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12:44 AM
So. Much. Ham.
12:59 AM
@SaintWacko Watching William Shatner?
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2:19 AM
Happy Easter everyone! Today we have a new unreleased SNES game to share with you - two prototypes of Tom vs. Jerry: The Chase is On! Now preserved and playable for your enjoyment. Have fun everyone. :) http://hiddenpalace.org/News/Tom_Vs._Jerry:_The_Chase_is_On
3:14 AM
The Surge is free on PSN this month. It is excellent. I already own it. Would be interested if anyone else was gonna play it and talk about it
3:31 AM
Q: In "Shooty Skies", is the "Great Wall" world still available? (released CNY 2016)

hyperpalliumShooty Skies is a mobile game. "Great Wall" is the one with the monkey, and red envelopes inside the wooden crates. No characters have unlocked from the Great Wall world, and it occurs to me it might only be available for Chinese New Year. Although, it is in the list of worlds, and characters f...

3:50 AM
Q: What are the instructions for making a Nether Portal? I have tried so many different ways and nothing works

lachlanI am trying to make a Nether Portal for my little brother and I just can't get it.

2 hours later…
6:09 AM
Q: can not change minecraft mode and player access

BlackCrystalme and my friends were playing minecraft together and were building a city. this map was on creative mode and my user had access to run commands. after a while we abandon the map. i asked my friend to give me the save file so i can continue building on my own. when i put the save file where other...

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8:16 AM
suspicious quotes there
Q: In Minecraft, how can I make a specific Entity teleport through walls towards players?

kyle wongI’m creating an SCP server and recreating different SCPs in Minecraft with commands. I would like to know how to recreate SCP 106. I would like to recreate it with a zombie that walks through all walls to get to the player. I know about a lot of the other commands, like making it unkillable and ...

8:45 AM
Q: Ps3 slim hard drive change

Neil RobinsonI'm about to install a new hard drive in my slim ps3 and I was wondering, how do I transfer all the data(games, movies, etc)to the new one. Thank you

9:04 AM
Q: How the snow/ice patches in mountain biomes are calculated?

UkoI'm trying to build an ice farm in a mountain biome. According to the wiki: As the climate is cold, rainfall changes to snowfall above approximately Y-level 92 So I've found an elevation in mountains where there is show and build an ice farm there. As you can see, there are some ice patches...

10:03 AM
Q: ELI5: Custom heads in Minecraft not working

DarrenI am trying to help my son add a custom head in Minecraft (PC, Java edition 1.13.2). According to this site I enter a command into a command block, for example, /give @p minecraft:player_head{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Ice Block\"}"},SkullOwner:{Id:"192dbe7b-1309-4c27-a496-5878d81cd1f8",Propert...

10:42 AM
Q: Can someone figure out the damage equation in this game?

Code LearnerSo there's this pretty obscure turn based RPG game called Gods Lands of Infinity. So there's a melee power of each character in this game. In this case, the Melee Power is 132. Each weapon also has a damage of their own, and in this case, the weapon damage is 9-11. Now, attacking on a enemy who h...

