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12:10 AM
I genuinely forgot it was Friday because I'm not working today lol
12:25 AM
@Yuuki is this actually Bravely Default 2? or a port of Bravley Second to the Switch?
1:01 AM
Q: What, if anything, happens to a vampire who is prevented from drinking blood?

Ryan_LLets say I have a vampire in my fort, and I know who it is. If I seal him away in solitary confinement somewhere such that he has no available victims, what will happen to him? Does he die of thirst?

@Ash if it helps any i get tricked by it all the time and my memory is pretty good
1:34 AM
Whew the ending of Crying Suns was bleak, damn you @Wipqozn
Q: Destiny 2: Where do my finishers go when stored?

Banana DanI mistakenly "stored" my Heihachi style headbutt instead of equipping (as opposed to having my finishers set on random). It's gone as far as I can tell and I can't find it, I can't re-obtain it from my season rewards, it's not in ny lost items at the postmaster. I would have to imagine it's somew...

1:50 AM
@Memor-X A new game, they show some characters later in the trailer.
2:17 AM
ok so in the past i did try screen recording using CAM Studio and always found it slowed the computer right down. now either my understanding of screen recording is wrong and that CAM Studio just sucked or my Video Card is that overpowered that so far almost all my games play the same regardless if i'm using the recording functionality of GeForce Experience or not
like I have my video card's lighting to change based off temperature and only The TALOS Principle has made it changed so far and even that didn't have any impact or any further increase to the temperature
@GodEmperorDune Same
I know what the URL looks like, I just forget to check -.-
@Yuuki Oh man, I haven't thought about Dinotopia in a long time
@Memor-X Ooh, that's really cool. How did you do that?
Q: Way to Launch Origin Game Without Starting Orgin

K00lmanI want to play Apex Legends, but I don't like having Origin open, as it takes a lot of processing power. Is there a way to launch games purchased on Origin, like Apex Legends, or is it not possible? If not, is there any way I can decrease the idle resource use of Origin?

Q: Failed to login:invalid session (try restarting your game) And logs me out

HaleyMy Minecraft has been doing this for a good couple weeks now. I have been completely unable to join any servers and it's really frustrating. I log into my account through the launcher and run mc. I try to join a server and it says "Failed to login:invalid session (try restarting your game)" But w...

@SaintWacko the lighting? well i have an Asus GeForce RTX 2080 which has lighting and it came with a CD that installed the AURA RPG Lighting Control program and it's just Special Effects > GPU Temperature
also have a NZXT Kraken X62 which has RPG too so using NZXT's CAM Software i have the lighting tuned to the CPU Temperature.....though given the issues i have had with the software i'm not 100% if the lighting properly changes
though today seems like a good day, not saying it's trying to connect to the coolers while also saying the firmware is version 1
1 hour later…
3:28 AM
I wonder if I can do that with me EVGA card. That'd be cool
Me? Dangit, I can't edit anymore
3:47 AM
Q: Does Flicker Strike benefit from increased weapon range?

senpaiDoes Flicker Strike benefit from increased weapon range? Wiki doesn't seem to list any potential interactions with weapon range. In addition, a melee rework happened two leagues ago, but I cannot find posts regarding weapon range and Flicker Strike interactions.

4:11 AM
@SaintWacko if you can then the manufacture should have software for it
4:34 AM
@SaintWacko that be a perfectly cromulent use of the word, matie
5:02 AM
oh is what the golf out?
@Yuuki Nope :(
5:50 AM
@Yuuki epic and apple arcade
I think steam 2020
And Switch at some point too
oh hey 50% off plat voucher
And I do have 6 million credits
ooo the lander looks weirder
6:13 AM
Q: Can you go into the new austin lands wanted dead or alive in RDR2

Kai QingThis may be a long shot but I have to ask: Can you go into the new austin lands in red dead redemption 2 if you're wanted dead or alive? Yes you can, but you will be hunted by hard hitting massive damage shooting law men. But I wonder if they ever let up. I want to get an iguana skin early on i...

1 hour later…
7:15 AM
@InvaderSkoodge convinced my buddy to play Flash Duel with me tonight and we played for several hours
Great game. Love playing it
4 hours later…
10:54 AM
Oh man, weekend problems
11:23 AM
Q: How do the Unique glove Painseeker work?

senpai Specifically, what the mod "Critical strikes do not inherently apply Non-damaging ailments" mean. To my knowledge, the way the game determines elemental ailments is that when you deal a specific damage threshold, you will apply a non-damage elemental ailment at some % of that initial hit. For c...

@GnomeSlice Nice! Glad you like it.
I really like how quick the rounds are, so you can iterate strategies so quickly and try to adapt to your opponent's style.
12:04 PM

Anna N So hi everyone, I was playing minecraft 1.14.4 Java Edition and I’m not the owner of the server (multiplayer server). I was running from the beach that I made it myself into the house (I made the house above water surface) to get some stuffs, suddenly the game stopped and it told me that “Co...

12:25 PM
Q: how to fix my ps3

MohannedHello guys my ps3 is not working i don't know why first i think i downloaded a software (ccapi) and when i installed it its told me to reboot when i rebooted its didn't work so i tried to go to recovery mode but its not working so when i turn it on its still green (the button) for hours but its n...

