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12:30 AM
whoa what is this rep recalculation thing
if I'm not mistaken, I gained like 4k rep both here and on SO
mostly due to this:
Q: How can I use Python to get the system hostname?

JohnI'm writing a chat program for a local network. I would like be able to identify computers and get the user-set computer name with Python.

was a little confused getting notified that I had moderator tools on SO since last time I checked I was at like 7k
@John Hah yeah there are a few single questions that have boosted me on various sites
@John Yeah I got about 15 Yearling notifications.
@RedRiderX oh is that related too? didn't realize
I also got a bunch of those
Well because questions confer double the rep, it may have pushed you above 300(?) on some sites (200+assoc bonus) meaning you qualify for the yearling badge retroactively.
there are like 3 for the same site
this is some complicated retroactive stuff
1:19 AM
Q: What does the "Bird/Worm" slider do?

RedRiderXI've noticed this slider in the settings screen: There seem to only be two options: Bird and Worm. Is this some kind of difficulty menu? What exactly does it do, if anything?

Yesterday i spent a few hours repeatedly replying the start of Mugen Souls trying to get the DLC Balance right. now i am thinking if i should start yet another new game to disabled the obviously OPed equipment but keep the obscene amounts of GP and Mugen
but despite that i do love the G-Castle Battle with Auttouteki na GO!! playing in the background
just a shame i can't have an even more epic fight with that going (and skipping the Tutorial)
@Elise for a second, i read "assclicker"
More affordable but... that's not a glowing review
@Yuuki it's supposed to be read as ass-kicker
Q: Wher do you find puzzles?

DamienYou guys are saying to complete puzzles and I don't know where to find them

2:41 AM
Q: Why do people say "you don't belong here" in Markarth?

RandomHandleIn Skyrim Special Edition (PC, Steam), I have committed no crimes at all in Markarth, have not yet met the Thieves Guild, and make sure to interact with people during Merchant's hours (8AM to 8PM). Yet, when I'm buying from merchants, cleansing the Hall of the Dead, or talking with anyone, I keep...

1 hour later…
1 hour later…
5:06 AM
Q: How can i reach the Announcement/RSS Page from a Steam Game Page?

Memor-XSo i created a Selenium Script that iterates though all the game URLS i have in a list (ie https://store.steampowered.com/app/400910 or https://store.steampowered.com/app/233450) and looks for the link to the Announcements page (ie. https://steamcommunity.com/games/rabi-ribi/announcements or http...

5:48 AM
@RedRiderX I think the problem is that it's basically a sequel/side-quel to Fallen London.
6:28 AM
Q: Minecraft bedrock position target arguments not working?

Jared MeserveI am trying to tag 1 random player out of several. All players are on the same x value. So in my command block is: /tag @r [x=-13] add T1. the issue is when i test it i get tagged with T1 even though im not on x=-13.

2 hours later…
8:10 AM
Q: How can I change the position of mob limbs?

user240280I'm in need of changing the position of the Enderman's legs when it is in the sitting pose. I have tried searching the files but I couldn't find them so asking here.

Q: What are the good steps to cook a curry in the cooking mini game?

IsukaWhile cooking in the new mini game of Sword and Shield, you have three different steps to accomplish: Working on the fire Mixing the curry "Putting your heart into it" There is no real indicator in the game to explain you when you're doing one of those steps correctly. For instance, are you s...

8:30 AM
Q: Are there any areas that become sealed off during the course of the game?

EllesedilOn just about every planet, there are areas that are inaccessible until your character learns specific abilities such as wall run or force push. However, are there any areas that are initially accessible at some point, but then later become inaccessible for whatever reason?

8:42 AM
My favourite questions were cleared
That's... mildly upsetting
I have no favourite questions anymore
I still have 17
2 of which show up as deleted
also the question upvote thing pushed me over 10k on SO lol
8:49 AM
They're definitely gone though
9:11 AM
Q: Minecraft Datapack drop X blocks instead of One when Destroying any block

JonathanI want to create a Datapack. My goal is to drop more than one items when destroying a block in Minecraft. For example: When I destroy a grass-block it drops default One dirt-block. But I want (for example) 10 dirt blocks get dropped when I destroy a grass block. How do I achieve this? Many tha...

