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12:16 AM
Q: Does It Could A Pacifist If I Flee From A Fight?

TheEpicTemmieI was playing Undertale and my health was low so I started fleeing the fights when a monster would attack. I was doing a pacifist run. Does that count as pacifist?

12:32 AM
Q: People having trouble connecting to my minecraft server

Jacob EdieI have a Minecraft server set up for my friends to play on. For some, it works just fine and for others, they cannot connect. Here is what I have done to try to fix the issue Port Forwarding I have checked the following: www.yougetsignal.com confirms that port 25565 is open The firewall has b...

12:45 AM
Holy shit
This level has two of the giant robots
It happened to me. Omg. I was just talking to my roommate about looking for a light for my girlfriend's laptop keyboard
And now an ad
And I'm really into space stuff on Facebook
@SaintWacko I had that last time I was there
Q: What FPS does each setting represent in PUBG Mobile?

GamerMIn PUBG Mobile, we see 5 options (1 option does not show up cause im on HDR) Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme. Has the developer mentioned, or has any dataminer mentioned what each of these settings mean? Here is a screenshot if very necessary.

1:00 AM
Also, wtf
Just found a Cloaked Chest
@HalfEmpty Yeah, I've never seen that before
Not sure if it's because it's new or because it's, y'know, cloaked
2 hours later…
3:06 AM
Q: Is there consequences of looting in Witcher 3?

fractalnatureI have looted houses and outside people’s houses but so far there has not been any repercussions. I don’t think I tried looting in any of the castles. I was wondering if I should be more wary about this, has anyone experienced angry villagers after looting?

3:39 AM
Q: When does some specific encounter spawn and when doesn't?

arghtypeI'm farming Syndicate in Ossuary. I'm trying to find all possible hints that Syndicate won't spawn this time to restart the map asap. I know that they won't appear if there is mission for some other master (Eihnar, Niko or Alva) on the map already. But is there something else? What are condition...

@Wipqozn I realised you can view it in Steam, and lol my god
3:58 AM
That's what he gets for doing stuff like playing other games and working, pssh
Quickest way to destroy a community: only invite some people into a seeeeecret server, and then keep it hidden.
If this controversey has shown one thing, it's that the community isn't really much of a community anymore.
4:29 AM
Q: there supposed to be options here right ? PlayOnLinux app

mohamed ehabIn that white blank i don't see the options, why ?

for you one day at a time fans
Tomorrow! 4/18, 4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Eastern #ODAATandDisability Twitter chat 📺 A conversation on disability & mental health in One Day at a Time Co-hosted by @DisabledLatinx & @DisVisibility https://disabilityvisibilityproject.com/2019/04/05/4-18-one-day-at-a-time-disability-twitter-chat/ #SaveODAAT #MentalHealth #ODAAT #Latinx #FilmDis
cc @ash
@GodEmperorDune delighted pterodactyl sounds ALL OF THAT ALL OF THAT YES GOOD
2 hours later…
6:38 AM
don't know Joker will play but just imaging Kirby either summoning a Persona like the Investigation team does in Persona 4......or shooting himself in the head like SEES does in Persona 3
Kirby Joke Special Attack has a giant gun appear behind him, shoots him and he spits out a Persona
6:56 AM
Q: How does one create an Ender Crystal-summoning Eye of Ender

EarthToAccessOut of curiosity, and the want to use something similar in a map I'm creating, I want to create a system that essentially makes an Eye of Ender invisible, then causes it to summon Ender Crystals beneath it. For simplicity in not making Minecraft search vast areas of land for the crystals, I made ...

1 hour later…
8:15 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
@Kevin Morning
@HalfEmpty Had you already googled for laptop keyboard lights? Or did you really ONLY talk about it?
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
Q: Explaining the solution for this treetop area puzzle

senpai After failing numerous times on this puzzle, this is the solution I found when looking up solutions for this puzzle. I don't get the answer at all. I can't see how it makes sense. These are my attempts at solving it previously: This is my understanding of this puzzle so far, so I may be wro...

