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12:09 AM
@MBraedley Free rep?
Also, wedding's over and my feet want to kill me.
@Dragonrage Western final, let's goooooo
@Yuuki I bountied a question you have the top answer on
Speaking of
Unfortunately, I'm not going to be in an answering capacity until next Sunday, a week from now.
Probably even later since I'll be landing in the evening after the flight from hell.
12:24 AM
(Harrisburg University vs Carleton College)
What's the question anyways?
Ah, countering Mei.
I might actually be able to answer that while I'm in China, I'll have to do some research though.
Q: This Java Error

LycanI click on my Minecraft server and it gives an error in java and says "Unable to install Java There are errors in the following switches: "C:\User\Name\Downloads\server.jar';. Check that the commands are valid and try again. What do I need to do? I can't run the server over port forwarding so any...

12:43 AM
@Yuuki It's pretty much the same answer: gang up on her
Are you sure it isn't "walk at her one at a time and deliver them a team kill"
@Unionhawk I believe that's the anti-counter
Wow I'm glad I left after the first match in that series
Harrisburg completely dominated matches 1 and 3
Idk what 2 looked like
1 was a 2 99-0 Lijang tower, 3 was a full hold on Hanamura A
Still though, it is kind of neat to have a college tournament here lol
Sponsored by the Miami University eSports team
2019 is fucking wild
1:45 AM
Q: how do i make a item brake a certain block in minecraft java 1.14.1

CamMit2011I am trying to build an adventure map, but I'm afraid the player will place the button in the wrong place. So I need to make a pickaxe to brake just the button and not break anything else to reduce cheating and making secret ways. But all of the websites and videos are not for java 1.14 and don't...

1:58 AM
@Yuuki hype
Q: My after glow xbox one controller is not working

user231741I did a factory reset on it but instead of getting red flashing lights when i connect the larger side of the cable into the usb port, there is a white light on top of the xbox logo, i then proceed to do all the other steps and then i get a orange light and i cant do anything

2:43 AM
Q: Normally Good FPS Skyrim all of a sudden has terrible FPS

SteptimusHeapSo I've been playing Skyrim: Special Edition on Steam for a while, and I have not downloaded any mods. I log off the game after an ancient dragon fight. When I get back on a couple hours later, I have probably 1 frame a second. This has never been a problem before, I've always had a normal, good ...

3:27 AM
So Fi's automatic international transferring is pretty great.
It's come in pretty clutch during this trip.
4:04 AM
Q: How to change character level beyond 72 on BL2 with gibbed?

Chris Hey I’ve been messing around with gibbed lately on PS3/PS4 and thought I could change my character lvl to 82 for fun to have a laugh with my mates. Unfortunately The lvl doesn’t show in the game for anyone but me. I can see that I’m lvl 82 but for everyone else I’m still lvl 72. I know that it is...

4:15 AM
@Dragonrage I couldn't believe the post-match thread when I saw it.
Even if TL eked out a win against IG, I expected a 3-2.
4:43 AM
Q: Why can’t host a world on minecraft my Nat type is open on Xbox

user231746I can’t host a world on minecraft yet my Nat type is open I can join friends but not host each time they try to join It says unable to connect to world I restarted my Xbox and everything I deleted it nothing works.

5:22 AM
Q: Unable to obtain Massage Oil after completing The Monster Who Cried Girl achievement

Chase IngebritsonSo I was working towards full completion of Goosebumps: The Game, however I ran into a bit of an issue when I needed to finish the Night of the Giant Inventory achievement which requires me to have picked up every item in a single playthough. It turns out the item I'm missing is the Massage Oil,...

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10:32 AM
Q: How to reduce/prevent packet loss?

3MidgetsInATrenchcoatSo I've been experiencing a lot of random lag spikes recently and I've concluded it's packet loss. On startup, I auto-run the following commands : fov_desired 90; viewmodel_fov 70; tf_use_min_viewmodels 1; cl_interp 0.0325; cl_interp_ratio 1; rate 97000; cl_updaterate 66; cl_cmdrate 66 How do ...

2 hours later…
12:48 PM
Q: Would someone give a thorough explanation of 1.14 minecraft's /data modify?

MeowlOkay, so I've been searching all over the internet for an explanation of data modify ever since I heard Sethbling passively mention it in one of his videos. The only thing I could find on it was the wiki and the update log for the 1.14 snapshot. So, I checked these, and they hardly explained it ...

