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Q: Where are the NPC traders in Pokemon Sword/Shield and what do they offer?

RobotnikIn each Pokemon game I usually make a point of trading with each NPC that offers one. Where are the traders in Sword/Shield? Which Pokemon do they offer and what do they want in return?

12:22 AM
replace Artifact - The DOTA Card Game with Half-Life: Alyx - The Half-Life VR Game
and just another indicator that Valve can not even utter the number 3
I'm a lot more interested the first Half-Life game in 12 years than I was for a Dota card game.
I'm definitely interested. Of course, I'm one of the people who actually has a VR setup
just talking with a colleague about it. 2 suggestions what it could be assuming bad faith
1) remake of Half-Life 2 Episode 1 from the point of view of Alex
2) actually a continuation of Half-Life 2 Episode 2.....by a couple of moments as you spend 30 minutes in VR as Alyx holding Eli's body in-front of Gordon
I don't see why it would even make sense to assume bad faith here
either way neither me or my colleague are holding our breaths that this is going to add anything to a possible continuation from Half-Life 2 Episode 2
12:30 AM
Valve News Network reported in October that HL:VR would be a prequel
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica So... Half Life 3?
I mean, it doesn't have to be Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Part 2 or whatever to be interesting
@murgatroid99 personally have not seen a VR game that isn't just a gimmick and more so when you attach it to a series
Wait, my changed username is showing up here? I only changed it on Stack Overflow
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica parent user for chat
12:33 AM
@Memor-X Thanks. Just updated it
yeh, i just saw the chat boxes snap back into place
with the pronoun userscript user names are always in full for me
I'd assumed the chat names were based on the parent site
@Memor-X OK, to be fair the only VR game I really play is Beat Saber, but that game is definitely not a gimmick
Rhythm games in general seem to be good candidates for being real full games on VR
Jet Island is the only other VR game besides Beat Sabre and Audioshield that I thought had any staying power.
I loved it actually but there aren't many good games
I wish the whole thing would just go away
1:37 AM
@murgatroid99 Man, that game is amazing
@Memor-X No Man's Sky isn't perfect, but it's definitely more than a gimmick
I actually use Beat Saber to warm up/cool down around workouts
@SaintWacko did not know it even had VR
@Memor-X Yeah, the Beyond updated added VR support. It's pretty fun
2:05 AM
Q: i gave my drill to my to my friend to borrow and now he wont give it back

ostynmy friend stole my drill in terraria so now what do I do I really do need a drill or a pickaxestrong text

Q: Why are my Pokémon dozing off?

NolonarWhen I do battle, sometimes I’ll get a message that says: [Pokémon] is dozing off. It’s feeling sleepy. Or something similar. This has happened to three of my Pokémon so far. I haven’t noticed any effect of it yet (positive or negative), but I’m still curious why it’s happening. The opposi...

@Lazers2.0 Yawn?
2:46 AM
Q: i had a awsome charater in terraia

ostynI had a great character in terraria and something happened it was gone what do I do? it was my best character it was the only thing I could wish for I had my bulky star fury it was forged within heaven

3:06 AM
Q: Pokemon Black 2 no Dig or Rock Tomb on Route 4 and Relic castle

Cameron KymeI've been looking through relic castle and route 4 in Pokemon Black 2 and yet I couldn't find Rock Tomb and Dig anywhere in one of those poke balls lying on the ground? Is this a fault or do I have to look in

