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Q: How to exchange upgrades from first multi-tool to a second multi-tool?

PeterCoSince the new "Synthesis" update (patch 2.23) you can have more then one multi-tool. Is it possible to exchange some equipped upgrades from one multi-tool to another? Example: I would like to swap the A-class scanner-upgrade from my first multi-tool to my second (with more slots). How can I d...

1:01 AM
@Unionhawk existing reminds me that I forgot until today that I had @Unionhawk locked in my closet.
user image
Should probably be his new profile pic
1:29 AM
2:10 AM
Q: Please Help! Need split screen multiplayer

Aaron McCulloughI bought tighten fall two last year in 2018. I heard and I have seen on Google many places that they updated it to be a four player mode, and also they have a two player co-op. I don’t know how to make my team do this if you have any help please give it to me. I think it supposed to update on its...

Q: how can you get wood in minecraft

Sarah Meltonjbuyhjvby9guyibvtc8tv9ubyion9tvbynujubytvbynubyvtcrvtbynumiinubytvrcexwzxecrvtbynumi,o.,ominubytvrcexcrvtbynumi,o.p/[}?[.p,omiunybtvrcexwecrvtbyuniop[] \

Huh, close reasons changed
2:51 AM
Q: Terraria: Desktop and PS4 Cross Platform

ShelbyI have the Desktop version of terraria and my boyfriend has terraria on PS4. Is it possible for us to play multiplayer.

3:33 AM
Q: NEI 1.7.10 default Mode to global and hopefully lock it in global when world is created

holadivinus roblox game buildeThe Question is in the title. I want it so that when a new world is generated, NEI's mode is locked as recipe mode. Thing is, it defaults to world and worlds default is cheat mode.

3:53 AM
Q: why is robert higher on kof 97 tier list than ryo

OrochIIorISo what is the difference between Robert and Ryo? They play similiarly, but i am a noob, and can't really tell why Robert is better. Is he more defensive/ offensive or something? This is for kof 97 btw. I switched from Ryo to Robert and it made a huge difference, even though i play them both the ...

taking some huge steps towards happiness
4:05 AM
@Elise grats, thats a big step!
also your nailpolish game is on point, thats a cute pink
@GodEmperorDune haha, it's thermal and it changes colors :P
@Elise ooooh fancy
both go from hot pink in heat to dark brown in cold, but in average temperature left hand is pink and right is purple
I guess I was kinda warm at the time, if my right hand was pink too :P
had a fun encounter with a lady at the customer service trying to help me find a manager
she was explaining my situation to someone and she said "this man..." stopped, looked at me with this "oh wait" look on her face and was like "this..." and she seemed like she had fucked up, lol
I finished her sentence with "woman" and she continued telling the situation
then she kept apologizing to me after
I was honestly just surprised that someone actually considered that maybe they shouldn't be calling me a man 🤷🏼‍♀️
today was a good day after all the crap that happened last week...
4:21 AM
@Wipqozn I post this every year at some point. love
@Elise yaaaaaaaay! Also your nails are great.
@Ash aww, thanks <3 I'm really liking this thermal polish
It looks like so much fun.
and it's a peel-off, so it's super easy to work with
I had 2 nails peel today, so I got them both re-painted in under half hour
and it's gel, so it's ready to go within minutes
Idk if I'll be doing anything other than peel off gels from now on, lol
and thermal is really fun
I need to order more, different color thermals...
@SaintWacko well more how they are positioned and styled
not sure if it was always a feature but it seems now they also show the close reasons to the poster before it's closed
4:36 AM
Q: In Fallout 4 how to resurrect the people in diamond city?

hvhfghfI bought Fallout 4 just a week ago. I constantly hit save my game, until one day I visit diamond city I took caps from trash can and everyone start shooting and I had no other option than to defend myself. I hit save by accident, and now I'm having trouble because I can't bring them back to life....