9:52 AM
Q: How do you get the super rod in pokémon sword?

EllenWhere and how can you get the super rod in Pokémon Sword?

Morning chat
Morning @Elva
This week is going to be ... interesting
Got planned work for 20 out of 32 work hours... 4 hours of those are some minor issues, and 16 is "Backups"...
Like... that's it, the thing I'm supposed to work on is "Backups", I have shared all the information I have and you now know as well as I do what I need to do this week for that issue...
@Elva I think you may want to touch up your resumé
Because people who spend half their work week without meaningful tasks generally don't stay around long
Heh, one: In a country with good employee protection laws. And two: I am basically the only person who knows the system we've been developing for the past 3 years... Despite my repeated advocating for having others be more involved
Sure, several people know parts of it.. but if something breaks I'm the one they get to fix it because I know all of the moving parts
So if they want to start a process of firing me, well good luck on them? I'm already keeping half an eye open for other jobs anyway
1 hour later…
11:14 AM
Q: Is it possible to plant trees in minecraft earth?

SmockI've just started playing Minecraft Earth and have been experimenting with the first 8x8 tile that you get. I cut down the tree and the leaves, but didn't get an saplings. My question is - do you plant trees in the normal way like in standard Minecraft, or do you have to construct them entirely...

11:54 AM
Q: Minecraft harcore way to save the world after death and question about how to prevent this behavior

killerwhale_I like the feeling and the whole experience of the hardcore mode.I like the tension inside ravines or caves, to watch out for the ninja creeper , to protect your base etc.It is a very different experience for me.The problem is that yesterday I died and I couldn’t resist to find a way to keep my w...

12:15 PM
Q: What happens to grudges when their targets aren't available anymore

baudspWhen playing as a Dwarf faction, what happens to grudges that can't be completed anymore? For example if there's a grudge against a faction and that faction is destroyed or a grudge against a lord and the lord is killed by another faction.

12:25 PM
Sooo, Desert Bus for Hope is really great people and there's a Trans Rights Supercut in the video archive
12:37 PM
(Also, enby rights, ace rights and other human rights)
What does that have to do with Child's Play?
Cc @Ash @Elva
It's only regular nail polish, so it won't last long 😭 but I got gel thermal polish in mail today 😍
12:57 PM
Oh cute! :o
@Elva but did you see the video? It changeeeees colors 😍
Oh that's a super fast reaction :o
Yeah, it's pretty much instant
Can't wait to go freeze my hands off at work tonight (just kidding, I'd rather stay home, but at least I'll be amused by it)
Work is gonna destroy my nail polish 😭 but also it's the only place it really gets to shine
1:07 PM
Put on a dozen layers of clear coat!
@Elva that actually makes it more likely to be ruined
I did anyway tho 🤷🏼‍♀️
I dunno how it works, I'm currently just living vicariously through you
That's why I'm happy to share my nails here 😄
Have you tried clear coat yet?
Or just buffing your nails?
Some people also do "naked" colors, which is just skin tone nails
1:12 PM
I'm thinking about putting some on for christmas with the family
But don't want to do that at work
Q: Are IVs the same for everyone in max raid battles?

WondercricketI did a couple of max raid battles with a friend last night. The friend has already completed the story and unlocked the ability to check a Pokémon IVs whereas I have not. According to my friend’s analysis, the star rating of the raid battle indicates the number of max IVs; so a 4 star raid wil...

Q: Where's the Magnetic Field?

