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12:14 AM
Q: Eject a villager from a minecart to the left

UkoI found a really cool tutorial about how to build a villager trader hall. It had a distribution system when villagers arrive by minecart, they are ejected by an activator rail and then they are pushed down to a "cell". I didn't notice, but the design was intended for a setup where the village...

12:24 AM
@Dragonrage ....I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to here...can I get some context?
@John ESO. the 3 leveled corrupted void map is the most dense map for spawns
12:43 AM
@GnomeSlice that's interesting, I didn't know that was a thing the company was concerned with? I always thought references were just like - if this person liked me enough to have some good words to say and agreed to be a reference then they can be my reference, I didn't think a company could have a policy against it
Loblaws policy is they don't give references
It's stupid
I guess maybe it just means they don't have to give references unless the person you're asking wants to
like, they're not forcing anyone to be a reference
Somebody right now is offering to give me one and he doesnt want me to tell anyone about it
It's not allowed
12:49 AM
I got a coworker (ex-assistant supervisor-kinda) and supervisor to be my references, but not like Walmart checks those anyway
12:59 AM
Yeah that's what you have to do usually
And no I suspect not
1:35 AM
Q: So i lost the ebony blade and when i tried reloading a previous save it wasn't there

Josh WhitemanI was going into a Nordic ruin and when I got in the ruin my ebony blade wasn't there. I checked my inventory and it wasn't there either.

2:18 AM
was playing FAR: Lone Sails last night as i had my sail up. i see a crate on the ground so i put on my break but i overshoot the front hatch so i figure i'll hop out and pull the "boat" back, all the while not thinking to put the sail down
so i pull the boat back, let go and it starts moving because the break lifts up when you drag the boat. so i'm running after it as the boat is gaining distance leaving me behind. i even pick up the crate i was looking to pick up
good thing is that the game knows when the "boat" is leaving you behind and stops it for you if it gets too far away
2:36 AM
Q: Why can't i pick up the Gauldur Amulet in Geirmund's hall?

ElAtma DoeI can see the white arrow mark that there is something to pick up. But i can't see anything and can't pick up anything. I killed him on several places, first i tought it was in the water/mud and that i couldn't see it. Then i reloaded from my last saving point and killed him upstairs, so could se...

3:15 AM
@GnomeSlice A lot of corporations do that. They'll confirm that you worked there and when you worked there, and sometimes if you're eligible for rehire, but that's it
@SaintWacko I think it's because they're liable for lawsuits if they say anything that might be considered slanderous.
@MageXy Yeah
Ugh, I don't know what to play
I'm tired of Destiny 2 and Path of Exile
@SaintWacko try warframe :)
@Dragonrage Hm, I haven't played that in a while
btw for people who like music, but arent into league, they have some amazing music. see the opening show from worlds finals this year
3:34 AM
Hm, maybe I should pick up UFO:Aftermath
@SaintWacko You liking my episodes?
@Frank I haven't actually seen any of them yet, but I like the sound of the real-time strategy aspect
@SaintWacko warframe
@SaintWacko Why not watch one and see if you like it?
It's only $4 anyway
3:44 AM
@Frank I should, but the whole reason I'm not just playing Outer Worlds is because I'm looking for something to play while I watch SG-1 :P
> CS:GO’s first battle pass
5:04 AM
@Stormblessed an RPG with a Action Battle System (using Blizz-ABS)
(figured it be better to post here than This is Fine)
@GnomeSlice lol, Last Week Tonight and an entire And Now... segment on these
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8:05 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
Q: What is the quickest way to raise Affection?

RobotnikSome of my Pokemon have started having flavour text during battle such as Dozing off, and this is due to Affection gained through Pokemon Camp. However there are a lot of things that can happen within Pokemon Camp: playing with toys, chatting to one (or multiple) Pokemon, sending Pokemon to play...

Q: Resources to find out how to best experience a game

mcnoneWhen choosing a new (to me, I usually play titles that have been out for some years) game to play I always have questions like these. Are there censored / crippled versions of the game? If it's available on multiple hardware platforms what are the pros and cons of each one? Are there particular...

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10:49 AM
Q: Is it possible to breed Authentic Sinistea/Polteageist?