1:32 PM
Listening to the Co-Optional Podcast and they are talking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Mathas or Jessie brought up a good point about the problems of it being Episodic and that's the levelling and how it'll be capped with both characters and Materia. like before Episode 2 comes out can people max out all their materia (generally 4-5 stars) and character levels (99) and go into the next episode OPed or will there be lower caps
Most likely soft- or hard-capped
@Wrigglenite what's the difference between those?
Soft-cap means making it extremely slow to level up past a certain level. Maybe enemies give less experience when the player's party is at a higher level than them, maybe there is a finite amount of experience in the game
@Memor-X soft-cap is when something hits major diminishing returns
Hard-cap just means it's impossible to level up past a certain point
The .hack quadrilogy of games implemented soft-caps on the player level
1:41 PM
so how is the Year of Luigi going
I mean, Wipqozn
@Wrigglenite yeh but with .hack it was the same amount of EXP between Levels. Final Fantasy generally is an increasing scale
I'm not sure that would really make a difference
and while i never maxed my level in the original 4, in .hack//G.U appeared to have both soft and hard because weaker enemies gave me less exp but there was a hard cap of 50xVol
1 hour later…
2:44 PM
Q: java.net.connectexception: Connection refused: no further information via server,

moo1210If I connect to my server via any of the ips (moo1210.tk:25561 or localhost:25561) I get a java.net.connectexception: Connection refused: no further information error, its allow on the firewall and its being port forwarded, what should I do?

3:23 PM
Q: Parent buying Minecraft (Windows 10) for child

stovrozI'm a lifelong Windows user but I've never signed in with a Microsoft Account or made any Store purchases, so please bear with me. My child has got into playing the copy of Minecraft that magically appeared on my Windows 10 laptop, and I am considering paying for the full version. I'm pretty co...

@badp Excellent. At least for me.
Which probably means it's going horribly for the rest of you.
I should probably ban someone at random...hmmm....
Oh! I should ban @Ash now that they can actually be banned!
@Ash, quick, do something ban worthy!
3:42 PM
Q: CSGO workshops: How do I override a map's settings?

MitjacksonIn some CSGO workshops, I can't seem to override certain settings such as the buy time, whether or not bots can use grenades and whether or not players have armor or defuse kits at the start of each round (though the last one might not have to do with the maps). Some examples are Overpass Retake...

4:01 PM
Q: Why didn't guilty spark or the monitor of installation 00, the Ark clean up the flood hive during Halo 3

GermaniaWhy didn't guilty spark or the monitor of installation 00, the Ark clean up the flood hive that had crashed onto the ark during Halo 3 with Sentinels that Master Chief visited to retrieve Cortana? Was the priority to build a new ring 07b instead? Don't sentinel manufacturing facilities have en...

@Wipqozn you have gone mad with unfettered power, turtle, with such demands.
There is a sign here that says "new Gatorade zero berry" I know it's Gatorade Zero with berry flavour but I read it as Gatorade with zero berries.
4:15 PM
@Ash We all knew this would happen.
@Ash That wouldn't be berry flavourful
Q: Xbox to Nintendo Switch?

Xena549I have an Xbox that I mainly play on. the Xbox has its own epic account e-mail/login i also have a Switch, which I sometimes play fortnite on as well (for mobile purposes) the Switch also has its own epic account/login. long story short, I no longer care for my current fortnite Switch account, ...

4:40 PM
Q: Pokemon Lets go - what is the greyed out button in play with partner menu

Alisarplease, can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the greyed out button on the menu after you click Play with pikachu? The first button is to engage the play with partner, the second button.... nada. I can't find the answer anywhere. It's like I'm the only one wondering about it.

5:00 PM
Q: Why starbase in not connected to the Trade Network?

BuddaThe game warns me that Starbase in Halvam system is not connected to the Trade Network even though I see a direct connection between systems on the map. See the image below. Interestingly, there are 2 other Starbases (in Sym and Syldus) that don't look connected as well (their icon is red), but ...

@Wipqozn We need someone to remove you as room owner again.
Maybe shrink that turtley head a bit.
Okay, I bought Surviving Mars
I've been interested in it since Scott Manley did a few videos on it, and playing it during the free weekend convinced me
5:56 PM
@Wrigglenite hahahaha no it would not
Q: How to remove inactive games without resigning?

Jenny L BergeronI have a feeling some one has hacked several accounts. Initially, I accepted the games (7 different players). When they tried to chat & I didn't respond & they stopped playing. Now it's over 180 days since they last played & it's still showing their turn. The only way I can get them to go away is...

Q: How do I change the active goal for Bioshock Remastered (PC)?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasI'm playing Bioshock Remastered for PC (via Steam). I'm in Acadia and I've just been given the 'Invent the Lazarus Vector' quest. This quest has two parts, and it helpfully flashed up a tutorial message indicating that this is a multi-part quest, and that you can set the active goal via the Map s...