@Wipqozn So basically, after about 25-30 hours into it now, Phoenix Point is a really good basis for what might one day be a good campaign. Initially I thought it was buggy, but other than sometimes not ducking around cover (which is rarer than it seemed, and happens less when you stop pretending this is X-COM), it's been pretty bug free
The way combat works and the geoscape work just feel better than X-COM
BUT, I'm like 30 in-game days into the game and from what I've read, I've seen about 70% of the tech tree and all but one enemy. In fact, you see pretty much every enemy in the game (except the one I haven't) by like mission 10 or so
And the tech tree is more of a tech list than a tree. There really aren't many dependencies. There's basically one set of sidegrades in armor/weapons for each faction, and then in each class of weapon, about one true upgrade that you unlock way later. And you get most of your tech handed to you by whatever faction you ally with
Once you hit a certain rep with them, they give you a bunch of tech. I think once you unlock tier 3, they give you everything. And there's no research for that. It's just "here you go". (you can steal it, too)
So X-COM style, I built a bunch of research labs, and in less than a month game time, I was out of things to research, other than things locked behind walls like "capture an alien". If there even is a "tree" at all, I think dependencies go at most 2 levels deep. It's pretty flat
So that's pretty disappointing that there isn't kind of that decision making and grind for better tech, and that you see pretty much every enemy really quickly, and thus are constantly fighting the same types of battles. They'll get more armor as the game goes on, and maybe upgraded weaponry, and have some variations (one artillery unit shoots sticky goo that locks you down, or might mutate to shoot acid instead, or fire worms), but by this point I've seen most everything
So basically, the game is a pretty cool base that needs more overall content and more depth to what's there
Hopefully the DLC and mods bring that. I do like it enough that I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to keep playing anyway (with a new campaign) or just shelve it for a year.
I'm not sure I can go back to percentage based combat though. I might go replay Xenonauts to find out
Anyway, long story short, I'd stay hyped about the game, but not too sad if it doesn't hit game pass any time soon.
5:07 AM
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, my mum just got call from a scammer saying their are from telstra trying to tell her there's something wrong with the internet, she gave the phone to me and i told them i am from Telstra. you could tell during the long breaks they were trying to figure out how to deal with it
@Memor-X hue
6:13 AM
yay, hats!
2 hours later…
8:23 AM
Q: MHW How to enable damage meter in training area?

XtremeBaumerAs can be seen in this video(actual timestamp), it can be seen, that its possible to track hits and damage in the training area. For me, this is not turned on and I couldn't find the option to enable it. Is it paid content or how do I enable the damage meter?

9:04 AM
Q: GTA 5 cheats vs. completion

RibbittAfter completing the main missions, do cheats affect side missions and block getting 100%?

9:36 AM
I went to MSE to check for any new Winter Bash posts
Haha, that was a mistake
1 hour later…
10:55 AM
intcode computer: complete
11:08 AM
Q: If I add a new account to my PS3, the saved games in the first account will be deleted?

tomas_elias_gonzalez_benitezI'm going to lend my old PS3 to my little cousin. He is going to play my old games, and I think that if I create a new account for him and set it in the PS3, that wont affect to my games, but as I'm not totally sure about this, I ask you. I dont want to lose all the games I played, even though i...

Probably means we've got some mathsy ones coming up, it's been very intcode heavy so far.
11:28 AM
@Sterno Noted. Maybe I'll just play XCOM 2 or Xenonauts instead for now.
@fredley I'm so behind now. Didn't do anything over the weekend.
11:49 AM
Q: How does heat math works? Are heat exchangers additive or multiplicative or something else?

Matas VaitkeviciusI got my hands on a couple of Exchangers++ in the black market, each should reduce heat from my weapons by 20%, so 40% total. However, in a field, my mech is overheating much more than I have expected. I have done some reading around and some claim that exchangers are multiplicative, but the...

@fredley That quine example is just looping forever for me
@Ronan Use your normal input to debug which opcodes aren't working
Hint: if it just outputs 203 your input isn't even working
@Wrigglenite hoooooooly heck how is the drama still going on still
@Ave I blame Russian interference. They picked the perfect wedge to divide the nation community, the drama will never end.
I'm getting 209...
11:59 AM
@Ave I think I'm going to stay tucked away in this little corner of the network
12:14 PM
@Ronan Then opcode 9 is wrong
Yeah I get that, the issue is that it's outputting the full program for example 1, and then just 0s forever
12:32 PM
Q: Is OK to tell a user to install mods/community patches to fix problems with old games?

LemonNot all of the games available on the internet can run on recent versions of Windows, and because of this, mods created by the community usually appear attempting to fix the problems that the game has and/or make it run on recent versions of operating systems. Is OK to tell a user to install mod...