PhoenixI want to evolve my Charjabug, but I'm not sure which area is the supposed regional Magnetic Field. So, uh, where is it?

mmm, coffee
@Elva that's fair, the first time is quite stressful
Gets much easier after a while of wearing nail polish in public
At first I was kinda sketchy about keeping my hands where people could see them, but at this point it doesn't bother me at all
And no one has really said anything negative about it either
Sometimes there is a short double take when people first notice my painted nails, but nothing is ever said about it 🤷🏼‍♀️
1:27 PM
Oh yes
Why is the gain so low
With AliExpress, every week is like Christmas 😄
Cc @Ash
1:44 PM
@Elise okay that is a fantastic shirt
And it's surprisingly warm for how thin it is 😲
@Elise oh that's so awesome, where did you get it?
@Elise that's an extra bonus good thing
@Ash it is, when you live in Canada and winter is coming 😄
1:47 PM
Yes for sure lol
@Ash I got gel thermal polish today in mail, so once this one is ruined, I'll do gel and that will hopefully last a long time
Hahaha excellent
They're under $2 per bottle on AliExpress
Now, they're not big bottles, but that's okay
I should look and see what they have
@Elise I clicked the image and it got smaller
1:53 PM
That is impressive
remove _d from the file name
that makes it... thumbnail size I think
Seems likely
@Ronan Imgur on mobile is weird, I did my best
It's a good jumper though
@TimStone this is dope!
> Results are in...Outer Wilds won Best Indie Game at the 2019 Golden Joysticks! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!! ::)
2:19 PM
better link
i.e. bigger
Hope you don't mind @Elise
2:31 PM
Q: What increases your chances of finding shiny pokemon?

Mark MuellerDoes it have chain combo like in Pokemon Let's Go where the more you battle the same Pokemon in a row the higher the chance of spawning a shiny? Does the Masuda method work?

Q: You have reached your question limit

HeronPlease explain me why my account is blocked when I asked for the logic of legend experience in Dying Light. What can I do to get back my account to healthy condition?

2:46 PM
@SepiaLazers do mods just have a standard thing they can copy paste to such questions? :o
@TimStone I kind of want to get an XAC and build a virtual pinball enclosure with it. Potentially a bit more expensive than an arduino virtual pinball controller kit, but much more flexible.
@Elva Not really.
I just knocked it out in the middle of doing other stuff.
@Frank You can at least see why they're rate limited, though, right?
2:47 PM
Well it's nicely done!
@MBraedley Isn't it always the same reason? Low scoring questions?
Or answers, I suppose
@MBraedley Yes. It's both good and bad news.
Good, it's easy to understand why.
Bad, because all the deleted questions are old, and inaccessible by them.
So they have no way to see what's contributed to the ban.
@Elva I totally missed a couple super important letters. Good catch, @Wrigglenite!
Just fixing small typos
That's a medium sized typo at least
Q: How do I evolve Leafeon or Glaceon?

PyritiePrevious games required an Eevee to be levelled up while near a Mossy Rock or an Icy Rock in order to evolve it to a Leafeon or Glaceon, respectively. Where do I find these two overworld objects in Sword and Shield?

2:52 PM
Now if we had headings in chat this is where I'd put "No, this is a medium sized tyop" in like... h3
I have made mistakes in the osrs twisted league
One of the relics gives you 3x as much stuff (no bonus exp) from harvesting activities
this includes barbarian fishing, where the product is useless and you just always drop everything
so I have to drop everything 3x as often this is so painful
I should have gone with "pick your own farming contracts and slayer assignments"
that sounds way cooler anyway why did I do this to myself
@Nzall Inside of you are two... rats? You should probably see a doctor, the recommended amount of rats inside of you is zero.
@Yuuki You should aim that at @Elise
3:12 PM
Q: Where can I hide Rico Delgado's body after killing him as the tattooist?

WriggleniteIn the Three-Headed Serpent mission, one of the targets, Rico Delgado, can be killed by disguising yourself as P-Power, starting work on Rico's tattoo, then stabbing him after all potential witnesses have left Rico's office. After this, however, I'm left with a body in a room with no closets, a ...

