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12:20 AM
i like how you can barely tell im wearing a hat
i still haven't earned one ;-;
@Sterno i saw you post about Phoenix Point and i've seen a bunch of videos titled about the bugs in it. from someone who's played it do you think it got the polish it should have gotten given the cash injection Epic gave it?
wasnt that mostly like after development
@GnomeSlice don't think so, i remember that they got funded on Kick Starter and went back on their promise of steam keys to the backers when they got an Epic Exclusive
@Memor-X I mean, that really only gave them 3 more months. Sounds like they should have delayed it 6.
@Memor-X Fig, and they got around 700k I think, which really isn't a lot given they have a team of around 10. Tbh I'm not sure if they actually said it or would be a on steam. People keep saying that, but people just assume PC means steam
12:36 AM
@Wipqozn pretty sure the kickstarter said steam, either by keys or by using the steam logo on images
right but I'm saying the epic money is to get them to launch on their platform, not to fund development
yeh shows it on the video on the kickstarter page, Supported Platforms and showing Steam's logo
@GnomeSlice that's what Epic gets out of it but you would think the devs would put the money into development right?
was the game not like done already at that point?
@GnomeSlice if it was then the extra money should have went to polishing it or adding to it. otherwise it just sound like they pocketed Epic's money for themselves and pissed off backers who expected a Steam Key
@Wipqozn yeh maybe i don't know about what costs go into making games but 700k sounds like it could fund an entire year, that's just assuming 10 employees working for 60k per year and the remaining 100k for the bills
@Memor-X Yeah, an entire year, but it's been almost 3 was my point. Game dev takes a lot of time.
The main reason so many game kickstarters tend to fall flat is folks not realizing how long and expensive game dev is. I suspect that's why the ones that tend to do the best are theones with only or 2 people
and as for the whole "they lied to backers!" Well yes, that's shitty, but it's easy to say "How could you do that1?" when you're not the one with a family and a bunch of emplyoees to support.
12:49 AM
Yeah I mean just download it on the other platform
screw epic
@GnomeSlice You can get it on gamepass anyways, uh, soonish. And steam next year.
Epic has sooooo long to go before its anywhere close to steam. They should spend all that sweet dev money making it comparable before screwing over devs who will never get the chance to compete for a market or build a brand because of exlcusivity
you mean like all the established brands who are exclusive to steam lol
I'm surprised the epic store isnt nicer too but meh
not everyone wants to be a social network
12:56 AM
Q: How Does the Champion System Work

K00lmanIn Apex Legends at the beginning of each game, a champion is announced and given a 500 point kill reward. Since next to there banner it says #1 ranked in the last match, I thought they had won the last match. Having won three now, and never getting champion, it clearly isn't just that. What deter...

