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Q: What menu settings or features can be unlocked through non-story means?

RobotnikIt seems the 'Rotom Phone' menu options get extended throughout the game with extra features. Sometimes these are awarded through just progressing the story (as is the case with Pokemon Camp and the Box system) but other features such as the IV Judge, have a specific requirement to unlock that is...

Q: How do I defeat the Mulduga

JiniI finished reclaiming the divine beasts, and I decided to do some side quests, one of them requiring me to defeat the Mulduga in the Gerudo desert east of Gerudo Town, but I have no idea how to damage or defeat the Mulduga to complete the quest.

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Q: Blue light of death

MikeI have a PS4 controller that I use on my iPad, I’ve been using it for like 3 weeks and now it is flashing blue and turns off how do I fix this. And I don’t have a PS4 console

2:14 AM
Q: What ranks are possible, and what decides it?

Fredy31Just finished the game, got a B rank, but no explanation of what gave me that rank. Is it collectibles? Cash in pocket at the end? Number of game overs? Combination of all of the above? Also, what are the possible ranks? I would guess A through maybe E or F; and maybe a S or even SS rank?

2:25 AM
loving the redesign
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3:54 AM
oh shit moonwarp has a setup and it works RTA
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5:40 AM
Q: Are "bots" that observe the screen only allowed?

Shadow Z.I recently had the idea to create a "bot" or script that would pay attention to a part of the screen, alerting me (and doing nothing else) whenever the part of the screen changed according to the parameters I set. Would this idea break the Runescape Terms of Service?

I'm 100% convinced pet rates are increased in leagues
1/5k is what the wiki claims
6:21 AM
Q: How does pet insurance work for leagues?

UnionhawkWhen I got my Phoenix, I also received a game message saying "Your new pet has been automatically insured". In the main game, pet insurance is run through Probita in East Ardougne. If you die with an insured pet, you may rebuy that pet from Probita for 1 million gp. However, you can't exactly tra...

6:42 AM
Q: Would a question asking about the extents of rules be allowed?

Shadow Z.For example, Runescape does not allow bots. I want to ask a question to figure out the extent of this, as I have an idea for a "bot" that falls within the rules on the rules page. Would a question asking for clarification about if something would be rule breaking be allowed?

7:01 AM
Q: How can I get more snacks?

Shadow The Princess WizardTo upgrade my super pets, I need Super Pet Snacks, and a lot. For example: Each spawn can give 5 snacks, but obtaining the components required to spawn isn't trivial and limited as well, e.g. can't buy them in shop. Is there any way besides spawning to get the Snacks directly?

7:28 AM
mood: met even more trans men
why are there so many trans men in turkey lmao
oh god damn it
they issued me an incorrect paper
trying to get the right one now
7:56 AM
Okay, it'll be delivered in 30m, so I gotta search phaemas now
8:17 AM
no pharmas had the right meds or the right insurance
9:03 AM
@Unionhawk Gratz! I mean You can be lucky and get it early^^
My friend has 150m FM xp and no phoenix but he got a rocky with lvl 5 thieving lol
9:19 AM
apple is great
"Oh your appointment is at 45 come in 20m"
Q: Does Steam Leave A Trace In HDDs?

SomeGuySo, today I’ve been planning to upgrade my laptop/switch laptops with my dad so I can play Rainbow 6 and I don’t want to download the game a second time, so I suggested that we should just use steam to transfer the files with his HDD. Thing is, he’s worried that if he does that, Steam will have s...

10:01 AM
300try for battery replacement, let's go
10:15 AM
genius bar: done
pickup: tonight
@Jutschge How's the second week gone?
@Ronan eeh it's ok-ish. I'm really grateful that chewing gum exists^^. But it's slowly getting better.
Although yesterday I forgot my medication and I really noticed that that still makes a difference (it has no nicotine in it tho)
10:35 AM
Sounds like it's going well to me
Tbh I'm not afraid of starting again... I'm more afraid of being an asshole to my colleagues/friends/girlfriend bc I'm grumpy...
@Jutschge It gets better, the further you get through it.
Quitting smoking is an excellent excuse to be grumpy 😂
I set quitting as a goal with a fixed date about half a year ago. And I hate not being able to pull that through more than the feeling of not being able to smoke.
11:14 AM
@Jutschge If you haven't already, it can probably be very helpful to find a local support group or another organization that helps you quit
You're Swiss, right? smokefree.ch/en/campaignpartners/partnerprojects might be helpful
@Jutschge It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day—that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.
11:47 AM
Q: What is the true shiny rate in Sword and Shield?