@SepiaLazers sure, that's a valid answer, as long as it's legal
12:51 PM
> Parameters that an instruction writes to will never be in immediate mode
I fixed my 209 issue, it was actually a problem with writing past the end of the program
1:51 PM
@Ronan Yeah I had to make my memory a hashmap. Easier than expanding the vector size dynamically.
Javascript works fine with having gaps in arrays, but I was taking a copy and changing one of the elements, and since the element it was supposed to change was in the gap it was skipping over it
@Ronan 'gaps'?
x = [1,2,3]
x[99] = 'uwot'
Yeah try it
I'm scared to try
> x
[ 1, 2, 3, <96 empty items>, 'uwot' ]
1:54 PM
Javascript truly is the wattest of languages
But then
> x.forEach((a, i) => console.log(a, i))
1 0
2 1
3 2
uwot 99
That was my issue essentially
I'm not getting any less wat
It's very wat yes.
It doesn't stop from getting watter?
watter is batter
1:57 PM
I was expecting undefined 3 undefined 4 ... undefined 98 but you don't get that
I mean, sparse arrays are a thing
At that point isn't it just a map anyway?
> x['a'] = 'b'
> x
[ 1, 2, 3, <96 empty items>, 'uwot', a: 'b' ]
@Ronan plsno
Note the square brackets on that last output
javascript no
just stop
2:02 PM
> typeof x
> x.forEach((a, i) => console.log(a, i))
1 0
2 1
3 2
uwot 99
@Ronan it's also object just after x = [1,2,3]
Oh fair enough
(3) ["0", "1", "2"]
2:08 PM
But when you map over it the string keys aren't there!
@Steve-o169 Yes. That's actually what we have instead of WWE.
@Wipqozn You still have the WWF?
@Ronan I was going to joke about it that, but thought no one would get it
It is a 17 year old joke
2:24 PM
@Ronan It's older than you!
@Wipqozn But weirdly, I was alive when it happened 🤔
Okay, so is there a good solution to get something like Porkchat on Firefox?
Only being able to see the top two stars is annoying
If you add a css selector to hide the user list do more stars appear?
Hm, yeah
There are FOUR stars!
Although my dark mode plugin doesn't process the actual star icon correctly
Nothing is as good as Porkchat
Isn't there some way to install it through Tampermonkey?
2:43 PM
Y'all have been spoiled by your porkchat
Theory: @fredley invented porkchat just to make it impossible for you to go back to regular chat. It's been a long troll.
lol day 9
"I know all of you implemented this as an int[], so we're going to fix that by making you do at least an Int64...list?...dictionary?"
See: my above nonsense
Everything in javascript is basically a dictionary already
oh god my code is complaining a lot about just changing my input param to an IList<long>
getting some really bad semantic satiation on the word "long" now after converting this to at least not compile error
Alright, it runs and I'm getting a KeyNotFound exception which I can work with better than an IndexOutOfRange exception at least
Just got to replace all of my [] accessors with like, TryGetValue() or whatever
oh god
Oh I think I made an infinite loop actually
oh no I'm tripping my antivirus
stop it
please don't call me infosec office
3:31 PM
Sweating as you type the unsafe keyword
I don't know why it tripped, I use System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() all the time
Should I be using regular breakpoints like a normal person?
I like that part 2 is just "ok great that works now do exactly the same thing with a different input to make sure your code is relatively optimized" (mine ran in about a half second)
Look at the stuff I got at the art school student sale!
(though to be fair this computer is an i7 @ 3.40 GHz with 20GB RAM so it doesn't really qualify as slower hardware)
Now to get it all framed and mounted. Plus, I should get info cards made like they have at museums.
I should also get better pictures of these paintings/pictures since these angles kinda suck, my bad.
@Yuuki I like the second one, kind of Attack on Titan-esque
3:42 PM
@MageXy I think the first picture is really disserviced by the photo quality, it looks markedly better in-person, imo.
There's some backstory also. The art sale takes place on two floors and I had seen the first painting on the first floor. I really liked it and had decided to buy it but wanted to check out the second floor. I got the other one on the second floor and came back down to the first floor to buy the first painting and then freaked out for a second because I couldn't find it.
Turns out someone else had moved it.
3:58 PM
Q: How do i lock all configurations in global mode?

holadivinus roblox game buildeHow do i lock all configurations in global mode? make this: like this (1.7.10) by default

4:19 PM
@Unionhawk It is, the computer police
@TimStone He just did the vocals, but yes, it's really good
As is all of Louie Zong's stuff
5:18 PM
Q: Transfer Desmume and No$GBA save file

damadamI would like to copy my save files of Desmume and No$GBA emulator to another computer (the current HDD which contains these save file would die soon). But I don't really know which files / folders I must copy, because there is some different places where Desmume and No$GBA had created files. NB ...

I have to agree with Daniel
Silence brands
yesterday, by GnomeSlice
5:35 PM
> investment tax write-off
@GodEmperorDune these are amazing.
@GodEmperorDune snorts I approve.
@Yuuki I like them both. I also like that people are supporting new artists this way! Yay.
5:51 PM
@Unionhawk SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.
@GnomeSlice That Kettle Brand Crisps reply really is something else
Q: PSN account mandatory

AaronIs a monthly membership in the PSN necessary just to buy a game now and again to play? I just bought a PS4 and agreed to a trial membership but do I have to continue a monthly membership to shop for games?

