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12:06 AM
wolf pls
12:19 AM
Q: How to create automatic different levels for a mob arena 1.13.2

KiezaalI am creating a mob arena using command blocks and redstone. But i need to know how to be able to create different levels that can only be started by defeating the entire prior level without having multiple buttons, and if i had multiple buttons for each level the player could abuse this system b...

12:38 AM
Trying to build the code. I apparently have to reboot to use the C+ module I just installed.
So there's going to be a half hour delay.
How spaghetti is a 2005 mmo
12:57 AM
@Unionhawk It apparently takes an eight core CPU with ~20 gigs of RAM to host twenty or so players.
@Frank just spin it up on a server at work :P
@Frank C+?
@Frank wow, ouch
what even is this
some game. i forget the name
clash of nation or something?
@Frank optimizations were on during build?
@Dragonrage You mean the one server we use for our domain controller, ticket system, source control, and fileserver?
@ASCII-only Did Visual Studio 2005 have optimizations?
C++ isn't my forte at all.
1:03 AM
pretty sure all compilers have optimizations
So at most, I'm building this thing, and seeing what breaks.
although i'm not sure if they would help at all memory-wise
but... 20 gigs of RAM?
maybe it loads the entire map, and players themselves take up barely any RAM?
The mapservers are apparently the resource hogs.
You need about a gig per map.
yeah, makes sense then
well... a gig per map doesn't sound too bad, but depends on the size of the map i guess
The storage on the server end of things isn't too bad. Couple of SSD's, and you're golden.
The storage is for the dbserver.
Which can run on any old machine, but you better make sure it's got great I/O.
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2:13 AM
Q: Do cave spiders only spawn from their respective spawners or do they also spawn naturally in abandoned mineshafts?

CrappWr0mMe and my friend had an argument over this, him saying they can only spawn with the help of spawners. Though I vaguely remember seeing one in an abandoned mineshaft AND a normal cave. It was a few years ago that I had seen 'em, so I don't really trust my memory.

2:24 AM
Q: Why can’t I join my friends world on Xbox while I’m on pe

gretchen lastnameI can’t join my friends world, he is on Xbox and I’m on pe. We both have the s

@Wipqozn still disappointed that it's a free-to-play MMO
Agreed, but the class seems nifty
@Wipqozn yeh. would be cool if the Train can also be separately customized
but also i see the carriages being something as a micro-transaction
I am so drunk. D R N K.
Also, watching OWL, in which LA Glad should win.
replace Homer with one of the Asgard
2:58 AM
@Memor-X I'm sure I've seen that episode, but I'm not sure when
@Wipqozn sweet
TIL that the regional lotto commission won't accept esports bets ~1 day in advance. Right now, I can only bet on the Van-Dal OWlL game, but not tomorrow's games.
3:37 AM
JFC, Setting up 2FA for Uplay is not fun when drunk
Question for the Bridge: Do I stay up and watch the Van-Dal OWL match?
4:03 AM
@MBraedley drink coffee
4:26 AM
4 defeats of Kela de Thaym, 4 Saryn Neuroptics.
@Yuuki is this a good or a bad?
It's a bad and annoying.
I need the chassis and two systems (one for Saryn, one for Chroma).
4:47 AM
@Yuuki So what exactly is the difference between Bees? and Bees!
@Yuuki so basically you got nothing you wanted, boo
@PrivatePansy maybe bees, I should be concerned of that vs oh shit definitely bees ruuun
5:33 AM
Q: Where is Minecraft PE Application World located

AROONI have problem locating Minecraft PE Application Worlds like a folder path that I can copy the world and make a backup for it.. i know where is External Path folder but how about the Application path folder please help

nyle dimarco as hearing aids: a thread
yay for accessible memes
5:49 AM
Yesssss good
Q: Minecraft sniper duel achievement

Gamerz of the UnderworldI have killed at least 4 skeletons 50 meters above them and yet no achievement what should I do

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7:29 AM
Q: How do i teleport a Specified Item to coords?

Taylor SparkAfter a long time of searching and testing i made a Tri-Dimensional "duper" for dragon eggs, and they get sent through the end and back to the overworld, where a repeating commandblock at spawn then teleports @e[type=item] to ~ ~1 ~ where a hopper awaits above the command block to send the eggs t...