"exclusive to steam" except steam has user profiles, friends, chat (voice and regular) achievements, stats, consolidated inventory, trade offers, groups, community pages, etc
when epic has anything comparable to steam, then it will be an alternative. right now i dont even consider it a platform, its a bad game delivery system that is on an arguably lower teir than origin
established brands are exactly that, established. and steam is established because it is an industry standard, one that isnt met by any other game distributions system, not even consoles.
@GnomeSlice I'm not aware of any games that actually have exclusivity deals with steam
yeah I guess that's probably true actually even though most reseller just sell steam codes
There's a difference between "This game is only distributed on Steam because Steam is a good game distribution platform" and "This game is only sold on Epic because they are contractually prohibited from selling it anywhere else"
every dollar spent on buying off game devs could be spent competing directly with steam, but instead epic relies on anti-consumer practices to get ahead
1:04 AM
@NickS Well...yeah.
They've got a massive warchest, and can just spend their way to dominance.
That's capitalism in a nutshell.
And if Epic did achieve their objective and destroy Steam, the likely result would be that we would be permanently stuck with a worse game store, because then they would be the same product, but without any potential competition pressure to improve.
people don't realize that epic is coming into this space with an already huge userbase
@GnomeSlice Which in principle should mean that they shouldn't have to resort to anti-consumer BS to do well
@Frank defeatist attitudes cause that to be true. when consumers are enfranchized in the market, they can chose non-monetary values to be expressed in the market
well the problem is its mostly kids and they want to secure some really great titles
idk it's weird but it's working
1:06 AM
@NickS That's not defeatism. It's pragmatism.
i bought outer wilds on epic
ie not buing epic exclusive games because they understand that we could be left with a worse store
I dont really care where i buy games tbh. I'll choose steam if it's an option but meh
@Frank pragmatism isn't helpful when you want to change something in my mind, because it is inherently biased to the status quo
in fact ontologically so
@NickS Not acknowledging the state of things isn't very realistic, either.
I'm not saying EGS is good; I loathe it myself.
1:08 AM
its impossible to not acknowledge the state of things when you want to change them
But refusing to acknowledge that their business model is working doesn't really help change anything.
@Frank im not saying it isnt working
I saw this great point a while ago, that "voting with your wallet" means that your voting power is proportional to the size of your wallet, i.e. you're still ceding all of the power to the wealthiest few
im saying that by moving the conversation the outcome is different
It's likely that even if every single person who is genuinely concerned about Epic's business practices avoided buying from Epic (assuming that's not already the case), that wouldn't make a noticeable dent in their profits or impact their strategy
1:11 AM
that idea is not only false, its damaging to the cause
think of all the indie games that got huge on steam
because they got big on steam
gangbeasts, undertale, etc
What, "cause"?
i would argue they wouldn't ever have been as popular if they only came on epic
Not liking a storefront doesn't make anyone an activist.
@NickS You have to factor in all of the games that languish
I mean outer wilds got big not on steam
they got big because of press coverage, not the storefront selling them
1:13 AM
not comparable because outer worlds was produced by some of the producers behind a multigenerational series
so them making a game by itself was news
outer wilds dude
im saying that only platforms like steam create an environment that allows some (not all) indie developers to succeed, and that is unique to steam
@GnomeSlice oops sorry
i really dont think steam is the deciding factor here
The fact is that there's a lot of variance on Steam in how many sales a game actually makes. There would probably be a lot of variance on Epic if it had the same catalog size, but that variance is what makes Epic's guaranteed payoff so attractive.
Steam itself has problems. Before EGS showed up, there was lots of resentment to their lackadaisical approach to things.
1:15 AM
the price of games has been a race to the bottom over the last decade
That hasn't changed. People just have a new target to hate.
a lot of indie studios barely scrape by even with moderately successful titles
epics guaranteed income is hugely attractive in that market
more like crapitalism imo
Q: Rift S Loses Movment Tracking

K00lmanI have an Oculus Rift S that I can't use because, after anywhere from 5 minutes to more than an hour (but more frequently on the lower end), it loses tracking and essentially goes from its normal 6DoF to 3DoF. When I enter passthrough there is just static, so I think it has something to do with t...