PhoenixSo Polteageist has two forms: Authentic (evolved with Chipped Pot) and Fake (with Cracked Pot), depending if it has some sort of mark, as seen when Dynamaxing, apparently. Now, if I have an authentic Polteageist and I breed it with a Ditto, would that make all of its children (or at least, has a...

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11:50 AM
Do any of you know of a website or app or whatever that I can import my Steam library into and it'll tell me if I earned the achievement for beating the game?
OMG... Received an email from the reception of the office building my company is situated in: "It was never the intention that the after work drink is an event where people can get drunk" "It is also anything but professional that other clients and neighbors see our clients throw chocolate at each other at the entrance"
So they instated a limit of 2 alcoholic drinks per person from now on
Seems reasonable to me :o
12:31 PM
Q: pwnhammer not dropping from the wall of flesh

RiotRuthThe pwnhammer isnt dropping from the wall of flesh in terraria mobile. im playing the 1.3 version, not the 1.2, so please don't put this as duplicate from those other ones from years ago. ive fought him 3 times, and i never got the pwnhammer. i looked everywhere even in the lava and never got on...

12:56 PM
@Nzall lol
1:13 PM
Q: Formatting broken when bounty is suggested

yoozer8Looking through my list of questions, I noticed that the banner suggesting accepting an answer/offering a bounty breaks the formatting of the list, pushing the question item far to the right. Should this reminder be above the question, rather than to the left of it? Here is a screenshot of what ...

1:39 PM
cough suppressant in this dayquil severe please start to take effect
1:52 PM
Q: Where can I find a West Sea form of Gastrodon?

WondercricketI'm playing through Pokémon Sword and trying to fill up the pokédex. For completionist sake, I want to catch both forms of Gastrodon - The East Sea (blue/green) and The West Sea (pink/brown). So far, I have encountered three locations where I can catch Shellos/Gastrodon, but I have only ever en...

2:26 PM
Apparently, my Chrome Default profile contained almost 60 GB of .tmp files
Q: What is an effective way to get all gold crowns?

ZouvaI'm trying to get every achievement before the release of Iceborne on PC. And, I'm sure you guessed it, the only ones left on my list are "Miniature Crown Master" and "Giant Crown Master". I've gotten a fair chunk of gold crowns so far (both small and big) and doing the event quests (Coral Waltz...

2:45 PM
@GnomeSlice That car looks like almost exactly like something a kindergartner would draw except that it has wheel wells.
@Yuuki lol full send
Q: What is the best army for town hall 5 in clash of clans

shaneb720what army should i train for town hall five

It's the new Tesla truck
Whose shatterproof windows apparently shattered live on stage at the unveiling
@GnomeSlice Price Is Right losing horn
3:43 PM
To be fair I think that metal ball would have gone right through a normal car window
And they did take a sledgehammer to the body with no effect, impressively
It's just funny "Now we're going to throw a ball to show how our window won't break" window immediately breaks "Maybe that was a bit too hard" other window immediately breaks
It's also like, this is not generally a thing that one needs imo
Like maybe that's easy for me to say from my "my auto policy has free no deductible auto glass replacement" high horse but
actually we changed carriers recently so maybe we don't anymore lol
It's super nice though, you just call the insurance agent and safelite and they just take care of it while you're at the office or whatever
bam magic your car is fixed
@GnomeSlice They tested the windows away from the truck right before that in the presentation and their window didn't break.
seems like it being held in place by the door caused the stress to not dissipate properly and thus break
plus how will you escape in a "your car is sinking" scenario if your windows are something other than regular tempered glass
that classic thing that happens all the time
@Unionhawk I don't think I could break a tempered glass window in a car full of water anyway
3:57 PM
There are special tools that are designed to do it but yes most people don't have that lol
like you can buy a combo seat belt cutter and pointed hammer which is pretty much a single use tool for only this scenario
I thought you were supposed to wait for it to fill and then open the door
i mean that sounds pretty scary regardless
@Batophobia ahhhh the old "Test the part but not the system" issue
@GnomeSlice This can work too, but kinda depends on your scenario. If you are sinking too far or it's moving water, waiting could be a bigger issue
@Unionhawk Pretty important single-use tool though.
Which reminds me, I should get one.
4:03 PM
I assume the scenario they're trying to account for is people breaking into teslas but like, I have a feeling people are going to figure that out
There have been more people randomly keying Teslas than breaking into them from what I've seen.
introducing the new 2020 tesla model s featuring laser perimeter system to stop anyone from getting within 15 feet of your car
Instead of shatterproof windows, they should add a device that changes the logo on the car.
Since people are keying Teslas just because they're Teslas.
4:05 PM
And probably also just the general "because they're expensive" but idk maybe not
I'm not particularly interested in investigating this theory so I'm not going to look up vandalism stats by make of car
Broke: preorder a Tesla
Woke: Buy bitcoin now, buy three Tesla's at release time
bespoke: buy a normal car what are you doing
Q: In Werewolv.es what offensive items does a protector protect against