3:40 PM
@Yuuki looks like cats? Or foxes
@Elva Cats were going to be my second guess.
@Lazers2.0 You could always taint the needle and kill him with Hepatitis C.
@Yuuki CATS!
how do you even see rats there? 🤔
Yeah, they're not nearly cute enough to be rats
4:03 PM
@Yuuki Well, I need something quick
4:25 PM
@GnomeSlice The problem with this is that's it's false equivalence.
Most people aren't going to sign up for every single streaming service.
It's just supposed to be funny but yes
@Frank At least not at the same time.
@MageXy Sign up for Netfix. Binge watch it all, sign up for Disney+, binge watch Mandalorian, etc., etc.
I think most people will pay for one service, binge whatever shows/movies they want to watch, then cancel and swap to another service.
4:33 PM
I'm considering swapping to Disney+ because I don't watch much on Netflix these days and Disney+ already has all their nature documentaries, which is the bulk of what I watch on Netflix anyways.
Does D+ have the "classic" TV shows from the 90s yet? Darking Duck, DuckTales, Chip & Dale, etc.
@MageXy I know it has Darkwing Duck
4:54 PM
Q: Is it possible to protect saved games on Nintendo Switch from being played by other users?

Dmitry GrigoryevIs it possible to protect saved games of a particular user from being played by other users, while still allowing them to play all the games they normally can? It doesn't have to be secure, so a short pin would be fine, and if any non-trivial action is required to run games with a particular pr...

5:21 PM
@GnomeSlice this isn't all of them
there's also stuff like curiositystream
and if you can count it, nebula.
...I just found something hilarious
@Wrigglenite Hey, I don't appreciate you rooting around my selfie album.
It seems the system drops anything before and including "use this tag"
5:34 PM
@Wrigglenite hmm, that's highly annoying
... So apparently, some people are so disappointed by the lack of interesting cosmetic unlockables in Fallen Order that they actually wish they could spend 2 dollars on an actually interesting outfit
Q: Mafia II - Stuck on start

ArtyPlayers of Mafia II: I have a big problem, I have finished GTA 5 recently and I'd love to play Mafia II now. The problem is that I cannot, because... You know, (we are talking about Jims Vendeta), you escape from the prison and get a mission to destroy the cars of mafians, and here it is. I will ...

This graph is just all sorts of fun
5:36 PM
A: New tags page mangles tag wiki excerpts

Jeff Atwood The layout script, or whatever it is, tries to be clever, and removes some stuff in front of the tag excerpts to avoid repetition, presumably Correct. You can take a look at the tags on stackoverflow.com superuser.com serverfault.com (all page 1 only, for now) to get a sense of what th...

Specifically if one of the Bad Phrases™ appears within the first 40+n characters of the excerpt
I mean not wrong that, in general, "this tag is" should be excluded from excerpts, however, in particular,
@TimStone Wonderful
@TimStone Ooof, mmmhmm
(and extremely right that the "in general" case should be handled by editing the tag wiki excerpts but alas Jeff has helpfully done that work for us I guess)
The bar to editing tag wikis and their general lack of discoverability was so high that I guess this made sense from a quick and dirty practical perspective but as you can see many people disagreed with the decision
Also whew was that a long time ago
I'm not sure what it says that I remembered that existed 🤔
5:40 PM
My headcanon is that you just had this open as a tab this whole time just in case it came up
I mean essentially yes, in the browser of my brain
@TimStone I love the downvotes on that post
Looks like they haven't
6:44 PM
So I had hot pot for my birthday. May have had too much hot pot.
@Nzall Noone is going to comment on this?
@Nzall problem to me seems like there's no interesting outfits
not that there's no paid interesting outfits
@Ave True, but some people are conspiring that this was a deliberate move from EA execs to spite people
That always happens when it comes to EA.
Everybody's got an axe to grind, and to be fair, quite often EA deserves it.
See: Anthem/"Live Services"/etc., etc.
Q: Can I get Alolan Forms of pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Paul O.In the Pokemon: Let's Go games, you could obtain Alolan forms of pokemon by trading with NPCs. Are there similar NPCs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, or some other way to obtain Alolan Pokemon?

6:59 PM
@Yuuki 1. Happy birthday 2. This implies an existence of a limit to hot pot and I am skeptical of this claim
@TimStone Well, my colon is currently instituting a limit.
Bridge, I need another incremental to play. Any suggestions?
@Frank Sushi
@Wipqozn That's food, not an incremental.
7:16 PM
@Frank SUSHI
Q: Call of Duty Mobile - How to to "Free look"?

sbuckIn PUBG mobile, the "Free look" button (indicated by the eye icon) lets you look around without changing the direction your character is moving in. I can't find/figure out similar functionality in CoD Mobile. If I customize my BR controls in CoD, I see I have access to the same eye icon (scre...