@TimStone That'll learn ya
1:06 PM
Q: How do i get scoreboards in minecraft to work?

CyberLukaSo i'm new in these kind of scoreboard and trigger commands. I would like to know how to display any kind of text/number on my scoreboard. Can anyone explain and give me examples of those commands? Thanks in advance!

1:28 PM
Mmm, new Path of Exile league
2:08 PM
Q: How do you get a baner to appear on your map on ps4

lilkorioi have bean looking but i cant get a answer on ps4

2:34 PM
My roomate made me a pretty nice breakfast (and for himself) and I got up to get some milk and my cat got into my food in that like 30 seconds
guess I'll make something else..
Rude cat
@Wipqozn Now it's your turn, clearly
@GnomeSlice cats are jerks.
3:30 PM
Meanwhile, in my twitter ads
Hahaha well now we know I suppose
2 hours later…
5:10 PM
Does anybody play Euro Truck Simulator 2?
I have GPU related issue. It is not using my system's GPU.
1 hour later…
6:12 PM
@Ronan I had the right answer at 1pm but no internet :(
@fredley It worked!
Q: Can you connect an External Display with a higher Refresh rate to a Acer Nitro 5 laptop? model number: AN515-53-55G9

Ivan MartinezI want to use my Benq monitor that is 144Hz and my laptop is only 60Hz but just want to know if that will work with my type of laptop?

6:57 PM
Q: Why Euro Truck Simulator 2 not using my laptop's GPU?

VikasPlease see this screenshot of task manager (Windows 10): As you can see, for any other game (like Counter Strike, Half Life), software like Adobe Photoshop, the GPU engine is shown GPU 1 (that is my NVIDIA 940MX graphics card). But the cell under GPU engine is empty for Euro Truck Simulator ga...

Q: Splitting a download on two drives

Mees van MensSo I am kinda new into pc gaming and just got a new extern hard drive. Now i want to install a 140Gb game but i have 50gb on 1 disk and 50gb and the other. I cant clean them so I was wondering if i could just download like 40 on the C drive and then the rest on my extern hard drive? Thanks for ...

7:12 PM
Jurassic World Evolution is a Good Game
Q: How to move icons to the inventory bar in Minecraft for android?

OldGrantonianMy grandson can play Minecraft on a friend's iPad. On his android phone, he can't move items to the inventory bar. He has tried: dragging and dropping with finger tapping on the icon then tapping the inventory Any advice? BTW: Any advice will need to be in baby steps. I know nothing about t...

so i have problem
i made bacon mac and cheese
i do not have a spoon
the only eating utensils i have in my house are chopsticks
I guess its one noodle at a time?
luckily i made the mac and cheese kinda thick
so the mac sticks together and i can pick up clumps
but other problem, i have nothing to drink in my house
i ordered water filters for my refrigerator but they don't arrive until later today
guys, housing is hard
7:29 PM
Being an adult is the worst.
1 hour later…
8:48 PM
@Ash yeah I'm loving it. Are you interested in zoo/theme park tycoon games?
It is really fun. Much better than I expected from a licensed game. Plus it has actual Jeff goldblum
I do like games like that :)
It's on sale for like $10 on Steam right now. I recommend paying the extra dollar for whatever the version that includes a few things extra is if you decide to go for it but definitely take a look
I'm like obsessed with it
I'll take a look later today when I am home
Do read the reviews, that game has many flaws for what it's trying to be
I like it a lot
I like that you can do stuff around the park hands on as well but aside from the dinos it's a pretty standard park management game I think
Been a while since I played one but
8:55 PM
@Wrigglenite how so?
Not much freedom with building spaces, you'll mostly notice areas that look carved out for you to build dinosaur enclosures in, visitors are just an abstraction and you don't see them physically wandering the park, the three "pillars" of security, science, and entertainment will want certain mini-quests fulfilled such as hatching X of a certain dinosaur, even when it wouldn't make sense for you to do so. Oh, and doing quests for one division will lower favor for the other two divisions
And very little if nothing in the way of customization of spaces and such
9:20 PM
@Wrigglenite you definitely see visitors in the park
Although not like in the shops
They're not real visitors though, they're just an abstraction
They don't appear at the gate when new visitors arrive
Oh yeah. Huh.
That sucks. Sim theme park showed them all I think
2 hours later…
11:05 PM
Q: "io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information"

Bluedog26So I have been hosting my own Minecraft server for me and some friends for a while and everything has been working fine for the longest time. However, in the past week I have been having a problem. The problem is that no one can connect to the server and when someone tries to it says "io.netty.ch...

11:45 PM
@Ronan Damn your shenanigans
Q: What happens when Blood Echo is activated?

RobbieWhen you're exhausted Adrenaline activates you get exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds no matter what, but Blood Echo gives you exhaustion for 45 seconds. What would happen if you had more than 45 seconds of exhaustion left and Blood Echo activates?

@Ave kittens fear Vista, sales for Operating System bring Japanese Yen: 0

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