Of course, Epic's guaranteed payoff only has value to Epic as long as they can use it to hurt Steam. If they win and they don't need to care about Steam anymore, we're probably back to the same situation we have now, but with a worse storefront/client.
1:20 AM
I'd be shocked if this led to the downfall of the Steam.
yeah its funny, I mean all teh kids who grow up on fortnite using the store probably wont notice that its worse
most of them probably dont use steam to begin with
@Wipqozn The point is that Epic is basically burning money to hurt Steam. The end of that strategy is that they either defeat Steam, run out of money, or enter some kind of steady state where they just keep spending Fortnite money to make Steam a little less attractive than it would otherwise be.
"run out of money" can also be replaced with "decide that they're no longer getting a worthwhile return on the investment"
@murgatroid99 I think their end game is to just get enough people on their platform that use Epic instead of Steam as their go to storefront of choice.
once that happens, I suspect they'll stop with the exclusive deals, because of the reason you just said.
@Wipqozn But retaining users like that would either require a continuous stream of exclusives, or all of the features people will be missing from Steam
I agree with wip here
1:33 AM
And they clearly have no interest in the latter
@murgatroid99 like I said a lot of people growing up on say fortnite wont care about steam features
@GnomeSlice Sure, but this "poach users from Steam" strategy is going after an entirely different set of people
Those are the people they need to retain for that strategy to bear fruit in the long run
it's a new world theres a whole new generation of gamers
1:35 AM
@GnomeSlice What @murgatroid99 means is the kids growing up playing fortnite aren't the users Epic is going after. They're going after...well, everyone else./
They already have the kids growing up playing Fortnite
They wouldn't need to screw around like this if that was their whole end goal
Personally what I think (hope?) will happen is that this will force steam to step it up. They've been mostly great on the consumer front, but it seems that one the dev front they haven't been great at all. quite a few devs have said they're happy to see Steam is getting competition from epic, since they essentially have a strangelhold on the industry.
GOG is one of the few stores not affiliated with a game company (i.e. Uplay, origin )you can buy games from which doesn't just give you a steam key.
@Wipqozn The problem is that there's no meaningful competition with "here, have a pile of money from our warchest"
1:39 AM
In particular it be great to see steam try to do more to help indie devs aside from just giving them a platform.
Sure, Steam could improve features, and visibility, and whatever else, but none of that is a million dollars cash payout
My point is that unless there's some meaningful counteroffer Steam can make against the exclusivity deal payout, this situation doesn't create a real incentive to make meaningful improvements in this area.
1:52 AM
Steam could start doing their own exclusivity deals, jumping on the anti-consumer bandwagon, or some kind of anti-exclusivity deal, just paying devs to publish on Steam but not restricting them from publishing elsewhere. The problem is that the ROI on either of those is terrible for Valve because they're already the main place to publish PC games. If anything, this would be how Epic's strategy could actually kill Steam.
okay there's a follow up pic to this
This would have worked better if it wasn't super windy the da I went
@murgatroid99 also, you make fair points. Frankly I'm not really a fan of the route Epic has chosen either, but honestly I'm just so exhausted with gamers raging and sending death threats over everything I just can't find the energy to care anymore.
@Wipqozn I spend most of my time not really caring about Epic. I choose not to buy games there and I just play all of my other Steam games while I wait for the timed exclusivity to end. But the conversation started up in here and I was bored.
@murgatroid99 Oh trust me, I know you're not like, one of the folks I'm really referencing in all this. Just that the whole issue gets tangled up in that.
@Wipqozn It seems like a lot of issues go that way.
Really I avoid buying on Epic if I can as well. I bought Outer Wilds there... not sure if /when I'll buy something else. If I do eventually buy Phoenix point outside of just gamepass, I'll wait for steam.
@murgatroid99 Yes. Internet is the land of extremes dominating conversations.
The moral of the story is I think I'm just going to play either XCOM2 or Xenonauts and wait a month or so on Phoenix point. Y'all can die just as well in those games as you can in Phoenix Point.
2:17 AM
Although I likely won't get to play until wednesday
The main question is: XCOM 2 or Xenonauts? Leaning towards xcom2.
@Wipqozn Aftermath
@Frank pfft no way ya nerd
Xenonauts 2 hits early access in January, so that's the plan anyways. It's been delaye d afew times.
Maybe it'll actually release next year
3:12 AM
Oh god, my solution for day 7 part two isn't deterministic
I recommend this to fans of the roguelite fps 'genre'
I played it quite a bit actually. Pretty hard
I'm using a non-blocking queue, but it's possible for insertions to happen out of order.
@Wipqozn On the contrary this seems to illustrate climate perfectly
@PrivatePansy accurate
3:35 AM
@Wipqozn wow those dirty socks turned red
4 hours later…
7:45 AM
Something screwy is going on with my pc since I added a second drive. Both hard drives show in the bios menu, but when I try to boot off my old drive it says to attach a valid boot image
8:31 AM
Q: What does small white arrow on battery charge indicator mean?

arghtypeThis white mark: And for another vehicle it's on other half, so it's not some kind of percentage: What does it mean?

