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@GodEmperorDune tellurium isnโ€™t bad. Uranus survival gives quite a lot
Try grinding pustrels or copernicks
Q: What is the fastest a generator can be completed?

RobbieLet's say that 4 survivors are all working on the same gen with purple toolboxes with the best add-ons (not including brand new part) and all of the best perks to complete the generator as fast as possible. How fast would that generator be completed? Edit: Here's what I could find to help 4 s...

12:29 AM
I have to grind ducats and eidolon shards for a fancy sword
@GodEmperorDune paracyst?
Q: How do you do the Kaioken with base Goku in Hyper DBZ Mugen Champ's edition + Super Buu?

PabloIn the game "Hyper DBZ Mugen Champ's edition + Super Buu" you can make several special moves which each character, with base Goku you can do the kamehameha, the instant transmition, rapid fire, and others. But once (only once) I made the kaioken by accident, which it seems to be base Goku best mo...

@Dragonrage yeah something like that, takes a galatine and those mats
Q: Letโ€™s build some Arqade-themed community ads!

RobotnikSomething that I brought up on the community check in post was reaching out to Stack Exchange sites that share similar ball-parks to us, and doing some promotion to increase cross-site involvement. To get the ball rolling on that, why donโ€™t we design some community ads! Community Promotion Ads a...

1:34 AM
Actually I think it is paracesis
2:17 AM
Q: How do you make a death counter in minecraft nintendo switch edition

user241375I've tried many different commands to make a death scoreboard but nothing has actually worked, I've tried "/scoreboard objectives add Deaths deathCount" but that doesn't work. How do I add a death counter

2:47 AM
oh shit, inbounds avalanche at the place I'm going to be skiing in February steamboatpilot.com/news/…
1 victim buried, was dug out alive, conscious, and breathing by patrol
Just wanted to let y'all know that in the past 2 days I've had multiple old men call me "young lady" and it's a little creepy, but I'll take it ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
there's one old guy that asked me yesterday how tall I was and then he told me how everyone in his family is shorter than him and he was pretty short himself. He was shopping again today and approached me. I think he might be hitting on me, I'm not sure, I've never been hit on ๐Ÿค”
old people with poor eyesight are a true blessing for trans people in early stages
cc: @Ash @Elva (you two are my random update team)
Q: Cartographer level keeps resetting back to Stone

user7185530I have a cartography table that has a cartographer next to it in my village. He trades an emerald for 24 paper, so I have two auto sugar cane farms running in the background while I go afk. I traded enough so he gained the second set of trade options, but when I came back from afk he was reset to...

3:12 AM
@Elise aah, that "it's creepy but it's also validation?" feel
@ToxicFrog eh, I'll take whatever scraps I can get right now :P
I never told anyone on Bridge, but couple weeks ago my in-laws were visiting and I somehow managed to really upset my father in-law (not the first time it has happened). What was a first was that he grabbed me by my shirt and had his fist in the air holding himself back from hitting me, so that was fun
Holy shit
after a huge shouting contest between everyone involved (I disengaged and left the room asap), they left (it was late evening and they live 4 hour drive away)
few days later they called my wife to "apologize", kinda did a half-assed apology and asked if I was gay or trans
we were gonna tell them sometime after christmas anyway, so wife told them yes, I'm trans
and holy floodgate of 7 years of stuff opened up
even though they've always acted like they liked me (other than the few occasions where I've pissed them off really bad by doing nothing), it was easy to tell that they never actually approved of our relationship
and they were saying stuff that I was using my wife to get into Canada and didn't actually love her (if that was the case, I could've left 2 years ago because I have been a permanent resident of Canada for 4 years and with sponsorship I'm only supposed to stay with my wife for 2 years in order for it to not be considered a "green card" marriage)
we have a mortgage together and a child together
all of those things happened AFTER I was "free to leave"
but apparently I'm using her ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
and they think I'm not fit to be a parent because I'm trans
anyways, they point of this story is that holy crap it's the best thing that has happened to me in months
I feel so free
I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not, I don't have to tiptoe around them in fear of upsetting them
I wasn't "allowed" to be openly trans because wife was afraid they'd find out before we were ready
I'm openly trans at work now and this whole thing gave me a huge confidence boost
and I won't have to spend christmas with in-laws trying to not upset them with my existence
tl;dr big drama with in-laws, made me feel great tho
3:28 AM
@Elise I like these updates.
@Ash I like that you like them ๐Ÿ˜Š
Omg okay I was already to mama bear the fuck out of you with that last chunk but now I am just handflaps happy dancing in my apartment in my jammies
I am so sososo happy omg yay Elise yay for happy
in-laws were basically my final stick in my spokes, or whatever cool saying we can use here
and now that they now, I'm free to be me and because they reacted the way they did, I don't have to try to keep good relationship with them (which would be difficult all things considered)
what really annoys me though is that my brother in-law's partner is non-binary and it just makes me think that many of the things they said about me are things they think about them, just haven't had a reason to say it
3:39 AM
@Elise ok, it sucks that they reacted like that but it's awesome that this basically just removed the last obstacle and you're free and clear
dispenses the brownies of celebration
I honestly feel like that whole drama changed me for the better
I mean, it sucks that it happened, I'm sure we'll have to figure something out for the future, since I don't necessarily want my child to lose grandparents because of me
but it is very important to me that they at least agree to act like they're cool with me around my child and I don't believe they are ready to do that for this christmas
and really, it's not even the trans stuff that bothers me, it's the 7 years of pretending that they liked me, 7 years of lies. Things were said that they will never be able to take back and their relationship with our family will never be the same again, definitely not the same with me
I hope you can reach a comfortable thing
right now, I don't see myself hanging out with them ever again and I think they will regret saying the things they said
but the good thing about this is that I can be honest without the fear of upsetting them
Walmart is great tho
I am so happy Walmart is great
4:00 AM
Q: In what ways can I reduce bleed's duration?