2 hours later…
9:26 AM
Q: Summon an item frame

Anthony Guastellai am working to a map with Lab and things like this and i need to summon an item frame in a specific place and I use the command /summon item_frame -1242 58 219 but "it face on the ground" and i need it to watch to north

Q: Tactics to beat Storm rising on Legendary

NovargBasically subj. What is the best tactics according to you to beat Storm Rising Story on Legendary difficulty?

2 hours later…
10:58 AM
For #ThrowbackThursday we're looking at the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and its perpetually-dusty cartridges. @TheArqade has the explanation for why blowing into them made them work. Do you know? Hint: it wasn't dust. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/15044/why-did-you-have-to-blow-into-an-nes-cartridge-to-make-it-work
How was this chosen?
11:22 AM
@Wrigglenite age? number of votes? google search getting Arqade as number 1?
11:36 AM
Grab #Transistor off the Epic Games Store for free now through May 2. https://www.vg247.com/2019/04/18/transistor-free-download-epic-games-store/
see, this is what Epic should be doing, paying publishers to give their game away for free instead of making them exclusive
yaoi on display of a store at a mall? only in thailand ig. (image, somewhat sfw)
I see something that's definitely NSFW
@Ave i don't see any yuri, grrrrrr
@Memor-X It doesn't matter how many games they give away for free on their own platform. If they want their store to be used by paying customers without resorting to exclusives, they need to provide either a compelling reason to buy on their own store (like a cheaper product or a better platform) or have enough of the important features that those who are looking for a competitive alternative to Steam can use their platform
@Memor-X the yuri couple is on the other side of the camera 👌
11:42 AM
@Wrigglenite Which one is NSFW?
@Nzall Farthest right, second row from the bottom
@Wrigglenite Hmm. Depends on whether you consider suggestive content to be NSFW
@Ave *activates Mystic Eyes of Yuri and stares intensely* the 2 on the bottom fair left?
@Memor-X no, I meant me and my girlfriend, silly
@Ave oh
lol, now i get it
11:48 AM
@Memor-X I was trying to work out why I already had a game account and then I realised I played fortnite for a total of 10 minutes on the switch
yeh, real life yuri trumps everything
@Ronan saves you some time
I was like, why is this linked to my nintendo account of all things?
@Nzall true but in terms of trying to trick people into the platform free stuff is better
so they are like @Ronan and forgot they even had an account lol
Yeah but I'm not actually helping their platform if I'm not spending money on it
They need to get people to think of going to their store when they want to buy a game, not just when a game is on sale/free
I mean, it helps for the new generation that has only been playing Fortnite and is starting to get into the wider gaming market and can buy games on the store they're familiar with
It's the same reason why most of us buy on the Steam Store: We originally started playing a game that you needed a Steam account for (in my case it was witcher 2) and this got us embedded in the Steam platform
12:03 PM
Q: Executing at fireworks entity with specific nbt

BryufI'm trying to make a command that executes at a firework_rocket entity with specific nbt (In this case explosion colours), and runs a certain command whenever such a firework is present, however, nothing happens. Here is the /execute command in question execute at @e[type=firework_rocket,nbt={F...

@Memor-X Because one day, fairies will be real and they'll want to watch Anime
@Nzall :thinking:........:thumbs_up:
i will welcome that future
@Memor-X For the same reason we install doom on everything: to prove we could.
12:41 PM
Q: Northern crater, does the character path effect which item they pick up?

DrakenIn Final Fantasy VII, one of the final things you do is to go in the Northern Crater. During it, you have a few points where you are forced to split your team up. Those who go with the main party and those who do not. When you get to the bottom of the crater, you find a room with all the party m...

Q: My fortnite wont start

Yorghaki YacoubI play fortnite in iOS I have the best internet in my house bUt it will take a lot of time to log in to mach What should I do My fortnite name yaragaski

1:01 PM
Q: How can i kill only one item frame instead of all of them?