@Dragonrage might not be the case now a days but you haven't positioned the old one as a slave drive?
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
I need to get me some hats
8:50 AM
@Memor-X no, I didn’t change it at all. Just plugged a new one into one of my other SATA ports, and my old one is in the SATA 1 slot
I’ll try pulling the new one and booting to see if that still works tomorrow. The hard drive was working fine, just wanted to upgrade to an ssd.
9:12 AM

CaseNubI didn't know what brand is this. Can someone help me to figure out what brand is this? Thank y'all! (https://i.stack.imgur.com/qnqfE.jpg)

9:54 AM
Q: Most optimal key combinations for summoner spell tracking

Chun YinAfter watching worlds 2019, I've noticed DoinB tracking summoner spells in chat and I'd like to attempt it in my own games. Example: [07:00] DoinB(Sion): 1030mid 1040jg 1200ad [07:01] DoinB(Sion): 1030mid 1040jg 1200ad [08:52] DoinB(Sion): 1030mid 1040jg 1200ad 1340sp 1440top tp [08:52...

Good morning! Since GTFO got released to early access, should I create a tag for it?
Q: I want to ask a question about a game which has no tag yet, how should I tag it?

OakI want to ask a question about game X, but this is the first time anyone asks about X so there's no corresponding [X] tag, and my reputation is too low to create a new tag. How should I tag it?

Or rather...
Since I do have the privilege of creating a tag
I could've sworn there was a better duplicate
But you can't create tags without asking a question
I actually wanted to ask a question about the game :D
9:58 AM
Then yeah, go ahead
No reason not to, tags are created as needed
What should the tag be though? Just [gtfo] ?
And in this case, you need it
Is that the name of the game? Is it marketed as such? Then yes
That's the title it has on steam
10:09 AM
Consider starting the tag wiki or the excerpt as well
I am doing that right now
It's just difficult since information is sparse
Q: Why do enemies randomly turn hostile?

MechMK1When I silently kill an enemy with my melee weapon, sometimes an enemy quite far away randomly seems to turn hostile and alerts everyone in the room. In a room with about 8 or 9 enemies, this usually means each player taking heavy damage, and heavy ammo expenditure. Why does this happen? And how...

Alright, I just submitted my tag suggestion for review
10:35 AM
Q: Is there a way to avoid triggering an alarm?

MechMK1Doors leading to different numbered areas sometimes indicate that opening them will trigger an alarm. This alarm will draw an unending number of enemies towards the players, until the players have spent enough time in specific positions. So far, when playing with just one other player, this has ...

10:50 AM
I have to say, I was really excited for GTFO, but I've been really disappointed in it so far.
11:16 AM
Q: How does Surf crit in a multi-battle?

Chronocidal(Or any other Wide Ranging attack, for that matter) More specifically: if a Pokémon has multiple valid targets, and uses a Wide Ranging attack - such as Surf - to hit more than one of them, is the Critical Hit chance calculated once for the attack (like using a single attack, such as Tackle, in ...

Q: How is the seed generated from what I put in the seed box?

Richie BendallIn the world creation screen, players have the ability to enter in a custom seed in plain text as well as numbers which would later be serialised into a seed that Minecraft uses to generate the world. How does Minecraft know what seed to use based on the input? What if there is no input at all, ...

user image
12:18 PM
Q: What is the best approach to solve sliding statue puzzles in Super Lucky's Tale?

KidburlaI managed to get through the first few sliding statue puzzles through trial and error, but the later puzzles are much harder. I often get to a point where all of the statues are in the right place but one. But then I need to undo all of the work I did before as some statues are needed to get the ...