11:10 AM
Morning everyone
If you somehow have that idle game itch but you also like to do things until you are overwhelmed, I strongly suggest Forager
Morning @Moacir
@Ave Are you already back or are you still traveling?
@Moacir I'm back to Istanbul yeah, at work rn lol
I wish I thought about it more when buying a ticket tho
@Ave Did the travel recharged your batteries? (Also the message I am replying is the message 50009999)
(yeah I saw lol)
@Ave apparently tomorrow is a day off
I could've literally gotten 2 more days in thailand for the price o--
oh wait I literally hardly managed to afford hotel nvm lol
I'm on roughly -300 on bank account rn lol
11:18 AM
Travels do this
(well I borrowed 600 from someone, and have 300 left on my account)
tbh I didn't even enter my own room after the initial 2 days
You be like "Oh, I can totally work my finances"
Then you be like "nope"
In the future I made a rule of thumb
"If you're going abroad, you're taking 10k with you"
I was somewhat broke due to various issues before going abroad this time and I went there with roughly, uhh, 4k I think?
In Brazil, we have a legal "Vacation", where for each 1 year worked, you earn the right of one month not working with full pay +1/3, however you receive this like 2 days before you enter such vacation
Every time I get this vacation I try to pay all my bills in advance, because I always mess things up if I dont
oh yeah you reminded me
I still am yet to pay the bills lal
time to log in and see if i can finance those
11:22 AM
That gets you
hahaha NICe
apparently I need to pay electricity today or else I'll have fun times
Oh no
I mean
don't worry
while I only have 300 on account, I do have like 400 cash which I was supposed to receive before trip but I only received it today
also am supposed to get like 140AUD today as part of an online sale
You just have to be sure that there arent any bills going on undetected
I once totally forgot to pay my internet, but I actually had the money, just a brain fart. I called my isp and they enabled my internet back as if I had paid, so the first thing I did was actually pay it
@Moacir I use a turkish thing to manage all my bills
11:27 AM
I should use some manager like that
only problem is that I can't pay them individually, so while electricity is only like 65try, I can't pay it without also paying all other bills at once (which are like 450try)
but the problem is that those have a last payment date later in the month, while electricity needs to be paid today
11:38 AM
That doesnt sound so good
I use my credit card to pay all my bills, then I only have to pay my CC at a later date
But then again, I am pushing the date forward, not back
1 hour later…
12:40 PM
There is a banned user that sometimes pop on the user list. It is banned until 25 december, but looks like it had 18k reputation?
I wonder how bad you need to be to get a full year ban basically when you are a member that managed to gather all those points
@Moacir high rep doesn't make one immune to being toxic. pretty sure there were some high rep users involved with what happened with Mos Eisley
i recall one user with a few K in rep who kept getting banned from chat because they kept starting arguments in the Java Chatroom even after they were told by the Room Owners they were no longer welcome
were they at least arguments about java?
A chat ban is ok, I think, but afaik this user got a full site ban
I mean, people shouldn't be toxic
@Unionhawk don't think so
@Moacir oh it's a full Network ban?
12:54 PM
That's weird that their chat profile shows rep lol
And it is not a little amount
Its like, 81k
I guess the network rep number doesn't pass "is banned, 1 rep" forward to chat
Should this be reported as a bug?
Anyway, I wonder why the user pops here once in a while, then leaves
12:58 PM
Q: How to create the javascript code for the online game site?

EricDowgerI had created a nice site for online casino games. Called GreatCasinoCanada Now I need to write the script for games, but I don't know which better use?

@Unionhawk the ban is only on one site. if you go to their SE Profile and check the activity to track down their SO and Arqade you see they aren't banned. i suppose if it was a full network ban (as in every site) it might get reflected as being 1 rep?
though chat code is weird. had encountered a chat user who has no network account
@Memor-X it says network-wide, and their parent site is that one anyway actually parent site doesn't impact that
@Unionhawk it says that but if it was network wide it doesn't reflect on Arqade or SO
@Memor-X I think I found the same as you
@Lazers2.0 mmmmm. toasted spam
1:03 PM
@Memor-X I prefer fried spam bologna, myself
@Moacir same user or same situation with another user?
@Memor-X The chat user without a profile linked
@MBraedley oh i like that one better
With the information we can gather of the banned user, we can see its last interaction here, and following the chat-log the only "strange" name that appears there is one that has no link to the user
So I suppose the user that has no profile linked on chat is the banned user
@Moacir no link like as if they are a deleted user?
1:07 PM
@Memor-X Yep
@Moacir that would be weird unless they deleted the user and recreated it with a new ID or something
@Memor-X I don't see their network profile at all so I can't tell you whether or not they have a SO or Arqade account at all
which is weird and possibly an artifact of the network ban
I cannot get the permalink to the message
I'm not even sure how to get to a network profile, if the user hides their accounts to the point where you can only see one.
It just copies the username
1:09 PM
@Unionhawk on the parent account go to activity and then accounts. takes you to their SE Profile, then go to activity there
No, that was me being dumb
Nov 22 '18 at 22:39, by Leadnnd Pereira
hi, Can you help me with a problem?
from there you can find a comment, question or answer entry to jump to to find their profile there
This is the most I can "trace"
Ah, I know who that is.
Ate a network ban a couple months back. Seems to have been unbanned on SO, and...maybe figured out how to use that to create an account on Arqade?
1:12 PM
Totally cant tell
It may be a coincidence tho, because this is the only user that I can find that is not a regular, that matches the "last message 151d ago"
At least on The Bridge
The user may have posted on another chat room
Im just dumb and dont know how that works. I just need to click on "Recent" on the banned user profile
I went all Sherlock Holmes when there was nothing to Sherlock Holmes
They're also using a second account to bypass the chat ban.
22 hours ago, by user26744
I guess the best option is that the original author approves the edit, so it's not being imposed on him. :/
Same person
How can you tell?
Q: Installing "Mario Kart DS" on a DS Cartridge

Andrea Cioccarelliit happened to me to be playing "Mario Kart DS" with my family in multiplayer mode. We have 3 Nintendo DS and one Mario Kart DS cartridge. There are 2 modes of playing that game, the Normal Mode (Which you can play just with other players having Mario Kart DS) and Simple Mode (Other players ha...

