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12:29 AM
@Wipqozn thanks
@Ronan Yeah it's a must play IMO.
Also I somehow missed this despite being made seconds before my own message
oh my god we just fucking sniped the win I think
oh my god
12:51 AM
Q: Can the lunatic cultist spawn on iOS

ChaseI have the 1.3 update and it's 2019 but it still doesn't work.i have defeated the golem about 20 times now and the lunatic cultist didn't spawn. Please help!

Q: How to open Treasure Pods

RobbieI've placed made and placed over 35 gadgets and I got the thing saying that I unlocked the treasure cracker but it's not in my store or in my blueprints. I can't open the treasure pods either. I've tried restarting my game but it still doesn't work. Any thoughts?

My wife: I promise I won't go as crazy with the kids for Easter this year.
Also my wife: Hey, I need you to hide these 200 eggs before bed.
@Sterno Put them all in a basket in your bedroom. That's technically hiding them before the bed.
@Yuuki No, better yet @Sterno, hide them in your stomach.
Also, @Sterno really needs to play more Slay the Spire so I can rant at him when I die.
He doesn't even have 10 hours in the game yet!
2:13 AM
@Sterno hide them in the same spot
2:26 AM
hey @HalfEmpty, a while back you linked some RTSish game where you are building turrets and stuff to fight a blue sludge, do you remember the name of that game?
@PrivatePansy yessss, thanks
@GodEmperorDune creeper world 3/4
@HalfEmpty yep thats the one, thanks
2:33 AM
Play 3. It is fantastic
4 is coming
Already answered. My bad. At work
yeah i started one the first one and was working my way up but forgot about them for a while
@HalfEmpty its cool, thanks for answering
I've never played 1/2
He also made a game called Particle Fleet that I haven't suck my teeth into yet
It's his most recent game
thailand tourism ad by govt on airport
all positive and fun, showing beautiful places in country… midway into it it gets all gray and warns about how human trafficking is illegal, then it turns to normal and continues.
What even
2:45 AM
Come to x, also crimes are illegal, anyway, we have beaches I think idk
like normally you'd do that as a "hey, if you need help call this number" in the bathroom but ok
@Unionhawk it's giving me too many cooks vibes lol
@Ave I have never seen too many cooks but now I have a great fear
also weird part is
this is a departure gate
everyone here had to go through the long and cryptic task of leaving thailand and getting a mark on passport about it
it feels like a "oh hi lazy fucker, you sat down at hotel all week? well guess what? you missed out on these" thing
(that's pmuch what I did)
I mean, they show Cincinnati stuff at gates even though most people sticking around at the gates are departing
Although I most recently departed from a gate out of Cincinnati that had CNN with sound so
3:05 AM
I think nicest part of thailand was uh
even tho I made zero attempts on voice, no one misgendered me
@Ave yay that must've been validating
even hotel used ms instead of mr lol
and they had my passport and all
@Ave isn't that a good thing?
@Memor-X i mean she said it was the nicest thing
also suvarnabhami only has a single security checkpoint which is cool
3:32 AM
Hooray it's still 420 I'm down to get stoned and play a game of islanders
1 hour later…
4:40 AM
@Wipqozn @TimStone Why do temples always seem to be like -80 even when i only see positive interactions
Q: How do I create tools that only break certain blocks, and also have a colored name?

user230402I'm trying to create an item that can break certain blocks, and also have a colored name in 1.13.2. Here's the command I'm using. /give iAugust minecraft:shears{display:{Name:"[{\"text\":\"Arcane Shears\",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":false,\"bold\":false}]CanDestroy:[minecraft:iron_bars]"}} ...

5:08 AM
Q: Animal Crossing New Leaf: How can I get the option to ask if an RV camper can move in?

RonI currently have 9 villagers in my town, and I am planning to build a campsite (the public works project) very soon. From my understanding, if you have 9 villagers then the camper from the campsite you've built has a chance of moving in your town. Is this the same for the RV camper, the one next ...