@Nzall right?
6:23 PM
Q: Can I hide only public/global chats in Minecraft?

EJ MakI know that I can disable all chat messages in Minecraft, but is there a way I can hide just the public/global chatter, but still see and send direct chat messages?

6:58 PM
I basically tossed a 7.5? CVE (...well, sort of.) to gitlab for free and they ignored it for 2 months
I got an acquaintance to pass the word to a developer there and in 10 minutes they took the issue private and marked it as critical
2 months
Q: What is the best way to win against Roaming Racer's "Inverse Rubber Banding"?

LemonThe Roaming Racers of Payback have this problem, where instead of doing the Rubber Banding of previous NFS Games (insane speed increase if they are far behind of you) they do the complete opposite (once they pass you, their speed will increase to insane values and you end up unable to score point...

@Ave Don't they have a bug bounty?
@PrivatePansy wayyy too late now
I just want the issue fixed tbh.
it bugs me a lot.
7:17 PM
I assume you did go through the usual security issue reporting channel? Because most OSS projects won't want you to report security issues through their open issue trackers because it's, well, open
@PrivatePansy It's somewhere between a fr and a vuln, and was initially marked as such
this is how my issue starts too
I filed it as an issue because it's so simple that they'd think that I'm making fun of them if I did it that way
7:34 PM
Note to self, if I ever meet Finn Wolfhard in a sleepy Midwest town, I need get on the next flight out of there ASAP.
@Yuuki this looks fun, i'm sad they ignored the lady ghostbusters movie
> "It's true. All of it. The ghosts, the bustin'." - Han Solo Venkman
Q: Does Wide Guard protect against Dragon Darts?

hammythepigI was looking to try out double battles online, and from my short experience it seems that Dragapult is a major player in most teams in Sword and Shield. Dragapult has a unique move called Dragon Darts, which seems to work in a unique way: The user attacks twice using Dreepy. If there are two...

did we link the wonder woman trailer yet?
I think I did?
Maybe not though.
7:49 PM
i dunno how chris pine is back but i'm not gonna question it
Wonder if they're going to kill him off again because Diana's supposed to be super-disillusioned with humanity by Batman v. Superman.
Or maybe he turns into a bad guy?
Or maybe we can just write off Batman v. Superman and pretend everything chronologically after Man of Steel never happened.
If it means we can bring back Henry Cavill as Superman and do it properly this time around, I'm all for that.
yeah henry cavill was not the problem with superman
Henry Cavill was built in a secret lab tailor-made to play Superman.
It's a shame they couldn't build some equally apt writers.
DC has good writers, they're just all working on arrowverse
i am hyped for the crisis
yes yes, tv writing has a lot more space compared to film
8:08 PM
there goes nothing
@GodEmperorDune but how much more topical can you get than an immigrant who grows up a Midwest town, not sure about his place in a world that might not accept him for who he is and is afraid of what he could do?
I suppose there are far more relatable IPs in DCEU's catalogue, like a(nother) rich billionaire who decides to take the law into his own hand.
Hmm... actually how many rich people are vigilantes in comics between DC and Marvel?
Or at least big names.
Tony Stark, definitely. Does T'Challa count, being the king of a secret high-tech/magical kingdom?
Reed Richards is rich in the comics but I'm not sure where to place him as he more likely got rich after getting his powers rather than the other way around.
8:27 PM
Q: How can I create a continously redstone signal?

MaestroActually I know, how to make longer the redstone signal, but I need charging all the blocks in the path. If I place a repeater, the block under it won't be charged. How could I solve that? I've tried some possibilities, but I can't make a redstone vire more, than 15 blocks without skip one block ...