Q: What is manual speed and how does it change?

DJ PirtuJust started playing OFDP2 and for some reason, even at the tutorial, the game speed was crazy. Most likely because my manual speed was like 2.5x. Why was it set so high and how does it change?

@Moacir He's complaining about a specific question, not attached to that account.
But attached to the first one linked.
The one with the chat ban.
1:18 PM
@MBraedley fried spam isn't that bad honestly
Apartment building fell into a pit in Istanbul
the number of layers at hand here are astounding
@Unionhawk It's...two.
that is a large number
Is it?
1:23 PM
Didn't seem like it to me.
That said, bypassing the network ban sounds like a hole that needs to be closed.
tbf, "network banned but unbanned on one site" is kind of an odd edge case
@Nzall happens all the time
@Unionhawk dam it, what do all of these connections lead too *steps back, all the lines line up to spell "dez nutz"*
@Unionhawk Manual unban on SO.
I believe that's been leveraged somehow to create new accounts elsewhere.
1:26 PM
@Frank right yeah I'm saying that probably doesn't happen that often
like how does one even achieve that deal
@Frank If it is SO (or any of the trinity), they might not follow network bans.
@MBraedley That's a good point.
Q: Lost Sphear: What exactly does Pick-Me-Up do?

Brian VandenbergThe description of the Artifact doesn't make it clear how much it affects the food effect. It seems strange that no one has tested this but I've found zero pages on this while googling.

@Ave There's a reason why I pay almost double of the average rent (for the flat size) to live where I live
1:49 PM
Oh god, I did a find in files for , and it won't stop!
Online games are pretty unplayable for me now
this used to only happen occasionally but now it's constant
gonna just uninstall brawlhalla and overwatch I guess, my roomate swears nothing is wrong with the internet. And it's FAST but it's not reliable
dropped packets constantly
any game I play is just teleporting everywhere
Sometimes this happens here, but I see it on twitch not being able to maintain 720p quality
Download speed is fine, but constant packets get lost
I dont know how this works at all, so I may be explaining poorly
Something like that. Competitive games unplayable now for going on like 3 weeks
If your roommate is open with it and you have access to the ISP, you may try calling them
At least here they are very open. They even did some nat configuration so I could host games without problems
idk if he'd want to. My roomate owns his own tech support business and he swears it's fine nothing wrong with it
maybe tho
He games all the time upstairs, guess it works for him
1:54 PM
You are wired, right?
My dad was here yesterday found that there's an IP conflict on our network but I tried playing on my girlfriend's laptop and the same problem (on Wifi)
Not wifi
@Moacir yeah but that's not the problem
I thought so too but it's not
1:55 PM
@HalfEmpty Maybe he tweaked the router to limit your speed so he gets all the speed
Well, that is kinda hard to debug if your roommate doesnt want to look at it
I doubt it. Plus my speed is fine, I can download things crazy fast
I'll ask him at some point
things been a bit tense here lately
I am not really feeling welcome any more. He's going through some stuff
There are some routers that bugs everything, because of the.. QoS? Like if you tell a certain ip has priority, all others get loss on packages (At least on a TPLINK)
On a low end TP Link at least
Bridge, I am old.
Setup the trampoline for the kids yesterday and pulled a muscle in my back. Old.
2:29 PM
> Cyberpunk 2077 developer: "I would say that the game is pretty different to what we showed last year"
inb4 Cyberpunk 2077 is a tic-tac-toe game, levels interspersed with 30 minute long cutscenes.
Nah, always-online Destiny clone with tons of microtransactions
Oh, and exlcusive to the Epic store
The problem is that wouldn't be unexpected.
@SaintWacko I might invest in the epic store
if that's a thing
@Yuuki *sigh* i really hope CD Projekt Red isn't trying to pull an Anthem or No Man's Sky here
when you show off your game and then the next year you have it's now something different, then just what did you exactly have when you showed stuff of last time
2:45 PM
Man, if Cyberpunk gets released as Epic Store exclusive it would be a weird feeling
They even have a quest on Witcher 3 saying DRM is bad
@Moacir if it's like current Epic Exclusives (ie. on every platform but Steam) then would be kinda pointless because you might as well by it from GOG and not have to worry about another launcher
@Memor-X Wait, the Epic Exclusive is just 'Non-steam'?
I could for example buy it from Humble bundle if I fancied so?
@Moacir you can with Borderlands 3 now. though you get an Epic Store Key for it
2:50 PM
@Moacir Depends on the game.
So, the #DnD kids have managed to come up with the best improvised weapon I've ever heard of. Henry the Hazardous, an angry scarecrow on a stick. Here follows the saga of Henry.
The Division 2, for example, is apparently an Epic exclusive but you could pre-order it through third-party marketplaces (like Humble Store) up until release day. And it's also available on the original publisher game launcher (uPlay).
hi people
I think Anno was ok with preorders too
But looks like Borderlands 3 will be sold on GMG that, apparently, has the same rates as Steam
2:53 PM
@Unionhawk If it's an improvised weapon, then it does 1d4+STR bludgeoning damage.
@Moacir Like I said, The Division 2 was available on other third-party marketplaces up until release day, after which it disappeared from said markets.
I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same with Borderlands 3.
@ErrorTheWolf Yo.
@Memor-X That's still Epic Exclusive
If I have to install it through the Epic store
@SaintWacko yeh, not the best example
@HalfEmpty Not sure everyone realizes what the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are. But yes, this is probably an apt comparison.
i just remember hearing that one recent "exclusive" was also available on the Microsoft Store with the suggestion that Epic Exclusive is actually Steam Exclusion. that the deal is to just not sell on Epic
which seems anti-competition to me
@Memor-X It 100% is, and it's why I can't wait til Borderlands 3 releases in April
2:59 PM
@Memor-X But it's not considered to be illegal anti-competitive.
Also, anyone else here playing Sky Factory 4?
greetings gamers
hello again?
3:20 PM
@ErrorTheWolf lol?
i can do anything
jevil noise
Something something penguin something something spork.
@ErrorTheWolf zombo.com
Q: Scoreboard for who flips a lever