6:17 PM
Q: Is it still possible to create a fog effect with stained glass in 1.14.1?

AnnonWhat I mean by the 'fog effect' is when you placed alternating layers of stained glass on top of each other until it looked like fog. like this picture from google. vvv Or am I just wrong in assuming this is vanilla Minecraft? Is it a resource pack? or even Optifine?

6:37 PM
Q: Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 is crashing while starting

azattt[21:31:28] [AWT-EventQueue-0/INFO]: Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.7.10 loading [21:31:28] [AWT-EventQueue-0/INFO]: Java is Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.8.0_111, running on Windows 10:amd64:10.0, installed at C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_111 [21:31:28] [AW...

6:55 PM
@RedRiderX And now I'm wondering how quickly that essay spread on the internet
7:16 PM
Q: Just how uncommon are Weird dungeons in Phantom Brave

Sean DugganThe Phantom Brave wiki article on Random Dungeons states that Weird dungeons are the "Rarest label". After about a hundred tries trying to generate a Weird dungeon so that I can kill enough Bottlemails to get the ability to create my own, I'm running 0 for 100. Is there any statistic indicating j...

8:13 PM
Hang on, I thought I asked a question about Rangers in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition a couple years ago, but I can't find it anymore
Q: Kingdom hearts help

LauraIn the end of the world the boss fight were u have to take down Chernabog I need all hints tips to take him down I have gained the divine rose keyblaid but I still struggling to take him down like I always get up to the 2/3 Orange part of his health with the help of tinkabell but then I just en...

Ah, found it
8:33 PM
Q: Is there a way to talk to Mortimer and get to the boat in time?

vianna77After acquiring the spear in Chapter 4 (spoilers ahead) is there a way to talk to Mortimer AND get to the boat in time Or do I need to choose between one or another?

8:53 PM
Q: MineCraft Download

XiaI downloaded MineCraft onto one of my laptops, but it's about to break since it's so old. I'll be getting a new laptop soon, but I was wondering if it's possible to download MineCraft onto my new laptop without having to buy a new account.

9:12 PM
Q: Prison Architect. Zone Updates cause freezes. Any cure?

Alex ZelGame fps dropping down to 1 fps for 1-2 secs every 15-30 secs. I found that it happens during zones updates (zone i mean rules per each zone accessible via "Positioning"). I guess that it is mainly because of zones which are "unreachable" and a specially then i got a lot of these 1 tile size (j...

9:30 PM
I just realized i have visited Arqade 242 days in a row
Q: Is there a way to Select the Entity that Activates the Command Block / Sign?

Taylor SparkThis is a very important Question to me, as it relates to my Server/Realm as I use completely command blocks for everything, and due to the point that the closest thing to detecting the activator is using @p, I guess you could see where that would go wrong with a lot of players. So if anyone can...

sad weeb noises
9:51 PM
Q: Does ATS befit cruising and exploring cities and suburbs?

Joyce Lai M.Mus. OperaI downloaded ATS on 16 May 2019, the map mods Coast to Coast v2.7.2 and CanaDream v2.8.9. I was attracted to ATS principally to "sight-see" cities and its suburbs on the US and Canadian West Coast. E.g. I hanker to retire to Vancouver, Canada and am keen to drive through its suburbs. I'm uninte...

10:30 PM
Q: What monsters in the Pokémon video game series are twinks?

the gamer catWhich pokemon are twinky/ like a twink, I know that lucario is a twink what other pokemon are thinks, asking for a friend

10:49 PM
Q: What happens if you buy a elixir pack the get raided?

LukasDo I lose most of it? I’m th 5 and I bought 2.5 million of elixir and gold do i lose half of it or all of it?

11:08 PM
Q: Getting past the second stage of the gauntlet

A Catatonic CatastropheSo I've moved past the tutorial stage on the main gauntlet in the towers of time and now am on the second level with Cassie and Jackie. I've done plenty of other towers in the meantime thinking my skills may increase just enough, but this is too hard man. What konsumable/character did you all end...

Q: I've been past many sea snakes and sharks, but never encountered a shark with a purple fin. Is there a bug in my game?

user231794I also opened the Candy Box and finished the game. The purple shark fin is the last thing I need in my inventory.

11:28 PM
Q: Help what is the syntax error

guardian isabelle I need help with this error please help me. Im justvtrying to mess around, this might be a low quality picuture, so help if you can

11:47 PM
Q: How do the air dead spots work in Starcraft II?

Paul ErlenmeyerIn Starcraft II there are certain spots on the map where Zerg players like to hide Overlords. I imagine that they are on higher level just as the main base is usually on a higher level than the natural expension on most maps. How does the mechanic work? It is clear that any ground unit can't see ...


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