senpaiAccording to the wiki, Bleed's duration can be affected by following modifiers: Ailment duration Bleeding duration My question is, what sources of reduced ailment duration and reduced bleeding duration exist out there? I'm running a Flicker Strike slayer with a few issues, name...

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5:19 AM
ok, been thinking what i should make as a New Years Resolution. was thinking if coming out IRL would be one but wanted something that i reliably work towards (there's a and issue or 2 with that one) and didn't want something overly broad like "do more work on Nexis Core" and i just realized i totally forgot about the Yuri Game Jam this year which i got Visual Novel Maker for
so first New Year's Resolution - Learn how to use Visual Novel Maker and make a Yuri Visual Novel ideally for the Yuri Game Jam next year
5:41 AM
Q: Who made these maps? Is there one for Zork III?

MitroramI recently got back into text adventures and finally completed the Zork trilogy, yay (with some peeking at hints, boo). I used these maps for the first two games. I was certainly able to find other maps for Zork III, but I never saw any like these, and wondered if their creator had ever finished ...

not sure if the edit was trolling or spamming links and not sure if i should just undo the edit or flag it
6:28 AM
Hmmm, trying to figure out day 7 part 2 without using async/await
Oh, I could just make the output an iterator and make each amp yield to the next one
6:47 AM
Q: Create a Minecraft Item that Executes a Command

MeganI am using creative mode to tag minecraft villagers as an adult or child. Here is the code I am using: /data merge entity @e[type=villager,limit=1,sort=nearest] {Tags:["child"]} /data merge entity @e[type=villager,limit=1,sort=nearest] {Tags:["adult"]} However, I want players in survival mode t...

2 hours later…
8:30 AM
Q: How can I prevent my Windows key from becoming "stuck" after taking an in-game screenshot or clip?

VxJasonxVOn a PC, I use the Xbox Game Bar screenshot and clip features often via their shortcut keys, WinAltg for a clip, WinAltPrntScrn for a screenshot. Note that I prefer Xbox Game Bar Screenshots because they are named sensibly, unlike the OneDrive PrntScrn handler. Often after hitting those keystrok...

