wonder if she can top Lightning in my....*sees that face to face moment*
oh my god, i need to know more, why such a tender sweet moment and then violent explosion?
@Memor-X yeah, that is the most questions i have ever seen it spit out.
Hmm, it be quiet... too quiet
@Memor-X why?
@TheMattbat999 you said it was too quite, so some Brick yelling and making loud noises breaks the silence
@Memor-X ah ok
2:00 AM
Updated my PC yesterday and now my logitech mouse software doesn't work
freezes every like ten seconds or so and any programmed buttons don't work during those freezes so it's basically useless
This was a reasonably expensive piece of kit
Guess I'll just try to find like a freeware mouse remapper..
That sucks. No driver updates or anything that could help?
Everything says it's up to date.. I think
Wonder what driver I would look for, and how
I was just looking at the software version
I usually just search the make and model of the thing plus the word driver and see what comes up
that seems smart
ohh wait a minute...
I forgot they stopped with the old software and moved to something called G-Hub
old one updated in october, new one in may
Let's try that I guess
Also I just watched Sucker Punch for the first time
Well this seems more stable... shitty annoying UI though
1 hour later…
3:19 AM
I visited the municipal railway museum and discovered that the light rail line I take to work every day is 101 years old!
The J Church is a Muni Metro light rail line in San Francisco, California, mainly serving the Noe Valley and Balboa Park neighborhoods, connecting them to downtown. == Route description == The line runs from Embarcadero Station in the Financial District to Balboa Park Station and the Balboa Park neighborhood near City College of San Francisco. The downtown portion of the line uses the Market Street Subway, along with four other Muni Metro lines (K/T, L, M and N lines). The J exits the tunnel at Duboce Avenue along with the N Judah and turns onto Church Street. Between 18th and 20th Street, the...
@PrivatePansy okay that is super super cool
Also the bus line on the other side of the house passes through the steepest incline for any trolleybus line in the world at 22.8%
The bit near my house is pretty steep already, although it’s not the steepest, it’s still steep enough that the bus stop is in the middle of the intersection because otherwise you’d have a hard time getting on and off the bus
1 hour later…
4:41 AM
Q: why can't I assign people to have jobs?

Nightmare09122When I give people at camps coins to grab bows and hammers etc. they just stand around instead of taking jobs... H=how do I fix this?

@PrivatePansy I am trying to picture this in my head and failing.
@Ash This is the street view from the bus stop near my house. Look at that bus climb the hill google.com/maps/…
5:01 AM
Q: Unable to open terminal (Ctrl + ALt + T) in the ubuntu OS linux platform in liscenced teamviewer 13 version

NavyaWe unable to open terminal (Ctrl + ALt + T) in the ubuntu OS linux platform in liscenced teamviewer 13 version. Alt + tab is working but Ctrl + ALt + T not working.

@PrivatePansy whoa
3 hours later…
7:55 AM
Q: What are the benefits of the new torment levels?

XtremeBaumerWith patch 2.6.5, Diablo 3 has received 3 new torment tiers (14, 15, 16). As I was running greater rifts and normal rifts which match difficulty wise (65 = 14; 70 = 15; 75 = 16), I realised, that experience wise, normal rift are faaaaar behind greater rifts. This made me wonder, what exactly is ...

8:12 AM
And I have another "My code works, I have no idea why" moment here
Morning chat
@Nzall have you made any pacts with beings from beyond the stars lately?
@Kevin No, not that I know of
Hmm, can't help you them I'm afraid
I mean, I couldn't help you with pacts either
What happened was that I had a piece of code that worked during unittests from eclipse, but when I ran it using an Ant build script, it suddenly failed somewhere
it wasn't actually a piece of the main code though, that worked fine, it was a unittest related thingy that failed
But then I added a function call to it and it suddenly worked again
8:29 AM
Hmm coworker: "This is a blocker, can you fix it now?" I start looking at the stacktrace while he explains "Fixed" "Wait what?"
9:12 AM
Q: My minecraft keeps crashing?

