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12:20 AM
Q: why tf do we need nemid to give microsoft our phone number wtf


12:41 AM
Q: The Binding of Isaac not working(Missing Executable)

Hu shI asked this question months ago, but no one answered a good answer. So I'm posting it again. And keep in mind mods that this should not be flagged as a similar question to other existing ones as I, over the course of months, tried all of them. So! Here's my problem. So this happened about a yea...

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2:24 AM
Q: does the "on a rail" acheivment work in the nether

ErRoR626I'm just wondering because one block means 8 in the overworld and would make it easier I have not tried this yet but I want to know if it works

2:44 AM
Q: downloading minecraft on a different computer when it has already been bought by a friend

Nigman145My friend bought Minecraft and he doesn't use it so he gave it to me, anyways when i tried to log in and download it, it said that i had to buy it again. Help please.

@Unionhawk fucking hell I'm getting tripped up on making permutations of all things
this is stupid and shouldn't be hard
why is all the SO example code a billion lines, or just prints the output I need it in an int[][] please
lmao oh noooooooo at this foreach{foreach{foreach{foreach solution
this sounds unpleasant
3:02 AM
Next year, I think I'm going to create a single solution and projects under that for Advent of Code. I'm creating a solution for each day, and it feels less than ideal.
I just have one "advent of code" project with per-year subdirectories
Makes it easier to share code across years
at work I've been doing a .sln per day, today at home I used dotnet new console which is working ok
so far no weird .net core differences
other than just "why is this a dll, oh I should be doing dotnet run"
I'm using C++. Also, I should not be hard coding my additional includes and library includes directories. Had to rename my base folder while working on my laptop today.
(I'm putting all my code on GitHub (although I apparently didn't commit something for day 6 that I was expecting to see))
Like I should be including my intcode computer relative to solution directory, but that's not happening
3:19 AM
it looks like I never bothered uploading mine
Also, was the opcode stuff this early last year? I feel like it was introduced much later.
@MBraedley The VM is now a day 2 task, though it only has two ops
I guess to ease you into it
This year, when the second time came to use it, I immediately broke it out into its own project so that it would be easier to modify and keep up to date.
7-2 is
I'm working in 7-1 right now.
3:28 AM
also I'm rewriting this GetPermutations so I don't have to ask csharphelper guy what the licensing on the sample code on his website is just in case I found something that's literally exactly what I need
Putting off 6 until tomorrow when I get back home and can actually push my changes
and/or just in case the answer isn't "MIT"
What about Apache?
argh I've lost track of all my AoC leaderboard memberships
Oh no, now that it's finally raining here the mosquitoes are also back
@Ash It's just an excuse to dress up and get drunk
There was a Santa wearing a strapless dress which is way too little for this temperature
3:42 AM
@Unionhawk or I'm finding a SO version that works since I know the license is compatible lol
4:03 AM
> There were Santas with dogs, Santas in lingerie, Santas on skateboards, Santas in long underwear and Santas whose costumes lit up by battery power prior to the Santas themselves getting lit up.
Heh, lit up
4:14 AM
oh god I think I understand vaguely what to do for 7-2
oh god
Yeah it's time to put this computer inside a class lol
instead of just using static int Run(intcode)
4:29 AM
Q: My minecraft xbox 360 edition wont work for multiplayer

Blink SugimotoWe have two controllers logged in on accounts, we've tried off accounts too. We log in with one (first player), and try to get the other controller on as second player,we do as it instructs (press start on remote to join game) but it never will let player two join the game. Its been like this fo...

I made a cake!
It's a apple spice cake with cinnamon glaze.
4:51 AM
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7:11 AM
Ryan Reynolds has a response to the Peloton bike ad, featuring the same actress twitter.com/VancityReynolds/status/1203118775815622664
7:35 AM
Q: Portal two, Chapter:The Itch. The first door won't open so now I'm stuck

gabeygamer2006 I looked at a walkthrough and it opened for them, but not for me so now I'm stuck

@Lazers2.0 Have you tried turning it off and on again?
3 hours later…
10:50 AM
Am I too late to play Halo Combat Evolved ?
Just that I had played it in 2011 last time and I recently got hold of a Mac dmg..
Oh hi @Memor-X !
11:07 AM
@ankii well there's a remade version in the Master Chief Edition
@ankii yo
@PrivatePansy you mean committing murder on the Testing Computer (i think it's wheatley at that point)
@Lazers2.0 have you tried throwing a cube at Wheatley
.....it wont help with the door, it's just a nice feeling to throw cubes at Wheatley
Q: Does PES/Fifa support online multiplayer for older versions?

PriyabrataSay I want to play PES 2017/Fifa 2017 online today, does the company maintain support it? Or once the 2018 is released online feature for 2017 is shutdown?