RappaportXXXIn werewolv.es the protector role is able to protect someone from being killed during the night, with the exception of attacks from specific roles. There are also offensive items that can be used to kill/attack such as crossbow, war spear, poison darts etc. What such items is the protector abl...

@Unionhawk bespoke: get a schooner wagon
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
4:35 PM
Q: what is the best heavy tactic army for at town hall five

shaneb720What is the best atctic for heavy army town hall 5

4:50 PM
Oh Miss Grotke, you're awesome
> And so the noble native americans shared their bountiful foodstuffs with the undeserving European savages, and that's why we call this holiday thanksgiving
Oh recess, you rock my socks.
I wonder how many children Miss Grotke inspired to be politically left.
5:16 PM
Which version of pokemon should I get and why
Accepting all answers
@Unionhawk Pinball Yellow.
I hear the Mystery Dungeons aren't bad either.
Accepting only answers related to sword and shield
@Unionhawk X/Y.
It's the generation that introduced Aegislash, a sword and shield.
5:18 PM
I did like pokemon x
Pokemon Snap
@Batophobia no sword but mew does have that bubble shield
And it has the canonical evolution of slowbro
none of this "hit a certain level" crap
@Unionhawk Sushi
@Wipqozn Unfortunately, all we support is curry right now.
5:25 PM
@Yuuki Lame
Went with sword
@Unionhawk I can't even believe you're buying it. Don't you know there's only 400 Pokemon?
Games unplayable.
I find more Pokemon than that going through my closet.
5:40 PM
@Wipqozn TIL: @Wipqozn has an entire closet full of Pokemon stuffies.
Thereby being a closet Pokemon fan.
@Wipqozn Atleast they have the sword pokemon in Sword. Would sure be awkward if it had been one of the cut ones
I feel like I'm just going to wait for the mid-generation upgrade versions.
5:56 PM
Q: Get coordinates at specific point in time -- java edition

Voldemort's WrathI built an amazing underground house but accidentally fell out of the world. How do I get my coordinates at a specific moment in time so I can get back to my house without scouring the entire world?

6:17 PM
Q: How to use the lasso in Space Pirate Trainer?

ripper234I'm playing on the Oculus Quest. When I reach back with my right hand I get a lasso alt weapon. I can use it to move enemies, but not hurt them - so what's the point of the lasso and how to best utilize it?

@fredley That's really really interesting
7:18 PM
Q: test for something in chat minecraft command blocks

GrandWarlock7I was wondering if there was a way to check if something is said in chat with command blocks. Checking if it was said with /say or /me would be great as well. PC and PE would be great. Thanks!