@Yuuki happy birthday
@Frank You get sushi and then you get more sushi, it checks out
@Yuuki yay birthday!
@Frank Have you played the OG idle game yet? Cookie Clicker?
7:18 PM
@Frank Not sure if you've already done this kitten one, but I played it for a couple weeks bloodrizer.ru/games/kittens
@Steve-o169 Ah, that one is fantastic
I've played that for months
@Nzall Yep. Not for a while.
@Steve-o169 If that one's improved in the intervening years, it might be worth re-checking.
Antimatter dimensions is another that's surprisingly deep
kittens was last updated May 29, 2019 so probably has seen some improvement, but I've only played it since then
Oh, and if you haven't played Alkahistorian, you need to
7:22 PM
@SaintWacko Done and done. Need more.
@Frank Oh, wups, I got confused who was asking
@Frank Have you played Realm Grinder?
7:45 PM
@Yuuki I'm just going to soothe my ego and assume hacks
@MageXy I'm going to soothe my ego and play support where I don't have to care about mechanics.
@Yuuki love it
Q: What are transported cargo limits for every vehicle?

arghtypeIn-game vehicles have some limit on how much cargo one can put into them - it's either in number of packages or in total weight. I cannot find any way to predict load in game - I can put packages into my truck until I suddenly cannot. What are these exact limits for every vehicle? How they are ...

8:12 PM
bleh, this bitcoin exchange I use has broken euro support
they auto-cancel cashouts
I successfully got USD out to my bank in turkey but the costs were hiiigh
if EUR/GBP works it'll be great tho
8:28 PM
@TimStone Exactly. It ain't that complicated.
@murgatroid99 That one does not ring a bell.
@Frank It's on Kongregate if your browser still supports flash, and it's also free on Steam
It has a lot of depth and it's actively updated. The downside is that I have gotten past the point where I understand how to optimize what I'm doing
8:44 PM
I really like the concept of the factory idle games.
@Frank Did you do the Bead Machine one?
8:56 PM
@Batophobia I can't recall
I'll have to try it when I get home.
I generally refer to it as "the one with the pope", if that triggers any memories
...sort of?
I think so.
9:28 PM
@Batophobia oh, that seems way too complicated for me
I'm really not good at games that require me to do urban planning at this scale
@Nzall It's more resource management than simply number-goes-up
@Batophobia yeah, that's not really my cup
the grid size doesn't get that big. I think it's like 5x5 max
@Batophobia Yeah, but I'm really shit at any urban planning that isn't simply Frostpunk-style "put down a building anywhere or directly next to a resource node and assign workers". I always end up putting down a building in just the wrong place and end up having to rebuild my entire layout an hour later because I can't fit in a building
You can move things at any time
and you'll have to to meet different requirements
9:37 PM
@Batophobia You're only making it less appealing
it's less building planning and more piecing components together to make a machine to achieve a certain goal
Isn't that just building planning?
Or rather, isn't building planning just putting components together to achieve a certain goal?
9:56 PM
If you want something more adventure-like, there's always Candy Box or A Dark Room
10:22 PM
Q: Tag rename: [pokemon-sword-and-shield] ->[pokemon-sword-shield]

WondercricketCan we get pokemon-sword-and-shield renamed to pokemon-sword-shield? It should be consistent with other Pokémon tags pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire pokemon-sun-moon pokemon-black-2-white-2 etc...

10:36 PM
Apparently people are complaining that the new CoD has implemented skill-based matchmaking?
That's... a thing to complain about?
Q: Run command whenever someone joins a Minecraft server 2

danielI tried this and it didn't work please help i'm in 1.14.4 Run command whenever someone joins a Minecraft server

11:13 PM
@Batophobia Wow this looks complicated
11:48 PM
(1 of the league relics increases your attack speed by 1 tick across the board. A clue scroll weapon has a 3 tick speed, so it faster looks like this)
(knives but faster looks like better than the 1b twisted bow according to dps calculations)

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