1 hour later…
1:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Nice, tell me how you like Flash Duel. I wish there was some way for us to play online.
@InvaderSkoodge Is it on Steam?
It's a board game.
ah, and there isn't any version of it on Tabletop Sim?
Oh, maybe there is. Someone gifted me a copy of that once but I've never even launched it.
Scene (the theatre rewards program) now offer 2FA. Yay!
Using either SMS (insecure) or email (inconvenient). Boooo!
1:47 PM
@MBraedley The insecurity of SMS for 2FA is somewhat overblown for the average user. It's still nearly impossible to perform SIM swap attacks at scale
It's probably no less secure than 1fa at least so there's that
@InvaderSkoodge It's not very user friendly. Tabletop sim.
I'll let you know about flash duel, probably wont play it til I see a specific buddy of mine next
@Nzall You are not wrong, but if you're offering 2FA, then you should be including authenticators in that.
wait apparently I commented on that saying it had an import error
2:10 PM
hmm day 10...
It's cold outside. My poor car.
Oh. That explains it. Feels like -36.
3:03 PM
IT;s officially official, and releasing much earlier than expected.
@Wipqozn So they're remaking the entire series?
@Yuuki Maybe. Supposedly RE3 was being made alongside RE2.
3:22 PM
Bah, took me forever to read that it wanted the 200th destroyed, not the last
*shakes fist at self*
Q: Can DFHACK saved stockpile settings be safely used in different worlds?

TheBeardyManOne of the features that the DFHACK mod adds to Dwarf Fortress is the ability to save stockpile settings and load them into a different stockpile, which is much faster than repeating the workflow of selecting the item types that you want in the stockpile one at a time. It even allows you to load ...

I'm glad to see the tag renaming projects have kept going since I've been gone :P
3:37 PM
@fredley It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise this was what polar coordinates were invented for
Q: Saison Ranking System Halo Reach MCC PC

PandaRastaI bought Halo MCC on Steam and I started playing multiplayer. I wonder how many points do we need to get the higher rank (prestige) Tier 1 ? According to the wiki here is all progression ranks : I'm not talking about this Rank system that only concerns Ranked game :

4:13 PM
@Unionhawk cool, my code is currently returning count(asteroids)-1 at last coordinate always
very helpful
4:35 PM
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong with today's aoc
10 mins left to get Bunker Punks for $4. I recommend it chrono.gg
@Unionhawk Need a hand?
4:50 PM
I think I have a vague understanding, possibly
Oh and I understand why my current doesn't work at all now lol
Looking at day 9, I'm wondering if I should change my intcode computer to use a map instead of a vector. Not sure I want to be resizing my program vector when I need to write beyond the end of it.
Yeah I changed mine from an array to an dictionary which works out well
I think I'll keep the external interface the same (makes sense, don't want to break my existing solutions) and just reassign my input program to the map.
I also imagine he's put in something like write a value to program address INT_MAX just to consume all the memory (if you were still using a vector).
5:21 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, so after everything I said, I restarted Phoenix Point yet again and can't seem to stop playing.
It's really fun. it's just easy to see how it can be better
Q: How to manage the Necrotic Affix when tanking as a DK?

T. Sar - Reinstate MonicaI have a Blood DK with ilvl 430+. The Necrotic Affix is something I have a lot of problems dealing with. It deals a lot of damage, blocks healing, and it is an overall very frustrating experience. I have no idea how to properly tank it. I'm guessing I should try to kite the mobs around while m...