10:43 AM
@TimStone the shame will force me to play again. Although I already beat that 6k on my current run after only 2 islands.
@SaintWacko There are chalenges you accept that makes more bosses spawn
11:07 AM
Idk if It's been posted before but: Free AC Unity
@Jutschge Not on the star list, doesn't exist
Now it does
@Nzall I had only spoken about it to my roomate
11:40 AM
@Jutschge puts a pin on it
There, solved!
12:10 PM
@Wipqozn REKT
@Memor-X That's not how Personas are summoned in 5 though.
@Yuuki i figured. the Envoker is an inefficient tool after all
IIRC, summoning a Persona in 3 involved facing your fear of death. Whereas in 4 and 5, it's more about being true to yourself.
Kirby is always true to himself
Also summoning a persona is the down special, the regular special is just Gun
Technically, summoning the persona is gauge-related. Down special is the guard move that charges the gauge on being hit.
12:25 PM
Ah yeah, either way Kirby's not getting it
Look out! Kirby has a gun! #SmashBros #NintendoSwitch
I need a remake of this vine
Haha that was in the replies, I'm so original!
So it seems that Joker is balanced around his Persona. He's generally really good except that he has very little finishing power without the Persona.
Oh yeah I forgot it was out already
I wonder how long you'll be able to buy the fighter bundle for
If not for his lack of finishing power, it seems that his moveset would be considered pretty OP.
12:51 PM
42 test methods to test a single controller class. over 1650 lines in total
1:21 PM
this is awful
and thus for my hit of morning caffeine i have some emergency cola on my desk for situations like that
I have located backup coffee but overall this desk location is lower quality
I guess I just need to get used to this tower but
is there really only 2 coffee on the floor? There's like 4 in my old location
@Unionhawk when you say coffee you mean like tins of coffee? or hot water sources?
Both, really, commercial grade coffee stations
@Unionhawk i would suggest getting sachets which come with powered milk, that way you could just fix it up at your desk
1:29 PM
why when this is free
And also probably not as horrible
(still horrible because it's still coffee but)
@Memor-X flat what
@Moacir No, like two of the prototypes (I'm trying not to be too specific in case someone doesn't know what they are).
@Frank So can you give me a cliff notes on what's been going on?
I've seen bits and pieces but haven't entirely understood
Also, is City of Heroes the f2p game that was on steam?
I used to play some superhero game on there and remember it being really fun
1:58 PM
@SaintWacko I'm...not sure on this one.
Super quick version: City of Heroes was shut down approximately...six? years ago.
NCSoft shut it down with barely any warning. The game had just found it's footing after going f2p, and was breaking even, at the very least.
So this seemed like a major betrayal by NCSoft at the time.
The community rallied together. Seriously; I've never seen any other community get together like this.
There were rallies to save the game.
There was organizing to seriously offer NCSoft a deal to purchase the IP to keep it going.
And...throughout it all, no one lost hope.
Not even when the deals fell through, and the game shut down.
There's been steady work on recreating server emulation.
But unknown to most people, one of the devs had leaked the entire codebase to some of the more prominent members of community.
Server code, and the player database as of the sunset.
@Frank was it breaking even?
That person roped in a few more people to help figure out how to use this, but stayed super quiet about it, not wanting to kill the potential deal still being hammered out.
And NCSoft being notoriously litigious about private servers.
So it was all hush hush.
From there, it just...kinda continued like that.
It was invite only; you had to be sponsored by someone already playing to get in.
There was an NDA, and breaking it meant you were banned, anyone you invited was banned, and your sponsor was also banned.
That's how scared they were of a C&D from NCSoft.
But now that the lid's been blown off of it, the community has torn itself apart.
So how did it come to light?
People are angry that they haven't been able to play these last few years, and others have been.
So there's been calls to release the code, people have doxxed Leandro (the guy who's been running the server), sending him death threats, etc., etc.
Feelings of betrayal and hurt are to be expected, but those that see Leandro as the root of all evil want him in jail, to be killed, to release the code, and more of less all the gamer hysteria involving entitlement.
There does seem to be have been some progress last night; Leandro is now open to releasing the code, after he's gone through it to ensure that the dev that leaked it didn't leave any fingerprints that can be traced back to them.
But the flaming and threats.
Both the Facebook group and the subreddit devolved into toxicity and conspiracy. It was either, "You want to kill Leandro as much as I do, or you were playing on the server and are now defending him."
...I guess that's not so much a cliff's notes version. Sorry.
End result: likely getting private servers for City of Heroes.
It's apparently spaghetti code, so it's far more resource intensive than comparable games at the time.
doxxing and death threats. that's a proportionate response
2:13 PM
@MattE.Эллен I was talking to one guy a couple days ago that was convinced all the crowdfunded successors (SEGS, City of Titans, some others) were fraudulent, and all the money was used for this private server.
Oh wow
Wouldn't provide any proof when I called him on it. He just threatened to dox me and alluded to me being on the private server.
That's wild
@Niro saw me on the subreddit a bit.
I can't say I have all the information, so I might have gotten some of that wrong.
You can thank @TrentHawkins for sending me down the rabbit hole, though.
@Frank that's obviously the only logical conclusion
2:34 PM
Q: J2ME emulator for android with framerate limiter?