@Elise I like being in this team! Yay
Morning chat
@Elise <3 huuuugs ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™
Good on you for that at least, though family-drama is the worsest
Though fortunately I only know that second hand
Oh no, maths on a Monday, what is this?
8:58 AM
A monday, obviously
9:09 AM
warframe update: we need to research a cephalon inside the drydock for the railjack. I paid most of it, mutagen mass and detonite injectors are remaining
I probably have lots of those
@GodEmperorDune one of the easiest ways to farm those besides offensives is orb Vallis bounties.
Otherwise you have to buy the blueprint from the dojo and make them. Each one takes a day to build and the blueprints arenโ€™t reusable
invasions for now
9:26 AM
Oh yeah, thatโ€™s what I was thinking of. The actual name for offensives
If any of you are on later tonight, like 6:30-7:30 pm or later pacific time, I can help you farm the new resources pretty quick and introduce you to railjack if you havenโ€™t done any of the missions yet
My railjack is pretty decently upgraded so far, so I can do all the earth missions no problem. The Saturn missions are a bit more difficult as my guns arenโ€™t strong enough to shred enemies
9:42 AM
how are you finding 16b
is it one of those things where you need a galaxy brain moment to do
@Elise welp, congratulations on jettisoning awful people out of your life
so I can do 16a in 11 seconds
which is not a good omen
but I just knocked it down from 59 seconds with some parallelism
doing 16a on 10x the input size takes me about 80x the amount of time
so I'm doomed
10:06 AM
(60x the amount of time to be precise)
10:42 AM
why are standards this hard to get
not even the biggest turkish university library has the ones I need
I wonder what the donation policy is for them
might just get them for a library then borrow it
11:29 AM
@fredley Oh no
11:48 AM
I'm very proud of cynthia
she made it to hackaday
@Ronan Yeah
@Ave it's not a very useful switch if it only connects two cables. Should add another ethernet connector :p
@fredley There's obviously a trick to it, but I haven't worked it out yet
It seems the notice for protected questions no longer says when that post was protected or by whom
That's slightly annoying
12:04 PM
@Ronan It's to do with matrices/linear algebra
Not my strong suit
Yeah but I'm still not sure what to do about each phase being 6,000,000 digits long
I took a hint from reddit, first time I've had to :(
I got out the solution, but I'm not sure I understand why it works.
Yeah I'm looking at a hint now :(
Also even in rust my solution is sloooow
probz cos of lots of cloning
Okay that hint doesn't help, I might need to get some paper out
12:15 PM
๐ŸŽถ When it's underlined in red just add .clone() ๐ŸŽถ
@Elva I will let her know.
Also goshhh
I just spent a fuckton on a standard
and the descriptions were all horrible
so I pretty much rolled the dice and went for the longest, most expensive one
and, bingo.
It's the right one.
Uuugh, coworker created 8 single commits of "Deleted $filename"
@Elva because they were using TFS in a browser?
had a co-working trying to check in a NodeJS Project one file at a time via that way once
12:26 PM
Fortunately we don't use TFS but git
But yeah I'm gonna assume he was using the browser
@Memor-X fire that person
@Elva its a good team!
It is!
@Elva lol, naaaa it wasn't really her fault, her team doesn't do application development so never needed to check anything into TFS, didn't have a DevNet Virtual PC and our team lead told her to use the browser because he uses it to bypass our check-in policy
Fire the team lead?
@Elva i wish, next best thing is that he's no longer the team lead because our team got merged with another and that's team lead took over
12:38 PM
Fire the team? :O
@Memor-X There was another question where this happened.
1-rep user, question closed, but they edit spam links into it.
I think it's an attempt to ask a legit question, get some traction, and then advertise spam.
@Frank so a spam seed then?
@Memor-X Except not so blatant. Can't tell it is one until they edit in the links.
12:58 PM
user image
This was a little odd but I liked it.
this was a slippery slope
I bought 2 more standards
just so that I wouldn't miss out
@Ash agree lol
@Ash literally standards for the turkish smart ID system.
because I want to make an open source library for it
and there's zero free resources
only thing that's close to a resource is a java library embedded into one public use of the ID system.
1:15 PM
So this would help you do that somehow?
@Ash yes, as it details everything about how they work
in fact, it's too verbose.
Oh! That is helpful. Sort of.
I hope it helps you make awesome helpful things.
I hope so too
I might write a blog post on what the hell each of these contain
because publicly they're only described by 2-3 words
which is why I had to buy 3 instead of 1-2
I might also make a proper English glossary so that when someone sees, say, "Guvenli Erisim Modulu"/"GEM", they'll be able to search for more resources in English (in this case, "Secure Access Module"/"SAM")
1:35 PM
I am really starting to dislike gendered language... Taking to my mother feels weird because referring to myself as a woman is still work in progress and feels odd, but in Latvian I have to consciously change suffixes to all verbs that I do ๐Ÿ˜
Q: How do I create a tick function tag for my data pack?

Giant WalrusI'm making a data pack, and I want to make a tick function tag. The thing is, I don't know how. Can someone help?