EthanMy Minecraft started acting up after I downloaded a texture pack and I don't know how to fix it please help me

Q: Do the boxes on Franklin's Mansion get removed with time or missions?

LemonOnce you finish The Hotel Assassination, you will get a call from Lester saying that the mansion on 3671 Whispymound Drive is now yours. The first time that you enter the mansion, you will see that there are boxes filled with Franklin's belongings around the house: As far as I know, this boxe...

Q: gameboy color Shantae - china module

LStrikeI recently stumbled across the game Shantae for the GBC. Looking around to find that game I found several overs on eBay for over 500$ and then.... Several Modules for around 7 - 10$ from china. What? I mean, these modules must be fake or "unofficial"? Where do those modules come from?

i hate how much of a pain it is to send physical mail
this is my first ever time sending physical mail actually, huh
I did use shipment services of govt before to ship back switch parts to a friend in germany and they were equally bad
9:32 AM
Q: How to get past 450 gearscore in division 2?

Laith NimerSo recently I reached world tier 5 and got to 450 light, the problem now is that I have been grinding for the past 5 hours and i have yet to see a gear drop over 452. I played strongholds on challenging yet it does not seem to drop anything higher than that. Now I do not mind the grind but in the...

1 hour later…
10:50 AM
Q: What are the rules/range for chunk loading in single player?

SF.I wanted to try testing some contraptions in relation to my previous question. In my test world (superflat, 1.13.2, single player) I created a redstone line that starts with a lever, goes east about 1000 blocks in one direction, turns north, goes a chunk north, turns west and returns 1000 block...

11:00 AM
bridge! I rode on a motorcycle for the first time
and oh my god was it a great and horrible experience
I didn't have a helmet so my hair and glasses and ears were just whooshing all around while we drove fast
11:16 AM
China: home of good food and blatant disregard for motorist safety standards.
Morning everyone
I just had some really good stir-fried bamboo and walked out of the restaurant to see four people go by on a scooter almost definitely above the scooter speed limit.
@Moacir evening*
@Ave As driver or as passenger?
@Yuuki Generic time of day greetings
You know you may have done something right when a CodeReview question from 2 years ago just got 1000 views
Ugh, I am not prepared for when I get back, I always get minor culture shock from seeing white people when I come back from China.
Q: How do I practice retakes in CSGO?

MitjacksonSome options to practice retakes as in practice defending/defusing a planted bomb I know of: Offline: Look up 'retake' in CSGO workshop maps in Steam. Download them and play them even if they don't allow you to change certain settings such that you can't have the settings you want to practice i...

1 hour later…
12:46 PM
Q: My minecraft is crashing once i launch

DanielI recently got a new laptop, but when i downloaded and tried playing minecraft, it kept on crashing after trying to launch. It gave me his error report: The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: GLFW error 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support ...

Q: Is there any other place than The Chill in Skyrim with unsummoned atronach?

blackbirdI am making an atronach replacer for Skyrim and I need to test whether my mod replaces all atronach summoned by another NPC or unsummoned (already placed as a monster in the map). Is there any other place or place where they get are scripted to appear without a NPC casting it?

A: Why A=2 and B=1 in the call signs for Spirit and Opportunity?

Mark AdlerOn MER we numbered the builds, but used letters for the launches. So MER-1 was built before MER-2. MER-A would both launch and arrive first, and MER-B would launch and arrive second. When we started, we weren't sure which hardware would launch first. Due to how the design testing split across the...