phoneyI have been exploring older java-based phone games using J2ME Loader, but have found one which seems to be running too fast. The game music seems normal, but the game logic feels like you are using fast-forward on an emulator. I was wanting to try it with a lower framerate, as maybe the game is j...

2:51 PM
Q: What if I delete far cry 5 (cracked) and download another cracked version?

VicarialBear7I have a far cry 5 crackedversion and I want to play Multiplayer but I can't and I need to download another type of cracked far cry 5 Will I lose my progress or how do I play Multiplayer? When I try to play Multiplayer by pressing invite friends in the online section it gives me the error code ...

3:07 PM
The hotel I was staying in advertised itself as having 'Peerless coffee', and I thought the hotel had amazing coffee. Then this morning I walked past a Peerless Coffee truck
Technically speaking, the worst coffee in the world would also be peerless.
3:27 PM
Q: Mario 1-up glitch with koopa shell

Error TheWolfHow do I do the Mario 1-up glitch with the turtle and the block?

3:39 PM
had an appointment with informed consent doctor yesterday, got a blood test today and I can get a prescription when I have my next appointment :D Which, unfortunately, is in 5 weeks >.<
waiting is the worst
4:26 PM
I made green chicken chile for lunch today!
It's delicious!
You might want to bring the chicken back to the supermarket if it's green
It's actually kinda interesting how this recipe works given that water's not an ingredient.
And in fact, there are no "wet" ingredients except for a tablespoon of fish sauce.
Just a lot of sweaty onions?
One medium white onion.
But four tomatillos.
An assortment of peppers. But all that apparently produces enough juices to submerge three pounds of chicken thighs and drumsticks.
4:59 PM
Q: How do I fix this chunk lighting glitch in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Star60In Minecraft Bedrock edition, PS4 to be exact I’ve being experiencing “lighting glitches” I’ve seen a few fixes to this but they don’t seem to work, and I don’t feel like moving my 26 block high mob farm over a few blocks so does anyone know a fix in Bedrock edition? If you don’t know what a lig...

5:23 PM
This is Just to ■■■ I have eaten the ■■■■ that were in the ■■■■ and which ■■■ ■■■■ probably saving for ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ me they were ■■■■■■ so ■■■■ and so ■■■■
Cc @ash plum meme
> Harm to Ongoing Investigation
5:44 PM
So how badly is it censored?
And was it censored by the whitehouse, or someone else?
@SaintWacko putting a link in TIF
Q: When do you get a assist in Apex Legends?

Lucas EspindolaIs it based on the amount of damage you've done or something else?

@Ave Not until tomorrow
@MBraedley I think it has to do with your timezone
I could easily redeem it-- It's 1am April 19 here in Thailand so
5:59 PM
Just so we're clear: we're still starring Friday if you got baited, right?
@Ave I was like "where are you, because that's certainly not the time in Turkey"
@Yuuki View all people? Can you find me there?
@Nzall yes
@MBraedley vacation is the answer
6:14 PM
Q: FORGE 1.13.2 is successfully installed but does not work

Boneco SinforosoI downloaded the FORGE from the official website (https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.13.2.html) After downloading, I install it: In the correct directory: The program sends the message that it has been installed correctly: It turns out that at the ti...

Q: Where is level 13 in vim adventures?

amitoz azadAfter solving the Indians puzzle in level 12 of vim-adventures, one directly goes to level 14. I am curious that where is the level 13 in the game.