I really shouldn't eat sushi for lunch.
At least, not alone.
This place isn't worth the money, imo.
@MageXy Oh, how's Control? I noticed you were playing it.
7:38 PM
@Yuuki I like it. It's kinda weird and mind-bendy, which is cool.
Have you ever read the SCP Foundation stuff? It's kinda like that but in game form.
SCP Foundation was cool but then it got kinda weird and cringey.
People got too hung up on making world-breaking cataclysmic stuff.
That happens anytime a niche site gets more broadly popular. I just read the top articles, those are the coolest anyways.
What's wrong with a nice hallway closet that changes the room around the opener whenever the door is opened?
Control has good plot, awesome powers, and the combat feels quite satisfying. Really the only complaints I have about it is that some enemy attacks feel a little cheap because they just one-shot you from full health, and those attacks are sometimes hard to keep track of during hectic fight sequences. But otherwise I'd give it a solid 7.5/10
The last part is making me think of Fallen Order.
Some attacks seem unparryable, although I think there's a difficulty setting I can mess with to double-check.
And fighting a group of mobs can get really annoying.
@Ash So I checked out Goldenhand and Nick is so incredibly endearing with his forgetfulness on the fact that magic exists.
> As Lirael put away her sword in climbed in front [of the paperwing], Nick eyed the sandy ground ahead. There was only about twenty yards of island in front of them, and no aircraft he knew could possibly take off with a runway so short.
> "How do we take off?" he asked, quite anxiously. "We'll end up in the river, won't we?"
> "I *do* know how to fly," said Lirael. "So does the paperwing, as I've said. All I have to do is whistle down the wind to lift us up."
You can just imagine the "what" look on his face.
7:52 PM
I haven't read it but I'm kind of amazed anyone can be an engineer in the Old Kingdom without spending 1000% of their time trying to crowbar the Charter open and figure out how it works
@ToxicFrog To be fair, all the engineers are in Ancelstierre.
Ooh is this the same Nick from Abhorsen?
I should read the sequels one of these days.
Sequel, singular. I think there's two books released after Abhorsen and Clariel is a prequel not sequel.
And I'm in fact skipping Clariel.
7:55 PM
Aah right.
(also I gotta say what I really want out of more Old Kingdom books is MORE NECROMANCY)
From what I've heard, it's a "way back in the past" prequel (on the order of hundreds of years) and isn't quite as important to the plot of Goldenhand.
@ToxicFrog I loved the necromantic bells.
I love everything about necromancy but especially the bells.
The Precincts of Death were pretty cool, I liked the imagery of the Ninth Precinct being so calm with the Gate being the sky overhead, full of stars.
The Disreputable Dog was also pretty great. "You lied!" "I am the Disreputable Dog."
ah ha ha ha, this chapter is titled "Nick Learns About Real Librarians"
I can just feel the italics on "Real".
8:08 PM
Oh gosh.
This makes me want to read it
if anyone is interested, warframe dev stream going on atm
they are attempting to launch an update today, and are monitoring the progress during the stream
8:31 PM
@fredley Not even Friday. You've lost your touch.
@Wipqozn points at star list
One Friday troll per Friday is probably enough
No promises though
dont worry, ill troll @fredley on monday with a friday link
@fredley You've changed, porkchop, and not for the better. You've gotten all "mature".
@Dragonrage No silly, you troll @fredley with Archer.
@Wipqozn whats the point of being a mod if you dont troll people?

The perfect Friday troll

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8:34 PM
Oh right. I forgot about that. Nicely done.
Karma for making my Chrome extension change all links to Friday that one time
Doing that with Archer would be better though, since then maybe all his coworkers would think @fredley loved it and would start talking to him about it.
tbf it was April 1st and Friday, so how could I not
@fredley Matt Lucas is weird
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10:01 PM
Q: How to move a Steam pop-up notification to another edge of the screen?

Le TuxI want to move the Steam pop-up notification (when someone connected or someone start a game or when someone chats with me). So I want to move it to any another edge of the screen. I found this tip: http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.com/snor/weeds/Swamp_Buzzards_Clan/Steam_Client/Steam_Notif...

Did someone here work for booking.com or am I misremembering?
10:21 PM
Q: Item by name (Execute 1.13)

AidenI'm trying to run a command when a specific item with a specific name is picked up, but it's not working. Any Ideas?

Thomas The Tank Engine OC
@Ave I think @badp
yes it me
@ToxicFrog @Ash I just realized that messenger hawks are magic Twitter except nothing tells you whether you've hit the character limit or not.
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Wait wait wait
10:32 PM
@GnomeSlice Brocomotives... is this like the new Brony or something? People unironically watching a kid's show and being offended if you laugh at them
I hope that's real lol that's some funny shit
@GnomeSlice well, apparently UD only has one entry for brocomotive, and it's (of course) a sexual term used as a secondary word for a train, as in a line of men lining up to have sex with a woman
@Yuuki snorts so true
Oh, and apparently it's also a Canadian band
@Yuuki, @MageXy TSM Dardoch

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