Roybin93Since the Games launch Pokemon Sword and Shield got a prediction of how it's shiny encounter chance looks like. Thanks to data miner Kurt we got this table on Twitter to look at and figure out the shiny chance. Base chance, since most of the games is 1:4096, but stuff like catch-series and numb...

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Q: Stuck on level 40 of logical puzzle game

ChristophThe mobile game "Flow Fit Sudoku" is a puzzle game with simple rules similar to regular sudoku - there can only be one of each numbers per row/column. So far I have succeeded to solve every board by logical deduction and not by trial & error (I also skipped all the easy/medium packages). Now I...

2:01 PM
@Jutschge I didn't even put any master tasks on my league trello lol so I guess I have to add "Obtain a skilling pet" directly to the "done" column now
so the count is consistent
@Ave maybe they didn't realise it was jailbroken
@Memor-X maybe
2:44 PM
Q: Applin Evolution Items?

PhoenixWhile roaming around the Wild Area in Sword, I managed to get some Tart Apple... but what of Sweet Apple? Is it possible to get a Sweet Apple as well, or are these items version-exclusive?

3:08 PM
@GnomeSlice /r/yesyesyesno
3:40 PM
@badp The problem with permaganking is that it makes jungling way more important than any other role. Not only are the junglers the ones that secure objectives like dragon, but now they are also the major deciding factor if a lane wins or not. I can't tell you how many times I've been winning a lane and then the enemy jungler just decides to set up camp, completely eliminating all the advantage I've worked to set up because now I'm forced to play passive.
And regarding the jungle exp change, it's actually a net increase. Each individual camp will give less exp, but they will be respawning faster so you get more overall.
3:55 PM
Also, level 3 from 3 camps is nice.
Side note, @MageXy, do you think I'm a better jungler or support?
@MageXy The other problem is that permaganking is it snowballs easily in return for little risk. Catch-up EXP being what it is/was, it's far more productive to throw ganks at the wall in the hopes that one of them sticks and there's not much you can do to counter that. Used to be, you could track the enemy jungler and if they failed a gank, you could set them behind by strategically taking their jungle camps from them.
Shyvana used to be a great jungler because while her ganks were laughable, she could counter-jungle really really well.
4:26 PM
@Yuuki since the ranked season ended, ive played with 3 challengers, a few grandmasters, and about double the diamonds i normally see
@Dragonrage o7
@Dragonrage what elo are you atm?
@Jutschge i climbed to Gold 1 before I stopped caring enough about ranked to keep playing it this season
Hmm and how many games?
Because if you're around high plat level mmr-wise end of season and placements are fun
I've played with an LCS player and ex-silver 1 player in the same match during a placement game lol
like 140 or so games and a 56ish percent win rate
4:31 PM
Hmm yeah I mean then that can happen^^
Q: How can I set up build areas in Minecraft?

Peter MarsellaI want to set up a world where there are designated building and mining areas, but I don't know how to do this. Do I need a mod or plugin, or can I just use commands? If so, what do I need to do specifically?

Q: Can I find Gigantamax Pokémon outside of Max Raid Battles?

Rodrigo-kunI know that only certain species of Pokémon can Gigantamax, and that among those species only certain individuals can. As far as I've seen online, Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing can only be obtained in Max Raid Battles or through events (like the Mystery Gift Meowth). Is this correct? Is it i...