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@Lazers2.0 "In Terraria" >>> Tags Minecraft
even at 5x exp agility is currently 17k exp/hr
with uh checks notes a lot more to go until it gets faster awesome
I should PR my runelite idea of adding an "hours left" calc to the exp orbs which currently do calculate xp left and xp/hr
about 20 minutes of fishing until 50 then... a lot more god dammit
God why is the train system in the US such hot garbage
Who likes the game better: Minecraft or Roblox?
From San Francisco to San Diego - train: 13-18 hours; plane: 1.5 hours
4:30 AM
Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker that has its main headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford also owns Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller, an 8% stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom and a 32% stake in Jiangling Motors. It also has joint-ventures in China (Changan Ford), Taiwan (Ford Lio Ho), Thailand (AutoAlliance Thailand), Turkey (Ford Otosan), and Russia (Ford...
@Elfvia Minecraft because it can be played offline
@Memor-X agreed
The reason why I like Minecraft is because the skins look way better then the Roblox ones, and much more
In 1.5 hours I can barely get from SF to San Jose by train
ummm, yeh that's not a Pokemon
oh wait i stole this from the Arqade Discord
4:37 AM
That looks so funny lol
thought i was in the memes section for Yuri-ism
Is Fortnite a branch of Roblox?? An adult version of Roblox...?
@Elfvia no it's what happens when you "invent" a genre of games on the Unreal Engine and become popular for it
Just a reminder for anyone buying one of El Chapo's properties, there's always Money in the Banana Stand
4:54 AM
@Memor-X oh :D
5:21 AM
@Unionhawk Yeaaaaah. This makes me so mad.
@Memor-X So did I!
5:35 AM
I want to identify a NES game, the only thing I remember is in a street a lot of oil drums scroll from right to left. The game is not mighty final fight. Some charater may be green color monster. Thanks!
The perspective is light mighty final fight
like mighty final fight
5:51 AM
Q: Minecraft stairs wont dissapear in our bedrock edition realm?

TeaganThese stairs I used in a mincraft zero tick sugar cane farm all of a sudden stopped woring???? I'ts hard to explain, but i cant get rid of them or place blocks where they are, however i can swim right through them and from certain angles they dissapear/glitch? I'll attach some images but does any...

hello, sorry for the short notice but I just found this:
This is a preliminary comment period, but I defer to the healthcare lawyer's expertise that now is the time to start trying to stop this
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8:14 AM
Q: How can I check the IVs of my Pokemon?

Mathias711IVs are a very importing thing in competitive Pokemon. Is there a way to check them easily?

8:27 AM
@PrivatePansy same distance, roughly:
flight 1h 25'
trains are much slower than airplanes where high speed rail infrastructure doesn't exist
and even then...
the maths only adds up if you count that you've got to be in the airport 2 hours before the flight, and the airport you would've landed to is fuck off far away from your destination
whereas this goes from city center to city center
1h 30' + 2h + 1h = 4h 30' :(
that said I've never taken a high speed train service.
fastest I've been on a train is 180 km/h maybe
150 km/h for sure
9:15 AM
Q: I can't open the Minecraft Launcher. I use a MC Leaks account and I wondered if this was the problem. How do I fix this?

SupersizerBackground: I was playing Minecraft and it was working. I then closed it and played an online game, but when I tried to open Minecraft Launcher again it did not work. I did not update anything on my laptop, but later I did to see if that would solve it. It didn't. Whenever I try to use the launc...

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g'morning Bridge!
9:42 AM
Morning @Elise
what's new?
Went to go sleep at 11, woke up at 4... couldn't sleep till 7, woke up at "just early enough to rush to be at work at 10"
Moar sleeps?
I work nights, so I don't have that issue :P My issue is usually forgetting how much sleep I had in the morning and miscalculating how much more I need before work
naps are your friend ^^
they certainly are mine
9:46 AM
Yeaaah but woooork
go to the bathroom and have a 15 minute power nap. If anyone asks, you had bad poops 🤷🏼‍♀️
and tell them it's rude to ask what people do in the bathroom
@Elise wish I could have naps as short as that
not at work in work time, but in general
@Ave it's a skill you learn when there's no other way :P
15 minute power nap gets me going for another 2-3 hours
I mean I can go for looong without sleep (72+ hours) if needed
it's just not safe
10:01 AM
@Ave that is quite unhealthy
10:16 AM
Q: How to set Custom Artwork and Big Picture Image in Steam

Shiasu-samaIn the new updated Steam Library; I am able to add a 'Non-Steam Game', set a custom icon to it and set 'Custom Artwork' for it. When I set a custom icon; I use '.ico' files and that works fine. When I set 'Custom Artwork'; I use '.png' files 300px by 450px (Portrait) and that works fine in the n...