ShadowGamerI have a system where flipping a lever in a room will teleport the player, but I need a scoreboard to test who's actually flipped a lever to run the commands on. If the triggered commands after it only affected '@p' then the person standing closest to the lever would be affected even if they were...

3:47 PM
Boo, zombo unsupported now
Was it a flash site?
IIRC, yes.
Q: What is the connection between the Faro Plague robots and Hades?

IrigiI just finished Horizon Zero Dawn and the following question still remain unclear to me. (Spoilers follow.) We know, that the life on Earth was destroyed by the Faro Plague: self-replicating robots consuming biomass as fuel. It was impossible for humans to deactivate them, because SW was encrypt...

The Captain Falcon one is really direct.
It's F-Zero Chill.
4:15 PM
oh no... xbox one has a sale
I may have bought 3 expensive-ish games and gold
4:43 PM
@Ave I am almost sure there is an "oh no" comic about that
@Ave Didn't you literally say 5 hours ago you couldn't pay all your bills because you didn't have the money for it?
@Nzall I said that I didn't have the money on card, I did mention that I have enough cash tho
but yeah I paid and I'm left with literally 3 liras lol
(I did split them to two, tho, so once bank moves it away from provision I'll get back half of it as credit card limit)
oh wait I'm at -6 lol
I didn't even know that this was possible
@Ave I was once at -6k. It is not a good feeling
Everything seems fine until it isn't
@MBraedley if i remember correctly, it is difficulty breathing, light headedness, and drowsiness.
@TheMattbat999 It's also the symptoms listed in the joke.
@MBraedley oh ok
Idk, i remember reading that stuff on the side of my gas-powered generator (cause i guess at some point someone thought it was a good idea to put one in the house with them)
Ugh, this is SO DAMN annoying. I need to find ANYTHING on Netflix, age 13 and up, with both Dutch and English voice acting, so that I can watch it and tell Netflix to remember my audio settings
6:48 PM
Q: Earthquake damage

Jukebox JohnThe earthquake does damage per second to ground troops and much more to towers and buildings.why is it then it does troop damage to a tower instead of it's building damage? Only building damage to one structure? Placed between princess tower and king tower only building damage to one? I have a le...