4:45 PM
@Yuuki I like your jungling, you seem to know where to be and when to try for objectives. Your support is also pretty good, though maybe a bit more aggressive than I'm used to.
i hate playing safe as support. its soooooo boring
I tend to lean towards playing passively as ADC, only going aggressive when the support makes a play. If I'm playing support, I like poke champs like Brand or Lux. All-in champs are definitely more exciting, but I'm not good at timing when I should be going in, so I just dive 1v2 and die lol
Hm when I play support as soon as I hit lvl 2 either they die or I do lol
@MageXy I do tend to like playing engage supports because I feel like MLXG sometimes.
> When both teams are even in gold, MLXG feels that RNG is at a great advantage and thus he does not hesitate to start a team fight. When RNG is 3k behind in gold, MLXG thinks that RNG is at a small advantage, and he so he starts a team fight to secure their "lead".
> When RNG is behind 7k in gold, MLXG thinks that RNG is at a disadvantage and so he looks for a team fight to regain control of the game. When RNG is 10K behind in gold, MLXG thinks that the team has reached a desperate situation and they are only waiting passively for their death if he does not start a team fight.
Can't fault that logic
4:55 PM
if you play passive as adc, it can be hard to follow up on engages. also it tends to discourage your support from being aggro imo
@MageXy I'll try to keep that in mind next time we queue support + botlane.
I do also need to practice my peel/disengage supports.
if i am playing a bit aggro as support, and my adc isnt playing forward with me, the chances that i just engaged on and die before my adc can help are fairly high
As far as permaganking goes, it's probably why I like playing Nunu. I'll attempt a gank and if it fails, I can just re-gank with the snowball like 10 seconds later. If the gank goes badly and I lose a lot of health, I can just go to a jungle camp, heal up with Q, and then re-gank.
@Dragonrage Unless you're Nautilus.
Then you can half-life anyone with a single rotation by yourself.
I should consider taking Exhaust the next time I play Leona into Lulu though.
All-inning the Lulu is really good because she's so squishy, but I let the ADC get too much damage off in those all-ins.
Also, Ignite is probably not necessary to kill Lulu because she's so paper.
@Yuuki naut is actually pretty squishy if you arent able to proc aftershock
I mean
5:01 PM
@Yuuki Part of that was my fault as well, that game I tunneled onto the Lulu when you got her, and just let the Sivir smack me the whole time. And of course Lulu is kinda tough to kill since her shield and ult gives a lot of "hidden" HP.
I'd rather learn how to gank well than how to farm well
IDGAF about efficiently clicking the wolves until they're dead tbqh
I feel like you're misunderstanding jungle farming.
the skill and expertise needed to damage grump and blue buff in one skillshot is entirely uninteresting to me
but meh
The skill and expertise needed to know when to grab enemy gromp and buffs is the kicker, not the actual mechanics around how to right-click and hit your abilities.
and I'd hate for that to be a more important factor on why I lose or win games than how I actually push forward objectives
5:02 PM
the skill in farming for jungle is how to clear quickly without losing too much hp, so that you have hp to gank, and can keep relevant in levels
well no because now you need to farm more as every unit of farming is less effective
@badp It's not about the mechanics of how to kill a camp, it's about knowing which camps to take on a route that will naturally allow you to gank between camps.
which, like, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I should be able to eke out an advantage if I know that the enemy jungler is botside waiting for a gank and take advantage of that to steal his jungle topside.
As opposed to right now, which is which ganks to do on a route that will naturally allow you to farm between ganks.
5:03 PM
And since I'm topside while he's botside, I can coordinate with my toplaner to take herald.
idk I think "farm when you can't gank" is infinitely more fun than "gank when you can't farm"
laners don't wait for all camps to be out to expose themselves
And as I mentioned before, it completely ruins the jungling capability for certain junglers.
Shyvana is balls at ganking because she has no CC and no gapclosers. She thrives as a counterjungler who can starve the enemy jungler.
A playstyle that doesn't exist anymore because of how the jungle works.
sounds like the complete opposite of fun
I approve
5:06 PM
Well, now her only playstyle is full AP, OHKO you with ult + E.
sounds like AP malphite
people are happy with AP malphite existing somehow
and now... we still have AP malphite
thanks obama