10:59 AM
@Elise very
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Q: Locked folder with obscure app from SourceForge - now I cannot unlock the folder

chrispembsI locked a folder containing some important files with an obscure application from SourceForge called Folder Lock Pro. When the enter password dialog came up to lock the folder I changed my mind, and as there was no close icon (x) I merely clicked OK. The application locked the folder anyway and ...

How dumb do you have to be to run random software from the internet purporting to be encryption software
12:39 PM
Q: Skip ingame resource download by already keeping the files on the Android device

Meraj al MaksudI've recently learned that, if you have Steam backup files, you can avoid downloading large downloads from Steam. Now, many of you know that on Google Play Store, some games (i.e. Asphalt, PUGM, WOT Blitz, etc.) download additional game files after installing. The download size can be massive so...

@Ave Agile released, needing to rebuy old games, slow and Google thinking that US ISPs will be nice and increase data caps to cover 20GB per hour. not looking good
Happy international men's day! Spoil and take care of yourselves, fellow broskis!
@GnomeSlice I heard it was "have a bad day" day today
I don't know what that means
> Founded by
Thomas and Ruth Roy
No dude, it's Men's day today
@GnomeSlice wellcat.com
So just some guy and his wife
Apparently it's someone who made up like 80 extra holidays
seems legit
12:49 PM
@Memor-X I have FTTH 100mbps, decent peering, decent worldwide latency
In addition to being International Men's Day and Have A Bad Day Day, today is apparently also Carbonated Beverages With Caffeine Day, Toilet Day, and Play Monopoly Day
I have what it takes for stadia.
International something day... I mean who decides that?
I guess it's easy to observe Have A Bad Day Day and Play Monopoly Day at the same time, at least~
@GnomeSlice I figured that that was basically every day, like white people day...
@ToxicFrog yeah was going to say that
12:50 PM
I somehow knew I would hear these reactions in here
no matter
But here's the problem.
I'm very much an exception. My internet connection is better than 90+% of Turkey.
Which is the problem with stadia: It's only good for niche of niche.
International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual international event celebrated on 19 November. The objectives of celebrating an International Men's Day are set out in "The Six Pillars of International Men's Day" and include focusing on men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, highlighting discrimination against men, and promoting male role models. It is an occasion to celebrate boys and men's achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care. The broader and ultimate aim of the event is to promote...
@Jutschge usually, you need a bunch of influential people yelling about it loud enough for long enough that a bunch of governments or international organizations (like UNESCO in the case of IMD) formally acknowledge it
Apparently International Men's Day was also an invention by one dude
Yeah actually some doctor I think
I encourage you all to donate to local mental health support charities or other programs for boys today
12:52 PM
Meh I mean tbh it's tuesday imo... I don't think much of any holiday (although I like it if there's a day off for me lol)
Although I do like Aug 1st (swiss national holidy) and New years because yaaay fireworks^^
Oh, and apparently @Unionhawk is going to love that day, because it was created based on being the male equivalent to a Soviet Union day celebrating female workers
@Nzall that just gives straight pride vibes tbh.
Just my 2c.
Making an equivalent of a thing does not make it good
However: It is important to acknowledge that IMD is important in that it "include(s) focusing on men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, highlighting discrimination against men, and promoting male role models"
It's positive, because it's about positivity and not bullshit like "boys will be boys".
@Ave yeh but i wonder how many men will miss that message
12:57 PM
Yeah I am joking, having a thing where people re-iterate that guys need not be emotionless jerkfaces is good... But what Memor said
@Memor-X don't check the twitter trend is what I'll say.
similarly, international events are hard.
You can go as far as making your message be heard for the English-speaking world
@Ave i don't check trends on twitter. i check individual accounts i know about and my Yuri list
but this event is observed in more places than just the english speaking world
