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12:15 AM
I just got four "final notice" letters from my mortgage company.
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All about signing up for mortgage protection insurance.
Nah, if I die, I'm not saddling anyone with a loan.
12:44 AM
Q: Why do I have an invisible dog?

Shaodwdragon528So never talked to a dog when I was playing Skyrim, and I've only recruited Serana (Sorry I spelled it wrong)

1:25 AM
1:45 AM
Q: Are there replays in CoD Mobile in multiplayer battles?

Manas VajawatAre there replays in CoD Mobile? I wanted to ask that I've done the highest kills in cod mobile (49kills) in multiplayer frontline! I just don't have the video or recording of the match but I do have screenshots.. can I do something with that record ?

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2:46 AM
Q: Soldiers: Heroes of World War II: what do soldiers say when you give order to them?

konstunnUnfortunately, I don't have enough English listening skill to parse all that they say. But I managed to parse a few speeches: Let's show who's boss around here! Charge! Piece a cake! It seems that Germans are having a lucky day. Or where or how can I find out the full detailed list of their s...

I am here for this omg
4:09 AM
Q: Is there a dashboard indicator for the current VTOL mode?

LemonI have been using the first person mode lately to fly aircraft, and most of them have an indicator to find out if you have the landing gear deployed or retracted. For aircraft with VTOL, I have not seen an indicator for the current fly mode. Is there a dashboard indicator for seeing the current ...

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5:32 AM
Q: Let's clean up the Streetpass Mii Plaza minigame tags

Robotnik6 years ago (wow!) I asked whether we should synonymise the Streetpass Mii Plaza names. The reason? The games were localised differently in the US, with each minigame gaining a completely different name from their worldwide counterparts. We attempted to synonymise them, but the discussion petere...

6:32 AM
Q: Is there a OR operator in executing commands? (Java 1.14)

JoeI have been running into roadblocks at the moment with the use of executing if and unless statements, not only that but also in using tags. for example here I have a command block running through a few tags and I need it to cover 2 tags "crafting_block2" and "crafting_block1" except it treats it...

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7:33 AM
Q: Can I trade with any non-hostile base on the planet?

NakilonI've read the wiki, dozens of Steam forum and Reddit threads but nothing answers questions about trading I have: Do I have to wait for a trading request or can I force other bases to trade with me by just visiting them with a caravan? If so, can I launch caravan in the pod on them directly or...

8:14 AM
Q: What enemy skills can affect my movement speed if I have "Unstoppable"?

FedericoI have noticed that despite having Unstoppable, my movement speed sometimes is slowed. I definitely noted it when I was subject to the skill represented by vines tying me to the ground (I don't remember the name). The wiki does not mention anything about this. Is there a list of skills/debuffs...

8:26 AM
Good morning, chat
9:05 AM
evening @Wrigglenite
9:51 AM
Good morning
Weird, usually @Elva is in the chat by now
Q: What are the weapons and signs in the kill feed in PUBG?

DrFishIn a PUBG, the are notifications in the upper right corner that show various things: player kill and with what weapon "PlayerA [weapon_symbol] PlayerB" death from an environmental effect (fall, vehicle death from the blue zone. death from the red zone I am particularly interested in the wea...

@Nzall meeeeeeeeeeeetiiiiiiiiiiiiiings
@Elva ah, I see
I'm fortunate that I work for a company that only has 1 weekly meeting of an hour every monday
and like 2/3 of that hour is lunch
1 hour later…
11:31 AM
Always a good day when you can easily find 5 sexist tweets on a toxic twitter account that you can report
@Nzall not doing Agile?
@Memor-X Yeah, we are. We do scrum every day and planning every 4 weeks
that's just a weekly meeting with the boss and the one person that's not in the Scrum team for a weekly status report. It's basically: have lunch for 25 minutes, discuss weekend events and current news for 15 minutes, then give a status update on what we're doing for 20 minutes and where we found complications. Then we have a 30 minute or so Scrum standup every morning at 10:30
@Nzall yeh i count stand up as a meeting
@Memor-X Okay, then we have meetings every day
but they don't really feel as meetings in the classic sense of "you sit at a table in a closed room with 10 other people for 3 hours discussing what color to paint the inside of the keyhole on the bike shed"
@Nzall well for me it's 30 minutes i'm away from my PC doing work and alot of our stand up is just a couple of people talking about this frame work that we have to keep using Rabbit Holes for
12:19 PM
Q: Games that will run on a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro running Catalina

John HarveyWhat games can I run on my hardware. I installed Steam but everything I tried to run I got a 64 bit error. I though 32 bit games would run on 64 bit?