Some buildings just have like a hidden points cost to build?
same thing with tavern
6:00 AM
Althaea officinalis, or marsh-mallow, is a perennial species indigenous to Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, which is used in herbalism and as an ornamental plant. A confection made from the root since ancient Egyptian times evolved into today's marshmallow treat, but most modern marshmallow treats no longer contain any marsh-mallow root. == Description == The stems, which die down in the autumn, typically grow 3 to 4 ft (0.91 to 1.22 m), but can reach 6.5 feet (2.0 m) and put out only a few lateral branches. The leaves are shortly petioled, roundish, ovate-cordate, 2 to 3 in (51 to 76 mm...
Marshmallows are actually plants. This blew my mind
3 hours later…
9:01 AM
Q: Finding the side scrolling game I played as a kid

WildcardI recently downloaded “Supertux” for my son; it’s a side scrolling game for Linux similar to Super Mario. The “secret areas” in Supertux jogged a memory of a game I played some time between 2000 and 2008, probably around 2004 on a Windows XP pc. The main thing I remember is that unlike in Super...

3 hours later…
11:56 AM
Q: The sims 4 deluxe party upgrade ps4

JungkookI bought the deluxe party edition upgrade for the sims 4 on ps4. If I go to the ps store to download it, it shows a download button but when I press it it refreshes the screen and it doesn't start downloading. When I try to download it from a browser it doesn't show the download button, instead ...

12:23 PM
@HalfEmpty Yeah, apparently. It's kind of annoying it doesn't disclose it up front. For temples the best bet is to get them close to a statue since it's +40, but generally putting them on a plateau surrounded by houses or mansions works pretty well
Or if you can wait to place it, a wall plateau over top of houses/mansions
Like that. They take bonus from masons too, I've gotten one for +108 before. It's just hard to leave exactly the right amount of room, especially given how obnoxious the game is with being pixel-perfect
Pixel perfection needs a solution
I love those skinny parks
I've found this is a useful strategy too. Also if you leave some space next to the farms on the larger islands you can plop the resort there and since it takes bonus from those, trees, and flowers, you can get like +60
I find myself playing more to what looks good and less to points some times
@TimStone Yeah I've started doing my farms and lumberjacks in one place and leaving it mostly empty in the middle for resorts
I'm getting okay at placing the circus and even the market too
Temple is impossible
12:33 PM
Yeah, it's kind of unfortunate that the game talks about making beautiful islands but that's often in conflict with what you need to do to progress
I think it actually works pretty well
Could be a lot worse
However if you could remove stuff it would be even better
Yeah, it's not terrible, I just end up with a lot of junk at the tail end that I can't place anywhere "nice"
But I agree, being able to delete even for a points penalty would help a lot
I'd take a hit if it meant placing something somewhere appropriate for a big bonus
If i optimize my lumberjacks early game then they just end up filling up the space awkwardly
Yeah, the only thing I hate more than the lumberjacks is the sand pits, lol
Because the range on those is huge so it's hard to get them not to overlap
I usually just overlap them anyway like 3 per brickhouse
12:37 PM
Pretty much my approach too
But I mean my best is still under 5k so
49 something
Some of the island generations are just…not great for placement of stuff. Which keeps the game interesting but makes it hard to know how things will play out in advance
Ughhh, lol
Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't
12:39 PM
I hate how sometimes it will slide in but like, not all the way? And since the buildings are square I really don't understand how
Even if there was like a thing you could place to 'optimize' the spacing on everything in range when you place it
'renovations' or something
I wish I could just get only huts
@TimStone I find that usually if it slides it and you just wiggle it it goes in the rest of the way
but not always I guess? it's a bit whack
I still have to get used to like placement priority
circus and mansions get a negative near each other but the range on mansions is way lower so I can place them closer once the circus is in
I like Taverns
I wish you could remove Fishers
Wow temple does go up fast though once you get it into the +
I just got one at +46
Q: How do you pick a random item/block using command blocks in Minecraft?

Aiden HuffmanI have been trying to figure out how I am supposed to use a command block to refill chests in my game. I am trying to make a battle map. Can anybody help me?

Q: Pixelmon and minecraft comes alive mod doesnt work together

NkiwiI have installed minecraft comes to life and pixelmon but the villagers are only from pixelmon pls help.

12:59 PM
Happy Ridvan and Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates either or both! (Happy almost discount chocolate day, too, I suppose!)
@TimStone that's it for grass ;_;
1:33 PM
Q: What's a good starting strategy for Terra Genesis on Mars?

EmaroI started with researching several technologies and soon was broke. To which point should I build up the economy before investing in more tech? Concretly: How many colonies and outposts should I build in the beginning? How many mines should I build before focusing on research/population?

