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12:41 AM
I wonder how many times @Yuuki has watched Frozen 2 by now.
1:39 AM
checking my email and i saw one asking to verify my email from WeMod
> WeMod is the world's best application for modding hundreds of PC games. Find cheats, trainers, mods and more, all in one app. Join over 5 million members.
never heard of it before now and didn't even use any variation of my name. off to spam it sent
also i thought Nexus Mods was the best for modding PC Games
2 hours later…
3:49 AM
So apparently there exists a reference Mario in precisely the same sense that there exists a reference Kilogram: twitter.com/JennyENicholson/status/1198000240319590400?s=19
4:04 AM
@Unionhawk I love that this is a thing
4:36 AM
Q: How to use clash Royale emotes elsewhere?

d4rk4ng31I have always wondered if there is a way to access the purchased (at least) downloaded emotes in clash Royale from outside the game and use them as stickers. I know, they won't do their thing like crying or laughing, but even the static emotes would look cool. Even an API way will do. Can anyone ...

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8:04 AM
@GnomeSlice That's pretty funny.
But if I don't say this it's going to bother me: the majority of that content on that site is American right-wing talking points under the thin veneer of satire.
4 hours later…
12:12 PM
@murgatroid99 So, like, the onion but in reverse
You're right though, I guess? I think they're just... christians
It's comedy, I don't really care about their politics
I guess just don't listen to their podcast if you think you will disagree (I didn't know they had a podcast til now)
Eh, yeah you're right there's a bunch of political ones. Meh
I'm sure you will remain uncorrupted
12:40 PM
Q: Which games on stadia can be played in local multiplayer ? With up to how many players?

Cyril Duchon-DorisEverything is in the question. I'm finding very little information on the internet regarding Stadia games & local multiplayer apart from the future "Couch streaming Tech" of Stadia. Basically I've been flaunting my Stadia Founder's pack to some friends, and I have invited them over to play local...

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2:03 PM
Q: How were the shadows in Conker's Bad Fur Day achieved?

Herra JokuI'd just want to know how the shadows in Conker's Bad Fur Day were achieved. They look really impressive for N64. My initial guess would be that they use some sort of rasterization, but I could be completely wrong.

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4:29 PM
Q: I need a lite engine

Marcelo PottyAround a year ago my computer's graphics card was ruined, and all the engines i've tried doesn't work without a graphics card, and in my country they are way too expensive. So, is there any engine/game engine that's lite enough to run in a computer with no graphics card? My computers specs are:...

Okay, Fuck CoD WW2 way up there with their shitty tank controls
Uninstalling that trash, the singleplayer tank controls are literally unplayable with keyboard and mouse
could you actually imagine? A tank turret that you control like it was your head, so if you move the mouse the turret doesn't keep moving?
5:31 PM
Q: This is partially about gaming

How do i....So I had Minecraft on my Galaxy J3 Prime, and then it got waterlogged because i dropped it somewhere earlier sometime between september and october and it was out in the rain all weekend before i found it on monday and it was waterlogged, so anyways, I have a new phone, galaxy A20 yada yada yada,...

Wrong server! Wrong server! :P
@GnomeSlice oof, those are g8s
though somehow more than half the system still seems to be up
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6:55 PM
Q: Minecraft Already Running Error

Corrupt_BatSo whenever I try to play Minecraft, it pops up with a thing saying "Game Already Running" I've tried restarting my computer, and looking online for fixes. Please reply with a fix. Help.

Q: Problem About Place And Destroy Block Commands In Minecraft

JustAPersonOnTheInternetSo I really, RRRRRRRRRRREEAAALLY wanted to mess with some basic commands as a youngie, and one that I have heard quite frequently was a command to give someone an item than can break and place entities, blocks or items. I have looked at some ways to write it and i use this for example for giving ...

7:36 PM
Q: Why does the Ash Twin Project require rotation for artificial gravity?

SanchisesIn Outer Wilds, the player can enter the Ash Twin Project and finds themselves in a rotating ring. There is a switch on the ring that is marked "Artificial gravity" that stops the disk rotating. As far as I know, the artificial gravity is indeed the only reason the ring rotates. However, everyw...

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8:39 PM
Q: How to run a macro when pet battling in World of Warcraft?

RedDragon23I found a macro to make it easier to cancel pet battles in World of Warcraft. I put it on action bar. However, when I start a pet battle, my action bar is gone. How can I execute a macro when doing a pet battle?

Q: Does Reaper Shredder works with Temnotic Rifle?

vianna77My Reaper has a Temnotic Rifle, but he is also able to use a Shredder ability. The ability reads like this: So, do they really mean Vektor? Or would it work with any Reaper rifle?

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9:39 PM
10:19 PM
11:04 PM
Q: Game cutscene Death Stranding

Guilherme WoolleyI want some explanations about the game. Just on the start of the game when Sam dies why there’s this baby with an umbilical cord on the beach,what is that vision of a man on a hospital looking at who?Can I have some explanations about the baby thing .why there’s a baby his troat and a scar on ...


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