12:39 PM
Q: How to unlock all tracks in Moto Racer?

VillageI have the original Moto Racer game for Windows. I played through an entire Championship in the game, thinking that would unlock all of the tracks, and earned 1st place on each track presented in the Championship. I still cannot see the Red City and Great Wall tracks. I'm aware there are some ch...

12:55 PM
@Frank tbh I forgot you told me this already for a minute, because I thought "Didn't he just have a baby?!?"
@Frank Congratulations! I'm sure they'll love all those gorgeous toy robots you build for them already!
@Yuuki When I was a real mod I had a stylesheet rule against his specific user id, that way I'd always know.
2:09 PM
@Memor-X I love that
2:26 PM
My blood work came back good except for "abnormal liver testing"
That sounds bad
@GnomeSlice Talk to your doctor
I have to wait til January 14
Earliest appointment
@GnomeSlice Can't you call to discuss the results?
I don't think many doctors in Canada discuss medical things over the phone.
I assume if it were more serious I'd be in sooner?
2:30 PM
That's what I'd think.
I mean I did used to drink a lot but hardly alcoholic levels
@Frank In Belgium doctors can discuss blood work over the phone with the patient or their family
My doctor says they only call if there's something wrong and they have to see me again.
(I haven't been called yet)
The doctor I saw who gave me the forms for the testing I did (I've been feeling sick a lot lately stomach wise) said he would call me either way so I can start on this fibre supplement thing
I just dropped the bloodwork off yesterday that was pretty quick
freaking out a bit
food has been kind of going through me for quite a while now and a liver problem wouild explain that
I hope I didnt fuck it up forever by waiting on this for so long
good grief
2:53 PM
@GnomeSlice I feel like that sort of lashup is common in places like India.
But that's all just hearsay.
Q: If I have fewer than 6 Pokemon in my party, does each gain more EXP?

Atav32I have a few weak Pokemon that I'm trying to level quickly. I'm wondering if it helps to keep less than 6 Pokemon in my party. Does that divide the total EXP gained by fewer Pokemon? Or does each Pokemon gain a set amount and it's better just to have a full party?

3:10 PM
@Frank My buddy went to thailand to teach for 6 months and he saw all kinds of shit like this in poorer areas
@GnomeSlice I'd say the worst that could happen would be it falls onto the other building, unless the lashing gives.
But if that happened, it would have already from his weight, and all the weight of the ladders, too.
ugh at some of these twisted league clue steps
there's a medium that requires full adamant armor which is hard to get, and an elite that requires a blue mystic bottom which requires 95 slayer
3:38 PM
If Seattle actually goes with "Rain City B--ch Pigeons" as their team name, I would actually watch NHL.
3:59 PM
@GnomeSlice lol
@Yuuki Was this another contest like the Mountain Dew Gushing Granny or the Boaty McBoatFace thingy?
@Nzall Not an official one.
Seattle's getting an NHL team, I think, and the hockey subreddit had a post for suggested team names.
Q: how do you backup skyrim games?

MikeHow do I backup an ENTIRE Skyrim installed game, including everything not located in the Skyrim and Skyrim Mods folders?

Q: command for canPlaceOn but for every block in 1.14.4?