and without a good understanding of language, culture and political state of the country, it may be hard to ensure that event is positive there
which is another shortcoming of IMD
@Ave Yeah, definitely don't check it at work. bunch of artists and lewd models using the hashtag to share porn
I feel like you complaining about men's day is like men complaining about womens day
1:00 PM
@GnomeSlice I'm making a factual analysis of IMD.
@GnomeSlice even for those of us that are men?
I'm at a personal dilemma over it, and I have talked about both positive AND negative sides of it that I see
Whatever guys. Happy date, take care of yourselves, check in on the men in your lives and donate to men's help services if you are able. Cheers
No for it to be similar one of us would have to say something real dumb like "if there's an international men's day how come there isn't an international women's day"
1:07 PM
Yeah I actually think it's good to have a thing that emphasizes and promotes the positive aspects of masculinity and focuses on problems that uniquely or disproportionately affects men, because Iau knows the "Men's Rights" movement isn't doing either
Also the mere existence of IMD brought us that guy on twitter who spends all of IWD replying to "what about international MEN'S day hurrrr" idiots with "it's november 19th, hope this helps"
see, that's the best part of IMD.
@ToxicFrog Iau? Is that an alternative spelling for Jahweh?
@Nzall no, but it serves the same rhetorical purpose
Anyways, yeah, my take: IMD predates modern antifeminist movements and has not yet, AFAIK, been co-opted by them. It's good to have even if it's not as obviously necessary as IWD. I actually agree with @GnomeSlice about something.
Pfff, you should have said the last sentence in a separate message, way more starbaity that way!
I have transcended the need for stars.
1:16 PM
How do we have stars up there from last week?
What happened to us. I remember when starred messages would never last for more than a day
We either got less funny, or more mature.
Probably both
@Wipqozn Or we just post less newsworthy stuff that's starworthy
Like, only 4 things of the current star list are jokes: Wrigglenite's "I'm dumb", Mage XY's pokedex, Fredley's fake admin message and Toxicfrog's transcendental work
@ToxicFrog I think we agree about more than you think, but thank you
@Nzall Me being dumb is unfortunately not a joke :(
@Nzall lol no. You weren't here in the old days. You're Nouveau riche. Back in the day we starred everything.
1:20 PM
@Wipqozn "What did you star?" "Everything"
These are really cute
@GnomeSlice Unfortunately, the site seems to be overloaded or VERY slow
works for me
@GnomeSlice yeah, it took a minute for all the pictures to load. I don't really understand #28
1:25 PM
Me neither. He puts cheetahs on his walls cause he wishes he was fast?
Note that the posters are autographed
@ToxicFrog for reference to those that don't use the web version, that's pinned :p
Today's Order of the Stick is actually quite wonderful: giantitp.com/comics/oots1187.html
@Nzall the site being slow to load just means it's living the sloth life
1:47 PM
On a thread about keeping away dinosaurs from a medieval village
@GnomeSlice I like these
@Wrigglenite I regret posting that quoted comment, it probably wasn't entirely appropriate even though it was originally posted on a stack exchange site. could you please delete it?
Or another mod can delete it
I thought it was funny
@GnomeSlice you mean my comment?
1:55 PM
the chili thing
Because it's not as much regretting it as worrying that it might get flagged and I get banned for an hour again because SE still doesn't put context with their flags
If you want it deleted, then sure
@Wrigglenite thanks
The best way to deal with accidentally posting stuff that may offend people is thinking before you post, but the second best thing is asking a moderator to remove it before it causes problems
I'm not entirely sure how to say this in the best way, but @Ash, I'd like to remind you that as a room owner, you got partial moderator powers and can move one of my posts that you think is out of line to a bin room
Or is that not how that power is supposed to be used?
It's usually difficult to use in practice because owners can't move into frozen rooms
@Unionhawk ah, I see
2:03 PM
and if a room is only a trash bin it usually gets frozen automatically
2:15 PM
I wonder where my Fitbit is
I got bored of using it after a little while
It's like a tamagotchi except the dumb animal I was trying to keep alive was me
I cant seem to put on any weight
I could use the burn counter again probably
Q: in Battlegrounds, do minions from players that just died go back to the 'pool'?