@MBraedley It's basically Friday though
@Wipqozn "like Friday" != "is Friday"
Tomorrow is holiday so it is a workday friday
6:29 PM
@Moacir Holiday? Is Good Friday a holiday where you live?
I never heard of it in english, but yes
It is a national holiday
@MBraedley I have tomorrow off, so it's Friday for me
Good Friday is not a national holiday in Belgium
It is in Brazil
I live in Belgium. We have 10 national holidays: new year's day, Easter Monday, Labour Day (1st of May), Ascension Day, Pentecost monday, National day, assumption of Mary, All Saints day, Armistice day and Christmas day
6:40 PM
We do have Labour Day too
Not easter monday tho
I got a parody of "We Didn't Start the Fire" based on current events. Here or in TIF?
I think Notre Dame related things are on TIF right now
@Chippies what was that shitty game we used to play
It's not about Notre Dame though
No idea then
6:42 PM
Doesn't sound like news bro post it here
Don't overthink it lol
Tiger's back to dominate 'Nor does it exonerate' Everybody speculate Rey can jump real high Anger over gaming code Twitter needs an easy mode Dragons fly Fans will cry Nigel gets another try 🎵 WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE... 🎵
Hey miracle of sound
@HalfEmpty Describe the shitty game
I am curious
you can see why I wasn't sure: Mueller, Brexit, Tiger Woods,... But also Star Wars, City of Heroes, Sekiro and Game of Thrones
6:44 PM
@Moacir it was a shitty fps like a browser based counter strike
I think it was Recon Arena. And he never wanted to play but I always thought it was hilarious
@Nzall it's not news though
@HalfEmpty Mueller is very much news though
That tweet is not news
Are you doing this on purpose lol
No, I'm just very confused about how to handle non-news stuff related to news
I'm autistic, I need rules, orders and regulations in order to know what to do, but if something is in a grey area, I have no idea how to deal with it
Q: If I buy minecraft with a mojang account on a computer, do I need to buy it on another computer?

LJ22I just made this account to quickly ask this question... I plan on buying a gaming PC as I expect to be able to get it around a year and I currently have a laptop that I play (a pirated version of) minecraft. I heard that minecraft broke out off of the "cringe culture", which convinced me to fin...

7:21 PM
@Nzall yeah TIF is pretty much just news now, so if the meme is not appropriate for bridge then it doesn't go in either
@Nzall ...I'm listening to that right now
7:45 PM
Man, this CoH stuff is moving fast, now.
We've got specs for what you need for a server, and some of the scrubbing has already finished.
And that source code is available for download. So it's a start.
Beginning of week: we find out there's been a private server for six years.
Day after until today (and probably until someone sets up a public server): Community is raging and toxic.
But today, partial code is available.
cc @TrentHawkins
@GodEmperorDune Accurate pug is accurate.
@Frank city of heroes?
@GodEmperorDune Yep
i thought that went offline a decade ago
7:54 PM
holy shit
how is leaking the player database not a monstrous data breach?
like i get that people didn't want the game to end so like leak the DB structure and metadata, but player details too is pretty fuct
@GodEmperorDune It likely was.
But nobody knew until this week.
And...that's something NCSoft is entirely liable for.
Considering I make a point to never play another NCSoft game due to their treatment of CoH, I am perfectly fine with them being sued.
NCSoft did tabula rasa too, iirc
endgame was a buggy, unbalanced mess but it was a fun game while it lasted
@GodEmperorDune And it was them C&Ding that public server that caused this one to be hush hush.
i never even heard of that public server, that sucks
@Unionhawk That Patreon thing you mentioned has a set date now. May 7th
7:59 PM
not surprised to learn that its all spaghetti code, either
CoH launched during the "oh shit get on the MMO bandwagon" when wow had picked up momentum but before it actually crushed everything else
@GodEmperorDune And, to be honest, much of my feelings right now might be nostalgia.
I think Quake with superpowers was my jam at the time
But that was my MMO.
Quake 3 arena with that mod that you can add superpowers and get super OP
I sunk countless hours into it.
8:01 PM
@Frank Are you going to host a private server if a source released is working?
@Moacir That is likely in the cards.
Although it's probably going to be extremely minimal.
Enough for @TrentHawkins and myself, maybe.
But that won't really do much for the endgame content.
8:12 PM
@Yuuki where did you get the green chicken from?
@Frank i mean if you have the source code you could modify it to add some cheat commands to help out
@GodEmperorDune Ehh. If anything, I'd add modifiers to enemies based on number of players.
@Dragonrage From the pot where I cooked it.
8:33 PM
@Frank the fewer players, the more enemies?
@Dragonrage Only when you're playing.
Probably the other way around? For MMOs, the more players there are, the more likely that some high-level will stroll by and help you out of a sticky situation.
@Yuuki I used to help horde players when I was passing a low level horde area to do some quest with my alliance druid. It was kinda fun to see them get desperate and try to hit me, and I just /sit
@Frank WoW actually used to do something like that. They'd scale mob spawn rates with the number of players in the zone to try and alleviate the impact of overfarmed zones. I don't know if they still do that, but it made for some frustrating moments where you'd kill an enemy, loot it, use your quest item and then can't even mount up before the mob respawns and attacks you. I'm not sure they still do that
I know runescape used to base like, ore respawns, and maybe mob respawns on player count but now that scaling pretends the server is full and uses whatever that corresponding rate would be
8:47 PM
Q: How do I set up teams on MCPE?