Danteexactly what the title says, what is the comand to give item that can be placed on every block in adventure mode 1.14.4, ive seen lits before but they all seem to be outdated

That's not even my favorite name on the list either.
Among my favorites is "The Seattle Pete Carroll Should Have Given The Ball To Marshawn Lynch On The One Yard Line During The Super Bowls".
@Yuuki The Seattle PCSHGTBTMLOTOYLDTSBs does have a nice ring to it.
4:12 PM
There's a set that have to be viewed together for the full comedic punch.
> The Seattle Washingtons
> The Seattle Washington Capitals
> The Seattle Washington CAPITALS
@Yuuki "Screw it, The Seattle PCSHGTBTMLOTOYLDTSBs"
"You pronounce it like you're making fart sounds."
4:24 PM
Q: Converting my minecraft windows 10 edition to minecraft java edition

LogicDauntlessSo, I bought the windows 10 version of minecraft thinking it was the java version, the mod-able. version a while back, don't remember when. I want to know if I am able to somehow swap the windows 10 version for the java version. I've looked online for answers, but frustratingly, all the answers ...

4:35 PM
@Ash Convince me, in a futile manner, to not buy Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom collection on eBooks because I just found out there's a new one in the series that's been out for three years and I never knew about it.
And now I'm really tempted to re-read the whole series.
@Yuuki Seattle is at the top of the NHL expansion team list, but I don't think a deal has been finalized for that yet.
Oh, wikipedia says otherwise, they'll start playing in 2 years.
@Yuuki Spend that money on sushi instead
4:54 PM
Holy hell, I'm checking my spam mail to see if anything legit ended up there. I'm apparently getting dating site spam using the name of a child victim from the most famous child abuser Belgium had in recent years
5:10 PM
For those who have seen Inside Out: reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/dzem75/… is a Reddit post that explains what an autistic person would have as a control room, and it's surprisingly accurate for me (definitely read the followups)
@TimStone Some DJ humor lol
This looks weird. I'm sure Dunk's making it look worse than it is
I have officially accepted a job offer at Walmart :o
Q: Give an item to a player based on their scoreboard points

Piano VIISo, I'm busy trying to make a series of commands that will allow me and my friends to have a custom survival experience. I need to have a command block that will add wings to a player's inventory if their score on a certain objective is 1, otherwise it won't add it. The command so far is as follo...

Q: How to set a gamemode radius with command blocks?

SolarSagaI've been trying to figure out how to change a player's gamemode from adventure to survival when walking out a certain radius. The map size I'm using is 2956x2956 & I wanna be sure to cover all of it. I tried using /gamemode creative @a [r=10] with a repeat block just to test out what'll happen. ...

5:26 PM
@GnomeSlice I've seen multiple reviews that say it's just a really in-depth walking simulator
And not like walking simulator as in "have a lovely walk in the woods", from what I understand "simulator" is actually an operative word here
yeah, it's a very realistic delivery boy / walking simulator
it's the dark souls of walking
so, walmart had preferred name in the personal info thing, so that was great, but it also had a Gender field with only male/female as options and after sitting on it for 15 minutes, I put male šŸ˜
I'm loving death stranding so far. Only on chapter 3.
@Elise grats
@Wipqozn thanks!
now I need to figure out how to write a 2 weeks notice
5:45 PM
@Elise Dear new manager: You suck
@Wipqozn sounds about right
@GnomeSlice Dunkey definitely exaggerates some of these things for humor's sake, but if he gave the game a 1/5 he truly didn't like it.
Girlfriend Reviews, which is another really funny review channel, gave the game a glowing review but had very similar critiques as Dunkey.
@MageXy not necessarily. His ratings aren't always truly reflective on what he thought of the game
but he probably didn't like it
@Elise He's usually pretty honest with the final verdicts on his dunkviews. It's his "regular" videos where he trolls and gives joke reviews
@MageXy ah Idk, it's been a while since I watched his videos
they stopped popping up in my feed
5:49 PM
I think the only dunkview he trolled with is with Knack 2, but that's a running joke on his channel
I seem to have completely forgotten my soda. But that's probably a good thing.
@Elise Yay! Congrats :)
@Elise Hello manager, I am leaving you for nicer people. Love, Elise.
what's the joke here
am I going to click on this link and it's going to be a video review of a cordless drill or something
No, you're going to get rickrolled
6:03 PM
oh it is the same link
Holy crap it autoplayed straight to this.
@fredley I feel like this is slightly higher-pitched than the original.
@Yuuki You're slightly higher-pitched than the original
why is battle realms an early access game?
didn't this game come out like 10+ years ago?
A: How can you weaponize a thermos

WillkFill it with ice cream. That will make it heavier. Also when you are done fighting you can eat the ice cream, and you will probably feel like ice cream about then.