@Elise i take it that it's a language that when you talk about yourself you have to refer to yourself like in the third person?
@Memor-X no, it's a language where every adjective and every verb has a different suffix depending on the gender of the person/noun associated with it
So any conversation involving me will either have to be gendered female and make it kinda odd because I'm not used to it or I have to misgender myself
1:55 PM
That's tricky. I hope you can find a way to talk that feels comfortable!
2:08 PM
Another transwoman I know was/is trying to learn dutch and one of the lessons included saying the dutch version of "I am a guy" or something similar
Very that
@fredley Haha! I worked it out!
It completes in a second!
2:23 PM
@Elva yeeeeeep
duolingo does this a lot.
kinda makes me feel blegh whenever I use it
2:34 PM
I'm trying to figure out how to TAS my 13-2
there's no way I can just feed it neutral joystick all day right
the answer to that appears to be no lol
It's easier to TAS than you think
Q: Hamachi server hosting problem

Nanush7I am having problems to host my forge minecraft server on ubuntu server (virtual machine, virtualbox) I have on a Windows 10 64-bit host machine, using hamachi. The problem is, that my friends cannot connect due to time out error, but for some reason sometimes they can join and move but after som...

Yeah but it isn't literally computer.InputQueue.Enqueue(0) all day
No that easy no
I have a feeling that the ball will always be exactly 1 tile to the left or right, is this feeling correct
I guess I could try it and see
answer: no
2:50 PM
Almost though
I think I should turn off the display
but this appears to be working
16 hours ago, by MBraedley
Hmm, I don't think running through every possible game state is the appropriate approach for 13-2.
There's more hints in the transcript there if you need help.
Yeah I got it I'm just kind of surprised that worked
@Unionhawk I mean, I think the program halts when the ball goes out of bounds, so your only job is to keep the ball in bounds.
Also, looking at @badp's intcode computer implementation, I probably should have implemented a caughtFire state. Right now, I'm just asserting, which is fine in debug, but does nothing in release.
3:08 PM
All right, we're done with that one, that one was fun I'm sure the next few days are cool and fine too
opens 14 input
It took me a fair amount of thinking on how to handle that input.
I think I'm going to split it on =>, then split it again on ,
I guess
I've got a program that mostly works, but it's over-estimating the ore I need.
@Unionhawk string tokenization isn't in the C++ standard library :(
Have to do it all by hand.
Also, you have to think carefully about what structures to store the input in.
3:24 PM
Q: Discipline and slaughter vs Flicker strike

TEXHIKCan frenzy charge from discipline and slaughter be used to bypass flicker strike cool down, or it is unusable?

3:38 PM
Would this answer work better with images?
A: How much free space do I need?

StevoisiakIn order to perform every exercise, you should have enough space to: Stretch vertically while holding a Ring-Con. (Overhead Arm Twist)* Extend your arms left and right while holding a Ring-Con. (Warrior II Pose) Lie on the ground with your feet extended. (Plank) Sit with your legs extended diag...

Right now I have video links, but I'm debating replacing those with screenshots
@Stevoisiak I'm not seeing any problem with either, so long as you're not going to make large pictures.
8k pictures for everyone!
Until I get my hands on them, anyways. :P
Hmm... 1080p BMPs for everyone!
@Frank Perhaps something like this?
3:45 PM
@Elva twitch
Clicking the image links to the original video with timestamp
@Frank ooooh! Or what about PBM? You can edit those with a text editor!
@Stevoisiak Seems okay.
@Elva burns with fire
4:08 PM
Hmm, I'm a little concerned that actually compiled...
Oh, guess I had already made that change though.
Hmm, 85 is most certainly a number that you could get for the first example
god dammit now Symantec is complaining
4:28 PM
@badp thanks! They're certainly not completely out of my life, since they are my wife's parents and daughter's grandparents. But they are out of my life for the foreseeable future
@Unionhawk that is symantec's function!
Like a butter-fetching-robot except more evil
I guess I'm doing that one at home
so I can stop getting false positives
@Elva I had to google what flag you were trying to do with the hearts and... is that a trans flag?
@Elise yeah :p
yeah, very poorly matched heart colors, but I'm not sure if I could do a better job, haha
I have seen people on reddit use all kinds of colored hearts though
4:36 PM
Yeah there's only like 8 colors or soooooo
yeah, not sure how people on reddit had theirs done ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
Images? :o
I probably wouldn't be able to find the posts now anyway
for all I know, I could've dreamt it ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
5:07 PM
Q: How do i make a ctf gamemode using command blocks in minecraft?

user241404Ive been making a minigame world on ps4 bedrock recently, i really dont know how to command blocks all that well besides the basics like tp, effects,mob spawning, titles etc. i still have some trouble making certain gamemodes to begin with, when it comes to having a player maximum number detectin...