1:46 PM
My God the digital remaster let's add more shit on the screen versions of the star wars trilogy is downright offensive.
I've never actually seem then before, and holy shit.
Stop shoving random shit to clog up the frame.
@Wipqozn what's this?
2:00 PM
Might be of interest to fans of papers, please
2:45 PM
I need some advice. I spent the last month recording dozens of Apex Legends games, in the hope that one of them would end in the scenario described in this question, so I could get a video clip to prove whether that the answer was correct. There is a lot of bad video game info out there, so I like to be able to give readers confidence.
I recorded using a test game account named ArqadeExample and uploaded to a YouTube account created exclusively for that purpose, to avoid any concerns about self-promotion.
But when I suggested an edit adding the video to the post, the edit was rejected. When I asked the rejector if I should post it as a standalone answer instead, he said he thought that would be a bad idea. So I seem to have no acceptable way to share this little video clip I've been trying to capture for this site for weeks.
What should I do?
A video, by itself, is generally seen as a bad answer.
Editing it is...meh. Does it really improve the answer?
Yes. Rationale: I recently encountered contradictory information online about answers that we have on the site. The only way I could verify which information was correct was by looking up and cross-referencing videos from steamers, which took me like half an hour.
I want our readers to have confidence in the information we are providing them.
Does a video improve the answer, beyond what was already said?
I'm leaning towards no.
Yes, because it provides that confidence and allows the reader to verify instead of trusting that some random user online they've never heard of is correct.
In every answer I write elsewhere on Stack Exchange, the communites encourage or require references to back up their answers.
People...do that all the time.
That's literally how wikis are made.
2:51 PM
That's literally prohibited on the world's largest and most successful wiki, Wikipedia, which requires references for almost every single fact.
I'm not saying that an answer without that is unacceptable, I'm saying that the value in having it should be pretty clear.
If you wrote your own answer, with the video as proof, that I'd see as acceptable, except at this point it's not adding anything new.
The value of a video as proof for your own answer, sure.
Adding the proof to someone else's answer....that's going to be harder to sell.
Are we not working together to build the best resource we can for future visitors?
I didn't want to rep-whore with my own answer, I wanted to contribute to a clean page that has the information all together without clutter.
Your own answer at this point would also not be ideal; like @Wrigglenite said, answers that don't provide anything new aren't received well.
A video...could be seen as something new, I guess? Personally, I'd say if that's all it adds, nah.
And the way you did it is going to be seen as duplicating the existing answer. Not quite link-only, but not far off.
I requested alternatives, apparently there were none.
I spent weeks trying to get this video because I, as a reader, couldn't trust the answer after reading so many false ones, and wanted to make the internet a better place and contribute to the community by providing that assurance.
If Arqade is not a place where activity like that is welcomed, I will just have to try to lead by example.
Videos in answers are great, as long as it's not the entire answer
3:04 PM
I didn't want to post it as an entire answer. I just wanted to add it to the existing answer. :(
Sounds fine to me
There are no real good options, here.
None of them are ideal.
And that is, unfortunately, sometimes how it works.
Whatever man. Just let him add it, there's already an accepted answer right? Adding video proof is an addition for sure
I guess the best option is that the original author approves the edit, so it's not being imposed on him. :/
He can't see what I'm saying anyway but I say go ahead and try it again
3:05 PM
That is likely the only acceptable solution.
That video's in the other answer now
Or is it a different video?
@user26744 So two things first off, answering yourself with proof is perfectly fine. You asked for proof, and when none was provided you found your own. Secondly, instead of making a comment linking to your suggested edit I'd just link to the video instead. The answerer can then edit it in themselves if that won't, and if not others will still see your comment
And to be clear you're badeline, right?
You posted a better answer than the other guy and that's what we want
Lol, Frank downvoted it
Don't listen to him
A comment with a link to your video proof would have been acceptable as well, although you wouldn't have earned much rep for the hard work you did, which posting as an answer fixes
I'd be curious if your question was downvoted at the same time as your new answer
@user26744 also nothing wrong with leaving the other answer as accepted if it's correct and just posting yours as an additional
Don't overthink it
3:27 PM
Q: How can we avoid the ignoring of tech-related questions?

GingeRecently, on the Arqade main site, I have seen many questions from new users asking how to fix some bug, or how to create something. These users do not do this for the fun of doing Stack Exchange, but ask for answers to their pertinent questions. How can we as a community avoid downvoting these q...