6:26 PM
@Yuuki I'd convince you, but it mostly reminds me I've not read Clariel or Goldenhand, so it's kinda making me think I should do a reread.
Q: Who owns the Finch House?

Allen GouldPlayed through the game last night, and one detail we stumbled on is: given the number of years between .. does the Finch line actually own the house anymore? While Dawn gives Edith a key, it's notably not the key to the front door or the gate blocking access. And it's implied strongly that D...

@Ash Now that I think about it, I can't remember Clariel very well.
Lirael was probably the first fantasy novel I read with a female protagonist.
And it didn't have weird descriptions about body parts and periods, so I guess I lucked out there as well.
It's not Half-Life 3, but it's something
6:31 PM
@Batophobia Maybe I've been watching too much West Wing lately, but the G-Man looks like Vice President Hoynes.
6:53 PM
@Yuuki Holy cow that's an old memory. Garth Nix was my favorite author when I was growing up. I don't think I ever read Clariel though, I'll have to look that up
CMV: Mogget is the best sidekick of all time
@Yuuki This looks like if Steve Carell and Ronald Reagan merged
@fredley I think the Youtube comments for once say it best: if the original is the internet's upbeat intro theme song, this is the depressing credits theme that ends the series finale
Hmm, Oxygen Not included is for sale
@Yuuki I know I read Sabriel/Lirael/Abhorsen because they're on my bookshelf at home. I kept intending to read Clariel but I don't know what happened there, and I wasn't even aware of Goldenhand as a thing until today when I had to look up just which series of his you meant.
Lirael was probably my favourite of the bunch, especially the library bits.
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Thanks @Ash
7:09 PM
No problem :)
@Ash Clariel is a prequel of sorts, it takes place so long ago that it might as well be unrelated except for the setting. And I just found out about Goldenhand, which prompted this topic.
Oh hey, Houston Public Library has Lirael on eBook.
@MageXy 1/10 actually i think he said
7:24 PM
@Yuuki Okay now that I have actually looked up what Goldenhand is....now I think I need to read it.
I might skip Clariel.
@Elise It doesn't really need anything in it. Just address it to your manager or store manager and say I am submitting this notice to you on (date) that I am leaving this role. Thank you for the opportunity to work here and good luck.
Just don't flame them in it to leave on good standing, although loblaws refuses to provide references anyway unless you can get somebody you know pretty personally to do it for you off the books
@fredley He has an amazing voice
Rick Astley for James Bond
@GnomeSlice Nah, he wouldn't fit as James Bond because he would never give you up, never let you down, never run around and hurt you.
@GnomeSlice 1/5, bad game. Worst of all Strand type games xD
@MageXy hue, my mistake
Good old dunkston
2 hours later…
9:04 PM
@Batophobia Now I have to figure out how Iā€™d rearrange my PC to fit a VR setup
9:31 PM
@Stevoisiak Ah, it's not so bad. The PC doesn't factor into it much
At least not for a Vive
@Stevoisiak yea I might have to finally pick a VR headset to go with
was kinda hoping one would be clearly superior
@Batophobia Does the Oculus rift still have their dumb exclusives that you can't use on a different headset because of DRM?
@Nzall unsure, haven't really researched any yet
anyone here have a VR setup?
I've been staying away until there's an SAO-esque game to play.
9:54 PM
That would be amazing
the existing SAO games on Steam have been fairly disappointing
2 hours later…
11:53 PM
Q: Which perks stack and of those which stack, how do they do so?

Ryan_LI'm curious what perks stack and how. I know from personal experience in my current run that perk lottery stacks multiplicatively. With two copies, I clearly get more perks than just with one, but I don't get 100% of them like I would if it was additive. I also know that Extra Perk provides a ...

Q: What is the quickest way to get void salts in skyrim elder scrolls?

Josh WhitemanThe other day I got the nightingale armour and I have a pretty high smithing skill but I need void salts to do it. Any suggestions?


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