That is not a flattering photo
ALSO, I think I need to get Mechwarrior 5. Games need to stop coming out
@MBraedley yeah, it needs to be int64 now I'm pretty sure
cc @InvaderSkoodge @OtherPeopleProbably @Stormblessed @murgatroid99
5:29 PM
@Wipqozn yay
@Sterno Agreed on games needing to stop coming out
@murgatroid99 I totally remembered you
See? It's in my message and everything!
@murgatroid99 The final mistborn era 2 is up next. Might even be late 2020, who knows.
@Unionhawk I saw that in one of the example programs.
@Sterno The shovel knight free DLC also released today. The last one. Well, last single player one.
@Wipqozn wow @Wipqozn you clean up good when you hide your socks and bowtie
Oh, good, the Epic Game Store page for Mechwarrior 5 won't load, so I can't buy it. Crisis averted
5:31 PM
@Unionhawk does it have to be a map of uint64 to int64 though?
I'm not sure, I did Dictionary<long, long>
@Sterno That reminds me,@TimStone said you made him buy Crying suns. If I wind up buying it via @TimStone, you get blame via proxy.
I've had my eye on that one.
I played that for 20 whole minutes so it will be @TimStone's fault if I end up playing it again
It'd be hard to write to a location past int64, except in relative mode.
@Sterno Fair
Also mechwarrior doesn't interest me at all. Yay!
For some reason mechs have never been my thing
5:33 PM
@MBraedley yeah you don't need a uint64, int64 should be sufficient
@Ave Have you seen this? Someone turned their Nintendo Switch into a network switch blog.cynthia.re/post/nintendo-switch-ethernet-switch
Still have to do day 8 anyway
@GodEmperorDune Old socks were used to make the paper for the book.
My only hat is on Lifehacks
@Wipqozn Oh, goody. Another year.
@Frank Actually, it'd only 11 months and 7 days.
5:42 PM
@Wipqozn major sideeye
@Wipqozn My consensus is that it's Okay, but could be better. One of the biggest failings is that it touts like 300 interactions or something but that is Actually Not That Many so you run into the same stuff a lot and some of the events can have different outcomes but others as far as I can tell don't? Sooo you know what you're getting into
@TimStone Gotcha
At least early on it's not clear how to do better either, which is annoying. So you end up at the mercy of RNG, since there's mechanisms to kind of force you into death
@Frank That's General side eye to you!
Incidentally there's a demo? So maybe play the demo first
5:50 PM
@TimStone I might just forget it exists instead
Where's the fun in that?
hmmm you make some good points
@Wipqozn probably not late 2020. That's too soon after SLA4
@Nzall You misudnerstand the power of sanderson. He finished book 2 of mistborn era 2 before book 1.
The man's a machine programmed to write books.
@Wipqozn I'm not talking about how long it takes to write. He's not gonna release 2 books within weeks of each other
5:53 PM
Sort of like how @Ash is a machine programmed to read books, and @Yuuki is a machine programmed to make fantastically fantastic jokes.
Also @Ronan is a machine programmed to never age
@Wipqozn And like you are a machine that's programmed to be blamed for everything?
@Nzall I feel like he's done that before
@Nzall Yes
@Wipqozn coppermind.net/wiki/Bibliography looks like he has done it, but not with 2 Cosmere novels
I should really look into buying the White Sands graphic novels, to get that full Cosmere experience
> Maybe Masayoshi Son secretly hates Mohammad bin Salman and the whole Softbank Vision Fund was just a clever way to basically light Saudi oil money on fire while maintaining plausible deniability.
The hottest take on Softbank yet
6:27 PM
@PrivatePansy Hah it's hard to say which is a worse look: Blinding Incompetence or Astounding Malice.
6:40 PM
Oh great my code is completely right for the small example but wrong for all of the bigger examples
@PrivatePansy cynthia is a very close friend of mine :)
asked me some kernel related questions about it before releasing even
(to which I answered "no clue")
rather old-ish one too, we met back in early 2018 I believe.
@Unionhawk Been there, done that
@Wipqozn He's very consistent, but the large books from the Stormlight Archives series still take up a huge amount of time.
7:06 PM
If anyone likes Supergiant Games (makers of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre), their new game Hades is finally out in early access on Steam! From what I've played it's quite fun and very polished already, if perhaps lacking in content (only a little!).
@Frank @Wipqozn have you read his latest series? Skyward, Starsight?
@Dragonrage I read it. At least, the first book is out so far. I thought it was pretty good
@murgatroid99 i liked it as well. second book came out a week or two ago, and i picked it up. It is a great sequel
I just realized that. Apparently I preordered it because I already own it, but I didn't even realize it was out
7:26 PM
@Dragonrage I have it on my to read list for the holidays
Along with the recommended first Witcher novel
@Dragonrage I didn't even know he had a new series.
7:53 PM
@Frank skyward came out in Nov 2018 lol
@Dragonrage I've only read his cosmere stuff, and a couple novellas.
@Wipqozn he also has a number of young adult series: the Alcatraz series, Reckoners and his recent addition Skyward
@Wipqozn I was gonna argue that I am not a machine but then I am a cyborg so
I want to like Sanderson so much more than I end up liking him.
@Nzall havent read the Alcatraz series, but the reckoners series is quite good
@Ash is there anything in specific that you dont like about his books?
8:12 PM
Q: is there a way to play minecraft 1.15?