I don’t remember where I read it but it was about batman from a POV of a poor person trying to get work in Gotham because social services were a mess and it was pretty much minion for a villain or nothing
@GodEmperorDune I can't remember where, but I recall reading a fanfic about Gotham being an eldritch abomination and actually alive. And the entire reason why the place is such a pit of corruption and despair is because the Gotham entity is making it that way just so that someone like Bruce Wayne/Batman is eventually born.
@Yuuki fanfic writers are good
@GodEmperorDune There's some really good and inventive stuff out there.
My favorite fanfic is probably the Harry Potter/DnD crossover Harry Potter and the Natural 20. It's told from the perspective of a DnD character (3rd edition) who gets pulled into the Potterverse.
It's really funny because the DnD character is really meta-gamey and trope aware, so he sees the entire plot of the Harry Potter books happening and knows how they will probably end, but no one listens to him because he sounds like a raving lunatic
8:39 PM
@Yuuki I don't have a source for this, but apparently Gotham is canonically cursed
oh no
let's play spot the problem:
@Unionhawk Not enough PHP
Before you ask, yes, Javascript.html is just a big <script> block, and Stylesheet.html is just a big <style> block
8:43 PM
@Unionhawk GuavaScript. For when you're thinking it's something tropical but you have the wrong hemisphere.
I demand to know why this happened
@murgatroid99 I mean, I fully expected it to exist but I'm incredibly sad that they didn't have something similar to what I wrote for a byline.
Assuming it works on my end I'm 100% fixing and PRing because there's no good reason for this to continue to be a thing probably
@MageXy It's been awhile since I've read Harry Potter fanfiction.
8:51 PM
@MageXy Have you read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality yet?
@Nzall I remember reading a few chapters and not really enjoying it.
@Nzall Yeah, that's my second favorite. There's a couple things in that story that make so much sense that I consider them to be canon, even if they aren't in the original books
@Yuuki It focuses really heavily on the science and philosophy behind Harry's actions, and less on the plot, which is a definite turn-off for some people.
cc @InvaderSkoodge
But I really started enjoying it when they started doing mock battles against each other, there was some pretty clever stuff
@MageXy From what I remember of it, it read like something written by someone who didn't really like Harry Potter but tries to hide it while writing fanfiction for Harry Potter.
8:55 PM
I always felt like it was more of a satire making fun of all the plot holes
And as we know, there's plenty of those in HP
Plot holes aren't always plot holes. Voldemort making his Horcruxes out of the founder's artifacts instead of a pebble on the beach or a space probe isn't a plot hole but highly descriptive of his character.
It's even mentioned in the books themselves that Voldemort chose highly impractical items for his Horcruxes because he's stuck in the past, fixated on his time at Hogwarts, and thoroughly convinced of his own status.
That fanfic definitely modifies the characterizations of some characters, including Voldemort, so that part is less poke the plothole and more "this is what he would do he would do with this alternate characterization"
@Yuuki Yeah, that makes total sense in character. But I'm talking more about stuff like... "There's a troll in the dungeons" "Okay better send all the students back to their dorms, including the Slytherins whose dorms are in the dungeons"
Or why no one ever fixed Harry's eyesight. I think he's the only person in the series who wears eyeglasses, right? (Other than Dumbledore's "half moon spectacles")
McGonagall and Rita Skeeter both wore glasses.
Which weirdly became part of their Animagi forms, both of which had markings around the eyes.
There seems to be a fairly significant list.
James Potter wore glasses, as did Arthur and Percy Weasley, Rufus Scrimgeour (the head of the Aurors and later Minister of Magic, IIRC), and Amelia Bones had a monocle.
Percy wore glasses? And Rufus? Huh. I don't remember that.
9:08 PM
They don't in the movies, so that's perhaps why.
Okay, how about this one, one of the bigger ones in my mind: why did Fred and George never notice a random guy named Peter Pettigrew sleeping with their brother every day for almost 3 years in the dorms? They had the Marauder's Map, you telling me they never once in three years checked the names of people in their own dorm and thought, "who the heck is that guy"
I think my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction that I can currently think of is a crossover with The Dresden Files and that has the same thing of "would that character really behave like this in canon?" and that's namely because Harry (Potter) wouldn't study nearly so much.
@MageXy I think the closest thing to an explanation would be that, given the nature of the MM, they normally only consult it when they're managing mischief, and they generally do that out on the corridors, not in their own dorm
And also he behaves slightly more maturely than he does in the HP books, but there's also a timeskip fairly early into the story.
@Nzall And also, by the time Ron and Harry come around, it seems like Fred and George have stopped using the Map regularly.
They do claim that they don't use it or even need it anymore when they hand it to Harry.
1 hour later…
10:31 PM
Q: Use Xbox One Controller as joystick

George WillcoxThe 1994 game Star Wars: Tie Fighter Special Edition requires both mouse/keyboard and joystick inputs to play (not at the same time). I have a utility which allows me to use my mouse to emulate a joystick, but this doesn't make for the easiest of controls. I know that many modern games offer con...

11:12 PM
Q: Gate will not open

Bella HandzoGate on jagged crown quest on skyrim will not let me open it or change the rings no matter what I do it tried resetting game did not work what can I do to fix it


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