one box still not working so will explain
it appears Elon Musk is porting games into Tesla Cars
I thought it was a nice answer, but thought it was weird that he used "we" to answer it. I thought it was something like "We america" but he actually works for Nasa
my only concern is since Musk wants self driving cars this will make people too complacent
@Memor-X Like to use the car as a meeple or to play games while inside Tesla Cars?
12:50 PM
@Moacir it looks like inside the cars going by the tweet he linked to
@Memor-X Blocked, but I got the gist of it
> When I was in elementary school I spent all my quarters playing Asteroids. Now, thanks to @Tesla and @elonmusk I can enjoy it again every time I pick up my kids from school or work.
How long until "Tesla VR Compatible" tag on steam
Could you imagine? You set the waypoint, plug the vr, and the game generates something like that old school arcade shooters until you get to your destination
Since it knows the way, it can generate corridors that turn as the car turn, giving you that G-force feeling
@Moacir i suppose a on-rail shooter like Time Crisis might be good on a controlled track but i woudn't trust it on the open roads
that thump was not you running over Hitler's corpse in Wolfenstien 3D
I think self driving could work better if we had dedicated tracks, like that cycling tracks or even train tracks
12:57 PM
@Memor-X Nice visuals, but too bad the whole thing was an april fools joke.
@Frank yeh on discord i have been made aware of that. the hint to it was missed because of how i watched it
description saying 2116 - Missed because i downloaded with youtube-dl so didn't read the description
the April fool's popup at the end - Missed because it appears on the last second, when i skipped to the consoles it wasn't on that second. PS5 has been confirmed (took no Notice of the XBox logo which i haven't really been following news for) and when i watched the video in earnest i stopped when the logo appeared before it showed the consoles again
maybe if i watched youtube videos like a normal person maybe i wouldn't have missed the hints it was a joke
Q: Regarding retagging of a particular question

JoachimNot really sure about this. I stumbled upon this question: Is there a way to check how long you've been playing a DRM-free game with no in-game counter? It was tagged with a planescape-torment tag, but, obviously, the matter is not exclusive to that game. I replaced it with technical-issues, si...

1:22 PM
Q: Xbox turns on then shuts self off. (Not overheat)

USS Voyager NCC-74656Pretty much my Xbox has decided that life is not worth it any more and for no apparent reason at all when ever I turn it on the Xbox turns back off. It goes along the lines of this: : I turn Xbox on : It starts boot up (as though I pulled the power cord) : It does the turning off sound : The scre...

Q: Xbox turns on then shuts self off. (Not overheat)

USS Voyager NCC-74656Pretty much my Xbox has decided that life is not worth it any more and for no apparent reason at all when ever I turn it on the Xbox turns back off. It goes along the lines of this: : I turn Xbox on : It starts boot up (as though I pulled the power cord) : It does the turning off sound : The scre...

@Lazers2.0 Just FYI, not a dupe. It was migrated.
2:04 PM
Q: Technical question on stats in ff7

kokooI have the following question on stats in final fantasy 7 (=ff7). I have Cloud on lvl 99 with 255 strength (ignoring armor and weapons and materia). Now I noticed the following: I can still give cloud power sources (which increase strength) but this only works to a certain point and then it is n...

Q: I want to know which of the following to games are better: Rage 2 or A Plague tale innocence

Zain ElsayedI really want to buy a new game but don’t know if i should buy a plague tale innocence or rage 2

2:36 PM
greetings my freinds
Q: Copying NBT within entity - Set SkullOwner to item name

KaspianRFor some time now I've been trying to make it so that I can have a slab kind of like an altar. And any player/mob head that gets thrown onto that slab will have the SkullOwner be the custom name of the head in question. I imagine you being able to name your player/mob head anything, then throw it...

3:00 PM
3:13 PM
how the heck is chapo this good with turkish memes
@Ave lol
It's probably because felix has a perfect brain
3:40 PM
Q: Level capping of loot in Borderlands 2

SlayerDiAngeloI'm playing Borderlands 2 on UVHM. Since enemies scale according to your level, I was wondering whether the same goes with the loot pool of Tinder Snowflake. If I farm him at level 55 and then farm him at level 70, will his loot train carry loot capped at level 70 or will it be capped at level 55?