Which exists because tanks aren't viable. Seems like the solution would be to have options so not every Malphite or Shyvana has to build full AP.
@badp You can be glad the AP Sion/AP Taric combo doesn't exist anymore lol. That was fun to play against
Or AP yi
Or old ult Fiora.
God, I played so much old Fiora.
While my ult was up, I could tower dive with impunity and I could never be tower dove. Doven?
Okay, so we avoided determining MSI/Worlds 2020 champion in the pre-season. Clid is going to Gen.G.
@Jutschge ap yi was fair and balanced
5:15 PM
One of the people on this panel is the "head of the Halifax WordPress community".
I'm at a tech conference
Can you imagine AP Yi with Shojin?
@Yuuki meh, presence of mind is more important
if your first q didnt kill someone, you dont have enough ap
5:38 PM
only 2 agility levels to go this is painful
@Unionhawk I haven't played RS in years. Is it still true that the amount of exp needed to get from levels 1-92 is the same as 92-99?
92 is about 6m exp, 99 is about 13m
every 7 levels is double or something like that
also I like that 58 agility is my second highest hiscore rank (after 71 cooking which is also wild)
I honestly feel good about my trophy chances looking at this, currently top 8k points
I think people are overhyping 80% ult CDR from cloud drakes.
First of all, the first three drakes don't repeat and once a team gets four drakes, elder spawns.
So get the max 80% ult CDR, the following things need to happen:
> 1. First two drakes cannot be cloud.
> 2. Third drake needs to be cloud.
> 3. Concede first two drakes.
> 4. Secure the next four drakes.
#3 would more than likely hamper your chances of #4 and even then, it's a coin flip for #1 and #2.
5:59 PM
@Yuuki The concern is definitely overblown. In addition to the conditions you listed, a player also needs to take Cosmic Insight and Ultimate Hunter runes (and have max stacks on the latter).
The chances are just so remote, I doubt it will happen more than a handful of times.
Conceding first two drakes while also securing the next four is the kicker for me.
The other team just needs to get one drake and you can't hit that max. Two and it's elder time.
@Yuuki Well, that's not necessarily the case. Elder spawns when a team has 4 drakes, not when 4 drakes have been taken overall.
So the team trying to get 4 air drakes could still lose one to the other team and still end up with 4
since the other team will then have 3 drakes total
im sad that ocean drake is losing mana regen
and support items are also losing mana regen
I'm not. There's way too much mana regen in the game right now to begin with.
Unless you're spamming abilities off cooldown, it's almost impossible to go OOM with biscuits, manaflow band, lost chapter, etc
only if you are a mage
any other class has very limited mana regen
6:24 PM
"What's mana?" - junglers, probably
6:35 PM
I'm okay with junglers not having to juggle mana management. There's already enough stuff to keep in your head for that role. Plus, I feel playing around mana/energy is more of a laning thing anyways.
6:59 PM
@Yuuki I mean it doesn't work like that
you don't build AP Malphite because you can't play Malphite any other way
you play Malphite because you want to play AP Malphite
and if you want something else you... play something else
Tahm Kench was bullcrap for most of last year
@Yuuki obviously, diven
@badp Huh?
@Yuuki also a game would need to last like 50 minutes to get to #4
Nautilus still is a bullshit tanky dude to play against
IDK I only now botlane tanks :P
Alastair and Braum are kind of annoying but not as bad
and then there's permaban Leona
Nautilus is definitely over-tuned.
I actually perma-ban Nautilus over Leona.
IDK how to deal with Leona. Especially since I permaban her
Leona can just get you instafucked at level 2
at least Pyke needs level 6 to instafuck you
Her E hitbox is just much smaller than Nautilus.
7:02 PM
didn't seem to be a problem for your average silver Leona
Even if she's ahead, Leona gets kinda squishy in the midgame, especially if she gets engaged on.
She relies on putting out CC so she has time for Aftershock and her W to pop.
@MageXy I thought elder was at second drake of the third kind, not fourth drake
Elder is after fourth drake total on one team.
...that is a lot of drakes
Yeah, you shouldn't be seeing Elder at all in most games.
If you get Elder, it's a "you're taking too long so we're giving you an auto-win button, now use it" sign.
7:05 PM
losing the first two drakes isn't that far fetched of a scenario to be in, especially if it's like an Evelynn vs a ham Warwick
and bot is doing okay
@badp Nope, Elder only spawns when one team has taken 4 drakes. So at the most, 7 drakes could spawn before Elder does.
but two drakes of the same kind are enough to get a soul?
A team gets the soul when they take 4 drakes
Kind doesn't matter
that's strange
Q: What game does this Deus Ex sounding track come from?