The Wolfi want to Play the newest minecraft Version, but it just won't work when i press Play, it will say "preparing…" and then it just keeps going on forever i have tried watching a YT Video About how to fix it, no luck it probably may be because it just Released, so Maybe in the future there is a way

Q: Can players from other platforms see my custom skin?

LemonI was wondering if the skins that I imported with the Windows 10 and Android editions of Bedrock Minecraft can be seen by other players using console editions of the game like PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

@Dragonrage that's the thing, I can't figure it out!
I just pushed a lady's car (with the help of a kind gentleman) down a block or so to a parking lot because she stalled on a very busy road and couldn't get going. Cars are heavy! But I am very grateful I had the spoons to help.
@Ash all those gym pushes
im sorry i forgot that exact exercise name where you push all the weight across the room
Sled pushes!
yeah thats it
8:28 PM
@Ash have you ever tried attaching a harness to the car and pulling it?
@Dragonrage I have not
Mind you I haven't been working with a trainer for the past few months because money has been tight but maybe I can go back to that soon. Or convince myself to start using the gym in one of the buildings in my complex that is free to me to use. It does not have a sled but I could lift stuff
@Ash my brother used to have a harness for it, and we would do cardio by running up and down the street pulling his car
with the other person steering the car
8:43 PM
That's awesome.
@Nzall I know, I just haven't read them. THanks though.
Would "which posture to play games in" be on-topic ?
because back of my palms hurt.
and I don't have mouse.
@ankii That's...going to be iffy.
Hard to have any objective data, and not sure how that could be good subjective.
What's the back of the palm?
The back of your hand, maybe?
8:58 PM
There's this related to mouse grips.
Not sure if that's relevant to what you're looking for.
@murgatroid99 where brides put sugar to bring good luck.
@Ash I was about to use that.. but hands can get long. upto 3 feet.
@ankii what? Hands are not that long
@Frank People(over the internet ) talked about the issues typing with two thumbs bring up..
@Ash depends on whether one uses "arms" for them.. ;p
sometimes "hands" works.
Hands and arms are very different body parts
9:20 PM
@ankii I'm not seeing how that's a gaming specific problem.
Posture while gaming...might be something specific to gaming? But I'm not sure how we'd ever get a respectable answer to that.
But it could also be as generic as posture while watching TV.
Or working at the office.
@Frank posture while gaming is basically the same as posture when using a computer at work.
@Dragonrage I was thinking more along the lines of console gaming.
PC gaming, absolutely, same as office work.
Although, VR might be something...
@Frank does PC also mean laptops ? coz shooting with trackpad while on a bed is sure painful, while office work won't be.
@ankii How does precision mouse movement differ between gaming and office work?
@ankii your first problem is probably being in bed while using a pc/laptop
your second problem is using a trackpad to shoot
9:25 PM
Trackpads...maybe? I'd argue that playing games that require precision mouse controls should just use a regular mouse.
31 mins ago, by ankii
and I don't have mouse.
@Frank its the intensity and frequency.
> I'd argue that playing games that require precision mouse controls should just use a regular mouse.
@ankii rats are better anyways cc @Elva
@Yuuki capybaras are the clearly superior rodent
they even have a game named bad rats to show how bad they are. cc @Sterno
I think once your rodent starts running away from you, you've probably gone a little overboard in the engineering department.
9:28 PM
@Dragonrage thus the original question..
If there's a suggestion, there's an answer.
just because there is an answer to your question doesnt mean that the question is a good fit for arqade
Ultimately it's going to depend on a lot of factors
I don't think an answer of, "Just use a mouse" is a good answer. Neither is, "Just don't play that then"
@Unionhawk count two more to suffice..
@ankii just look up some basic ergonomics
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10:37 PM
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