Traceurin Battlegrounds, you select minions from a pool that you share with other players. when you sell your minions, they go back to the shared pool. What about when a player die, do the minions that they had in play go back in the pool?

@GnomeSlice Fitbit should really make this their new slogan.
@Wipqozn Not enough slogans are actively aggressive and hurtful
3:04 PM
@GnomeSlice I know where mine is, but I haven't worn it in awhile and last week, it took forever to sync.
Maybe I'll just continue eating everything in sight and hope for the best
@GnomeSlice It hasn't killed you yet!
@GnomeSlice If you just want to put on weight, not really caring about whether it's muscle or fat, eat a bunch of white bread and processed foods.
Probably not healthy to do that though.
@Dragonrage @MageXy Some spicy offseason moves are going on.
Sneaky leaving C9; Xmithie leaving TL; kk0ma, Clid, and Khan leaving T1 (or going free agent rather); Zven leaving TSM, rumored to be going to C9; Mithy retires to coach FNC; Biofrost leaving CLG, rumored to be joining TSM; Smoothie leaving TSM.
Sneaky leaving C9 is probably the headliner. Dude's never played for another org in his career.
3:33 PM
I have a Fitbit somewhere, but I really only used it for step competitions and to sync with Weight Watchers
If I just want to track steps and sleep my Pebble does that
Although the Fitbit probably does it better
I have an off-brand health watch thingy that I got for like $40. All it does is track steps and (semi-accurate) heart rate, and it's been working pretty well so far.
@Yuuki That's interesting actually, I wonder who's going to replace him
@MageXy Rumors are pointing Zven.
Also isn't kkoma the SKT coach? And he's leaving? I wonder if the pressure to be "the best team" has gotten to be too much? He's been so influential in the org, he's even got a ward skin in-game
Makes sense, Zven functions well as a low-econ botlaner just like Sneaky and C9's gameplan for the past couple of splits has been playing towards Licorice.
@Yuuki I can't put on weight either and I tried doing that, but I just get full and can't eat anymore
3:40 PM
Not sure if going with Mr. "I threw away the lead in every playoff since I joined LCS by making some weirdly aggressive play with no one around me" is a good idea though.
@MageXy I feel like people undervalue cCarter's contribution to the SKT dynasty.
Q: How do I determine which form of Toxtricity I will get?

WondercricketIn Sword & Shield, there is a new Pokémon called Toxel, which can evolve into Toxtricity. What is interesting about Toxtricity is that it can be one of two forms Amped Form Low Key Form When Toxel evolves into Toxtricity, how did I determine which form it will take on? And what are the differ...