senpaiHere's an audio track I extracted from a custom CS:GO map level. The filename did not give any hints about where the song is from, and none of the metadata revealed any information. https://clyp.it/gvkqaqyh I've played through the original Deus Ex many times, so I instantly recognized that uniq...

Q: Are TR rewards from Max Raid Battles preset?

CloudzzzYesterday, I did two Centiskorch (four star) Max Raid Battles while trying to find a TR for a good fire move. After doing both, I got the same TRs. I was wondering if the rewards, or at least the TRs, are set and if they are is it a permanent thing, daily, weekly, etc? I definitely got overhea...

7:17 PM
Since when did un-accepted, low view meta posts become site policy
@yuritsuki sigh
Or is it that ever since Frank got his big boy boots that anything he posts stands for new rules
@yuritsuki Okay. Be Nice. Only warning.
@yuritsuki oh you're just looking for trouble
sorry I almost took you seriously for a second
7:19 PM
I wouldn't be so irritated if Frank had more tact
Told you. Only warning.
i didnt realize retro was a new user :O
I don't mind if you want to challenge it. I do mind if you start making personal attacks, against me or anyone else.
@Dragonrage Oh, is that who @yuritsuki is?
7:24 PM
god it's so much work as a non-moderator to figure who's who
Man, I really need to start checking that
nerf now
@badp Right? Implement user blockchain now!
@badp I know, right
@Ash We can compare the user id, right? That doesn't change?
7:25 PM
@SaintWacko user ID doesn't change, correct
also tbf "wish you had more tact" is not really a personal attack
@badp Was the removed message more attack-y?
yeah about the same
I guess on top of the "big boy boots" comment, and with his history...
7:28 PM
@SaintWacko My ignore lists consists of two things: 1) people who don't pop on the Bridge anymore and 2) Retro.
maybe I'm growing soft and mellow in my old age
I am just mostly confused what post he's referring to. :/
thirty whole years, it's almost a century
@badp you're basically ancient and decrepit yes
I don't know how I wake up every morning tbh
7:29 PM
@badp I know! I woke up, and now I'm 36.
Like...what happened?
What I'm hearing is basically that waking up is bad.
mornings are bad
I haven't tried making it a habit to wake up in the afternoon
@Ash My wife would agree! She never gets enough sleep.
maybe what I'm really saying is that I hate morning people
Oh, and I suppose I do have news. Told @TrentHawkins, and totally forgot to tell you guys.
7:30 PM
especially the morning people who equate "late owl" with "lazy, unproductive, disrespectful"
We're expecting in May.
Okay I clearly joined Arqade late... who's Retro?
@Frank Congrats!!!
@badp Dutch! Thanks!
@MageXy a bit of a shit stirrer
7:32 PM
@Ash this
he usually means well, but the abrasive nature hides that
@Dragonrage Found it yes
tis the way of the memelord
@Frank Woo-hoo!
@Frank oooooh yay tiny human
@badp I keep forgetting this is a general congrats word and not just a birthday wish word.
7:33 PM
@Frank if you'd rather some Italian, auguri!
@badp I didn't learn any when we were there last year.
But thanks all the same!
@Ash I know like a couple dozen words
...a couple dozen words more than necessary
@MageXy You joined just late enough.
@badp i know some Italian words. Pasta, pizza, calzone, tortellini, etc
good going, good going, no typos. That's already better than the average italian restaurant menu
7:36 PM
@badp I know a weird collection of words from being around my Dutch family, but since I only tend to hear "hartelijk gefeliciteerd" for birthdays, I think of it as a birthday thing even though it isn't :P
tbh, i did google how to spell tortellini. wasnt sure if it had an "a" or and "e"
So my brain was like "I guess you're just....advance being happy about impending tiny human birthday"
@Dragonrage Reminds me of this classic Spanish song
@Dragonrage still more effort than you see in the average italian restaurant menu
@Ash a risky move, tbh
lung day is a pretty big deal though
now I need to know how the baby lungs stay clear of amniotic fluid
7:39 PM
They don't really? But the baby doesn't breathe til it's born.
> During labor, your baby’s body releases chemicals to help their lungs push out the fluid. The pressure of the birth canal on your baby’s chest also releases fluid from their lungs. After birth, your baby’s cough, as well as air filling their lungs, should expel the remaining amniotic fluid.
nothing like appreciating the miracle of life by looking at the actual process of making some, huh
@badp The human body and all its natural processes are so ridiculously complicated, it's a miracle we all haven't keeled over within ten minutes of being born
So maybe now that I've cooled off, I can get some expert answers: if we allow audio artifacts, how do you prove said audio artifact is from a game, without certainty of what exact game it is from
@badp The fact we can just create humans and it generally mostly works is weird as hell
uh like a youtube video from some longplay maybe?
I remember being the one arguing to allow for audio artifacts as the ITG exception
7:54 PM
honestly ITG is still messy like, no matter what
because barring like, there there is clearly a video game on this tv show
I don't know that it's always possible to know
And perhaps this statement from @Frank, which I still don't understand with his choice of words: "As per our requirement, what do you have to go off of, other than your memory? That's not good enough, I'm afraid. "
Why does he say "our requirement" but link to a non-official question not even referenced or alluded to within the tag wiki, its excerpt, or any of the links within that excerpt
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