I finally found a show like that about WW2 bankers in the Netherlands, but apparently if I want it to properly remember my choice, I have to watch it in full...
According to Spotify Ellen is a genre/mood
@PrivatePansy !surprised
7:03 PM
@HalfEmpty Meh
7:32 PM
@InvaderSkoodge lol. Kind of a weird break
You said the original redout was meh right
@HalfEmpty Is there a site like that for Belgium?
Idk i Actually just googled "Netflix Dutch anime" but you can probably take out the anime
Problem is the overlap between (13+) and (Dutch voice acting) and (English voice acting) is so small that it's nearly nonexistent
Try just watching the last episode of something
@Nzall re: this cause that's dumb
While I have 27 hours in Forager, I think 12 of them are afking because it is generating resources
It is a pretty cool game
7:45 PM
@Moacir I have that problem with Warframe lol
Since there's no afk logout, I'd usually just leave it running 24/7
@SaintWacko I think, other than Dota, my top games on steam are X3 Terran conflict and Towns, and both of them are because of afk
@HalfEmpty Oops, brainfart, The flash isn't available in Dutch
@SaintWacko Yeah...
I've occasionally left it on, gone to bed, wake up, go to work, and come back.
And then I come home to IS THAT A PUN??!!!
@Moacir Oh man, you still play Towns?
@SaintWacko I want to but kinda want to wait
Not for a new update, but for DF on steam
I dont want to burn out on these genre for now
7:56 PM
Yeah, there's not going to be an update to Towns.
Pagan Online has no Online
It is a single player game
@Yuuki I am still hopeful for Cubeworld
But I think it will be released with Half-Life 3
8:25 PM
Q: Who do you like more as minecraft youtubers?

FoxDynamiteGirlYou have 6 choices: moose Unspeakable Shark Preston plays Popularmmos none of the above and also, my sister asked me and me dunno what to say so I am relying on you :)

8:37 PM
Chiitan cordially invites Mr. John Oliver (@iamjohnoliver) to a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH
9:08 PM
Okay. Tires changed.
Oh. And there goes the private server.
They're wading into legal territory.
Rumor is the person hosting the server got a C&D, and went full nuclear on it. Deleted it all, deleted their online accounts, everything.
9:31 PM
Well damn
Probably best to avoid a lawsuit from NCSoft.
Q: 1.13+ how do you get the slot NBT tag for /give?

CrazyOlHoboJoeSo, I'm working on a little arena map for my friends and me and I need to give a weird invisibility totem. The person should get five and It consumes all of them at once if I stack them so I need to spread the out in the hotbar. I am using /give to give all five and am using 5 different command b...

Q: Is there any way I can edit armor / elytra textures to make a tail?

BlackCat BudelisI’m making a Mermaid sort of addon and I was wondering if there was any way I could edit armor or elytra textures in a way that makes some sort of appearance resembling a tail? It doesn’t have to be exact, or come out of the player. It just has to appear like a tail. Also, if there’s any way I ca...

That's the rumor. There's so much flying around that nobody's really sure.
Except the guy who originally set it up says he'll do it again, if someone's got the hardware for him to do it, and won't cave to a C&D.
Not that the community sees this as reasonable; now the guy who set up the public server is being lumped in as part of the conspiracy, and the hate and rage are getting larger. Again.
9:51 PM
wew hateballs
just deathballs, blizzard won't nerf it despite lack of competitive variety
10:22 PM
The maintenance we had planned for last week is going to be taking place tomorrow, April 23rd. More details can be found at: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/326718/planned-maintenance-scheduled-april-23-2019-at-2330-utc-730pm-us-eastern
10:38 PM
Think I might play de Blob again
TIL: CoH backend is more or less a SQL DB.
That makes sense, right?
It...does, but SQL seemed more like a business process backend to me, than a high end I/O MMO thing.
I mean, MMORPGs are literally just database interactions with a really fancy yet otherwise user-unfriendly frontend.
But at a massive scale.
10:51 PM
Whoever heard about doing an hour long raid just to insert a new item row into your inventory table?
@Frank most MMO private servers I have seen/used ran on SQL or MySQL
well, the servers that were reverse engineered ran on MySQL and the servers that were actual server leaks used SQL
11:58 PM
Pot brownies
Q: testfor a player under a specific height

VolrixSo here goes my first question: I am simply trying to effect every player on my server below y=57 with glowing. This seems like an easy task but I can only get it to work within a range. I need this to work across the whole world. For some reason or another, this command will not do the trick: e...


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