2 hours later…
6:37 PM
BL:3 is on sale at the humble bundle store, but still requires the Epic launcher :(
7:07 PM
I don't know if anyone will know this (@ToxicFrog maybe?) but if I have a IRC chat running, is there a way somehow to know if someone in particular joins?
Like if username xyz shows up, or whatever. Beyond like just me staring at HexChat.
Depends entirely on the client
Dunno how hexchat works :(
Hm :/
The solution is to install Porkchat
@Ash Yeah, most clients should be able to notify you when someone joins a channel you're in.
Somehow I don't think that is helpful here
7:12 PM
@Ash Porkchat is magic and does all things.
That said, it's also a virus, so I personally haven't installed. I don't want @fredley watching me as I slumber.
@MBraedley in a way that isn't just "I have IRC open and saw them join in the normal flow of the room"?
(Ideally I'd like a sort of popup thing)
@Ash As to how in your particular instance, I can't really help. I haven't used a desktop IRC client in well over a decade.
@MBraedley It's all good, I'll keep poking the internets.
Well, maybe not quite that long, but it's been a while.
I did figure out how to ask when the user was last seen, so at least I know they existed in the recent past. (It's a bot I'm trying to catch online for reasons, so knowing it has been there recently, I am just at the wrong time/day, is a little reassuring)
7:17 PM
@Ash like, get a desktop notification when they join?
@ToxicFrog mhm.
There's a setting for "extra words to notify on", although I forget exactly where (I haven't used hexchat in a long time); you could add the name of the person to that. I don't know if it'll trigger on join or just if someone says their name, though.
There's also the /notify setting, which asks the server to notify you when they're online, but I don't know if hexchat generates a desktop notification for that, either.
but this is a start
8:16 PM
so my day 15 is a complete disaster but it got the job done eventually
@Unionhawk Wait, are you controlling the robot manually?
it's not going to work for part 2
I mean it probably would but I'm not going to
it's better than it sitting going in circles all day which is what my "if wall direction++" method does
8:34 PM
Q: What's the earliest you can complete the community center?

Mage XyOn Spring 5 Year 1, Lewis will show the player the community center. The day after, you will be able to start making progress towards completing the bundles within. Each bundle requires specific items (sometimes of a specific quality) to complete, and many of these items are only available during...

@Unionhawk What's part 2?
You need to have the whole map filled out, then using that whole map, spread oxygen to all open tiles that are adjacent to an oxygen tile and count how many cycles that takes
Seems really similar to one of the puzzles last year.
in theory it could be done by hand but I mean
that sounds awful
8:50 PM
Just need to find the location that is furthest away
I think the start of 2 will involve automating 1
I think that's the intention.
I think you're allowed to assume it's a proper maze, in which case you can use the maze tracing algorithm from one to solve 2.
Q: Looking for a programmer to help me realizing some ideas!

leonard soaresWhenever I have programming questions I use Google, and if that doesn't work I use Reddit. My coworkers tell me to use Stack Overflow because apparently it's better than Reddit. Well I've posted a few questions there, I've never gotten an answer only people who scold me for the way I'm asking my...

Maybe (2D) maze tracing wasn't last year, but an interview problem I was given. I'll have to check that repo again when I get home (never put it on github).
9:09 PM
I might just move on to today where I can instead try and figure out if "FFT" is a hint or a red herring
I'm not sure which possibility I prefer because I don't have a matlab license anymore
9:23 PM
oh but there's apparently a FOSS library that I might be able to use
9:56 PM
Q: Taking a Switch on vacation from EU to USA. What region eshop will I be able to access?

Twon-haIf I take an EU Switch (with EU account) to the USA for the holidays, will I be able to access the EU eshop? If I do switch to the USA eshop, will those games still be available for download after I switch back to the EU shop? Will they even start when in the EU?

Q: Minecraft 1.14.4 not loading/recognized

WexionOk so I have a pack.mcmeta file that works and I have an empty function file that the game can recognize, but as soon I put any command in it, like say 123 it can't recognize it anymore, it does not show up in tab. I have a server error code here: [16:49:34] [Server-Worker-1016/ERROR]: Couldn't ...