Anthony GuastellaBasicaly the title: i don't know how to kill ONE item frame cause i use /kill @e[type=item_frame] and it kill's every item frame

2:00 PM
Damn it @Niro
@Wipqozn Oh god, the layers and layers of inappropriateness this has...
for those that don't get it: this instagram template is usually used on nude pictures found on Reddit, so having this template on the picture of a minor AND in the context of hanging out with her dog is already perverted. In addition to that, the image is from an anime where the girl gets Eldritch Abom'd with her dog into a human/dog hybrid, so this goes from Perverted to horror real fast
@Moacir It works for me
I mean, your post might actually have been believable if Rick Astley hadn't been a British artist
@Nzall Uh, I think you're adding a lot more to this than there is. I've never seen this template used in that manner. Pretty sure this is just a case of the circles you frequent influencing your perception.
2:09 PM
That is one masterful trope
@Wipqozn the "feeling cute, might delete later" title is something that is often used on subreddits like /r/gonewild, as well as a couple of subreddits of that type showing trans people
I spent like 4 hours yesterday learning vim and now I feel like a wizard.
obviously not going to link it, but when that title template became more frequent, it was often used on meme subreddits too
But yeah, if you spend a lot of time on Reddit on both the SFW and NSFW subs you tend to recognize such meme templates and start to make connections between posts using that template
and often you make the more unfortunate connections...
@Moacir it's just a rickroll joke, and you fell for it.
@Ave Yes
@Nzall indeed.
2:17 PM
@Nzall My point is that you only strongly associate it with that context because you just frequent those areas
It's widely used well outside of porn circles
I mostly see it with (sfw) selfies.
@Ave Literally the only context I've ever seen it in. That and parody / jokes.
(I guess it goes without saying that I don't go on gw)
@Ave Same.
@Nzall ....not everything has to have an extremely sexual subtext, and honestly even if you believe it does you don't have to point it out every time
2:22 PM
Yeah, I guess I misread that. It originated from a Spongebob meme, but I hadn't seen it used all that frequently in other circles
@Ash Yes. In fact, @Nzall, I know you've said before (just yesterday I think) that you like hard rules and boundaries since you have trouble with grey areas. So I'd suggest that you just never bring sexual subtext into the bridge, since you seem to have a lot of trouble knowing where "The line" is.
@Wipqozn I'll try and stick to that rule
Ugh, that's the second 3M Command product that's failed on me in a month
I woke up a couple weeks ago to find broken glass all over the bathroom floor from the framed poster in there falling
And just now some of the art over my desk fell and ripped a quarter-sized chunk of paint off the wall
Damn :(
I give up on them
Switching back to nails
Ugh, I wonder what else in the house is using those products
We have lots of art lol
2:38 PM
@SaintWacko I don't think I'd ever trust a sticky tape with anything breakable :x
@Chippies Yeah, but it's 3M! They're the last word in sticky things
@SaintWacko but there's a lot of factors that 3M can't control
Also, LadyWacko didn't want to put holes in the wall if we could avoid it
like in the case of the chunk of paint coming off the wall - the paint was the weak point, I would imagine
@SaintWacko I am like that too
in my mind, holes in the wall are permanent
I know they can be filled and covered, but that's not the same as an intact wall
@Chippies Doing a post-mortem, it looks like the strip failed at the top, but the bottom was still stuck to the wall
2:41 PM
I have(had) some 3M hooks stuck to my desk and they were fine for months, but then they all started falling off one after another
I wouldn't trust any sticky tape with anything breakable as a permanent solution
unless you use way too much tape
more tape than required might hold whatever you have permanently
a few little squares might hold it for a while, but I wouldn't trust it as a permanent solution
I've used...many many thumbtacks to hold things up here. Maybe not the best choice but hey nothing has fallen down on me :P
Wow, apparently BBM is shutting down
@Chippies The only thing I really trust is that doublesided never come off until you're dead and maybe even later foam tape stuff my dad gave me once to stick a mirror up in my high school locker, it hung there for years and when I left I literally had to chisel it off the locker :P
@Ash I kinda think that stuff works best on metal anyway
I can see a mirror sticking really well to a metal locker with double sided tape
especially if you use a decent amount so all the weight isn't focused on couple small squares
I don't think painted walls are a good material for sticky tape though :x
I've also used this stuff to hold a router to the wall. The router died, so I had to pull it down but teh tape is still there.... :P
2:47 PM
(I have no idea what this stuff is beyond "something magical my dad gave me".)
sounds like it's really magical :P
Quintessence of Stickiness
1 hour later…
4:55 PM
Q: This is about :Jurassic world unlock requirements

Unknown The AnonymousSo I am on the second island and now have the transport thing available to research and it says I need two; how can I get two if I can only have one per island? (note: I have one on both isles so Ik it doesn't count each one from island to island) so it's like how?