@Yuuki I don't even know who that is, so I guess you're right
cCarter was the head coach at the time (kk0ma was stage coach). My intuition is that cCarter probably did a lot of behind-the-scenes work along the lines of team synergy and player mental health, so kk0ma could focus on strategy.
Because the split where SKT suddenly fell apart is the exact same split where kk0ma was promoted to head coach and cCarter left SKT.
And it wasn't like SKT suddenly got bad at the game, they had noticeable coordination and communication issues.
So the Belgian rails changed the uniform for their train conductors
I guarantee you at least one person in a suit per train or per station per day will be accosted by another passenger asking when their train will arrive.
@fredley It's a prequel
half life 0
@Yuuki Smoothie is going to CLG as a trade for Biofrost
And he's mute! Sona's got a buddy now :D
4:12 PM
@MageXy oh boy a new two-people-in-one marksman champion riot's so skilled with executing that concept i'm totally not still salty about quinn+talon or lamb+wolf
@MageXy Apparently designed by the person who made Qiyana and CertainlyT did the first draft before he moved to TFT.
@Yuuki Well then at least he will be fun to play as... just not against :/
He'll have short range but will have some form of long-range dash/engage with some hard CC and there will probably be some kind of self-combo mechanic that lets him deal %health damage of some sorts. I'm sure invisibility or untargetability will be in there somewhere because his weakness is his range so you have to be able to cover that weakness because CertainlyT never designs a champion with a clear weakness that they don't also completely cover with another part of their kit.
Yasuo's weakness is that he's a melee carry so he's weak to long-range poke but-of-course-he-also-has-a-windwall-that-blocks-ranged-damage-and-he-has-infinite-dashes-so-you-can't-keep-him-at-range.
> Considering the ADCs CertainlyT has worked on (Kalista, Graves), we can expect a few months of broken in proplay and a few years of trashcan.
@Ave Just let my memes be memes
What is he going to attack with?
@Nzall Assuming they also have the hat
4:25 PM
It sounds like he's just going to summon a bunch of daggers and throw those
His special attack is G U N.
@ToxicFrog At first I read this as 'stairs' and thought you were a dalek
> Emerging from moonlight’s shadow with weapons drawn, Aphelios kills the enemies of his faith in brooding silence—speaking only through the certainty of his aim, and the firing of each gun.
That splash art doesn't look like it's a gun...
That's a shame, I definitely would've liked the daggers for something visually distinct from the other marksmen.
@MageXy Neither does Kai'sa's.
4:27 PM
I don't know what Kaisa fires, her whole character doesn't really make sense to me lore-wise
Is Ashe the only botlane marksman with a bow?
@Yuuki Varus
Twitch, kinda
Vayne, kinda
oh yeah, forgot
Varus was the reason I started playing rankeds. He made me realize I might not be as shit as I thought I was.
Well now I'm bad again tho
4:29 PM
@GnomeSlice cc: @ori
@MageXy It's pretty comparable to Ezreal's gauntlet, I think. It's a thing on her hand that fires M A G I C at people.
@fredley I had wanted to write something along the lines of "And this is where we would have pinged @ori because we were all jerks back then" but didn't
@Elva Think my highest starred message was a stupid @ori troll
> we were are all jerks back then
4:35 PM
@Yuuki Except it's not really ever mentioned in the lore, other than that it comes from the Void creature she's wearing. Which is kind of a cop-out to me.
I just don't like the character. She's been trapped in the Void for several years, literally has a Void monster symbiotically fused with her skin that eats her alive if she doesn't hunt to feed it, and somehow she's still got this great figure and is totally sane
And also speaks with a random Australian accent
And makes pithy comments about how the Void is terrible and she just wants to save the world. She just feels like a really shallow character.
@MageXy hey she's got a great figure because the void monster keeps eating her fat i dunno it's a diagetic problem so providing in-universe logic doesn't do anything
The chief issue is that she's somewhat unhinged in the lore (is almost functionally mute, IIRC) but that's not represented in her VA at all.
Mainly because the way that she's neuro-atypical is that, according to lore, she has selective mutism which really doesn't work well with how champions are represented in-game.
I think it would've been an interesting (and economical!) choice to have a mute champion with no voice lines (looking at you, Sona).
@John, we got the all time best tile on round 6 yesterday
@Nzall a) it's hard to move on mobile b) I shouldn't have to do that c) I wouldn't remove without explaining, that's...not how things should go d) sometimes I am just expressing confusion or distaste and that's it e) okay sure
It wasn't worth flagging or moving, I just found it in poor taste. It happens.
I know what I am allowed and able to do.
4:46 PM
@Yuuki I do think having some voice lines are important. But they need to make it clear that the voice lines are thought only and/or they don't trigger for mundane actions. If I have to hear about Kai'Sa's tree obsession one more time just because she's walking to lane...
@MageXy trees are cool
@MageXy i like turtles
@MageXy hahahaha
4:57 PM
On the one hand I want to pin a thing for TDOR buuuuuuuut also I don't want to pin this?
@Elise nuuu definitly not crying!
@Elva I'll admit, I actually cried reading it
and I knew it was going to be sad, but I kept going 😭
@Nzall That's...not how that works. If you post something that's out of line, that's on you. Not anyone else. I appreciate that you realized that message wasn't exactly a good fit for this room and asked for it to be removed.... but this message just sours that entire gesture, honestly.
@Wipqozn Yeah, both the message that I asked to be removed and the followup to the removal were poorly considered
Q: How can I EV train in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