12:10 PM
@Memor-X I don't think MacBook Air would anyway be of much help in better graphics
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1:27 PM
day 8 > day 7
stupid day 7
have a good Sunday
1:47 PM
Q: Getting past the painting puzzle in Post Mortem

KevI've tried both to line up the circles like the walkthrough at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=916963385: I've also tried to be as close to the centers of the hit-boxes I discovered sometimes appear when you click away from the window: In neither case will Hulot accep...

Q: Can you play Destiny 2 co-op missions with only two players?

Bram VanroyA friend and I are new to Destiny 2 now that the base game is free on Steam (pc). We haven't played this game or its predecessor before. We're trying to play together and found that we can invite each other to join our fireteam. However, when we then launch a mission (e.g. a fire mission), then a...

2:03 PM
> The secret service isn't allowed to yell "Get
down!" anymore when the president is about
to be attacked.

Now they have to yell "Donald, duck!"
2:28 PM
Q: Problems with Multiplayer AoE2 Definetive Edition

Raphael Götzfriedso I downloaded AoE2 on Steam and wanted to play online with friends, but everytime i click the Multiplayer-Button AoE says "Signing into Multiplayer Services" and nothing happens. How can I sign into these Services or make the game work? Thanks

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3:56 PM
@Memor-X It's not on PC yet, though
4:25 PM
@SaintWacko isn't it? I've seen multiple people in the last few days playing Master Chief Collection on Steam
@Elise Only Reach
The rest of them aren't on PC yet
@SaintWacko oh 🤷🏼‍♀️
is it gonna be added to the collection though?
the whole thing is confusing
4:42 PM
@Elise Yeah, they're gonna add all of them to the MCC
5:23 PM
Oh ffs
Phoenix Point is only on Epic?
I really hate them
5:35 PM
Anybody knows how to enable the death list in counter strike 1.6? I mean the notices we get on top right corner like this:
Steel >--------> Maverick
Panther >-------> Fanatic
I mean it shows which player killed which player, with which gun
Icon of gun is there.
5:54 PM
Q: How to enable one vs one death messages in Counter Strike 1.6?

VikasHow to enable the death list in counter strike 1.6? I mean the notices we get on top right corner like this: Steel >--------> Maverick Panther >-------> Fanatic I mean it shows which player killed which player, with which gun. In place of arrow I have shown, there's icon of gun. These notices ...

6:15 PM
Q: Minecraft: How do I pose an armorstand in my hand

CindertroyI want to be able to pose the armor stand, but so its still in the item form, so when I place it its ready posed, and dont say 'You cant` Because you can. I've seen it before, I have an item in my possesion, I just dont know how to do it.

6:35 PM
Q: What is a group account?

Edward VaksMy son's friend said they wanted to put 4 PS4 on the same email. He was telling me this is a smart thing to do to help each other upgrade a player on NBA 2K20

6:58 PM
1. Enemy top laner is super strong
2. Make sure you do not feed enemy top
3. Avoid death to enemy top by playing defensively
4. Enemy top gets triple kills mid
5. Why do I even bother
6. 18/0/5 Mordekaiser
trying to play top in league is actively giving me depression
I play aggressive jungle shows up
I play defensive enemy rotates away
I win lane I can't translate in over lanes
@badp If a game is actively harming your health, I think you might want to look into taking a break
I was kind of exaggerating
7:32 PM
Looks like it was already posted on TIF
Q: Why can't I log in to Cosmote TV Go via Wi-Fi?

Kostas KossenasSo I have this problem where I can't log in to the Cosmote TV Go (it's a player) through Wi-Fi in my laptop. When I use mobile data however as data, I can connect perfectly fine. I would really appreciate anyone's input in what might help, or what the problem could be.

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8:39 PM
Q: Can anyone tell me which pot adjusts what direction in ps4 dualshock controller

marciokokoCan anyone tell me which pot adjusts what direction in ps4 dualshock controller? I can’t live with it because it’s too sensitive. I need to lower it somehow but there are two pots.

9:00 PM
Q: Are star coins required to progress through Star Stable?

Ronnie OverbyI'm considering purchasing the premium subscription of Star Stable for my daughter. The subscription is called Star Rider. There is an in-game currency called Star Coins that are used to make in game purchases. My question is: can a player progress through the game without purchasing star coins...

2 hours later…
10:43 PM
Q: Black Display for 1-2 seconds while alt+tab a fullscreen game ( World of Warcraft ) or use windows key

Kiamehr NazerWhen I alt+tab or use Windows key to get out of game ( in this case world of warcraft ) and use a windows future like Chrome, while I return to game I experience 1-2 second black display. This is also happens when I use keyboard shortcuts to change volume and windows volume bar appear in game. Ch...

11:00 PM
Stoked to play this. Wanted a copy every since you told me about it
Bought myself a lil christmas present

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