Q: Breaking Blocks on Gamemode 2

NoobCraftHi guys, I've a question about Essentials. Maybe you're know, we can give name items easily with /give. And I want to add that breaking blocks on gm 2. So as that: /give Minecraft diamondpickaxe name:blablabla candestroy:cobblestone How do I do it?

bridge i'm 33 today :D
Wait, were you 33 yesterday?
5:10 PM
@GodEmperorDune Happy birfday!
5:24 PM
@GodEmperorDune Whoa you're older than I am.
Happy birthday @GodEmperorDune!
@Yuuki no
@GodEmperorDune Then happy birthday!
Thanks all
@InvaderSkoodge not emotionally though ;)
I just mentally picture everyone in the Bridge with kids as at least 75.
5:34 PM
@SaintWacko We used to have a suction cup mirror in the shower. Until one day I heard a crash. Then we had glass in the shower.
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.13) How to summon a splash water bottle with no gravity?

Nik3141Right now, I'm making a "Fire Hose" item which shoots splash water bottles. I've got the velocity and everything working but for some reason it falls much quicker than I expected, and the trajectory is as if I've thrown it. I've tried the NoGravity tag but it isn't working, so if there is a way t...

Tinder in southeast asia is weird.
Wait, why are you on Tinder while on holiday in another country?
@PrivatePansy to see what sort of people are here. I haven't left the hotel area since I arrived.
6:14 PM
Q: Is there a term for accidentally saving a game when you're about to die?

Ryan ThompsonI'm sure everyone has at least once had the pleasure of saving their game only to discover upon resuming play that they were just about to die from an attack they hadn't seen. And then you load your save and discover that at the moment you saved, it was too late to avoid the attack: each time you...

Anyone else having trouble accessing gmail?
There was am outage one or two days ago
Although that might have been an ISP and not GSuite itself
My Gmail has no problem telling me i have used a different device.
6:33 PM
Q: I need to find this armor stand generator- Please help

auroradiamondOn a server of mine, a friend has created a lot of armorstands with names, colored lore and such. However they haven't told me the name of the site or tool, and it's not a plugin or mod. They've told me it's german-sounding. I don't need the exact site/external program, but just one that can gene...

7:04 PM
@GodEmperorDune happy birthday!
@Ash thanks
@SaintWacko yeah but that's because i keep using the inbox url in the hope that one day it will return
7:33 PM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.13) Summoned projectiles in front of player freeze and then teleport to where they are aimed

Nik3141I'm creating a datapack which lets you create different types of tools to shoot projectiles, such as fireballs, small_fireballs, and splash water bottles. I also am making another datapack for guns, which adds tools to shoot arrows very quickly. My issue is that whenever I run the function to sum...

7:52 PM
Q: Can i get glowing obsidian on minecraft bedrock on android

VenomI went to the nether and the end looking for it but i can't find it.

Q: The real name of Wraith

M.N.RaiaIn EA offcial site the name tag of Wraith character says: Redacted. But, accordingly to this site: https://apexlegends-ptbr.gamepedia.com/Wraith Her name is Lilly Capernick. Is this source correct about Wraith's real name?

8:15 PM
Signs you may be in Canada
9:14 PM
@PrivatePansy Accurate
9:30 PM
Q: How to disable disappearing bodies in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl?

user598527In the early missions "Find the militaries' [sic] documents" and "Camp elimination" I've already seen an enemy soldier disappearing before even hitting the ground. I prefer persistent bodies for gameplay (looting, easier to remember the paths I've gone through) and aesthetic reasons. What causes...

9:42 PM
@PrivatePansy sounds about right
Q: Digital Save File compatibility for Bloodborne

Scott.BellSo I got the vanilla version of Bloodborne when it was on PS+ and got the DLC as well but because of economical reasons I have not been able to continue with PS+. I was in the Old Hunters and my roommate sill in the game but looking forward to playing the DLC as well. Since we both work we did no...

10:48 PM
Q: PC games about shark

user230348I'm looking for some role-playing single-player shark games on PC. I prefer games where you have the option to choose different types of sharks and upgrade your sharks. (The game Hungry Shark Evolution on IOS is an example. I'm looking for a PC-version of this type of game.) Anyone has any recom...

Just looked at my Arqade notifications and I have +215 rep since a couple days ago
What did I do?
Oh, it was my Dwarf Fortress answer. Huh, weird

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