10:07 PM
@Ronan What's the trick?
Q: Elemental damage and skill damage diablo 2

wizI am starting Diablo 2: LoD and I notice that some of the weapons have the bonus like +2 fire damage. What does that mean? Does that mean all my fire skills damage increase by 2?

Q: Steam downloads keep switching

Jo CoIโ€™m trying to download some games on steam, but everytime I leave it on to download the game downloading keeps switching with another one. I want to download one specific game first, so Iโ€™d there any way to prioritize that one?

10:28 PM
@Dinner 7 pizzas
brb changing the name of one of my SE accounts to @Dinner
Oh my god is it still doing that
btw, that's a lot of pizzas for dinner
unless it's like one of those mini-calzones
but you don't want to get those because the calzones will betray you
10:45 PM
They're small pizzas but we're still going to have lots of leftovers.
We made one each of turkey; mushroom; mushroom, onion, and bell pepper; pepperoni, mushroom, onion, and bell pepper; spinach, spicy anchovy, mushroom, and artichoke; cheese; and (as part of the food of tyria project) a cheese pizza on pie crust.
That last one is not a success, but we kind of expected that.
In my head, I keep mixing up artichoke with asparagus.
And I realize that it's probably because I've never had artichoke in my life.
@MBraedley can you tell that's my first piece of C++ basically ever
it's really very clumsy and messy reading
@Unionhawk I don't think that has anything to do with anything other than that's what the refrance
@Unionhawk that is a really very easy thing to write btw
@MBraedley I was so happy I used a flood algorithm for 15A, and then the text of 15B basically explains what I just implemented and asks me to tweak it a little bit
meanwhile re: 16b
I have an implementation that took 26 hours of CPU time to do 4 iterations
meaning I'll get an answer sometime on Wednesday
assuming I don't run out of memory first.
@MBraedley hint: put the recipe book in graphviz
11:19 PM
Q: How do I make certain UHC swords in my vanilla 1.14 server?

xdRaviolime and my friends have been making a 1.14 server for about a month now, and we plan on releasing it soon. The only problem is, my job is supposed to be custom recipes. I have a plugin for that, except i'm facing some difficulties. I have certain swords from hypixel's UHC that i want to include in...

@Yuuki artichoke was a mistake
11:37 PM
Also @badp considering his compute time
I mean if I could prove to myself that my approach and yours are equivalent
@Unionhawk It's a joke, because you're adding up larger [1, 0, -1, 0] loops, ie cosines. But it's not actually helpful for the problem
I mean I guess I didn't need to call Math.abs any longer since it's all sums
and considered it's part of the hot loop that could make things somewhat quicker
I'm sure yours is correct, but mine's a O(n) solution that completes in less than a second
right, but if I can't convince myself that yours is correct, I'm cheating
11:47 PM
Oh sure
I needed a hint from the subreddit to get most of the way there
But I'm happy I worked out how to get it from O(n^2) to O(n) by myself
is this one of those sum of digits of sum of digits is sum of sum of digits thing
@badp I don't think so?
I had my clever moment yesterday with the recipe book I can't be clever every day :C
I'm afraid my lisp is rusty so I'm not sure where you're at
(take (* 10000 (count input)) (cycle input)) just means repeat input forever, take 10,000 times the size of input. First thing I do is drop the first whatever 5,977,341 digits with drop
(nth (iterate next-phase input) 100) means next-phase(next-phase(next-phase(next-phase(...(input)...))))
where I call next-phase 100 times
so that's the outer shell
for the phase I calculate each digit in parallel with pmap
11:53 PM
Ah that's where you're missing an efficiency
thus validating my purchase of a ryzen CPU with 16 threads
I mean I could be scanning the input list just once and update all totals
I'm not super convinced that is fewer calculations since I'm trading scanning the input multiple times for updating the output multiple times
I might gain in locality though
But you don't need to scan the output multiple times
right, if I work from the end backwards
the last element is gonna stay the same, the second to last element is that plus the previous second to last element, etc.
@ToxicFrog most of these sound awesome
@badp Yup
11:57 PM
great, now I just need to figure out how to do side effects in clojure ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Oh right yeah
Probably a reduce
oh no
Arrays are associative structures, it just happens that they associate a linearly ordered index rather than a arbitrary, and usually unordered, key. — Alex Stoddard Sep 27 '12 at 20:48
well that explains probably some of the performance I'm seeing

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