Gamer25862I need to set up teams using commands and I don't know how. I'm on pocket edition and I haven't found any commands that work on my platform. I want 2 teams one named prisoners and another named correction officers. PS I don't know much about commands so please don't answer with too complicated l...

".@Ninja is an absolute legend, and someone to whom we owe a lot for making gaming what it is today" #TIME100 http://mag.time.com/kDpG4NP
who is this person that we owe gaming to?
pewdiepie is gonna be so mad
@GodEmperorDune Ninja, the former pro now streamer/personality
I think that's pretty accurate actually. Gaming as a community has changed a shitload in the last decade. Five years even.
Ninja has been hugely influential
I mean, he got like thousands of twitch prime subs that people were questioning if it was botting
And twitch themselves said that all those prime subs were valid subs
> making gaming what it is today
not sure if that's a compliment or not /s
@Frank wow, that is...definitely a thing
9:06 PM
@Yuuki influential is influential
@HalfEmpty I actually can't remember what it was called
Recon Arena I think
And then we played that like expanded one that was otherwise identical
Good times
9:25 PM
Q: Ego Shooter Games for Local Multiplayer (LAN)

Dr. Manuel Kuehner I want to host a good old-style PC LAN party with some ego shooter games (like Call of Duty 4 in the past). We will be about 8 to 12 people. I have trouble finding recent games (I was hoping Call of Duty 4 Remastered will feature a local multiplayer but it does not according to the support). Do...

10:00 PM
Downloading, downloading, lah dee dah!
The server code is only...half a gig. That's surprisingly small.
@Frank I mean, presumably the graphics are in the client
@SaintWacko And I still have the client installed.
Q: Why is my Chat not there?

Help me plzOkay so someone already asked this question but I’m on an IPad. When ever I go on the server Hive my friend who is also on iPad can see the chat but I can’t. Even on my own worlds I can only see what my friend says in the world or server not what the other players say.i also can ONLY see what my ...

And even that is just 4 gigs.
@Frank raw source was posted or just the binaries?
10:09 PM
@GodEmperorDune I'll tell you when the download is done.
It's in a RAR file called, "We were there"
10:19 PM
Oh, geez. It's about 50,000 files.
It's...source code.
In C, with Visual Studio artifacts.
@HalfEmpty yeah, it was definitely Recon Arena. It was so bad, it was fun, for a while
Now to see if I can build this silly thing.
10:49 PM
That's going to be a long build
@murgatroid99 I'm still installing the C++ component.
Bridge, I...have a lot of tough stuff (job stress, great-aunt is likely passing away, etc) on my plate right now - for the next...three ish weeks, I apologize in advance if my emotional control is not as great as it could be. I will try to keep myself off things if I feel shattery, but I just...y'all are my internet fam, so.
(Sorry for interrupting, I just wanted to let y'all know)
11:06 PM
@Ash the One day at a time twitter thing is starting if that helps any
@GodEmperorDune oooh, thank you for the reminder, it means there are still good things in the world.
11:30 PM
Currently playing as Engineer and I have two prototypes and two beetle guards
I almost feel sorry for everything spawning
I don't know why it's making me laugh so much but my phone popped up a warning about the rain tomorrow and Saturday and it ends with "At this point it looks like the rain will end in time for the Easter Bunny's journey on Easter Sunday morning"

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