hammythepigIn previous Pokemon games, I was able to EV Train by defeating certain types of Pokemon with my team I wanted to train. This involved going to certain routes with my team and defeating certain Pokemon. Whichever Pokemon participated in the battle and gained EXP would also gain EVs for the fight. ...

@Lazers2.0 ugh, ev training is now going to be so annoying because you either have to reduce your party to prevent ev pollution or buy a lot of ev-reducing consumables
5:14 PM
Really? It seems you can just do it all with vitamins
@Wrigglenite Unless they imported the system from Let's Go, each Pokemon can only have a fixed amount of EVs.
512, IIRC.
510 actually.
Yes, but that shouldn't be a problem for newly bred Pokémon
If you're min-maxing, you want 252 in two stats.
Now if you're EV training for a stat, you can only have the Pokemon you want to EV train in your party.
Which is not a problem if you start from 0 in all stats
And just feed them vitamins
I prefer EV training in the field because you get EXP at the same time.
Plus, once they get enough levels, they can EV train on their own instead of using a trainer Pokemon.
5:20 PM
Back when I EV trained, it took all of 5 battles to max out a single stat
Not really a lot of exp there
@Wrigglenite that's over half a million pokemoneys to max EV's for each pokemon
vitamins are expensive
@Wrigglenite 252 EVs, the most any Pokemon gives is 3 EVs for a stat, the EV-boosting held items give you a flat 4 EVs.
@Yuuki oh? they used to just double EV's gained in previous games
Oh yeah, Pokerus doubles your EV gain.
@Elise No, the Power items have always given 4 EVs for a particular stat.
@Yuuki huh, it's been a while since I've done any EV training
5:23 PM
Oh apparently for VII, they double the EV gain to 8 instead of 4.
@Yuuki Horde battles with Pokérus meant 50 EVs per battle
Oh, I didn't play Sun/Moon.
I meant XY, actually, I don't know if SM had hordes
I played X/Y yet I weirdly don't remember hordes.
Now that I looked it up, I remember it, but I didn't recall the mechanic off the top of my head.
@MageXy @Dragonrage holy f--k, IG might pick up clid
Dear god, TheShy/Clid/Rookie is insane topside control.
5:39 PM
@Unionhawk i could star wars nerd on this, but i have more productive things to do like not star wars nerding on this
Pokemon is apparently already the biggest Nintendo Switch launch ever, topping SSBU
Q: Minecraft Candestroy data tag not working for mods

LAKottkeI am attempting to make a block that destroys a MOD BLOCK, not a vanilla block. I need help.

@Unionhawk So much for the controversy lol
We do only have the retail numbers right now which may not be complete but like
5:55 PM
Of course it's selling well. It's the first mainline Pokemon game on a console
@Yuuki Managed to finish Code Vein solo.
The first souls-like I got into; going to go back and try a few others to see if I grok the genre now.
Nioh is free on PS+ this month so that's the obvious next one.
@murgatroid99 Did the Let's Go games not count? (serious question)
@MageXy They're not full mainline pokemon games.
They have like a lite version of the mechanics.
@MageXy They're not considered "mainline" because they're Red/Blue/Yellow remakes
with simpler mechanics
I'd count FR/LG as "full" pokemon games, even though they're also gen 1 remakes.
I think it's more about the mechanics than the fact that it's a remake.
5:58 PM
Agreed yeah
I haven't picked up Sword/Shield yet.
I have a shitton of other games to play and Christmas is coming up so it's an easy gift idea.
Probably an excellent commute game.
Yeah the osrs league is keeping me plenty busy at the moment lol
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