3:49 PM
Q: Minecraft crashing, [1.8.9]

ThunderAndShockMy minecraft crashes, and it seems to only crash when I use shaders. Heres the log. If it helps, it doesn't crash if I wait a few seconds first; but does if I move in the server, or speak. https://pastebin.com/wwgdp6bG

4:09 PM
Q: Finding the name of an old arcade game

VethorWithout an image or sound bite how would one find out the name of an old coin-op arcade game made before the early 90's? There does not seem to be a tag for coin op games and you can only use the game Identify tag if you have media of the game in action.

@Lazers2.0 oof, this seems like a "maybemaybemaybe" question in my book. Like, he's asking how to identify an old game from before the Internet days, not to identify the game itself.
4:28 PM
@Nzall if anything it would be a meta question
5:02 PM
@HalfEmpty Thanks, I'll reaccept the original and just leave it at that for now.
5:43 PM
Q: Finding the name of an old arcade game

VethorWithout an image or sound bite how would one find out the name of an old coin-op arcade game made before the early 90's? There does not seem to be a tag for coin op games and you can only use the game Identify tag if you have media of the game in action.

Q: Can't build Ruhr valley wonder for some reason?

GnudiffI had a mine left of where is the Industrial district. I removed the mine, and expected that I would be able to build the wonder, but for some reason, CIV6 still says "no suitable location". Can't wonders be built on where roads are,or is there anything I am missing?

Q: How would I specify for an area *outside* a square area?

EarthToAccessThis is similar in a way to the following question, but the solution the MBraedley gave didn't work for me. As the linked post says, I've also tried the many ! values in front of the coordinates etc., to no avail. Essentially, I'm creating a "safe zone" area for the spawn (regardless of spawn pr...

Q: Minecraft Console Edition, How to give enchantment books to players through command blocks?

sebastian leiteSo I'm trying to create a map and I am having trouble trying to figure out how to make a command block give you any enchantment book in the game, I hope someone would be able to help me figure out this problem.

@Lazers2.0 The answer I gave should work, you're just not asking any followup questions to make it work.
Someone give my answer an upvote so we can close this new question as dupe.
(Or just as well, can mods close as dupe?)
6:26 PM
istanbul airport's baggage claim sucks
landed like 20m ago, nothing yet
at suvarnabhami by the time I got past immigration everything was there
*humi, w/e
6:44 PM
Q: What happens if I don't "RETURN TO THE BATTLE!" in time?

BadelineWhen playing as Pathfinder in Apex Legends, I sometimes grapple to the top of tall terrain and suddenly see a flashing message appear in the center of my screen telling to me "RETURN TO THE BATTLE!", with a timer ominously counting down from 30 seconds. It seems like the purpose is to keep pla...

7:03 PM
Q: How to unassign dupe skill point?

MrFoxThe first time I used the Oxygen-not included skills system I accidentally assigned a skill point at the wrong place. How can that be undone?

7:23 PM
Q: Mage Weapons To Replace Megashark?

Cloud_In_A_BottleI beat Plantera, and the megashark doesn't seem to work on the new creatures (I used chlorophyte bullets). I'm thinking of switching to mage because many people recommended it. what would be something I could acquire for not too much? other important knowledge: I have the ankh shield, and maybe 2...

Q: Can you clear Synthetic Insights without killing any guards?

Jack MDuring the Lorik Qui'in quest on Noveria in the first Mass Effect, you enter the Synthetic Insights office with a warning that there'll be guards there, but that you can scare them off if you threaten to report them for accepting bribes to Matsuo. I opted to do that instead of fighting them. Whe...

8:20 PM
I'm so stuffed. That was a rather delicious Easter dinner
Has homemade apple turnovers too
9:00 PM
Q: Lag-free way of making a hopper accept a single item at the time

BRHSMI'm working on a storage system which can only accept a single item at the time. Therefor I'm currently using redstone clocks like these to spread out items into from potential stacks to a single item inside the hopper at all time. However These cause lag and I'm gonna need loads of them. als...

9:23 PM
Oof. So. Much. Food.
9:59 PM
Q: power level higher than requirement butt too weak

Dumbstersky __I have a power level of 1498 on neon ninja level 19, even though the required level for jurrastic jungle uber-4 is 900, and class level 18-20, I still dont do enough damage to kill, as well as dying too quickly. All of my gear is rainbow or whatever it's called, and I have every gem slot (that is...

10:51 PM
Had the best time at Ridvan celebration and people liked my chocolate chip cupcakes so that's always good

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