Finally got to see Endgame, so no more hiding from everything for me.
I dont remember how spoiler rules work here, but if you dont care about GoT spoilers, there is a spoiler room
Oh, weird, I have a package coming from Guam and it spent 9 days sitting in a LA airport, waiting for a transfer plane. I wonder why.
But I am mostly just happy to see something happening. Nine days no updates made me think it had gotten lost.
Mail is weird.
4:00 PM
Q: how to Kickstarter my gaming career? What to do in order to be a game developer?

Sourav KumarI want to be a professional game developer. So what sort of things have to be done to be .?

uh.. you know.. make games
@Ash weird that it spent that long. probably due to a customs issues if i had to guess. probably missing some information for the shipment and they detained the shipment until the carrier service provided the necessary documents
hey everybody whatd i miss?
4:15 PM
@Dragonrage nah, it was from a friend via USPS, and he never heard anything.
Part of me wonders though if it was inspection related or they just needed enough stuff to make a plane load to wherever it is going (I saw the words international air so I am hoping maybe Toronto)
But this package is getting more time in sunny vacation spots than me, it also hung out in Hawaii for a few days.
I just hope it gets here soon!
4:30 PM
@Ave A good way to avoid making mistakes in writing address and making it easier to sort your email so it gets to where it is on time is to type, print and paste the address instead of handwriting it. Most postal services use OCR nowadays I believe, so typed addresses are much better
@PrivatePansy I'd normally print it directly on the envelope but I don't have a printer
and I had to go to 4 print shops this morning as the first 3 I went to had their printers broken
Ha, what's a print shop with a broken printer good for?
@PrivatePansy well they're actually stationaries though everyone uses them as print shops
4:51 PM
@Moacir nah that's not it
@Ash BRB getting a big cardboard box and lots of stamps
@PrivatePansy I know, right?
@HalfEmpty I can tell that this isn't a bad thing for me because I mostly drink coffee at work so I would get paid to poop.
boss makes a dollar I make a dime etc
To be fair if your bathroom breaks affect the way you produce you should go to a doctor anyway
HALF EMPTY BUDDY! hugs him almost cracking his glass
Oh right that's still my name
5:37 PM
@ErrorTheWolf @HalfEmpty has a history of changing names and profile pics
Not really, just more recently I guess
Kinda tired of my old persona here
And so is everyone else
@HalfEmpty I can think at least of @Gnomeslice, @BunsGlazing and @HalfEmpty
5:39 PM
Which honestly the closest one that may have changed completely is InvaderSkoodge that was formerly @Strixvaria
should i change my person/
Nah, you are cool
i dont want to be called a furry
Noone needs to change anyone
5:40 PM
You could be less spammy sometimes, but that may be just me
oh belive me that's not just you
self burn
yeah ik :')
I uninstalled Brawlhalla again
It wasn't sparking joy in my life any more
5:44 PM
Probably come back to it again at some point
aaa what
@HalfEmpty I never really thought about this but now I am. It's funny how we native speakers take stuff like that for granted
5:55 PM
@HalfEmpty hahahah okay that was awesome
@Unionhawk Huh, Canada's Wonderland has a wooden coaster called the Beast as well
or maybe it's Wild Beast
that one is wild beast apparently
it's Beast 40 this year which is pretty cool
that ride still holds up
and they rebuilt the trains to be multicolored this year which is cool
(before it was a red train, an orange train, and a yellow train. Now they have a pair of each colored car on each train)
@Ash Ooh, mentalfloss.com/article/54486/… has the word niblings in it! :p
@Kevin Neat :)
rumors are that Kings Island's next construction project is probably going to be a super tall steel which, hopefully it's one like Millennium Force and not Dragster lol
dragster is a bullshit ride, not worth the probably still hour wait in fast lane plus
6:05 PM
aww nibling
6:16 PM
counterpoint in favor of dragster though:
> Top Thrill Dragster, which reaches a height of 420 feet
Blaze it
420 you say?
aaaa we both though it
I've never seen it, but apparently that one can roll back which is fun
and apparently it rolled into equilibrium at the top one time too
some maintenance guy had to go up and push it down
haha with people on it?
it launches up a hill with magnets at the bottom, so sometimes that's not quite enough
there's a ride at kings island that can roll back in certain scenarios depending on how weight is distributed, but idk if that one is as resilient to rollbacks as dragster is (which apparently just launches again)
6:26 PM
You seem surprisingly knowledgeable about roller coasters
Not sarcastic
@Unionhawk the magnets push it or pull it?
@HalfEmpty idk however trains work
both I guess?
there's like, a set of electromagnets in the track that reverse polarity in such a way that makes the train go 0-120 mph real quick
(which, is why the "arms down, head back, and hold on" autospiel is so important because you don't want your head to hit the headrest at however many Gs that'd be)
@TimStone I wonder if the retirement home you'll live in one day will have good enough PCs to run Star Citizen when it releases
bold of you to assume it will ever release
I just saw 3 mods are stepping down
I can't help but feel it's my fault for not posting Rebecca Black every Friday anymore
Oh, definitely.
6:44 PM
@Sterno i occasionally fill the void. but if i do it too regularly, people dont get fooled by it
7:01 PM
@Sterno This is excellent and I hate you
7:12 PM
@Sterno It actually is.
I love that I have this routine now of baking for Baha'i events (in this case, my weekly Ruhi book 1 group). If nothing else it means my house smells amazing on the regular. (Today it is cinnamon swirl bread! IT SMELLS SO GOOOOD.)
(I didn't realize how much I missed baking for people.)
Q: How to get the chest in beginning of Ikana Canyon in Majora's Mask?

thaiminWhen just entering Ikana Canyon from Termina Field there is a red spot on the ground and the minimap shows a chest there. I have tried several methods in getting the chest but nothing has worked thus far: Bomb Bombchu Powder Keg Flipping the nearby real bombchu Song of Storms Song of Healing Gi...

7:39 PM
Ooooooo cinnamon swirl bread
We recently made featherpuff bread and it was really tasty, and the plan is to make it again but turn it into cinnamon rolls
And I am so ready for that to happen
8:32 PM
Q: What is the mysterious box?

Nightmare09122In kingdom two crowns there is a mysterious box that appeared a while ago that costs 1 diamond... what does it do? Should I buy it? I looked for what it could be but I have no idea...

9:30 PM
Q: Is there a way to detect the player name a "/testfor" command has detected?

Iveforgottenmyacc3timesSimply put I want to make a minigame on my server. where when a player reaches 15 kills the game is over and the player who got the 15 kills wins. I can detect and send a pulse when "A" player reaches 15 but I cannot display the player who won/ detect even who won. the command I'm using to detect...

1 hour later…
10:48 PM
Q: How do i testfor multiples items in a hopper? (1.14.1)

YevnoriqI'm trying to create a Minecraft sieve and my plan was to run a command that detects how many items are in the hopper, and use a loot table to spawn items equal to how much was in the hopper. Ex: I put 5 dirt blocks into the hopper, and I get X cobble, X flint, X sticks, X grass, etc... How wou...

11:45 PM
@ToxicFrog I was gonna share some of the cinnamon bread with you tomorrow but it got eaten and one of my Ruhi group people declared she wanted to marry it
I can however bring you some gugeria if you are so inclined
Q: Will I do true genocide if I spare Monster Kid?

TheEpicTemmieWill I do true genocide if I spare Monster Kid? Will I get the true genocide ending? I farmed everymonster in the Ruins, Snowdin, and Waterfall except Monster Kid.

(I swear at this point almost everyone I know has at least been offered gugeria. I have been blessed with being able to have so much to share.)
Theyre little crunchy cookies made of flour, coconut milk, and sugar. Friend mailed me a bunch of them.
Oooo. Sure, I'd like to try those!
11:53 PM
Okay! I will bring you a bunch tomorrow!
Tomorrow is gonna be good. Lunch with you and my rescheduled Ruhi book 8 from today in the evening.

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